Sergey Slonimsky

Sergey Slonimsky (1932–2020)
24 Preludes and Fugues (1994)
Album for Children and Youth (1974)
Antiphons for String Quartet
Ballet `Icarus`
Canticles. 1975
Children`s Pieces for Piano. 1970
Coloristic Fantasy (1975)
Concert extravaganza for Chamber Orchestra, 1966
Concerto for Cello and Orchestra in memory M. S. Druskin
Concerto for Orchestra, three electric guitars and solo instruments, 1973
Concerto for piano and orchestra 1
Evening Music
Farewell to a Friend (1966)
Four Russian Songs. 1974
Four stasims of Sophocles` tragedy Oedipus at Kolone (1983)
Funny Song (1971) song cycle for soprano, flute, piccolo, tuba and percussion, poems by D. Kharms
Intermezzo in Memory of Brahms Piano
Mary Stuart (1980), Opera-ballad
Master and Margarita, opera
Monodiya, After reading of Euripides, for violin solo (1984)
Opera Virineya
Oratorio Suite from the opera `Virineya` (1974)
Overture to the opera `Visions of Ivan the Terrible `(1993)
Parts of works
Petersburg Visions. According to Dostoevsky
Piano Concerto No. 2
Polish Verses. 1963
Quiet Music
Requiem for soloists, chorus and orchestra (2004)
Russian Song and Caucasian Tokkata (2016)
Sinfonietta (1996)
Sonata for Piano
Sonata for Violin and Piano. 1986
Song cycle on poems by Anna Akhmatova
Songs of Freemen (1959)
Songs of the Troubadours. 1975
Spring Concert for Violin and Orchestra
Symphony No19 (Dedicated to Vladislav Chernushenko)
Symphony 1 (1958)
Symphony 2 (1978)
Symphony 3 (1981)
Symphony 4 (1982)
Symphony 5 (1983)
Symphony 6 (1984)
Symphony 7 (1984)
Symphony 8 (1985)
Symphony 9 (1987)
Symphony 10 `Circles of Hell` (by Dante)
Symphony 11 (2003)
Symphony 21. Faust by Goethe (2009)
Symphony 27, Lyrical (2009)
Symphony 29 (2010)
Symphony 30 (2010)
Symphony 32 (2011)
Symphony 33 (2013-14)
Tragicomedy, a concerto for viola and string orchestra
Two choirs at verses by A. S. Pushkin (1977)
Two Northern Landscapes. 1969
Two Russian Songs. 1967
Vidya Razboinik. 2008
Violin Concerto Spring (1983)
Virineya Suite
Virineya` Song with the chorus. Entry from the opera Virineya. 1967
Visions of Ivan the Terrible, opera
Voice from the Chorus, cantata on verses by Alexander Blok (1963 - 1976)
Ya skazhu tebe s poslednei pryamotoi. 1974
`Festive music` for balalaika, spoons and symphony orchestra
`Lyric Stanza` for voice and piano
`Quiet Flows the Don` Concerto for mixed chorus (1977)
`Slavonic Concerto` for organ and string (1988)
`Symphonic chant` for winds, strings, percussion, two harps and two balalaikas (2018)