Leo Sowerby

Leo Sowerby (1895–1968)
2 Sketches for organ
A Joyous March for organ
A Wedding Processional for organ
Advent to Whitsuntide for organ
All Things are Thine, anthem for tenor, chorus, organ
Arioso for organ
Ballade for English Horn and Organ
Behold, O God Our Defender, anthem for voices, organ
Benedictus es, Domine, anthem for unison voices and organ
Blessed are All They That Fear the Lord, anthem for chorus (SATB), organ
Can You Count The Stars, hymn for voices, keyboard
Canon, Chacony and Fugue for organ
Carillon for organ
Chorale Prelude for the Organ
Chorale Prelude On a Calvinist Hymn Tune for organ
Chorale Prelude on `Palisades` for organ
Chorale-Prelude on a Melodic Fragment from a Motet by Palestrina for organ
Christians, to the Paschal Victim, anthem for chorus (SATB), organ
Classic Concerto for organ, string orchestra
Come Ye, and Let Us Go Up, anthem for baritone, chorus, organ
Comes Autumn Time, Overture for organ (1916)
Communion Service In E major for unison voices, organ
Concert Piece for organ, orchestra
Fanfare for organ
Fantasy for Trumpet and Organ
Festival Musick for organ, brass, timpani
From the Northland, suite for orchestra
Holiday Trumpets for organ
I Call with My Whole Heart, anthem for chorus and organ
I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes, anthem for alto, mixed chorus (SATB), organ
Jubilee for organ
Love Came Down at Christmas, anthem for chorus (SATB), organ
Lover of Souls, Hide Me Within Thy Heart, anthem for chorus (SATB), organ
Madrigal for Organ
Magnificat and Nunc dimittis in D major for chorus (SATB), organ
Manger Carol for unison voices, organ
Mediaeval Poem for organ and orchestra (or piano)
Meditations on Communion Hymns for organ
My Master Hath a Garden, anthem for soprano, alto (or unison voices), organ
Now There Lightens Upon Us, anthem for chorus (SATB), organ
Organ Suite
Pageant for organ
Pageant of Autumn for organ
Poem for Viola or Violin and Organ
Postludium super `Benedictus Es, Domine` for organ
Praeludium super `Benedictus Sit Deus Pater` for organ
Prelude on Ad perennis vitae fontem for organ
Prelude on Capel for organ
Prelude on Charterhouse for organ
Prelude on Deus tuorum militum for organ
Prelude on Land of Rest for organ
Prelude on Sine nomine for organ
Prelude on Song 46 for organ
Prelude on St. Dunstan`s for organ
Prelude on St. Patrick for organ
Prelude on the Benediction for organ
Prelude on Were You There? for organ
Prelude on `Malabar` for organ
Prelude on `Non Nobis, Domine` for organ
Prelude on `The King`s Majesty` for organ
Psalm 122 for chorus (SATB), organ
Requiescat in pace for organ
Rhapsody for organ
Serenade in G major for 2 violins, viola, cello (1917)
Sinfonia Brevis for organ
Sonata for clarinet (or viola), piano
Sonata for violin, piano
Sonatina for Organ
Suite for Violin and Piano
Symphony in G major for organ
Te Deum laudamus in D minor for chorus (SATB), organ
The Lord Ascendeth Up On High, anthem for chorus (SATB), organ
Thou Hallowed Chosen Morn, anthem for 4 voices (SATB), organ
Thy Word is a Lantern Unto My Feet, anthem for chorus (SATB), keyboard
Toccata for Organ
Toccata for Piano
Whimsical Variations for organ