Mathias Spahlinger

Mathias Spahlinger (Born 1944)
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128 Fulfilled Moments (1976) (version I) - for soprano, clarinet and cello)
128 Fulfilled Moments (1976) (version II)
128 Fulfilled Moments (1976) (version III)
Adieu m `Amour, dedication Guillaume Dufay for violin and cello (1982-83)
Apo Do (`von hier`) for String Quartet (1982) in three movements
Aussageverweigerung-Gegendarstellung (1981) for eight instruments
El sonido silencioso (1979-80) for seven voices
Entlöschend (Non Extinguishing) (1974) - for tomtom
Ephémère (Short-lived) (1977) - for percussion, ``true instruments`` and piano
Farben der Fruhe (2005)
Five Movements for Two Pianos (1969)
Four Pieces (1975) - for soprano, clarinet, violin, cello and piano
Fugitive Beauté for oboe, alto flute, violin, bass clarinet, alto and cello (2006)
Furioso (1991) for ensemble
Gegen unendlich, for bass clarinet, trombone, cello and piano (1995)
Inter-mezzo concertato non concertabile tra pianoforte e orchestra (1986)
Musica Impura (1983) - for voice, guitar and percussion
Pablo Picasso: Wie man Wünsche beim Schwanz packt (1980)
Passage, Paysage (1988-90)
Presentemientos (1992-1993) for string trio
RoaiuGHFF (strange?), for jazz soloists and orchestra (1981)
Verfluchung (1983-1985) for the three singers and three percussionists
`Akt, eine Treppe herabsteigend (Nude descending a staircase)` for trombone, bass clarinet and orchestra (1997-1998)
`in dem ganzen ocean von empfindungen eine welle absondern, sie anhalten` for choral groups and playback (1985)
`Phonophobie` for wind quintet (1972)

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