Wilhelm Stenhammar

Wilhelm Stenhammar (1871–1927)
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10 songs for vocal and piano (1906-09) op.26
2 Minnelieder for voice, piano (1893) op. 9
2 Songs for mezzo soprano, orchestra (1893-95) op. 4
2 Songs for vocal and piano op.10
2 Songs for vocal and piano (1888)
3 Little Piano Pieces (1895)
3 Songs by Heinrich Heine for voice, piano (1889-90) op.17
4 Poems by Verner von Heidenstam for vocal and piano (1918) op.37
4 Stockholm Poems for vocal and piano (1917-18) op.38
5 Songs for Vocal and Piano
5 Songs for Vocal and Piano (1895-96) op. 8
5 Songs for Vocal and Piano (1917-24)
7 Songs for Voice and Piano (1893-95) op. 7
A Winter Song for voice, piano (1900)
Charles the Emperor`s Song, for baritone and piano (1910) op.32
Florez and Blanzeflor, ballade for baritone and orchestra op. 3
Gildet pa Solhaug, 0pera, based on the play by Henrik Ibsen(1892-1893) op. 6
I skogen
Impromptu for Piano (1892)
Interlude from the Cantata "The Song"
Ithaka, ballad for baritone, orchestra (1904) op.21
Midwinter, Swedish Rhapsody for orchestra and chorus op.24
Nights of Late Summer op.33
Overture Excelsior! op.13
Piano Concerto No.1 in B-dur op. 1
Piano Concerto No.2 in d-moll op.23
Piano Sonata in A-flat major (1883)
Piano Sonata in As-dur op.12
Piano Sonata in g-moll
Serenade for symphony orchestra op.31
Snofrid op. 5
Songs op.16
Songs op.22
Songs op.20
Songs op. 4b
Songs and Ballads for vocal and piano
String Quartet in F minor (1897)
String Quartet 1 op. 2
String Quartet 4 op.25
String Quartet 6 op.35
String Quartet 2 op.14
String Quartet 3 op.18
String Quartet 5 op.29
Suite `Lodolezzi Sings` op.39
Symphony 2 in G minor op.34
Symphony 1 in F major
Three Fantasies for Piano op.11
Three Small Piano Pieces
Tirfing, opera (1897-98) op.15
Turandot, Incidental music for orchestra (1920) op.42
Two poems by Oscar Levertin for voices, chorus, orchestra (1912) op.30
Two Sentimental Romances for Violin and Orchestra op.28
Violin sonata in a-moll op.19
`Chitra` for orchestra op.43


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