Wilhelm Stenhammar

Wilhelm Stenhammar (1871–1927)
op. 4 2 Songs for mezzo soprano, orchestra (1893-95)
op. 7 7 Songs for Voice and Piano (1893-95)
op. 8 5 Songs for Vocal and Piano (1895-96)
op. 9 2 Minnelieder for voice, piano (1893)
op. 1 Piano Concerto No.1 in B-dur
op. 10 2 Songs for vocal and piano
op. 15 Tirfing, opera (1897-98)
op. 17 3 Songs by Heinrich Heine for voice, piano (1889-90)
op. 2 String Quartet 1
op. 21 Ithaka, ballad for baritone, orchestra (1904)
op. 26 10 songs for vocal and piano (1906-09)
op. 3 Florez and Blanzeflor, ballade for baritone and orchestra
op. 30 Two poems by Oscar Levertin for voices, chorus, orchestra (1912)
op. 32 Charles the Emperor`s Song, for baritone and piano (1910)
op. 37 4 Poems by Verner von Heidenstam for vocal and piano (1918)
op. 38 4 Stockholm Poems for vocal and piano (1917-18)
op. 42 Turandot, Incidental music for orchestra (1920)
op. 4b Songs
op. 5 Snofrid
op.11 Three Fantasies for Piano
op.12 Piano Sonata in As-dur
op.13 Overture Excelsior!
op.14 String Quartet 2
op.16 Songs
op.18 String Quartet 3
op.19 Violin sonata in a-moll
op.20 Songs
op.22 Songs
op.23 Piano Concerto No.2 in d-moll
op.24 Midwinter, Swedish Rhapsody for orchestra and chorus
op.25 String Quartet 4
op.28 Two Sentimental Romances for Violin and Orchestra
op.29 String Quartet 5
op.31 Serenade for symphony orchestra
op.33 Nights of Late Summer
op.34 Symphony 2 in G minor
op.35 String Quartet 6
op.39 Suite `Lodolezzi Sings`
op.43 `Chitra` for orchestra
Interlude from the Cantata "The Song"
Symphony 1 in F major
Three Songs for Choir
Piano Sonata in g-moll
I skogen
Gildet pa Solhaug, 0pera, based on the play by Henrik Ibsen, Op.6 (1892-1893)
Impromptu for Piano (1892)
3 Little Piano Pieces (1895)
5 Songs for Vocal and Piano
A Winter Song for voice, piano (1900)
Songs and Ballads for vocal and piano
2 Songs for vocal and piano (1888)
5 Songs for Vocal and Piano (1917-24)
Piano Sonata in A-flat major (1883)
String Quartet in F minor (1897)
Three Small Piano Pieces