Richard Strauss

Richard Strauss (1864–1949)
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2 small pieces for piano (1875) TrV 30
2 songs for choir a capella op. 34
3 choirs for male voices a cappella (1935) TrV270
3 Hymnen von Friedrich Hölderlin for Soprano or Tenor and Orchestra op. 71
3 songs for voice and piano op. 88
4 Gesänge for bass and piano op. 87
4 last songs (1948) TrV296
5 Kleine Lieder (1918) op. 69
5 Little Pieces for Piano (1873) TrV 18
5 Songs for voice and piano op. 15
5 songs for voice and piano (1899) op. 41
6 Lieder op. 56
6 Lieder (1918) op. 67
6 Songs op. 37
6 songs vor voice and piano op. 17
7 Songs for mixed choir or vocal quartet (1880) TrV 92
8 Poems by Hermann von Gilm for voice and piano op. 10
8 Poems by Hermann von Gilm for voice and piano (separate songs)
8 Songs op. 49
Abend- Und Morgenrot (1878) - Song TrV 60
Allegretto for Violin and Piano in E major (1948) TrV295
Andante for French Horn and Piano in C-dur TrV155
Andante for piano in C minor (1879) TrV 73
Ballet `Josephslegende` (1914) op. 63
Ballet `Schlagobers` (1922) op. 70
Burlesque for Piano and Orchestra in d-moll TrV145
Cantata `Besinnung` (Reflections: The Spirit is divine and eternal) for choir and orchestra (incomplete, 1949) TrV298
Cantata `Tüchtigen stellt das schnelle` for male choir (1914) TrV232
Cello Sonata in F major (1880-1881, rev. 1882-1883) op. 6
Choir `Durch Einsamkeiten` (Through Loneliness) for male voices (1939) TrV273
Chorus `Schwäbische Erbschaft` (Swabian heritage) for male voices (1884) TrV134
Chorus `Utan svafvel och fosfor` (Without sulfur and phosphorus, to matchbox text) for male voices (1889) TrV159
Concert Overture for Orchestra in C minor (1883) TrV125
Concerto for Horn and Orchestra No.1 in Es-dur (1882-83) op. 11
Concerto for Horn and Orchestra 2 in Es-dur (1942) TrV283
Concerto for Oboe and Orchestra in D-dur (1945) TrV292
Concerto for Violin and Orchestra in d-moll (1880-1882) op. 8
Dances from the Opera `Capriccio` for violin, cello and harpsichord (1943) TrV279b
Daphne-Etude for Solo Violin in G-dur (1945) TrV290a
De Brandenburgsche Mars (Präsentiermarsch), for piano TrV214
Deutsche Motette op. 62
Die Drossel (1877) - Song TrV 49
Duet-Concertino for Clarinet and Bassoon with String Orchestra and Harp in F major (1947) TrV293
Durch allen Schall und Klang (1925) TrV 251 TrV251
Ein Roslein Zog ich mir im Garten (c1878) TrV 67
Elektra Suite (Arr. M. Honeck & T. Ille)
Fantasia for Piano in C Major (1874) TrV 29
Feierlicher einzug TrV224
Festive March for orchestra in C major (1889) TrV157
Festive march for orchestra in E-flat major (1881) op. 1
Festive music to the city of Vienna for brass and timpani (1943) TrV286
Festliches Präludium für grosses Orchester und Orgel (1913) op. 61
Festmarsch for piano quartet in D major (1886) TrV136
Five piano pieces op. 3
Five Songs op. 32
Five Songs op. 46
Five Songs op. 47
Five Songs op. 39
Five Songs for Voice & Piano op. 48
Four Songs op. 27
Four Songs op. 31
Fugue on an original theme TrV130
Gavotte for piano / orchestra in D major (1879) TrV 82
Hochzeitspräludium (Wedding Prelude) in B♭ major, for 2 harmoniums TrV247
Hussar song for voice and piano (1876) TrV 42
Introduction, Thema und 5 Variationen für Waldhorn und Klavier TrV 70
Introduction, theme and variations for flute and piano in G major (1879) TrV 76
Japanische Festmusik, for orchestra (1940) op. 84
Königsmarsch for Piano in Es-dur (1905) TrV217
Langsamer Satz (Adagio) for Piano in G minor (1872) TrV 12
Lass Ruh`n die Toten (1877) - Song TrV 50
Lied `Wer hat`s gethan?`: `Es steht mein Lied in Nacht und Frost` (1885) TrV142
Lieder aus Der Richter von Zalamea TrV211
Lieder `Alphorn` TrV 64
Mass in D major (4 movements) for mixed choir (1877) TrV 54
Nebel (c1878) - Song TrV 65
Opera `Arabella` (1929-1932) op. 79
Opera `Arabella` (arias, fragments)
Opera `Ariadne auf Naxos` (1911-1912; 1915-1916) op. 60
Opera `Capriccio` (1940-1941) op. 85
Opera `Daphne` (1936-1937) op. 82
Opera `Daphne` (arias)
Opera `Der Rosenkavalier` (1909-1910) op. 59
Opera `Der Rosenkavalier` (arias)
Opera `Des Esels Schatten` (1947-1949) TrV294
Opera `Die ägyptische Helena` (1923-1927) op. 75
Opera `Die ägyptische Helena` (arias)
Opera `Die Frau ohne Schatten` (1914-1917) op. 65
Opera `Die Liebe der Danae` (1938-1940) op. 83
Opera `Die schweigsame Frau` (1933-1934) op. 80
Opera `Die schweigsame Frau` (fragments, arias)
Opera `Elektra` (1906-1908) op. 58
Opera `Feuersnot` (1900-1901) op. 50
Opera `Friedenstag` (1935-1936) op. 81
Opera `Guntram` (1892-1893) op. 25
Opera `Intermezzo` (1918-1923) op. 72
Opera `Salome` (1902-1905) op. 54
Opera `Salome` (1903-1905) (arias, fragments) op. 54
Operatic Arias
Orchestral Suite `Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme!` from the music to Molière op. 60 (IIIa) (TrV 228c)
Overture for Orchestra in A Minor (1879) TrV 83
Panathenaenzug, symphonic etudes in the form of a Passacaglia for Piano (left hand) and Orchestra (1927) op. 74
Panzenburg Polka for piano (1872) TrV 11
Parade-Marsch No.1 des Regiments Königs-Jäger zu Pferde, in E♭ major, for piano TrV213
Parade-Marsch No.2 für Kavallerie, in D♭ major, for piano op. 98
Parergon zur `Sinfonia domestica` for Piano (left hand) and Orchestra (1925) op. 73
Parts of Works
Piano Quartet in c-moll op. 13
Piano Sonata in B minor (1880-1881) op. 5
Piano Sonata 1 in E Major (1877) TrV 47
Piano Sonatina 3 in B Flat Major (1874) TrV 24
Piano Trio 1 in A-dur TrV 53
Piano Trio 2 in A-dur TrV 71
Romance for Cello and Orchestra TrV118
Romanze für die Clarinette mit Begleitung Pianoforte TrV 80
Schlichte Weisen op. 21
Sechs Lieder (Clemens Brentano) op. 68
Serenade for Orchestra in G Major (1877) TrV 52
Serenade in E flat major for thirteen wind instruments op. 7
Sinfonische Zwischenspiele from opera `Intermezzo` TrV 246a
Six songs op. 19
Soldier`s Song (Soldatenlied) for voice and piano (1878) TrV 66
Sonata for Piano in E Major (1873) TrV 20
Sonata for Piano 2 in F Major (1874) TrV 23
Sonatina for piano 1 in C major (1874) TrV 22
Sonatina for Piano 5 in E Flat Major (1874) TrV 26
Sonatina No. 1 in F major for 16 wind instruments (`From an invalid`s workshop`) (1943) TrV288
Sonatina No. 2 E flat major for 16 wind instruments (`Happy workshop`) (1944/45) TrV291
Song `Der Fischer` (The Fisherman) for voice and piano (1877) TrV 48
Song `Der müde Wanderer` (The Weary Wanderer) for voice and piano (1873) TrV 16
Song `Einkehr` (Contemplation) for voice and piano (1870) TrV 3
Song `Im Vaters Garten` (In my father`s garden...) for voice and piano TrV 88
Song `Im Walde` (In the Woods) for voice and piano (1878) TrV 62
Song `Lust und Qual` (Pleasure and Torment) for voice and piano (1877) TrV 51
Song `Malven` (Malva) for voice and piano (1948) TrV297
Song `Rote Rosen` (1883) TrVdeest
Song `Sinnspruch` (1919) TrV239
Song `Spielmann und Zither` (Minstrel and zither) for voice and piano TrV 58
Song `Winterreise` (Winter Road) for voice and piano (1871) TrV 4
Songs op. 36
Ständchen in G major, for piano quartet AV168
Stücke (2), for Piano Quartet (1893): No. 1 - `Arabian Dance` in d-moll TrV169/1
Stücke (2), for Piano Quartet (1893): No. 2 - `Liebesliedchen` TrV169/2
Stimmungsbilder, 5 piano pieces op. 9
String Quartet (1889) op. 2
String Quartet in Es-dur TrV 85
Suite for 13 wind instruments op. 4
Symphonische Fantasie aus `Die Frau ohne Schatten` for orchestra (1946) AV146
Symphonische Suite aus der Oper `Der Rosenkavalier` for orchestra (1945) AV145
Symphony No. 1 in D minor (1880) TrV 94
Symphony No. 2 in F minor (1883) op. 12
Taillefer (1903) Cantata for choir and orchestra op. 52
Tailor`s polka (Schneiderpolka) for piano (1870) TrV 1
The Dance Suite of Couperin`s Theme TrV245
Three Songs op. 29
Three Songs op. 43
Two songs for voice and piano op. 26
Variations on a Bavarian Folksong (`Dirndl is haub auf mi` `), for string trio TrV109
Violin Sonata in E-flat major (1887) op. 18
Waltz Sequence No. 1 from `Der Rosenkavalier` TrV 227c
Waltz Sequence No. 2 from `Der Rosenkavalier` TrV 227a
Wandrers Sturmlied (1884) for Choir and Orchestra op. 14
Weihnachtsgefuhl (1899) - Song TrVdeest
Weihnachtslied (c1870) TrV 2
Wiegenlied (1878) TrV 59
Wir beide wollen springen (1896) TrV 175 TrV175
Xenion (1942) TrV 282 TrV282
Zugemessne Rhythmen` (1935) TrV 269 TrV269
Zwei größere Gesänge for Voice & Orchestra (1899) op. 44
`Also sprach Zarathustra`, tone poem for orchestra (1896) op. 30
`Aus alter Zeit` - eine kleine gavotte for Piano (1879) TrV 72
`Aus Italien`, symphonic fantasy for orchestra (1886) op. 16
`Das Schloss am Meere` melodrama for narrator & piano op. 92
`Das Schloss am Meere`, melodram for narrator and piano (1899) TrV191
`Die Tageszeiten` for male voice choir and orchestra op. 76
`Don Juan`, tone poem for orchestra (1888) op. 20
`Don Quixote`, fantastic variations on a Theme of Knightly Character (1888-89) op. 35
`Ein Heldenleben`, tone poem for orchestra (1898) op. 40
`Eine Alpensinfoni` für grosses Orchester (1911-1915) op. 64
`Enoch Arden`, melodrama for piano on a poem by Alfred Lord Tennyson, (1897) op. 38
`Gesänge des Orients` for voice and piano op. 77
`Krämerspiegel` 12 songs for voice and piano op. 66
`Mädchenblumen` 4 songs for voice and piano op. 22
`Macbeth`, tone poem for orchestra (1886-1888) op. 23
`Metamorphosen`, study for 23 string instruments (1945) TrV290
`Munich`, jubilee waltz for orchestra, 1st version (1939) TrV274
`Olympische Hymne` (1934) TrV266
`Sinfonia domestica` für grosses Orchester (1902-03) op. 53
`Till Eulenspiegels lustige Streiche`, tone poem for orchestra (1894-1895) op. 28
`Tod und Verklärung`, tone poem for orchestra (1888-1889) op. 24

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