Josef Suk

Josef Suk (1874–1935)
10 songs for female chorus and piano 4-hands (1899) op.15
3 songs for chorus and piano ad libitum (1900) op.19
3 songs without words for piano (1891)
4 Episodes for piano (1897-1923)
4 pieces for violin and piano (1900) op.17
6 Piano Pieces (1891-1893) op. 7
8 piano pieces for piano (18951896) op.12
Andante in B flat major for piano (1886-1887)
Bagatelle in G major for piano (1898)
Bagatelle `With Nosegay in Hand` for flute, violin and piano (1917)
Ballade and Serenade for cello and piano (1890, rev. 1898) op. 3
Ballade in D Minor for String Quartet (1890)
Ballade in D minor for violin and piano (1890)
Capriccietto in G major for piano (1893)
Dramatic overture in A minor for orchestra (1891-1892) op. 4
Elegy for violin solo, cello solo, string quartet, harmonium and harp (1902) op.23
Fantasia for Violin and Orchestra in g-moll (19021903) op.24
Fantastic scherzo in G minor for orchestra (1902-1903) op.25
Fantasy-polonaise in C major for piano (1892) op. 5
Humoreske in C major for piano (1894)
Krecovice Mass in B flat major for chorus, string orchestra, organ and timpani (1888-1889, rev.1932)
Meditation on the Old Czech Chorale `St. Wenceslas` (1914) op.35a
Minuet for violin and piano (1919)
Part of composition
Piano quartet in A minor (1891) op. 1
Piano Quintet in G minor (1893, rev.1915) op. 8
Piano trio in C minor (1889, rev.18901891) op. 2
Polonaise in C minor for piano (1886-1887)
Serenade for Strings in E flat major (1892) op. 6
Sousedka for instrumental ensemble (1935)
String quartet No.1 in B flat major (1st ed. 1896, 2nd ed. 1915) op.11
String quartet 2 (1911) op.31
Symphony in E Major (1897-1899) op.14
Symphony `Azrael` in c-moll (1906) op.27
`A summer`s tale`, symphonic poem (1908-1909) op.29
`About friendship`, for piano (1920) op.36
`About Mother`, 5 pieces for piano (1907) op.28
`Album Leaf` in F major, for piano (1895)
`Beneath the Apple Tree`, dramatic legend Julius Zeyer for narrators, singers soloists, chorus and orchestra (1900-1901, rev. 1911 and 1915) op.20
`Epilogue` for soprano, baritone, bass, chorus and orchestra (1920-1929, rev.1929-1933) op.37
`Fairy Tale`, suite for orchestra by motifs of music to Zeyer`s dramatic tale: `Radúz and Mahulena` (18991900) op.16
`Legend of the Dead Victors` for orchestra (1919-1920) op.35b
`Life and dreams`, 10 pieces for piano (1909) op.30
`Lullabies`, 6 pieces for piano (1910-1912) op.33
`Melody` for 2 violins (1893)
`Moods`, 5 pieces for piano (1895) op.10
`Praha`, symphonic poem (1904) op.26
`Raduz and Mahulena`, Julius Zeyer tale for singers-soloists, narrator, chorus and orchestra (1897-1898, rev.1912) op.13
`Ripening`, symphonic poem (1912-1917) op.34
`Spring`, 5 pieces for piano (1900) op.22a
`Suita`, 4 pieces for piano (1900) op.21
`Summer impressions`, 3 pieces for piano (1902) op.22b
`Tale of winter`s evening`, overture for orchestra (1894 rev.1926) op. 9
`Tempo di Minuetto` for string quartet (1897)
`Towards a New Life`, Festive Sokol March for orchestra (1919-1920) op.35c
`Village Serenade` for piano (1897)