Johan Svendsen

JOHAN SVENDSEN (1840–1911)
2 Icelandic Melodies for String Orchestra (1873), Op.30
2 Songs for vocal and piano Op.25a
2 Songs for Male Choir, Op.2
2 Swedish Folk-Melodies for String Orchestra, Op.27
4 Melodies for Voice, piano, Op.24
5 Melodies for vocal and piano, Op.23
Andante funèbre for Orchestra:in A minor (1894)
Norwegian Folksong: `I Fjol Gjaett`e Gjeitinn`
Winter and Spring, Morceaux de Ballet for puano
Sigurd Slembe, Symphonic introduction to Björnstjerne Björnsons eponymous drama (1871), Op.8
Til Saeters, Valse for violin and piano (1856), Verk 102
Zorahayd`s Legend, for orchestra, op. 11
Last year I was tending the goats, variations for orchestra after a Norwegian folksong, Op. 31
Carnival in Paris, episode for orchestra Op. 9 (1872)
Norsk kunstnerkarneval
Romeo and Juliet, fantasy for orchestra op.18
Foraaret kommer, ballet (1892) Op.33
Kantate to the revelation of the Wergeland monument for Baritone, Chorus, Orchestra, Op. 25b
Cello Concerto in D-dur op. 7
Violin Concerto in A-dur op. 6 (1870)
Coronation March for Orchestra (1873), Op.13
Norwegian Rhapsody No.1 op.17
Norwegian Rhapsody No.2 op.19
Norwegian Rhapsody No.3 op.21
Norwegian Rhapsody No.4 op.22
Violen, song for vocal and piano
Polonaise for orchestra No.2 in D-dur op.28
Funeral march for Carl XV (1872) . 10
Festive Cantata for Male chorus (TTBB) + Orchestra (1892), Op.32
Festival Polonaise for orchestra op.12
Romance for Violin and Orchestra in G-dur (1881) . 26
Wedding Cantata for baritone solo, mixed chorus and orchestra (1881), Op.29
Symphony No.1 in D-dur op. 4
Symphony No.2 in B-dur, Op.15 (1874)
String Quartet in a-moll op. 1
String Quintett in C-dur op. 5
String Octet in A-dur op.3