Georgy Sviridov

Georgy Sviridov (1915–1998)
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2 choirs on S. Yesenin words (1967)
2 songs on S. Vilensky words (1967)
25 songs for bass (1939-1978)
3 bulgarian folk songs for tenor, baritone and piano (1950)
3 chorus to the drama of A.K. Tolstoy`s «Tsar Fyodor Ivanovich» (1969-1972; 1973)
3 old songs of Kursk province for mixed choir and ensemble (1990)
5 Choirs to the words of Russian poets (1958)
7 Little Pieces for Piano (1934-1935)
Chamber Symphony for String Orchestra (1940)
Children`s album for piano (1948)
Eight Romances on poems by M. Lermontov (1938; 1957)
Ester, for soprano, mezzo-soprano, baritone, bass, piano and chorus
Four Songs on words by A. Prokofev for mixed choir and instrumental ensemble, dedicated V. F. Veselov (1940-1981)
Music for Chamber Orchestra (1964)
Nine Songs, poems by A. Blok (1967-1979)
Partita in E Minor (Six pieces for piano) (1946-1947)
Partita in F Minor (Seven Pieces for Piano) (1946)
Poem in Memory of Sergei Yesenin for tenor, mixed choir and symphony orchestra in 10 movements, words by S. Yesenin (1955-1956)
Project of USSR Anthem («Fly up, Lenin`s banner!» - song for choir and symphony orchestra), lyrics by A. Tvardovsky (1961/1962)
Quintet for piano, two violins, viola and cello (1944-1945)
Romances and Songs
Siberia, for Mixed Choir and Bass Solo, in the words of V. Sayanov
Six romances on verses by A. Pushkin (1935)
Sonata for Piano (1944)
String Quartet (1945-1947)
Symphony ¹1 in e-moll (1937)
Three poems by A. Pushkin for chorus (1978)
Trio a-moll for violin, cello and piano (1945, rev. 1955)
Two Choirs for mixed choir a cappella, words of Sergei Yesenin (1976-1980)
Two songs from the drama «Ruy Blas» by V. Hugo for baritone and piano (1952)
Two songs to words by A. Barto for children or women`s choir with piano and percussion (1965-1981)
`Songs of Timelessness` based on poems by A. Blok. 2nd edition. (1980—1981)
«Autumn» for mixed choir and organ, lyrics by F. Tyutchev (1981)
«Concerto to the Memory of Alexander Yurlov» for choir (1973)
«Cossack Songs» for male choir and piano (1936)
«Country Lyric Songs» (Suburb-Lyrics) - a vocal cycle for voice (tenor & bariton) and piano on words by A. Prokofiev and M. Isakovsky (1938; 1948; 1958)
«Country of My Fathers» - poem for tenor, bass and piano on words by Avetik Isahakyan (1949-1950)
«Hymns & Prayers» - 5 cycles for large mixed choir a capella, words from liturgical poetry (1980/1988-1997)
«Hymns to the Motherland» - three choirs on poems by F. Sologub (1978)
«I Lived a lot in Hotels ...» for voice and piano on words by K. Simonov (1948)
«Ignorant Kern» - poem for bass, mixed choir and instrumental ensemble, lyrics by P. Oreshin (1981)
«In Autumn» («Two girls are singing…») for voice and piano on M. Isakovsky words (1958)
«In Memory of the Fallen» - music for the Kursk-Belgorod Bulge monument for symphony orchestra (1973)
«It`s Dark in These Rooms, and Stifling...» for voice and piano, lyrics by A. Blok (1974)
«Kutuzov`s Tomb» - a monologue for bass, choir`s bass group and symphony orchestra, lyrics by A. Pushkin (1984)
«Ladoga» - cantata for chorus and ensemble on A. Prokofiev words (1980)
«Life on Earth Only Once...» for voice and piano, lyrics by S. Yesenin (1958)
«Lingering song» for tenor and piano on A. Prokofiev words (1948)
«Mary`s Song» (from A. Pushkin`s tragedy «A Feast in Time of Plague») for mezzo-soprano and piano (1975)
«Miniature Triptych» for symphony orchestra (1964)
«My Father is a Peasant» - a vocal cycle for tenor, baritone and piano, poems by S. Esenin (1956)
«Non-evening Out Light» for voice and piano, lyrics by N. Klyuev (appr. 1978-1980)
«Oratorio Pathetique» for bass, mezzo-soprano, mixed chorus and full symphony orchestra, lyrics by V. Mayakovsky (1959)
«Petersburg» - a vocal poem for baritone and piano on poems by Alexander Blok (1995)
«Petersburg» - cantata for bass, mixed choir and symphony orchestra, lyrics by A. Blok (1970)
«Pushkin`s Garland» - choir concerto (with ensemble) (1978-1979)
«Red Bells Part II» (I Saw the Birth of the New World) - suite from the film music (1982)
«Russia Cast Adrift» - vocal cycle for voice and piano on poems by S. Yesenin (1977)
«Sacred Easter» for choir a capella (1985)
«Sailor`s Song» for voice and piano, lyrics by Allan Cunningham (translated by Wilhelm Levick) (1944)
«Salute, Russia!» for voice, mixed choir and symphonic orchestra to words of Nikolai Rubtsov (1990)
«Siberian song (ditty)» for voice and piano on I. Selvinsky words (1936)
«Smolensk horn» for tenor and piano on A. Tvardovsky words (excerpt from a poem «Vassili Tyorkin») (1958)
«Snow is Falling» - small cantata for female choir, boys` choir and orchestra, poems by B. Pasternak (1965)
«Songs of Kursk» - cantata for chorus, alto solo and symphonic orchestra, folk words (1964)
«Songs of Timelessness» («Songs of Troubled Times») - a song cycle for mezzo-soprano, baritone and mixed choir a capella and also accompanied by an instrumental ensemble to the words of A. Blok (1980-1981)
«Songs to the words of Robert Burns» - vocal cycle for bass and piano (translated by S. Marshak) (1955)
«Spring Cantata» for chorus and orchestra (1972)
«St. Petersburg Songs» - a vocal cycle on poems by Alexander Blok for soprano, mezzo-soprano, baritono, bass, violin, cello and piano (1961-1963)
«Swan Groove» for choir, lyrics by N.L. Braun (1980)
«The Blizzard» (The Snow Storm) - musical illustrations to Alexander Pushkin`s story for symphony orchestra (1974)
«The Friendly Guest» - cantata for soloists, choir and symphony orchestra, words by S. Yesenin (1962-1990)
«The Night Clouds» - cantata for mixed choir and ensemble, words by A. Blok (1979)
«The White Night: I love thee, Peter`s creation...» - literary and musical composition for bass and orchestra, words by A. Pushkin (melody based on Romance from «The Blizzard» suite) (1978)
«These poor villages...» - romance for voice, oboe and piano to words by F. Tyutchev (1959)
«Three Pieces from an Children`s Album» for choir (1975)
«Time, Forward!» - suite from the film music (1967)
«Twinkles» - musical comedy (1951)
«Whip of Juvenal» - cantata for solo bass, mixed choir and orchestra, words by A. Pushkin (1978)
«Woe» for the choir to the words of A. Tolstoy (1981)
«Wooden Russia» - small cantata for tenor, male choir and orchestra, poems by S. Yesenin (1964)
«Zapevka» («To sing about Russia...») for choir a capella, poems by I. Severianin (1980)

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