Georgiy Sviridov

Georgiy Sviridov (composer)

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Eleven Songs for Bass (A. Vedernikov, G. Sviridov)
Two songs to words by A. Barto for children or women`s choir with piano and percussion
Two Choirs, for mixed choir a cappella, words of Sergei Yesenin
Twenty-five songs for bass
Three miniatures for chorus
Three songs to words by A. Isahakian
Three old songs of Kursk province for mixed choir, Two Violas solo, Two Pianos, Ocarina and Percussion
Three poems by A. S. Pushkin for chorus
Three chorus to the drama of AK Tolstoy`s `Tsar Fyodor Ivanovich`
Four Songs on words of A. Prokofev for mixed choir accompanied by instrumental ensemble, dedicated V. F. Veselov
Five songs on poems by Russian poets
Five choirs in the words of Russian poets
Six romances on verses by A. Pushkin
Seven choruses on poems by Russian poets
Eight Romances on poems by Lermontov
Nine Songs, poems by A. Blok
Five Choruses on words of Russian Poets i Of My Lost Youth (Gogol)
Five Choruses on Words of Russian Poets ii In the Blue of the Evening (Esenin)
Five Choruses on Words of Russian Poets iii A Son met his Father (A. Prokofiev)
Five Choruses on Words of Russian Poets iv The Birth of a Song (S. Orlov)
Five Choruses on Words of Russian Poets v Herd (Esenin)
Whip of Juvenal, cantata for solo bass, mixed choir and orchestra
`Spring Cantata` for chorus and orchestra (1972)
`Time, Forward!`, Suite from the film music
`Hymns to the Motherland`, three of the choir on poems by F. Sologub
`Woe` to the words of A .K. Tolstoy for the choir
`The two prayers`, two spiritual choir
`Wooden Russia`, cantata on verses by C. Esenina for tenor, chorus and chamber orchestra
`The soul longs for heaven `, the chorus to the verses Sergey Esenin
From Shakespeare: Seven Songs for Voice and Piano
`Red Bells`, suite from the film music (1984)
Leryazhia Kanavka, for Choir
`Blizzard`, musical illustrations for the story, AS Pushkin
Ester, for soprano, mezzo-soprano, baritone, bass, piano and chorus
Night Out Light, poem by N. Klyuev
`Ineffable Light`, poem by A. Blok
`Night Clouds` cantata on verses by Alexander Blok for chamber choir
`Russia turned its back`, a song cycle on poems by C. Esenina (1982)
`In memory of Alexander Yurlov` concert for the choir
Sacred Easter, for mixed choir and orchestra
`Pathetic Oratorio` in the words of Mayakovsky for bass, mezzo-soprano, mixed chorus and orchestra
`Songs of timelessness`, four chorus on poems by Alexander Blok
Hymns and Prayers
`Petersburg`, a song cycle on poems by Alexander Blok
`St. Petersburg Songs`, a song cycle on poems by Alexander Blok for soprano, mezzo-soprano, baritone, bass, violin, cello and piano (1963)
`Hello, Russia!` for voice, mixed choir and symphonic orchestra to words of Nikolai Rubtsov
Pushkin Wreath, a concert for choir
`Snow go`, cantata on poems of Boris Pasternak for chamber choir, boys` choir and orchestra
`Sing Me That Song`, for female choir a capella to verses of S. Yesenin
`My father is a peasant,` a song cycle on poems by C. Esenin for tenor, baritone and piano (1956)
Small Birch Tree
Return of the Soldier
Children`s Album
Zapevka (To Sing of Russia...) for Chorus, poems by I. Severianin
Cossack Songs for Male Chorus and Piano (1936)
Chamber Symphony for String Orchestra, Op.14
`The Friendly Guest`, cantata to words of S.Esenin
Quintet for piano, two violins, viola and cello (1945)
My Abandoned Land
Literary and musical composition `I love thee, Peter`s creation`(A. Pushkin)
Small Triptych
Music for Chamber Orchestra
Moment Musical
Live on Earth Only Once, poem by S. Yesenin
On the Lost Youth, the Author`s Version for Bass and Mixed Choir
Small Lights, musical comedy (1951)
Partita in E minor
Partita in F minor
Songs and Romances on poems by A. Isahakian, William Shakespeare, Pushkin, Lermontov, Blok, Selvinsky
Songs to words by R. Burns (trans. S. Marshak)
Song of Mary, poem by A. Pushkin
Poem `Lapotny Muzhik` for mixed choir accompanied by an instrumental ensemble, lyrics by P. Oreshin
Poem Country of My Fathers for tenor, bass and piano on verses Avetik Isahakyan (1950)
Poem to the memory of Sergei Esenin for tenor, chorus and orchestra
Anthem of the USSR, Project (text by A. Tvardovsky, 1962)
Romances and Songs
Romances and songs to words by A. Block
Romances and songs to words of Russian and foreign poets
Siberia, for Mixed Choir and Bass Solo, in the words of V. Sayanov
Symphony 1 in e-moll
Lyrics of Sloboda, a vocal cycle in words of A. Prokofiev and M. Isakovsky
Sonata for Piano
Strange Christmas
Three pieces from an album for children
Piano Trio in a-moll (1945, rev. 1955)