Karol Szymanowski


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Twelve Songs op. 17
Twelve Songs for Voice and Piano op. 58
12 Etudes for Piano op. 33
2 mazurkas op. 62
20 mazurkas op. 50
Twenty Songs for Children op. 49
Three Paganini Caprices op. 40
Three Songs (Davydov) op. 32
3 Fragments from Poems by Jan Kasprowicz op. 5
Four Songs (Micinski) op. 11
Four Songs for Voice and Piano op. 41
4 Polish Dance
Four studies op. 4
Five Songs op. 13
Six Songs of Kurpevo for mixed chorus a capella, op. 58 op. 58
Six Songs op. 20
Six Songs for Voice and Piano op. 2
Seven Songs for Voice and Piano op. 54
Nine Preludes for Piano op. 1
Agawe op. 38
Bunte Lieder fur Gesang und Klavier op. 22
Chant de Roxane for violin and piano
Dans les pres fleuris fur Gesang und Klavier
Demeter op. 37b
Litany to Virgin Mary op. 59
Love Songs of Hafiz op. 26
Penthesilea op. 18
Piesn kurpowska
Slopiewnie, Five Songs op. 46 bis
Soldiers` Songs
Songs of a Fairy-Tale Princess op. 31
Stabat Mater op. 53
The Grave of Hafis (Bethge)
Three Lullabies op. 48
Veni Creator op. 57
Vocalise-Etude for voice and piano M. 65
`Myths` - 3 Poems for Violin & Piano op. 30
Harnasie, ballet op. 55
`Mandrake` to Moliere`s comedy `Bourgeois Gentilhomme`, a ballet-pantomime, singing in three scenes (1920) op. 43
Variations for Piano on Polish Folk Themes op. 10
Variations in b-moll op. 3
Lullaby for violin and piano op. 52
Concerto for violin and orchestra No.1 op. 35
Concerto for violin and orchestra No.2 op. 61
Overture-Concerto op. 12
Swan. Song for Voice and Piano op. 7
Masks. Three compositions for the piano: Sheherezada, Clown Tantris, Don Juans Serenade, 1915-1916 op. 34
Metopes. Three poems for the piano: Sirens Island, Callipso, Nausicaa, 1915 op. 29
Nocturne and Tarantella for violin and piano op. 28
Opera `King Roger` (1924) op. 46
Hagith, opera (1912-13) op. 25
Six Songs of the infatuated Muezzin (1918) op. 42
Songs for the Voice and Piano op. 24
Prelude and fugue cis-moll M. 19
Romance for violin and piano op. 23
Romantic Waltz for piano M 59a
Symphony 1 f-moll (1907) op. 15
Symphony No. 2 B-dur op. 19
Symphony No.3 `Song of the Night` op. 27
Symphony 4 (Sinfonia concertante) op. 60
Sonata for Violin and Piano in D minor (1904) op. 9
Piano sonata No. 1 in c-moll op. 8
Piano Sonata 2 in A major op. 21
Piano Sonata No. 3 op. 36
String Quartet No. 1 op. 37
String Quartet No. 2 (1927) op. 56
Piano Fantasia in c-dur op. 14
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