Toru Takemitsu

TORU TAKEMITSU (1930–1996)

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"A String Around Autumn"
"A Way a Lone II"
"Air" for flute solo
"And Then I Knew "Twas Wind" for flute, violin and harp
"Bryce" for flute, two harps, marimba and percussion
"Corona and Crossing"
"From me flows what you call Time"
"Garden Rain"
"Hika - Elegy"
"I hear the water dreaming" for flute and orchestra (1987)
"Itinerant" for flute solo
"Les Fils des Etoiles" (Satie, Arr. Takemitsu)
"Rain Spell" for flute, clarinet, harp, piano and vibraphone
"Rain Tree" for percussion
"Riverrun" for piano and orchestra (1984)
"Twill by Twilight" for orchestra, to the memory of Morton Feldman (1988)
A Boy Named Hiroshima (1987)
A Flock Descends into the Pentagonal Garden (1977)
A Way a Lone (1981) - for string quartet
Corona for Pianists
Corona II (1962)
Gemeaux 1976-81
Golden Slumber, 1992
How Slow the Wind (1991)
Le Son calligraphie (1958-1960)
Lento in Due Movimenti 1950
November Steps
Piano Pieces for Children (1979)
Quatrain, for clarinet, cello, piano and orchestra (1975)
Quotation of Dream (1991)
Ring (1961)
Romance, 1949
Sacrifice (1962)
Sakura (1979)
Spirit Garden (1994)
Stanza II
Textures (1964)
Vers, l`arc-en-ciel, Palma for Oboe d`amore, Guitar & Orchestra
Winter (1971)
A Bird came down the Walk
All in Twilight - Four Pieces for Guitar
`For Away` (1973)
In the Woods
`Les Yeux Clos II` (1988)
`Les Yeux Clos` (1979)
`Litany` (1950, 1989)
`Piano Distance` (1961)
`Rain Tree Sketch II` (1992)
`Rain Tree Sketch` (1982)
`To the Edge of Dream` for Guitar and Orchestra
`Toward The Sea` for flute and guitar
`Uninterupted Rests` (1952, 1959)
The Last Waltz
Blues from the movie "Jose Torres"
In the Autumn Garden (1973)
Waltz from the movie "Alien face"
Voice (1971)
Twelve Songs for Guitar (transcription)
Eclipse (1966)
Autumn (1973)
Journey (1973)
A Piece for Guitar: For the 60th Birthday of Sylvano Bussotti (1991)
Requiem for Strings (1957)
Suite from motion picture soundtreck A. Kurosawa"s "Ran"
Eucalypts - I for flute, oboe and harp (1970)
Eucalypts - II for flute, oboe and harp (1970)