Sergey Taneyev

SERGEY TANEYEV (1856–1915)
Sergey Taneyev (piano)

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Ten Romances (1905): No. 5 `Not the Wind Blowing from the Heights` op. 17/ 5
Ten Romances: No. 8 `In the Invisible Mist` op. 17/ 8
Ten Romances: No. 9 `The Restless Heart is Beating` op. 17/ 9
Ten Romances: No.10 `The World is Asleep` op. 17/10
12 choirs a cappella on the poems of Polonsky (1909) op. 27
Three Tercets, Poems by F. Tyutchev (1907) op. 23
7 Songs (191112) op. 34
Andantino semplice for Piano
`From Border to Border` - double choir for mixed voices (1898-99) op. 10
`The Oresteia`, overture (1889) op. 6
Variations for Piano in c-moll
Song cycle `Immortelis` 1908) op. 26
Two choruses a cappella (1900): 1 `The Stars` op. 15/1
Two choruses a cappella (1900): 2 `The Alps` op. 15/2
In Heavenly Church
Cantata `Exegi onumentum` by lirykc A.Pushkin (1880)
Cantate `John Damascene` for mixed choir and orchestra op. 1
Cantate After reading the Psalms for 4 soloists, double mixed choir and orchestra op. 36
Canzone for Clarinet and String Orchestra
Piano Concerto in Es-dur
Concert Suite for Violin and Orchestra in g-moll op. 28
Opera `The Oresteia` (1887-94)
Prelude and Fugue in Gis-moll for piano op. 29
Prelude in F-dur for Piano op. posth
Symphony No.1 in e-moll
Symphony No.2 in B-dur
Symphony No.3 in d-moll
Symphony No.4 in c-moll op. 12
Scherzo in es-moll for Piano
Sonata for Violin and Piano in a-moll
Trio for Violin, Viola and Cello in Es-dur (1910-11) op. 31
Trio for Violin, Viola and Cello in D-dur (1880)
Trio for two Violins and Viola in D-dur (1907) op. 21
String Trio in B Minor, without Op. (1913)
String Quartet C-dur (1883)
String Quartet A-dur (1883)
String Quartet Es-dur (1880)
String quartet No.1 b-moll (1890) op. 4
String Quartet No.2 C-dur (1895) op. 5
String Quartet No.3 d-moll (1896) op. 7
String Quartet No.4 a-moll (1900) op. 11
String Quartet No.5 A-dur (1903) op. 13
String Quartet No.6 B-dur (1905) op. 19
String Quintet C-dur (1904) op. 16
String Quintet G-dur (1901) op. 14
Overture in d-moll (1875)
Overture on a Russian Theme for orchestra (1882)
Piano trio D-dur (1908) op. 22
Piano Quartet E-dur op. 20
Piano Quintet in g-moll (1911) op. 30
Choral works