Alice Tegner

Alice Tegner (1864–1943)
25 Children`s Songs from Sweden for Voice and piano (1914)
Bethlehem`s star, song for voice, piano (1893)
Birgitta hymnen for female chorus (SSAA)
Blessed are they for mixed chorus (SATB), organ (1902)
Blessed, yes blessed we die must praise for soprano, mixed choir (SATB)
Children dancing for cello and piano (1935)
Dew falls for mixed chorus (SSATB)
Easter Day Morning for mixed chorus (SATB)
Easter for mixed chorus (SSAATTBB)
Epigram no. 92 for vocal and piano
Etude (á la Chopin) for piano
Etude romantique for piano (1925)
Evening Song for mixed chorus
Evening, song for 2 voices (or female chorus) and piano
Eye, who`s more beautiful for female chorus (SA), piano
Farewell, song for Voice and Piano (
For the dead, song for voice, piano (1915)
Good Friday Motet for mixed chorus (SATB) (1910)
Goodnight for mixed chorus (SATB)
Hunter`s evening song for voice, piano
In the Lord`s hand for mixed chorus (SATB)
It calls to us, song for voice, piano
Kantat for mezzo soprano, female chorus (SSA), mixed chorus (SATB), piano (1907)
Klagevisa of this dry and cold spring, song for voice, piano
Little dance for piano
Marienlied for voice, piano
Mary in the thorn forest for female chorus (SAA), piano
Midsummer, song for voice, piano
Modestie, piece for piano (1916)
New Year`s Hymn for mens and mixed chorus and organ (1899)
Norrland, song for voice, piano (1928)
Not with wailing for mixed chorus (SSATBB) (1902)
Och här är dungen, song for voice, piano
On guard for mens choir (TTBB), piano (1913)
Pentecost, In Pentecost sweet time, song for voice, piano
Prayer 6 Feb. 1914 for voice, piano (1914)
Riddaren Martinus, song for voice, piano
Solliden, song for female chorus (SSA) (or vocal), piano (1926)
Sonata for Violin and Piano in A Minor (1901)
Spring flowers, song for voice and piano
Stay with us for mixed chorus (SAATB)
Sunrise, song for voice, piano
Sweden for mixed chorus (SATB)
Sweden`s freedom, song for voice, piano
Thank you earth, song for voice, piano
Thank you, life, I`m so happy, song for voice, piano
The memory, song for voice, piano
The People for mixed chorus (SATB)
The shepherds play for baby Jesus, song for 2 voices, piano (or chorus)
To aunt Malla for mixed chorus (SATB) (1900)
To my dear beloved Bertha for alto, female chorus (SSAA) (1910)
To Stockholm for mens choir (TTBB) and piano
Vallarelåt, song for voice, piano (1897)
Wedding Hymn for mixed chorus (SATB)
Wedding Song for female chorus (SSAA)
You glorious fatherland for mixed chorus (SATB)