Jef Tinel

Jef Tinel (1888–1972)
10 Songs for Choir (1935)
10 Songs for Male Choir
16 Songs for Vocal and Piano (1921)
2 Evening Songs for Piano (1932)
2 Hymns for Our Lady for organ
2 Piano Pieces
2 Pieces for Female Choir (1911-12)
2 Songs for male choir (1934)
2 Walsen for piano (1923-29)
25 Organ Chorales (1947)
3 Choir songs (1920-29)
3 Choir songs on texts by Hoffmann (1936-37)
3 Latin motets for male choir and organ (1912)
3 Marian songs for female chorus, organ (1921)
3 Piano Pieces (1932-34)
3 Piano Pieces (1933)
3 Scherzos for piano
3 Songs on texts by Marcel Breyne for Voice, piano (1919)
4 Old Flemish Christmas songs for Mixed Chorus (SATB) (1930-37)
4 Organ Pieces
4 organ pieces (1947)
4 Piano Pieces
4 Pieces for Piano (1932)
4 Short Organ Preludes (1912-17)
5 Latin Motets for Male Chorus (1926-29)
5 Motets for Male Chorus and Organ (1926)
5 Organ Pieces
5 Religious songs for vocal and piano (1921)
6 Flemish men`s choirs (1911-20)
6 Memories for keyboard
6 songs for chorus (1921)
7 Christmas Carols for Male Choir (1944-45)
7 Short Organ Pieces
9 Latin Motets for equal voices and organ (1923-24)
A girl from Scheveningen for Chorus (SATB)
A little history for piano (1935)
Adagio for keyboard
Adeste fideles in A-flat major for 2 equal voices and organ (1920)
Adeste fideles in F major for tenor, mixed chorus (SATB), organ
Adeste for female chorus (SSA)
Ah! How fleeting is life for organ
All Souls-In Paradisum-To the grave for piano (1934)
Alter Christus for female chorus (SSA), piano
An evening flowers for piano (1933)
And at night for Chorus (SATB)
Andante for organ
Angel procession for organ
Angelus for Piano
Anne Marieke for mixed chorus (SATB) (1935)
Assumpta est Maria, Offertorium for 2 equal voices, organ (1923)
At the cradle for piano (1933)
Autumn - melancholy for piano (1932)
Autumn for male choir (1919)
Autumn for piano (1927)
Ave Maria for male chorus (TB), organ
Ave Maria, gratia plena, Offertorium for 2 equal voices, organ (1923)
Ave verum for mixed chorus (SATB)
Awakens! for Voice, piano
Babbling brook for piano (1934)
Ballade and Meditatie for organ
Ballade for Piano (1929)
Ballade for piano (1934)
Ballade for Strings
Beautiful Gretel for Mixed Chorus (SATB) (1936)
Benedic, anima mea, Offertorium for 2 equal voices, organ (1923)
Bird of paradise for Female choir (SSA)
Blümlein`s dream for mixed chorus (SATB) (1933)
Bosch Kapelleke and Dodenzang for piano (1933)
Burial of a Hero for piano (1934)
Burial of Hansje for piano (1932)
Chorale Fantasia for organ
Christmas song for Chorus (SATB)
Christmas song for Solo Soprano, Chorus (SATB) and Organ
Christ`s death and resurrection for boys chorus, piano
Church ruins for piano (1928)
Commemoration for Orchestra (1941)
Commemoration No.1 for organ (1914)
Commemoration No.2 for organ (1917)
Confirma hoc Deus, Offertorium for 2 equal voices, organ (1923)
Daar was ne keer for piano (1934)
De Bietebau for piano (1934)
De koene vendels for 2 voices, piano
Do you remember for piano (1934)
Dream sweet now for piano (1934)
Drinking song for wind band
Easy Pieces for Organ
Elf Dance for piano (1932)
Evening peace, song for voice, piano
Evensong for chorus
Fairy tale for piano
Fairy tale for Piano (1923)
Fairy tale for Violin and Piano (1923)
Faithful love for male choir (TTB) (1925)
Fantasia for Chorus (1920)
Fantasia for Organ
Fantasia for Trumpet and Orchestra
Finale for organ
Fine sweetheart for Chorus (SATB) (1919)
Flanders for male choir (TTB) (1925)
Flanders my country for 2 Voices, Piano
Flanders`s most beautiful day for Voice, piano
Florilegium for organ
Flowers in the heather for piano
Folk Songs for Chorus SATB (1935-40)
Fra Angelico, Cantata for mixed chorus, organ, orchestra (1926)
From a child`s life for piano (1941)
From the life of a boy for piano (1941)
Fuga en fughetta for organ
Fugue in C minor for organ (1912)
Fugue vocale à 4 voix
German folk song for male choir (TTB)
Ghosts dance for wind band (1931)
Gnomes for piano (1923)
Gnomes for piano (1934)
God is given praise for voice, piano (1921)
Good night for piano (1932)
Goodbye! for organ (1922)
Grandfather tells for piano (1934)
Haelewijnfantasie for organ
Hail Mary for Chorus (SATB) (1922)
Halewijncantate for voices, chorus, orchestra (1911)
Harvest song for piano (1933)
Het viel eens hemels douwe for Chorus (SATB) (1953)
His last song for piano (1934)
Homesickness for piano (1934)
I am like the lonely sparrow on the roof for organ
I surrendered for male choir (TTB) (1929)
Ic heb geiaecht for Chorus SATB (1940)
Immaculate Virgin for organ (1947)
Improvisata for organ (1914)
In memoriam for Chorus (SATB) (1921)
In silent Worship for organ
In te speravi for Chorus (SATB) and Organ
In te speravi, Domine for 2 equal voices, organ (1923)
In you I hope for male choir (TTBB) (1918)
Intermezzo for Organ
It is day in the East for male choir (TTBB) (1920)
It is the day in the East, the light everywhere for wind band (1930)
It was in the joyful May for male choir (TTBB) (1920)
It will be evening for piano
It`s clean for male choir (TTBB) (1916)
Jubilate for organ
Jubilation cantata for female choire (SA), piano (1946)
Just wait! for piano (1935)
Keep you proud for male choir (TTBB) (1921)
Keer dine oghen for male choir (TTBB) (1921)
Keer dine oghen for Mixed Chorus (1929)
Keyboard Suite (1929-39)
Koraal for Organ (1911)
Landscape for piano (1933)
Lief heidebloemke for piano (1934)
Like the brown field for mixed chorus (SATB), strings
Lullaby for piano (1922)
Lullaby for Piano (1925)
Lullaby for Piano (1932)
Lullaby for voice and piano
Marcia funebra for wind band (1930)
Maria, song for voice, piano (1925)
Mazurka for Piano (1928)
Meditaties No.1 for organ
Meditaties No.2 for organ
Meditaties No.3 for organ
Meditaties No.4 for organ
Memorar, song for voice, organ (1915)
Mij Sarie Marais for mixed chorus (SATB)
Miniature triptych for String orchestra
Missa for 2 equal voices and organ
Missa in honorem Sacratissimi Cordis Jesu for 2 equal voices, organ (1922)
Missa in honorem sacratissimi Sacramenti for Chorus (SATB) and organo (1915)
Missa in honorem Sanctae Lutgardis for Male chorus and organ (1921)
Missa in honorem Sanctae Magdalenae for 2 equal voices, organ (1959)
Missa in honorem Sancti Josephi for 2 equal voices, organ (1950)
Missa `Salve Regina` for Chorus (SATB) and organo (1960)
Mistresses of Maldeghem I for Chorus (SATB) (1939)
Mistresses of Maldeghem II for Chorus (SATB) (1939)
Moderato for organ
My Flanders for 2 voices, piano
My sweet sweet shepherdess for piano (1931)
Naar de Hoogmis for piano (1935)
Now dreaming sweetly for piano (1934)
O Cor Jesu for 2 equal voices, organ (1924)
O Gloriosa for organ (1947)
O Godly heart for Female choir (SSA) + solo soprano + organ (1926)
O Jesus dearest child for voice, piano (1924)
O Mary standing there for male choir (TTB) (1927)
O salutaris for Chorus (SATB) and organo (1923)
O salutaris for male choir (TTBB) (1920)
O salutaris hostia 1 for Chorus (SATB) (1915)
O salutaris hostia 2 for Chorus (SATB) (1915)
O Sanctissima, Variations for organ
Offertoria on Christmas for 2 equal voices, organ (1923)
Old Flemish Christmas songs for male choir
Old Flemish Folksongs for Male Choir
On the elven hill for piano (1934)
Onrust for Organ (1921)
Ons Leentje for voice, piano (1920)
Orgel album
Orgel intermezzi
Pie Jesu for Chorus (SATB) and Organ
Playing a soldier for piano (1933)
Playing kids for piano (1932)
Playing mosquitoes for piano (1932)
Postludium for organ
Prélude for Piano (1944)
Prayer for organ
Prayer for voice, piano (1923)
Puer natus in Bethlehem for 2 equal voices, organ (1922)
Put your forehead on my heart for male choir (TTBB) (1917)
Quiet, now that the baby wants to sleep for Chorus (SATB)
Regina caeli for Male chorus, organ (1922)
Regina caeli for Organ
Regina caeli for Tenor solo, sopranos, male chorus, organ (1924)
Regina caeli laetare Alleluia for 2 equal voices, organ (1923)
Requiem for Piano (1934)
Resignation for piano (1932)
Resignation, song for voice, piano (1925)
Rural dance for piano (1929)
Rural dance for piano (1950)
Sacerdotes Domini, Offertorium for 2 equal voices, organ (1923)
Saint Anna for mixed choir SATB (1936)
Salve Regina for 2 voices, organ (1922)
Scherts for Piano (1930)
Scherzando for organ (1916)
Scherzo for organ (1925)
Sleeps children for Mixed chorus (SATB) (1935)
Small Prelude for organ
Song of the minstrels for 2 voices, strings (1926)
Songs for solo voice and keyboard
Songs from Ghent for male choir (TTBB) (1944-45)
Spiritual songs for voice, piano
Spring Festival for organ (1925)
Spring Festival for Piano (1930)
Spring is coming for paino (1933)
Spring night for male choir (TTBB) (1913)
Spring Song for organ (1933)
Stabat Mater for voice, piano (1924)
Stapmarsch for wind band (1930)
Stapmarsch for wind band (1932)
Sub tuum praesidium for voice, organ (1915)
Suite for Orchestra
Suite for orchestra (1940)
Suite for string orchestra (1952)
Summer evening, Sketch for Violin and Piano (1935)
Summer song for vocal and piano (1923)
Sunday morning for piano (1932)
Sweet sweet shepherdess for piano (1931)
Tantum ergo for 2 equal voices, violin, organ (1922)
Tantum ergo for Chorus (SATB) (1915)
Tantum ergo sacramentum for Male choir (TB) and organ
Tell m `from days gone by for piano (1933)
Terra tremuit for 2 equal voices, organ (1923)
Terra tremuit for Chorus (SATB) (1915)
That son has now disappeared for Chorus (SATB)
The angelus for Soprano, alto and orchestra (1920)
The blood shed for the homeland for piano
The cricket in the cemetery for piano (1932)
The gnomes for mixed chorus (SATB)
The Guys for 3 trumpets
The guys for piano (1921)
The mill wheel for male choir (TTB)
The night comes so quiet for piano (1932)
The three kings for mixed chorus (SATB) (1940)
There was a girl for mixed chorus (SATB) (1935)
There where beautiful flowers bloom for piano
Three kings for mixed chorus (SATB), organ
Tota pulchra es, Maria for 2 equal voices, organ (1922)
Traitors Song for male choir (TTBB) (1920)
Treurmarsch for wind band (1928)
Truike for Chorus (SATB)
Tu es sacerdos in aeternum, motet for mixed chorus (SATB), organ (1919)
Two children for mixed choir (1921)
Two Dutch Christmas Carols arranged for Female Choir (1944-45)
Under the lime tree for mixed choir SATB (1936)
Under the lime tree green for mixed choir (SATB) (1935)
Unsteady for piano (1935)
Van Heer Halewijn for mixed choir SATB (1935)
Van`t Kwezelken for voice, piano (1921)
Variation for Organ on an Old Christmas Carol
Veritas mea for 2 equal voices, organ (1923)
Verlatenheid for piano (1922)
Vesper for piano (1933)
Village fair for piano (1932)
Waltz I for piano (1935)
Waltz II for piano (1935)
Walzer for piano (1922)
We are prepared for chorus (1937)
What are you clean! for piano (1935)
When the sun goes down for piano
White sheep, goes to meadow for piano (1934)
Who knows how near my end for organ
Wilhelmus van Nassouwen for male choir (TTB)
Worship for organ
You fresh lily on the field for organ (1947)
You fresh lily on the field with your white crown for piano (1917)