Everett Titcomb


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2 Communions for Organ on Traditional Melodies
2 Short Pieces for Organ
3 Short Postludes for organ
3 Short Pieces for Organ
3 Short Organ Pieces on Familiar Gregorian Melodies
4 Improvisations on Gregorian Themes for Organ
8 Short Motets for the Greater Festivals of the Church for chorus
Panis angelicus for mixed voices, organ
Benedica Tu for organ
Thanksgiving for SATB voices, organ (piano), [2 trumpets, 2 trombones ad lib.]
Eternal Praise for mixed chorus, organ
The Lord Reigneth for SATB voices, organ
Wedding Day for organ
O People of Syan for mixed voices, optional organ
The Eyes of All Wait Upon Thee, O Lord for chorus
Sing We Merrily Unto God for mixed voices
Sing Unto the Lord for mixed voices, baritone solo, organ
Festive Flutes for organ
Come, Ye Faithful for mixed chorus, organ
Let Saints on Earth in Concert Sing for mixed chorus, organ
Let the Words of my Mouth for mixed chorus (SATB), optional organ
O Be Joyful in the Lord for SATB unaccompanied
Rejoice Ye with Jerusalem for mixed voices, optional organ
Aspiration for organ
Behold Now, Praise the Lord for chorus and organ
I Will Always Give Thanks for SAB voices, organ
Alleluia! O Come, Let Us Sing, Anthem for mixed voices, organ
To the Name That Brings Salvation, anthem for mixed voices, organ
O Love, How Deep, anthem for mixed voices, organ
Voluntary on Crimond for organ
Jesus! Name of Wondrous Love, Hymn-Anthem for mixed chorus, organ
Improvisation on Oriel for organ
Improvisation on Gregorian Themes for organ
Improvisation on the Gregorian Sequence Laetabundus for organ
Improvisation on the Eighth Psalm Tone for organ
Improvisation-Toccata on the Tonis Peregrinus for organ
Communion Service in C for mixed chorus, organ
This Is the Day, motet for mixed voices, piano (ad lib.)
Hosanna for organ
Pastorale for Organ
Prelude for Organ
Prelude on Full of Glory, Full of Wonders for organ
The 98th Psalm for SATB voices, organ
Rhapsody on Gregorian Motifs for organ
Requiem for organ
Scherzo for organ
Sortie for organ
Suite in E major for organ
Toccata for Organ
Elegy for organ