Salvador Torre

Salvador Torre (Born 1956) pronto, miniature for 7 instruments (2012)
...over the night sea, the moon rises for any instruments (1978)
5 Short Pieces for Flutes (1988)
9 Miniatures for Various Instruments (2014)
Abbau-trace for 10 instruments
Adagio for organo (1979) Op.2
Anthem for San Luis Potosí City for choir, symphony orchestra, Huastec trio (2008)
Arborescence for flute or any instrument
BassClarinet Concerto
Bird for alto saxophone (E♭), tape (1987)
Buscazón 1 for two harps (1994)
Buscazón II for harp and flute (1997)
Canon perpetuo per moto contrario (1978) Op.1
Chaak Song for Flute and Percussion (1986)
Chamber Concerto for 7 instruments (1984)
Clouds - homage to Messiaen
Collage of musics for Symphony Orchestra with Soloists (2016)
Connecting Aecstasies for 8 channels (2015)
Crests for Organ (2008)
Danz-al-Sub for flauta and marimba (1997)
DifferAnce for two violins (2016)
Directional-Dimensional for String Quartet (2017)
Dis-continuum for string quartet (2014)
Eye-Oeil-Ojo-Auge on Wittgenstein Tractatus
Flute Duet (1987)
Flute Notation (method)
Flute Quartet No.1 (1989)
Flute Quartet No.2 (1988)
Flute Quartet No.3 (2004)
Flute Trio No.1 (1979)
Flute Trio No.2 (1989)
Flute Trio No.3 (2001)
Fold for flute and percussion (1996)
Grain-Carré for string quartet
HAIKAIS for piano (1981)
Homm-Ages for any group of instruments (2013)
HUNAB-KÚ for percussion quartet, Piano and Celesta (1999-2000)
Hymnos for Symphony Orchestra and Choir (2016)
Interstices for 5 instruments (2007)
Ja-guaar for bass clarinet (2003)
Jardin I for flute & two clarinets
Jardin II for Flute and guitar(1983)
Jardin III for four flutes (1989)
Kaleydoscope for Four flutes (2004)
Kin-toccata for clavier (1998)
K`isa for 4 flutes (1989)
Llori-llori, sonate for Harpsichord or electronic keyboard (1982)
Lointain-de Près for 2 flutists or improvisers (1999)
Móvil for piano (2008)
Magic-Track-Carpet for instrument (voice), soundtrack (1991)
March to the Music for chorus, orchestra (2016)
Mass mixed chorus (spatialized) and orchestra (2016)
Music for Boxes or Cubes (1987)
Nautilus for French Horn (1986)
Nomádica for fifteen instruments (1998)
Nube de Alas for tape (1986)
Obsidian Mirror for 7 instruments (1997)
Omeyotl-Duality for cello (1994)
Point for clarinet, cello and piano (1984)
Pop-Wuj I and II percussion (2011)
Processional for bassoon solo (2005)
PRYSM .666 for Clarinet, Bassoon & Piano (1991)
Quincunce, Concerto Grosso for Wind Ensemble and Four Orchestras (2016)
Rap du Soleil Noir, voice quartet version
Requiem for strings, optional solo and/or soundtrack (1992)
Rizoma, Concerto for Flute and Percussion (1996)
Rugg for solo viola
Saxophone Quartet No.1 (1990)
Sikuriada Concerto Grosso for Andes flutes Ensemble and Occidental Flutes Orchestra (2002)
Sketches for the Fifth Sun for Symphony Orchestra, Choir and Narrator (1992)
Stones-Oiseau-Baleine, Electro-acoustic Music (1995)
String Quartet No.1 (1984)
String Quartet No.2
String Quartet No.3 (2015)
Symphony No.1 `Ek` (1990)
Testimonial for mixed choir (1990)
The Book of Birds for Alberto Blanco`s voice, Acoustic and Electronic instruments (1993)
The Feast to the Gods, opera (2012-13)
The Red Isle for electronic sounds (2009)
Three granite stones, miniatures for piano (1982)
Three Watercolors for Flute Orchestra and contrabass flute
Tlaloques, Concerto for Bass Clarinet and Orchestra (2003)
Toroide for alto flute, bass clarinet, piano (2004)
Trio for flutes (2001)
Tutuguri for 12 voices (2009)
Tzolkin, Concerto for Flute and Percussion (1996)
Untitled, Three Watercolors for 17 Flutes (1986)
Vaisseau I, Electro-Acoustic music (1989)
Variations on the theme `Silent Night` for Any instrument(s) (1993)
Windows, Fenêtres, Ventanas for Orchestra
Woodwind Quintet No.1 (1987/2013)
Xmmash for cello and electronics (2018)
You (name) for flute solo (2004)
Zapateado de Xibalba for piccolo, glockenspiel, vibraphone (1986)