Ralf Vaughan-Williams


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Alister McAlpine`s Lament (1912)
Along the Field - Song Cycle (1927)
Anthem `O how amiable`
Benedicite, for soprano, choir and orchestra (1929)
Bucolic Suite (or Pastoral Suite) (1900 rev. 1901)
Charterhouse Suite (for strings)
Concerto Accademico for violin and orchestra
Five English Folk Songs (1913)
Five variants of `Dives and Lazarus` for Orchestra & Harp (1939)
Flourish for Glorious John (Barbirolli) for Orchestra
Four Poems by Fredegond Shove
Heroic Elegy and Triumphal Epilogue
Joseph and Mary (trad. Eng. arr. RVW)
Motet `O vos omnes`
Motet `Prayer to the Father of Heaven`
No. 1, Procris
Phantasy Quintet (1912)
Prelude 49th Parallel
Prelude on an Old Carol Tune
Romance for viola and piano
Romance in D flat for harmonica with strings and pianoforte
Romanza for Cello and Orchestra (1954)
Serenade to Music (orchestra version)
Serenade to Music (choir version)
Six Studies in English Folk Song (1926)
Suite of Six Short Pieces, for piano (1921)
Te Deum in G-dur (1928)
The England of Elizabeth - Film score (1957)
The England of Elizabeth: Three Portraits (1955) 1. Explorer (Drake) 2. Poet (Shakespeare) 3. Queen (Elizabeth I)
The Strory of a Flemish Farm - Orchestral Suite (1943)
Three Impressions for Orchestra (1903-7)
Two English Folk Songs
Whitsunday Hymn (Three Choral Hymns) (1929)
Yorkshire Wassall Song (We`ve been awhile awandering)
`49th Parallel` - Film Score (1941)
A Vision of Aeroplanes, 1955
`All people that on earth do dwell` (The Old Hundredth)
Alleluya, sing to Jesus (Hyfrydol) (W. Chatterton Dix -Prichard harm. RVW)
And all in the morning (trad. Eng. harm. RVW)
`Bitter Springs` - Film Score (1950)
`Coastal Command` Suite from the film (1943)
`Come down, 0 Love divine` (Down Ampney) 3.41 (trans. R. F. Littledale -v.4 arr. Williamson)
`For all the saints` (Sine nomine) (William Walsham How)
`Hodie` - Christmas cantata for soloists, choir and orchestra (1954)
O little town of Bethlehem (Forest Green)
`Scott of the Antarctic` - Film score (1948)
`The Dim Little Island` - Film score (1949)
`The First Nowell` (1958): nativity play adapted from medieval pageants by Simona Pakenham; score completed by Roy Douglas
`The Loves of Joanna Godden` (1947)
`The New Ghost` (Shove)
`The People`s Land` (1943)
`The Running Set` (1933): Traditional Dance Tunes for orchestra
`The Truth from Above` (trad. Eng. harm. RVW)
`The Water Mill` (Fredegond Shove)
`Merciless Beauty` - three rondels for tenor, two violins and cello (1921)
A Song of Thanksgiving (originally Thanksgiving for Victory) for narrator, soprano solo, children`s chorus, mixed chorus, and orchestra (1944)
`The Lark Ascending` - Romance for Violin and Orchestra (1914)
`Toward the Unknown Region`, song for choir and orchestra (1906)
`Wasps` - Arlstophanlc Suite (1909)
Sea Songs - March
The Pilgrim`s Progress (b): opern scene `The Shepherds of the Delectable Mountains` (1921)
The Pilgrim`s Progress (d): `A Bunyan Sequence` for three speakers, treble solo, chorus & orchestra
`The Pilgrim`s Progress` (e): Opera (195152)
Suite Portraits of the Tudors for soloists, chorus and orchestra
Old King Cole, ballet for orchestra and optional chorus
`Dawn Patrol`
Job: A Masque for Dancing
Ballet suite for flute and piano
Variations for Orchestra
Song Cycle `On Wenlock Edge` for tenor, piano and string quartet (1909)
Songs of Travel
Song Cycle `The House of Life` (1904)
Two Hymn-Preludes for little orchestra
Ten Blake Songs, song cycle for high voice and oboe (1957), written for film The Vision of William Blake
Cantata `Dona Nobis Pacem` (1936)
Cantata `In Windsor Forest`
Quintet for Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass & Piano in c-moll
Quintet D-dur for clarinet, horn, violin, cello and piano
Concerto for Oboe and Orchestra
Concerto for Tuba and Orchestra
Piano concerto in C
Arranged as Concerto for Two Pianos and Orchestra (1946) by Joseph Cooper in collaboration with the composer
Concerto Grosso, for three groups of strings, each requiring different levels of technical skill (1950)
Magnificat (1932)
Mass in g-moll for unaccompanied choir (1922)
Motet `O clap your hands`
Motet `Lord, Thou hast been our refuge`
Motet `O taste and see`
Nocturne and Scherzo for Violin and Piano
Norfolk Rhapsody No. 1 in E minor (1905-06)
Folksong Arrangements: Carols - `Joseph and Mary`
Folksong Arrangements: Carols - `The Saviour`s Love`
Folksong Arrangements: Carols - `The Truth Sent from Above`
Folksong Arrangements: East Anglia - `As I walked out`
Folksong Arrangements: East Anglia - `Bushes and Briars`
Folksong Arrangements: East Anglia - `Geordie`
Folksong Arrangements: East Anglia - `On Board a Ninety-Eight`
Folksong Arrangements: East Anglia - `The Captain`s Apprentice`
Folksong Arrangements: France - `Ballade de Jesus Christ`
Folksong Arrangements: France - `Chanson de quete`
Folksong Arrangements: France - `Reveillez-vous, Piccars`
Folksong Arrangements: Newfoundland - `She`s like the swallow`
Arrangements of folk songs: Newfoundland - The Cuckoo
Arrangements of folk songs: Newfoundland - The Maiden`s Lament
Arrangements of folk songs: Newfoundland - The Morning Dew
Arrangements of folk songs: Voice & violin - Searching for Lambs
Arrangements of folk songs: Voice & violin - The Lawyer
Arrangements of folk songs: Voice, vlolln & plano - How cold the wind doth blow (or The Unquiet Grave)
Arrangements of folk songs: Wessex - Rolling in the Dew
Arrangements of folk songs: Wessex - `The Brewer`
Treatment of Folk Songs: Wessex - The Ploughman
Folksong Arrangements: `An Acre of Land`
Folksong Arrangements: `Ca` the Yowes`
Folksong Arrangements: `Early in the Spring`
Folksong Arrangements: `John Dory`
Folksong Arrangements: `Loch Lomond`
Folksong Arrangements: `The Seeds of Love`
Folksong Arrangements: `The Turtle Dove`
Folksong Arrangements: `The Unquiet Grave`
Folksong Arrangements: `Ward, the Pirate`
Folksong Arrangements: `Greensleeves`
Folksong Arrangements: `Bushes and Briars`
Oxford Elegy for Narrator, Chorus and Orchestra (1949)
Opera `The Poisoned Kiss` (1936)
Opera `Sir John in Love` (192428)
Opera `Riders to the Sea` (1925-32)
Opera `Hugh the Drover, or Love in the Stocks` (191014; revised 1924, 1933, 1956)
Oratorio `Sancta Civitas` (1923-1925)
Partita for Double String Orchestra
Song `Linden Lea` (1901)
Song `Orpheus With His Lute` (1904)
Song `Rest` (Christina Rossetti)
Prelude and Fugue in C minor
Five English Folk Songs (1913): 1 `The Dark-Eyed Sailor`
Five English Folk Songs (1913): 2 `The Spring Time of the Year`
Five English Folk Songs (1913): 3 `Just as the Tide was Flowing`
Five English Folk Songs (1913): 4 `The Lover`s Ghost` (Well met, my own true love)
Five English Folk Songs (1913): 5 `Wassail Song`
Five Mystical Songs - for baritone, chorus and orchestra (1911)
Romance and Pastorale for Violin and Piano
Symphonic Poem `In the Fen Country` (1904)
Symphony No.1 `A Sea Symphony` for soprano, baritone, mixed chorus, and orchestra
Symphony 2, A London Symphony
Symphony No.3 A Pastoral for full orchestra with soprano (or tenor) voice (1921)
Symphony No.4 f-moll
Symphony No.5 D-dur
Symphony No.6 e-moll
Sinfonia Antarctica (Symphony No. 7) for full orchestra, soprano soloist, and women`s chorus
Symphony No.8 in d-moll
Symphony No.9 in e-moll
Sonata for Violin and Piano in A Minor
String Quartet in C
String Quartet No. 1 in G minor (1908)
String Quartet No. 2 in A minor (1942-43)
Folksongs of the Four Seasons, Suite for Choir and Orchestra
Suite `Flos Campi` for viola, chorus and orchestra (1925)
Suite for Viola and Orchestra (1931)
Suite on themes English Folk Songs
Three Preludes for Organ founded on Welsh hymn tunes (1920)
Three Poems by W. Whitman for Voice and Piano: 2 A Clear Midmight (1925)
Three Poems by W. Whitman for Voice and Piano: 3 Joy, shipmate, joy! (1925)
Three Choral Hymns (1929)
Fantasia (quasi variazione) on the Old 104th Psalm Tune for piano, chorus, and orchestra (1949)
Fantasia on Greensleeves
Variation on the theme of Christmas carols for baritone, chorus and orchestra
Variation on the theme of Thomas Tallis
Parts of Works
Four Hymns (1914): (1914) for tenor and piano (or strings) with viola obbligato
Four Last Songs (1954-58): 1 - `Procris`
Four Last Songs (1954-58): 2 - `Tired`
Four Last Songs: (1954-58): 3 - `Hands, Eyes and Heart`
Four Last Songs (1954-58): 4 - `Menelaus`
Six Studies in English Folk-Song for cello (clarinet/violin/viola) and piano (1926)
Epithalamion (Edmund Spenser) for baritone, chorus, piano, solo flute and string orchestra