Robert Volkmann


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3 Marches for piano 4-hands op. 40
3 Songs for Vocal and Piano op. 13
3 Songs for Vocal and Piano op. 16
3 Songs for Vocal and Piano op. 32
3 Songs for Vocal and Piano op. 52
5 German Dances for piano op. 18
6 Songs for choir op. 30
7 Ungarische Skizzen for piano 4 hands op. 24
Visegrád, 12 piano pieces in 4 hands (1855) op. 21
Souvenir de Maroth, Impromptu for piano op. 6
Die Tageszeiten, 12 pieces for Piano 4-hands op. 39
Musical Picture Book, 6 pieces for piano op. 11
Songs of the Grandmother, 13 pieces for piano op. 27
Hiking Sketches, 8 pieces for piano op. 23
Sappho, scene for soprano and orchestra (1865) op. 49
Ballade and Scherzetto for piano op. 51
Variations on a Theme of Handel for piano op. 26
Ungarische Lieder for piano op. 20
Dithyrambe and Toccate for piano op. 4
Cavatine and Barcarole for piano op. 19
Book of Songs for piano op. 17
Cello concerto in a-moll op.33 (1855)
Konzertstueck in c-moll for piano and orchestra op.42 (1861)
Mass No.2 op. 29
Nocturne for piano op. 8
Rhapsodie for violin and piano op. 31
Romanze for Cello and piano op. 7
Serenade No.1 for Strings in C-dur op.62 (1869)
Serenade No.2 for Strings in F-dur op.63 (1869)
Serenade No.3 for Cello and Strings in d-moll op.69 (1870)
Symphony No.1 in D minor (1862-63) op. 44
Symphony No.2 in B-flat major op. 53
Piano sonata in c-moll op.12
Sonatina for Piano 4 hands op. 57
Sonatina No.1 for Violin and Piano (1868) op. 60
Sonatina No.2 for Violin and Piano op. 61
Slumber Song for viola, cello and piano (1876) op. 76
String quartet No.1 in a-moll op.9 (1843)
String quartet No.2 in g-moll op.14 (1846)
String quartet No.3 in G-dur op.34 (1857)
String quartet No.4 in a-moll op.35 (1857)
String quartet No.5 in f-moll op.35 (1858)
String quartet No.6 in Es-dur op.43 (1861)
Piano trio No.1 in F-dur op.5 (1843)
Piano trio No.2 in h-moll op.5 (1850)
Ouverture `Richard III` op.68 (1870)
Overture in C minor for Orchestra (1842)
Fantasay in C-dur for piano Op. 25a