Peter Warlock

PETER WARLOCK (1894–1930)

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(Scottish) Balulalow (`I come from hevin to tell`, 1919 ?)
Benedicamus Domino for chorus (1918)
Capriol Suite (1926)
Corpus Christi for chorus (1919)
Adam lay ybounden, carol for Voices (unison), piano (1922)
Call for the Robin-Redbreast and the Wren for chorus
Peterisms, Set 1, songs for Voice, piano (1922)
Saudades, 3 songs for voice, piano (1916-17)
The Curlew for tenor, flute, English horn, string quartet (1920-22)
The Shrouding of the Duchess of Malfi for chorus
`Seven Songs of Summer ` (1928)
All the Flowers of the Spring for chorus
Old Song, for small orchestra
Elizabethan Songs for voice, 2 violins, viola, cello
Lullaby for Voice, Piano
A Prayer to Saint Anthony of Padua for voice, piano (1925)
Songs for voice and piano
As Ever I Saw, song for Voice, Piano (1918)
Away to Twiver, song for voice, piano
Elore Lo, song for vocal and piano
Hey, troly loly lo, song for Voice, piano (1922)
Jillian of Berry, song for Voice, piano (1926)
Love for Love, song for Voice, Piano
Lusty Juventus, song for voice, piano (1923)
Milkmaids, song for voice, piano (1922)
Mockery, song for Voice, piano (1927)
Mourn No Moe, song for Voice, Piano (1919)
My Gostly Fader, song for Voice, Piano
My Little Sweet Darling, song for voice, piano
Piggesnie, song for Voice, piano (1922)
Song `Pretty ring-time` (1925)
Song `Rest sweet nymphs` (1922)
Roister Doister, song for voice, piano (1922)
Sigh no more, Ladies, song for Voice, piano (1927)
Song `Sleep` (1922)
Sweet Content, song for Voice and Piano
Take, O take those lips away, song for Voice, piano
The Bachelor, song for Voice, piano (1922)
The Bailey Beareth the Bell Away, song for Voice, Piano
The Countryman, song for Voice, piano
The Jolly Shepherd, song for Voice, piano (1922)
The Sick Heart, song for vocal and piano
The Sweet o` the Year, song for voice, piano (1928)
There Is a Lady Sweet and Kind, song for Voice, Piano (1919)
Tom Tyler, song for voice, piano
Twelve Oxen, song for Voice, chorus, piano (1924)
What cheer? Good cheer!, song for Unison voices, organ (or piano) (1927)
Whenas the Rye Reach to the Chin, song for Voice, Piano (1918)
Song `The Jolly Shepherd` (1927)
Spring Song for Vocal and Piano (1922)
The Lady`s Birthday, song for Baritone solo, counter-tenor, tenor, 2 basses, piano (1925)
After Two Years, song for Voice, piano
Folk-Song Preludes for piano (1918)
Bethlehem Down, Christmas Carol (1927)
Serenade for Strings
Sorrow`s Lullaby for soprano, baritone, 2 violins, viola, cello (1927)
An Old Song for Orchestra (1917)