Anton von Webern

ANTON VON WEBERN (1883–1945)

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Transcription of Johann Strauss `Schatzwalzer` (Treasure Waltz)
`Im smmerwind` - Idyll for large orchestra on the poem by B. Wille (1904)
`Slipping in light canoes` for mixed chorus (1908) op. 2
Bach-Webern. Musical Offering - Fuga (Ricercata)-A 6 Voci
Variations for Orchestra op. 30
Variations for piano (19351936) op. 27
Early songs for soprano and piano
Das Augenlicht (Eyesight) for mixed chorus and orchestra op. 26
Two Songs for mixed choir and five instruments (1926) op. 19
Two songs for soprano and ensemble (1910) op. 8
Two Pieces for Cello and Piano (1899)
Children"s Piano Pieces
Cantata 1 op. 29
Cantata 2 op. 31
Quartet for violin, clarinet, tenor saxophone and piano (19281930) op. 22
Quintet for Piano and String Quartet (1907)
Concerto for nine instruments op. 24
Slow movement for string quartet (June 1905)
Passacaglia for Orchestra (1908) op. 1
A piece for piano
Pieces for Orchestra
Five Sacred Songs for soprano and five instruments (1917-22) op. 15
Five Canons for high soprano, clarinet and bass clarinet in the Latin texts (1924) op. 16
Five songs for voice and piano on poems by Stefan George (19081909) op. 4
Five songs for voice and piano on poems by Stefan George(19081909) op. 3
Five songs by Richard Demel
Five Pieces for Orchestra (1911) op. 10
Five Pieces for String Quartet (1909) op. 5
Rondo for String Quartet (1906)
Symphony (19271928) op. 21
Sonata for Cello and Piano
Sonata part (Rondo) for piano
String trio (19261927) op. 20
String Quartet (1905)
String quartet (19361938) op. 28
Three folk texts for soprano and ensemble (1924) op. 17
Three songs for voice and piano (1923) op. 23
Drei Orchesterlieder, 1913/14
Three songs for soprano, clarinet in Es and guitar (1925) op. 18
Three songs on poems by Ferdinand Avenarius
Three songs for voice and piano on poems by Hildegard Yone (1934) op. 25
Three poems for soprano and piano
Two Little Pieces for cello and piano (1899) op. 11
Three Pieces for String Quartet
Piece for string trio
Part for piano (fragment from unfinished sonata)
Vier Lieder für Singstimme und Klavier
Four songs for voice and piano (1915-17) op. 12
Vier Lieder für Sopran und Kammerorchester (1914-18) op. 13
Four Pieces for Violin and Piano (1910) op. 7
Six Bagatelles for String Quartet (1911) op. 9
Sechs Lieder nach Gedichten von Georg Trakl (1917-21) op. 14
Six Pieces for large orchestra (1909) op. 6
Schubert-Webern. 6 German Dances