John Weinzweig

JOHN WEINZWEIG (1913–2006)
15 Pieces for Harp (excerpts)
18 Pieces for Guitar (1979-80)
7 piano duets
Belaria for solo violin
Birthday notes for flute and piano (1987)
Dirgeling for piano
Dummiyah (Silence) for orchestra (1969)
Le Rendez-vous for voices and piano
Prime time for voices and instruments
Shoppin` blues for chorus
Walking-talking for solists and piano
Intermissions for flute and oboe
Arctic Shadows for Oboe and Piano (1993)
Conversations for Three Guitars
In the arms of Morpheus for chorus
The great flood, an allegory for chorus, piccolo and percussion
Interplay, 12 dialogues for piccolo, tuba and piano)
Wine of peace, two songs for soprano and orchestra
Around the stage in 25 minutes during which a variety of instruments are struck! for any
Of time, rain and the world for vocal and piano
Out of the Blues for concert band (1981)
Swing out animations and ruminations on a double reed for bassoon
Contrasts for gutar
Edge of the world For orchestra
` `,
March, march!, four short pieces for piano
On wings of song for chorus
Our Canada (Music for radio no. 1. Suite for orchestra)
Lonesome satellite for chorus
Parodies and travesties (8 dialogues) for vocal and piano
Riffs III for solo trumpet
Riffs II for solo trombone
Riffs for solo flute
Prisoner of conscience for chorus
Hockey night in Canada for chorus
What`s That for chorus
Divertimento No. 1 for Flute and String Orchestra
Divertimento 4 for clarinet and String Orchestra
Divertimento 5 for trumpet, trombone, and symphonic wind ensemble
Divertimento 6 for alto saxophone and string orchestra
Divertimento 7 for horn and piano (1993)
Divertimento 9 for orchestra
Divertimento No. 11 for English Horn and String Orchestra
Duologue for 2 pianos
Woodwind Quintet (1964)
Duo for two violins
Improvisation on an Indian tune for organ (1942)
Cadenza for clarinet
Clarinet quartet
Concerto for Harp and Chamber Orchestra (1966-67)
Concerto for Violin and Orchestra (1954)
Concerto for piano and orchestra
Journey out of night, monoopera
Prologue to a tango for 4 violins and mezzo soprano
Pieces of Five for brass quintet (1976)
Rhapsody for orchestra
Refrains for Contrabass and Piano
Symphonic Ode for orchestra (1958)
Sonata for Cello and Piano (1949)
Sonata for Violin and Piano
String Quartet No. 2 (1946)
String Quartet No. 3 (1962)
Ballet Suite from `The Red Ear of Corn` (1949)
Tango for two harp solo
Dance of Masada for voice and piano
Tremologue for Solo Viola
Trialogue for soprano, flute and piano
Fanfare for 3 trumpet, 3 trombone and 3 optional percussion
Round dance for full orchestra
Band-Hut Sketches No. 2 (Parade)