Edward Wolff

Edward Wolff (1816–1880)
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12 Études artistiques for piano op.192
2 Chansons polonaises for piano op.219-220
2 Morceaux de salon for piano op. 95
2 Nocturnes for Piano op. 27
2 Nocturnes for Piano op.182
2 Pensées poétiques for piano op.323
2 Polonaises for piano op.137
24 Études en forme de préludes for piano op. 20
3 Chansons polonaises for piano op.136
3 Nocturnes for piano op.134
3 Romances for Piano op. 11
4 Rapsodies for piano op. 29
5 Mazurkas for piano op. 12
5 Valses brillantes for piano op.112
6 Mélodies caractéristiques for piano op. 60
A tale of the old, Ballade for piano op.167
A tear on the grave of S. Thalberg for piano op.300
Barcarolle et Chansonnette for piano op.331
Barcarolle for Harmonium op.228
Barcarolle No.2 for piano op.244
Don Carlos for Piano 4 hands op.280
Duo brillant sur des motifs de `Haydée` for Violin, Piano op. 64
Duo Brillant sur Verbum Nobile for piano 4-hands op.234
Duo concertant sur `Don Juan` for violin, piano op. 20
Duo sur `Raymond` for violin, piano
Grand allegro de concert for piano op. 39
La bacchante, Valse brillante for piano op.152
La coquette for Piano
La Désespérée for piano
La gracieuse for piano
La Rêveuse for piano
La Voyageuse for piano
Last Sigh for piano op.325
Les eoliennes, Valses for piano op.291
L`Andalouse, grande valse for piano op. 97
Ne me grondez pas et Conte de la grand mère for piano op.332
Nocturne en forme de mazurke for piano op. 45
Nocturne et romanesca for piano op.109
Nocturne for piano op. 46
Pierrot et Arlequin, Caprice for piano op.322
Rêverie-Nocturne for piano op.169
Reine de Cypre, Rondo for piano
Sérénade de concert for piano op.257
Scherzo for piano op. 28
Souvenir de Bolentina, Valse brillante for piano op.315
Souvenir de Brimborion, Valse for piano op.314
Souvenir d`Auvergne for piano op.316
Storm on the sea, Grande étude de salon for piano
Tarantelle for piano op.148
The devils, Polka for piano
The tournament, Valse brillante for piano op.151
Two Etudes for Piano


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