Joseph Wolfl

Joseph Wolfl (1773–1812)
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12 Gesänge am Klavier, Heft 2
12 Waltzes
3 Piano Sonatas op.22
3 piano sonatas (1798): No.1 in a-moll op. 6/1
3 piano sonatas: No.2 in D-dur op. 6/2
3 piano sonatas: No.3 in A-dur op. 6/3
3 Piano Trios op. 5
3 Piano Trios op.16
6 German Dances for Piano WoO 64
6 String Quartets op.10
6 String Quartets op.51
6 Variations on `Weibchen, treu wie euer Schatten`
6 Waltzes for Piano 4 Hands
9 Variations on an Andante
9 Variations on an Original Theme WoO 99a
9 Variations on an Original Theme WoO102
9 Variations on `Die Höll ist finster` WoO 28
9 Variations on `La Stessa, la Stessissima` WoO 16
9 Variations on `Mein Vater` WoO 29
9 Variations on `Pria ch`io l`impegno` WoO 9
9 Variations on `Schau, das du bald` WoO 19
9 Variations on `Se vuol ballare` WoO 30
Concert for piano and orchestra No. 4 in G Major Calm op.36
Der Kopf ohne Mann (1798)
Die Geister des Sees
Divertimento No.2 op.61
Duet for Piano and Harp op.44
Duet for Piano and Harp op.29
Duet for Piano and Harp in B-flat major (1805) op.37
Fantasy and Fugue op. 9
Grand Duo for piano and cello op.31
Grand Piano Sonata in C-dur
Grande Marche WoO 61
La surprise de Diane
L`Amour Romanesque (1804)
March and Military Rondo
Piano Concerto in Es-dur WoO 97
Piano Concerto No.1 in G-dur op.20
Piano Concerto No.2 in E-dur op.26
Piano Concerto No.3 in F-dur op.32
Piano Concerto No.5 in C-dur Grand Military Concerto op.43
Piano Concerto No.6 in D-dur The Cuckoo op.49
Piano Sonata in a-moll op.54/2
Piano Sonata in B-dur op.15/2
Piano Sonata in B-dur op.28/3
Piano Sonata in D-dur op.54/3
Piano Sonata in D-dur op.28/2
Piano Sonata in d-moll op.33/2
Piano Sonata in d-moll op.27
Piano Sonata in E-dur op.33/3
Piano Sonata in E-dur op.15/3
Piano Sonata in Es-dur op.15/1
Piano Sonata in C-dur op.33/1
Piano Sonata in c-moll op.25
Piano Sonata in c-moll (1803) WoO113
Piano Sonata in D-dur (c.1811) op.58
Piano Sonata in E major `Le diable quatre` op.50
Piano Sonata in F major (1786) op. 1/1
Piano Sonata in F-dur (1803) op.27/2
Piano Sonata in G-dur op.54/1
Piano Sonata in h-moll (1808) op.38
Piano Sonata,in G-dur op.28/1
Piano Trio in c-moll op.23/3
Piano Trio in D-dur op.23/1
Piano Trio in Es-dur op.23/2
Sonata for Piano 4 Hands op.17
Sonata for Piano 4 Hands and Flute op.42
Sonata for violin and piano on themes by Haydn (1801) op.14
String Quartet in C-dur op.30/2
String Quartet in C-dur op. 4/1
String Quartet in c-moll op. 4/3
String Quartet in D-dur op.30/3
String Quartet in Es-dur op.30/1
String Quartet in F-dur op. 4/2
String Quartet in G-dur op.10/4
String Quartet in C-dur op.10/1
Symphony in C-dur op.41
Symphony in g-moll op.40
Symphony No.3 in D major (1807)
Variations on `Wenn`s Liserl nur wollte`
Venus en voyage op.59
Violin Sonata in D major op.27/3
Violin Sonata in E major op.67

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