Johann Hugo Worzischek

Johann Hugo Worzischek (1791–1825)
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An Sie! song op.21/1
Das arme Roschen, song op.10/3
Das Taubchen, song op.21/3
Der Fruhlingsregen, song op.21/2
Die Abschiedsthrane, song op.10/1
Eclogue for Piano
Eintritt ins Junglingsalter, song op.10/2
Fantasia, op. 12 op.12
Gradual `Benedictus es`
Impromptu in B-dur
Impromptu in F-dur
Impromptu No. 1 in C major op. 7/1
Impromptu No. 2 in G major op. 7/2
Impromptu No. 3 in D major op. 7/3
Impromptu No. 4 in A major op. 7/4
Impromptu No. 5 in E major op. 7/5
Impromptu No. 6 in B-dur op. 7/6
Le Desir, for piano op. 3
Le Plaisir op. 4
Mass in B-dur
Offertorium Quoniam iniquitatem
Offertory `Mentis oppressae`
Rhapsodies - No. 10 in C major - Allegro risvegliato op. 1/10
Rhapsodies - No. 8 in D major - Veloce, ardito op. 1/ 8
Rhapsodies - No.12 in E flat major - Allegro tempestoso op. 1/12
Rhapsodies - No.6 in A flat major. Allegretto ma agitato op. 1/ 6
Rhapsodies, Op.1 - No. 7 in D minor - Allegro furioso op. 1/ 7
Rhapsodies, Op.1 - No. 9 in G minor - Allegro appassionato op. 1/ 9
Rhapsodies, Op.1 - No.1 in C sharp minor. Allegro op. 1/ 1
Rhapsodies, Op.1 - No.11 in B minor - Allegro brioso op. 1/11
Rhapsodies, Op.1 - No.2 in E major. Allegro op. 1/ 2
Rhapsodies, Op.1 - No.3 in A minor. Allegro con brio op. 1/ 3
Rhapsodies, Op.1 - No.4 in F major. Vivace op. 1/ 4
Rhapsodies, Op.1 - No.5 in F minor. Allegro op. 1/ 5
Rondo for Cello and Piano op. 2
Rondo for String Quartet in A major op.11
Rondo for Violin and Piano in A major op. 8
Sonata for Violin and Piano in G major op. 5
Sonata in b-moll for piano op.20
Symphony in D-dur (1821) op.24
Two Rondos for Piano op.18
Variations brillantes sur le theme favorit francaise La sentinelle for Piano and String Quartet op. 6
Variations de Bravoure for piano and orchestra op.14
Variations for Cello and Piano in D minor op. 9
Variations in B-dur, op. 19 op.19

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