Felix Firmiana Wot

Felix Firmiana Wot (Born 1992)
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A Song for piano (2014) op.204
A Song for Rabbit, Fantasia for piano (2014) op.185
A Variation on Amazing Grace for piano (2018) op.213
As Long as You were Here, Nocture for piano op.195
At the Moment, Fantasia for piano (2010) op.159
Calm Suite for piano (2010) op.148
Cello Melody (2013) op.177
Christmas Minuet for Woodwind Trio (2013) op.140
Devil`s Transition for piano (2011) op.103
Diary China Suite for piano (2015) op.196
Easy Waltz for violin, viola, cello, piano (2012) op.169
Edinburgh In Winter, Prelude for Orchestra (2016) op.202
Fantaisie-Sonata for piano (2016) op.206
Fantasia Capriccio for Cello Solo (2011) op.161
Fantasia for Flute Solo (2012) op.173
Fantasia No.2 for Flute Solo (2015) op.201
Fantasia String Quartet (2012) op.104
Garden in Cloud for piano (2013) op.178
Glory Day for piano (2013) op.183
Graduation Party for Violin, piano (2013) op.179
Grand Valse for Piano and Strings (2016) op.169a
Hearty Overture for Orchestra (2016)
Hera Ninja for piano (2015) op.197
Impromptu for Organ (2013) op.180
Lambency for piano (2012) op.170
Love in the Trivial for piano (2009)
Lullaby for Piano (2015) op.199
Melancholy Etude for Guitar (2012) op.134
Midnight Love Suite for piano (2010-11) op.155
Minuet in A minor for harpsichord (2016) op.209
Moonlight for 2 Violins, cello (2007) op.102
Newland Avenue for piano (2016) op.207
Nocturne for piano (2016) op.205
Piano Sonata No.1 in B-flat major (2014) op.192
Piano Sonata No.2 in B-flat minor (2016-17) op.208
Polka of Rubber Duck for Orchestra (2015) op.198
Prelude and Fugue in E minor for piano (2014) op.187
Prelude in B major for piano (2006) op. 3
Quartet in D minor for Oboe, French Horn, Violin, Cello (2014) op.190
Rhapsody of Dream for piano (2011) op.150
Ringtone Collection for open instrumentation or keyboard (2018)
RUA, for Guitar, piano, percussion (2014) op.186
Scandinavia Suite for piano (2010) op.133
Silent Like a Midnight, Nocturne for piano (2012) op.166
Songs of Cloud for Piano (2013) op. 91
Spring Festival for piano (2012) op.153
Sweet Divertimento for piano (2017) op.210
Symphony No.1 in C major `Wedding` (2015) op.200
Tarantella for Violin, Piano (2012) op.158
The Dawn for piano (2018) op.212
The Demon King for cello and orchestra (2014) op.193
The Preface of Souls` Extinction for piano (2013-14) op.174
The Slump of Heaven, Rhapsody for piano (2013) op.163
The Ticking for piano (2012) op.171
The White for cello and piano (2017) op.211
Together for piano (2012) op.165
Valse for Violin and Piano (2014) op.191
Valse in G major for piano (2012) op.167
Violin Concerto in A minor (2014) op.189
Violin Concerto in E minor (2014) op.188
Violin Melodies (2013) op.184
Violin Solos (2010) op.156
Waiting for You for Piano (2011) op.164
Waltz for Bunny Fairy for piano (2013) op.182
Warm for piano (2013) op.181
Wind-Swept Pastures for 2 Violins, Cello, Piano (2013)
Wish, Fantasia for piano (2009) op.120
Xocolatl for violin, cello, bass (2015) op.194
`Rainy Night` (To the Stranger), piece for piano (2010) .148/1


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