Iannis Xenakis

IANNIS XENAKIS (1922–2001)

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A Colone for male or female voices and 3 instruments (1977)
A Helene for choir (1977)
A l`ile de Goree for amplified harpsichord and ensemble (1986)
A r. (Hommage a Ravel) for piano (1987)
Aïs, for baritone, percussion and orchestra
Achorripsis for 21 instruments (1957)
Ais for amplified baritone, percussion and orchestra (1980)
Akanthos for soprano and ensemble (1977)
Akea for piano and string quartet (1986)
Akrata for 8 winds & 8 brass (1964-65)
Anaktoria for clarinet, bassoon, horn, string quartet and double bass (1969)
Analogique (A+B), for string ensemble and recording (1958-59)
Anastenaria - Le sacrifice for large orchestra (1953) (The `Anastenaria` triptych cycle, II)
Anastenaria - Procession aux eaux claires for large orchestra and two choruses (1952/1953) (The `Anastenaria` triptych cycle, I)
Antikhthon, ballet for orchestra (1971)
Aroura for string ensemble of 12 players (1971)
Ata for orchestra (1987)
Atrees, for ten instrumentalists (1958-62)
Bohor, electronic music (1962)
Cendrees, for choir and orchestra (1973)
Charisma for clarinet and cello (1971)
Concret PH, electronic music (1958)
Dammerschein, for orchestra (1994)
Diamorphoses, electronic music (1957-58)
Dikhthas for violin and piano (1979)
Dox - Orkh, for Violin and Orchestra
Echange for solo bass clarinet and ensemble (1989)
Embellie for viola solo (1981)
Empreintes for orchestra (1975)
Eonta for 2 trumpets, 3 trombones and piano (1963-64)
Epei, for instrumental ensemble (1976)
Ergma for string quartet (1994)
Eridanos, for Strings and Brass (1972)
Erikhthon for piano and orchestra (1974)
Evryali for piano (1973)
GENDY3 (1991)
Gmeeoorh, for organ (1974)
Herma for piano (1961)
Hibiki-Hana-Ma, electronic music (1969-70)
Hike Tides, Suite for two trumpets, two trombones and strings (1964)
Horos, for orchestra (1986)
Hunem-Iduhey, for Violin and Cello (1996)
Ikhoor for string trio (1978)
Ioolkos for orchestra (1995)
Ittidra for string sextet (1996)
Jalons for ensemble (1987)
Jonchaies for symphony orchestra (1977)
Kassandra for baritone/psalterion and percussion (1987, an additional movement for Oresteia)
Keqrops for piano and orchestra (1986)
Keren for trombone (1986)
Khoai for harpsichord (1976)
Knephas for SATB chorus of 32 or more voices (1990)
Komboi for amplified harpsichord and percussion (1981)
Kottos for cello (1977)
Kraanerg, ballet for orchestra and tape (1968)
Krinoidi, for Orchestra (1991)
`Kuilenn` for flute, 2 oboes, 2 clarinets, 2 bassoons and 2 horns
Kyania, for orchestra (1990)
La deesse Athena, for baritone, percussion and chamber ensemble (1992, Oresteia III)
La legende d`Eer (Diatope), electronic music (1977)
Lichens, for 96 performers (1983)
Loolkos for 89 performers (1996)
Medea, stage music for male choir and instrumental ensemble (1967)
Metastaseis, for 61 solo instruments (1953/54) (The `Anastenaria` triptych cycle, III)
Mikka `S` for violin solo (1976)
Mikka for solo violin (1971)
Mists for piano (1981)
Mnamas Xapin Witoldowi Lutoslavskiemu for two French horns and two trumpets (1994)
Mycenae Alpha (1978)
Naama for amplified harpsichord (1984)
Nomos alpha for cello solo (1965-66)
Nomos gamma for orchestra (1967-68)
Noomena, for orchestra (1974).
Nuits for SATB chorus of 12 voices (1967-68)
N`Shima for 2 amplified peasant voices, 2 amplified french horns, 2 tenor trombones & amplified cello (1975)
Okho for 3 djembes & bass-drums (1989)
Omega, for percussoin and orchestra (1997).
Oophaa, for Harpsichord and Percussion (1989)
Oresteia for chorus and 12 instruments (1965-66)
Orient-Occident, electronic music (1960)
Paille in the Wind for cello and piano (1992)
Palimpsest (1979) for ensemble
Persepolis, electronic music (1971)
Phlegra for ensemble (1975)
Pithoprakta for chamber orchestra (1955-56)
Pleiades for six percussionists (1979)
Polla ta dhina, for children`s choir and forty-eight instruments (1962)
Polytope de Cluny, (1972)
Pour la Paix for SATB chorus, two male speakers, two female speakers and tape (1981)
Psappha for percussion (1975)
Rebonds (a+b) for percussion (1987-88)
Roai, for Orchestra (1991)
S.709, electronic music (1994)
Sea-Nymphs for SATB chorus of 24 or more voices (1994)
Serment-Orkos for SATB chorus of 32 or more voices (1981)
Shaar, for orchestra (1982)
ST/4, 1-080262 for string quartet (1956-62, transcription of ST/48, 1-240162)
Strategie, for two orchestras and two conductors (1959-62)
Synaphai for piano and orchestra (1969)
Syrmos, for strings (1959)
Taurhiphanie, electronic music (1987)
Terretektorh for orchestra (1966)
Tetora for string quartet (1990)
Tetras for string quartet (1983)
Thallein for chamber orchestra (1984)
Theraps, for strings (1975-76)
Tracees for orchestra (1987)
Troorkh for trombone and orchestra (1991)
Voile for string orchestra (1995)
Voyage absolu des Unari vers Andromede (1989)
Waarg for 13 instruments (1988)
XAS for saxophone quartet (1987)
Zyia, for Voice and Piano (1952)
A la Memoire de Witold Lutoslawski