Yury Morfessi

Yury Morfessi (baritob)
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Anonymous, - Sleep, my sad, lyrics by K. Balmont
Anonymous, - Song: Chubchik
Anonymous, - Well, come on flying, horses
Baron, BB - Dremlyut plakuchie ivy/Asleep weeping willows
Borisov, Boris - Time Will Change
Borisov, Boris - Why I am Madly in Love. Romance
Charski, Sergey - I know you love another, romance. Before 1917
Denisiev, Alexey - Why Hide
Donaurov, Sergey - Para gnedykh, romance
Drisse, Leo - Chrysanthemums Have Blossomed Again
Drisse, Leo - Pour a glass! There is no wine in it, romance
Drisse, Leo - We Have Parted With You Today , Romance
Drisse, Leo - Where Are You, Answer Me, Romance
Drisse, Leo - White Nights, Romance
Falbinov, Peter - How Good those Eyes are
Feldman, Yakov Lazarevich - Yamshchik, ne goni loshadei (`Coachman, do not whip the horses`), romance
Gerdel, Sofus - Romance Always and everywhere for you (N. Derviz)
Harito, Nikolay - Withered chrysanthemum/Ottsveli khrizantemy
Listov, Nikoly - Nice Waltz
Makarov, Sasha - Like Fragrant Flower, Romance
Makarov, Sasha - That Is Why I Love You So Madly, Romance
Makarov, Sasha - Vy prosite pesen, romance
Nikolaev, D. - Roses Had Withered Quickly, Romance
Nikolaev, D. - The Beautiful and Affectionate Things, Romance
Oppel, Andrey - You Forgot
Prozorovskiy, Boris - My tolko znakomy, romance
Prozorovskiy, Boris - Nightmares, romance
Prozorovskiy, Boris - Proshchai, moi tabor/Farewell, my Camp
Prozorovskiy, Boris - Vam 19 let/ You are 19
Sartinskiy-Bey, Dmitriy - We Met in a Gloomy Day, Romance
Shilovsky, Alexander - Night Flowers, Romance
Shilovsky, Alexander - Web, Romance
Shiryaev, Nikita - Siyala noch, romance
Srebryanskiy, Andrey - Quick as the Waves, the Student Song
Steinberg, Mikhail - Foggy Day, Romance
Tolstaya, Tatiana Konstantinovna - Lullaby
Tolstaya, Tatiana Konstantinovna - Mirage
Tolstaya, Tatiana Konstantinovna - Oh, Forget the old days!
Tolstoy, Mikhail - Ballads, songs and arias
Vilinsky, Alexandr - We Are Destined to Leave, Romance
Yuriev, Eugeny - Gypsy Romance