Michail Golikov

Michail Golikov (conductor)
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Chernov, Alexey - Symphony in three dedications, Op. 14, (2013-14)
Fumet, Dynam-Victor - Le Sabbat Rustique, pour orchestre
Gavrilin, Valeriy - The Balzaminov Marriage, Suite from the ballet
Haupa, Dzhabrail - Symphony 3 `Crying Over Water `
Ivanova-Blinova, Ekaterina - A Monk
Kabardokov, Murat - OST-suite in four parts
Krasheninnikov, Aleksey - Your Words and Stars, symphonic study, 2011
Kruglik, Viacheslav - SEEK GOD! The Cycle for the mixed choir a`capella on the words of various authors (2013)
Malakhovskaya, Vladislava - Peresvet, Oratorio for Soloists, Chorus and Orchestra, words by E. Antipov and E. Lukin
Malakhovskaya, Vladislava - Radonezh Oratory
Matyushin, Michail - Victory over the Sun (1910)
Mosolov, Alexander - Dam, opera (1928), op.35
Nesterova, Svetlana - TO AN UNKNOWN GOD, the cycle for the chorus a`capella, poems of Anna Akhmatova, Josef Brodsky, Alexander Blok, 2013
Prokofiev, Sergey - Opera `Duenna` (`Betrothal in a Monastery `) (1940), op. 86
Rezetdinov, Leonid - Andrei Rublev, symphonic fantasy (2011), op. 90
Rezetdinov, Leonid - Music Zoo, Suite for Symphonic Orchestra (2012), op. 93
Rezetdinov, Leonid - Perpetuum mobile XXI, Symphonic Etude for Orchestra, Op. 92 (2012), op. 92
Rezetdinov, Leonid - Yuri-Murin, monoopera (for children and adults) based on the book of V. Keler `Fairy Tales of a Single Day` for soprano and orchestra, op.114
Vorobyov, Igor - `Elizabeth Bam`, suite from the opera after D.Harms (1990)
Zhuravlev, Mikhail - Piano Concerto No. 3