Donatienne Michel-Dansac

Donatienne Michel-Dansac (soprano)
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Andriessen, Louis - Beatles Songs, the arrangement of the four songs of The Beatles for voice and accompaniment (1966)
Aperghis, Georges - 14 recitations, for voice solo (1977-78)
Aperghis, Georges - Avis de Tempête, opera (2005)
Aperghis, Georges - Contretemps, for soprano and ensemble (2006)
Aperghis, Georges - La Nuit en tete, for soprano and instrumental sextet (2000)
Aperghis, Georges - Les Boulingrin, opera (2010)
Aperghis, Georges - Machinations, musical theatre for four women and Electronics (2000)
Aperghis, Georges - Pour Gabrielle, for voice solo (2013)
Aperghis, Georges - Sextuor - L`Origine des especes (1992-93) sur des textes de Francois Regnault et de Georges Aperghis
Aperghis, Georges - Six Tourbillons, for solo voice (on texts by Olivier Kado) (1989)
Bedrossian, Frank - Epigram (2009) for voice and ensemble
Berio, Luciano - Chamber Music (1952)
Berio, Luciano - Folk Songs for Mezzo Soprano, Flute, Clarinet, Viola, Cello, Harp and Percussion (1964, rev. 1976)
Berio, Luciano - Sequence 3 for soprano (1996)
Bianchi, Oscar - Fluente for bagpipes, soprano and barytone (2013)
Cage, John - Nowth upon Nacht, for voice and piano (1984), JC.251
Cage, John - The song `The Wonderful Widow of Eighteen Springs` for low voice. 1942, JC. 53
Ferrari, Luc - Patajaslocha: Suite de danses, for three voices and ensemble (1984)
Herve, Jean-Luc - Des oiseaux pour deux voix de soprano et trois clarinettes (2003)
Herve, Jean-Luc - Rêve de vol II, clarinette et soprano (1992)
Herve, Jean-Luc - Rêve de vol III, clarinette, alto et soprano (2004)
Leroux, Philippe - Apocalypsis/Apocalypse, for Vioce, Ensemble and Electronics (2005-06)
Leroux, Philippe - Voi (rex), for voice, six instruments and electronics on a text by Lin Delpierre (2002)
Manoury, Philippe - En echo, for soprano and electronics (1993-94)
Neuwirth, Goesta - Loubli bouilli, for voice and chamber ensemble (1996, rev. 2008)
Pesson, Gerard - Sur-le-champ, for eight voices and eight instruments (text by Pierre Alpheri) (1994)
Rameau, Jean-Philippe - Opera-ballet `Nélée et Myrthis`, RCT 50
Romitelli, Fausto - An Index of Metals
Romitelli, Fausto - EnTrance for soprano, ensemble and electronics (1995)
Weill, Kurt - Le grand Lustucru
Weill, Kurt - Song `Le Roi d`Aquitaine`

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