Barbara Hannigan

Barbara Hannigan (soprano)
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Aa, Michel van der - Opera `One` (2006)
Abrahamsen, Hans - Let me tell you, for Soprano and Orchestra
Andriessen, Louis - Writing to Vermeer, opera (1997-99)
Benjamin, George - Written on Skin
Berg, Alban - Lyrische Suite for strings
Berg, Alban - Opera `Lulu`
Berg, Alban - Opera `Wozzeck`, Op. 7
Berg, Alban - `Lulu-Suite`, symphonische stücke aus der Oper `Lulu` for soprano and orchestra (1934)
Castiglioni, Niccolo - Elegy in Memory of Anne Frank for Soprano and Ensemble (1957)
Concerts, - Simon Rattle
Debussy, Claude - Opera `Pelleas et Melisande` (1892-1902)., L 88
Dusapin, Pascal - Passion, opera (2008)
Dutilleux, Henri - Correspondances, five tunes for voice and orchestra to words Pritvindy Mukherjee, Solzhenitsyn, Rilke and Van Gogh (2003)
Francesconi, Luca - Etymo (1994) for soprano electronics and emsemble
Gershwin, George - Suite Girl Crazy
Hosokawa, Toshio - Matsukaze, opera (2011)
Ligeti, Gyorgy - Mysteries of the Macabre, 3 arias for coloratura soprano and orchestra from the opera Le Grand Macabre
Ligeti, Gyorgy - Opera `Le Grand Macabre`
Ligeti, Gyorgy - Requiem for soprano, mezzo-soprano, 2 mixed choirs and orchestra
Nono, Luigi - Djamila Boupacha for soprano solo (1962)
Obuhov, Nikolay - Four Balmont Songs
Satie, Erik - Cabaret song `Child Martyr` (Enfant-martyre) for voice and piano (text lost) (1903), ES 72
Satie, Erik - Cabaret song `Phantom melody` for voice and piano (1903), ES 73
Satie, Erik - Cabaret song `Witch` for voice and piano (1903), ES 70
Satie, Erik - Cabaret-song `Picador is dead!` (Le Picador est mort) for voice and piano (1903), ES 71
Satie, Erik - Chanson/Bien courte, hélas! for voice and piano (1887), ES 8
Satie, Erik - Elegy, song for vocal and piano (1887), ES 5
Satie, Erik - Salut drapeau!, hymn for Le Prince du Byzance (`drame romanesque`) (1891), ES 19A
Satie, Erik - Socrate, for voice and piano (or small orchestra) (1919/20), ES 174
Satie, Erik - Three Melodies for voice and piano (1887), ES 6
Satie, Erik - Trois autres melodies, ES posth. 7
Schoenberg, Arnold - String Quartet 2 in F-sharp minor (1908), op. 10
Stravinsky, Igor - Parts of Works
Webern, Anton von - Three Pieces for String Quartet
Zimmermann, Bernd Alois - Opera `Die Soldaten` (1957-65)