Zoltán Almási

Zoltán Almási (cello)
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Abdyssagin, Rakhat-Bi - Light at the End of the Tunnel, for cello and piano (2012)
Almashi, Zoltan - Carpathian Song for string quartet
Almashi, Zoltan - Concerto Grosso 3 for oboe, cello and chamber orchestra. 2001
Almashi, Zoltan - Conversation of Two Drunks about the Meaning of Life (Chamber Symphony No. 2 for Violin, Cello and Strings, 2012)
Almashi, Zoltan - Elegia Hrebenica for piano and strings
Almashi, Zoltan - Elegy (version for string quartet)
Almashi, Zoltan - Elegy, Version for Cello and Piano
Almashi, Zoltan - Geza, for Flute, Cello and Double Bass (2012)
Almashi, Zoltan - Grave for string quartet
Almashi, Zoltan - Interactions, for Cello and Chamber Orchestra
Almashi, Zoltan - Khristya, Khristya, for cello solo. 2011
Almashi, Zoltan - Nina L. Dorliac for any keyboard instrument
Almashi, Zoltan - Prelude for solo cello. 2011
Almashi, Zoltan - Sonata for Cello and Piano. 2001
Almashi, Zoltan - Sonata 2 for Cello and Piano `Facets`
Almashi, Zoltan - Song of a Toothy Vagina for low male and female voices and any string instruments
Almashi, Zoltan - Song of Flowering for Violin and Cello
Almashi, Zoltan - String Quartet No. 1
Almashi, Zoltan - String Quartet No. 3
Almashi, Zoltan - String Quartet No. 4 `Poltava`
Almashi, Zoltan - Suite for cello solo
Almashi, Zoltan - Suite from the opera Penita
Almashi, Zoltan - The Bach`s Theme Variations for cello and piano. 1996
Almashi, Zoltan - The Seasons (2011) for violin and chamber orchestra
Almashi, Zoltan - Theatre music (Suite for six instruments in seven parts) (2011)
Almashi, Zoltan - Trio for Clarinet, Cello and Piano
Almashi, Zoltan - `Drops` for Piano
Almashi, Zoltan - `Nostalgia` for Cello (2008)
Almashi, Zoltan - `Sleep, Jesus, sleep` (a fantasy for the carol of Father Josip Kishakevich for voice, cello, double bass and other instruments ad libitum)
Almashi, Zoltan - `Zebje` for musical instruments, the soundtrack to sound a frog and the video
Anonymous, - `Duet` for Violin and Cello (the end of XX century)
Arefiev, Dmitriy - Impromptu for clarinet and cello
Arefiev, Dmitriy - `La temps que reste` for piano trio
Bezborodko, Oleg - Concerto Luminoso. Double Concerto for Violin, Cello and String Orchestra, Two Parts
Bezborodko, Oleg - Musica Pura, happening to any of performers
Bezborodko, Oleg - `Lion Breath`, for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano
Bortkiewicz, Sergey - Romance for Cello and Orchestra
Butakov, Leonid - Partita of Alienations, for Solo Cello, four parts
Chikhachev, Eugene - `Duet Of Consent` for violin and cello
Chyrzynski, Marcel - Farewell, for Cello and Piano
Chyrzynski, Marcel - Reflektion 1 for string quartet
Concerts, - Concerts of Zoltan Almashi
Copytsko, Victor - ELEGY IN MEMORY Veniamin Basner (1996)
Einaudi, Ludovico - DNA for Cello and Piano
Filimonov, Alexander - Lullaby, for Cello (2012)
Goncov, Yurij - Third Astrakhan Capriccio for Cello and Russian Folk Orchestra
Halvorsen, Johan - Variations on a Theme of Passacaglia by Handel
Haydn, Joseph - `The Seven Words of Christ on the Cross` (version for String Quartet), Hob XX: 1b
Ilnytska, Olena - Sarabande for cello solo
Ismagilov, Timur - Two sketches and a song for solo cello (2010)
Khismatov, Sergey - Suprematic Composition no.1
Khrushcheva, Nastasya - As If in a Fairy Tale (from the music to the play `Nevsky Prospekt`)
Kiva, Oleg - String Quartet
Knaifel, Alexander - Lamento, for Cello solo (1967, 1987)
Korsun, Anna - UnderSurFace
Kourliandski, Dmitri - Brocken Memory
Kyianytsia, Vitaliy - Trio No. 1 for violin, cello and piano. 2010
Laniuk, Yuriy - Waiting- Sonata for cello, piano, and the soundtrack (or vocal ensemble)
Lason, Aleksander - Deciso e affetuoso for cello solo (2008)
Levkovich, Alexander - Autumn Moods, for Two Violins, Cello and Piano
Levkovich, Alexander - Phantoms of the Past, Concerto for Cello and Strings
Levkovich, Alexander - Sad Music, Sonata for Cello and Piano
Lukashevichus, Vyacheslav - `Duet Of Dissent` for Cello and Double Bass (co-authored with Eugene Chikhachev) (2012)
Lunyov, Svyatoslav - Sonata for Cello and Piano
Lutoslawski, Witold - Grave, metamorphoses for cello and string orchestra (1981)
Lutoslawski, Witold - Sacher Variations
Manotskov, Alexander - Serenade for Cello Solo
Mayrhofer, Gregor - Solo Dialogue for Cello, 2012
Merkhel, Andrey - Ritual, for clarinet, cello and piano (2011/2013)
Mirzoyan, Edward - Poem, for Cello and String orchestra
Nizamov, Elmir - Serenade organ grinder
Poleva, Victoria - Silvanus` Psalm for Voice and Cello at the structure in A
Poleva, Victoria - The Gulf Stream, a Version for Violin and Cello
Popov, Andrey - Equinoxes and solstices, for two violins and cello (2012)
Popov, Andrey - Slow quiet music for cello and piano
Popov, Andrey - Space Strings, for cello and synthesizer
Popov, Andrey - `Day The Eighth` for a cello and keyboard or harp (2013)
Runchak, Vladimir Petrovich - Homo ludens III, non stop music for cello
Runchak, Vladimir Petrovich - Kyrie Eleison
Saint-Saens, Camille - Parts of Works
Scelsi, Giacinto - Alleluia for cello solo, 1970
Schumann, Robert - 3 Fantasias for cello (clarinet or violin) and piano (1849), Op. 73
Shcherbakov, Igor - Sonata for Violin and Cello (1982)
Shchetinskiy, Alexander - Message to A. W.
Shmurak, Alexey - Horcruxes for Violin and Cello (2014)
Shmurak, Alexey - Penultimate Song, for Five Instruments (2016)
Shmurak, Alexey - Two Songs for string-string instrument (2013)
Shmurak, Alexey - `Urban Legends` (2011) for voice and cello, in 4 parts
Shmurak, Alexey - The things` neighbors (2009) for cello
Sibilev, Sergey - `ars` for cello (2013)
Silvestrov, Valentin - Drama - Piano Trio in 3 parts (1970-71)
Silvestrov, Valentin - July 28, 1750 ... In memory J.S.B. for solo cello
Silvestrov, Valentin - Moments of Mozart, six pieces for violin, cello and piano
Stankovych, Yevhen - Cello Concerto (1968)
Stankovych, Yevhen - Dictum II for Piano and Strings
Stankovych, Yevhen - Humble Pastorale, for String Trio
Stankovych, Yevhen - Sonata No. 3 for Cello and Piano
Stankovych, Yevhen - Two Pieces for Violin and Cello
Sydorenko, Lubawa - Breathing, the version for solo cello
Sydorenko, Lubawa - Lumiere, for two violins
Sydorenko, Lubawa - White Angel, Version for Cello and Electronics
Sydorenko, Lubawa - `Etudes of The Old Town` for Cello (4 parts attaca)
Sydorenko, Lubawa - `Puppets` for chamber ensemble (clarinet, violin, viola, cello, piano)
Tchibalashvili, Asmati - Stop a moment
Tsalko, Andrey - Phobia, for flute and cello (2012)
Vasks, Pēteris - Books for cello
Verbytsky, Mykhaylo - Anthem of Ukraine (transcription of Boris Sevastianov)
Yaskou, Kanstantsin - Calling Spring
Yaskou, Kanstantsin - Zone opus posth, or ... (Catalog of audio graphic samples of Multi-Cultural Experience) in Eight Movements for Piano
Zagaykevych, Alla - Cantos: Island for Violin, Viola, Cello and Strings
Zagaykevych, Alla - Tercet (for clarinet, violin and cello)