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Silva Varesku - talented and hard-working becomes the star of the capital varieties. Silva likes young aristocrat Edwin but their marriage is not possible because of social inequality. Moreover it appears that Edwin`s engaged to another. Silva goes to Count Boni.

On engagement Edwin and Stassi suddenly appears Count Boni with Silva which is all as his wife. Boni Dan in Edwin willingly gives the `divorce` Silva. The old prince his father Edwin son struck by a refusal from engagement with Stassi who had time to fall in love with Bonnie. But Silva shows the marriage contract Edwin signed her before leaving. It turns out that Silva - not Countess Boni but only a singer. Silva breaks the contract and leaves.

Bonnie tries to comfort Silva and she is thinking about returning to the stage. Edwin comes who loves Silva and not give up marrying her. Appears after the old prince. It turns out that his wife and mother of Edwin in his youth was also a cabaret singer canary in a variety show. Duke forced to surrender to circumstances. Edwin lap apologies to Silva.

Premiered on November 17 1915 in `Johann Strauss theater` in Vienna.

Opera `Silva` (The Gypsy [or Czardas] Princess),  (Kalman)
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