Anthony Rolfe-Johnson
Anthony Rolfe-Johnson (tenor)

Cantata for tenor solo chorus SATB semi-chorus SA four boy singers and string orchestra piano duet percussion and organ op. 42
Text Eric Crozier 1914 - 1994
Duration 50.0`
Dedication `This Cantata was written for performance at the centenary celebrations of Lancing College Sussex on 24 July 1948`
Includes two congregational hymns `All people that on earth do dwell`. Words by W. Kethe tune `Old hundredth` from Genevan Psalter; `God moves in a mysterious way`. Words by W. Cowper tune `Longdon new` from Playford`s Psalms and hymns 1671.

I. Introduction
II. The Birth of Nicolas
III. Nicolas devotes himself to God
IV. He journeys to Palestine
V. Nicolas comes to Myra and is chosen Bishop
VI. Nicolas from prison
VII. Nicolas and the pickled boys
VIII. His piety and marvellous works
IX. The death of Nicolas

A cantata `Saint Nicolas` for tenor solo, mixed chorus, piano duet, organ, strings & percussion, op. 42 (Britten)
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