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Abdokov, Yuriy - `Birds in the Rain`, Poem for string orchestra in memory of the poet Victor Gavrilin
Abelardo, Nicanor - Cavatina for Violin and Piano
Abelardo, Nicanor - Nasaan Ka, Irog? for Piano and Soprano
Abeliovich, Lew - Aria for Violin and Orchestra
Abeliovich, Lew - Five Pieces for Piano
Abeliovich, Lew - Frescoes, Book II
Abeliovich, Lew - Steps in the Night, frescoes
Abeliovich, Lew - Symphony 3
Ablinger, Peter - Weiss / Weisslich 22 symphonies by Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Bruckner, Mahler compressed in 4 minutes (1986-96)
Abramovich, Anton - Belarus Wedding, Suite (arranged for the ensemble of the Belarusian folk instruments)
Adamek, Ondrej - Cercle des Rythmes Vitaux, electroacoustic music (2003)
Adamek, Ondrej - Coups d`aile, for eight brass (2008)
Adamek, Ondrej - Jardin Perdu, for three voices and 32 instruments (2006)
Addinsell, Richard - Cornish Rhapsody
Addinsell, Richard - Dream of Olwen
Addinsell, Richard - Rustle of Spring
Addinsell, Richard - Spellbound Concerto
Addinsell, Richard - Variations on a Nursery Song
Afanasev, Leonid Viktorovich - Devichii sovety, lyrics by I. Shaferan
Agapkin, Vasiliy - Farewell of Slav
Aho, Kalevi - Concerto for 2 Cellos and Orchestra (2003)
Aho, Kalevi - Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra
Aho, Kalevi - Concerto for Flute and Orchestra
Aho, Kalevi - Epilogi for Trombone and Organ (1998)
Aho, Kalevi - Quintet for Bassoon & Strings (1977)
Aho, Kalevi - Quintet for flute, oboe, violin, viola, and cello (1977)
Aho, Kalevi - Quintet for oboe & strings (1973)
Aho, Kalevi - Quintet for Sax, Bassoon, Viola, Cello & Bass (1994)
Aho, Kalevi - Seven Inventions and Postludium for Oboe and Cello
Aho, Kalevi - Symphony No. 8 for Organ and Orchestra (1993)
Aigi, Alex - Country of the Deaf, Soundtrack
Aivazian, Artemy - Georgian Dance
Aladov, Nikolay - Fugue on the Belarusian folk theme for Piano
Aladov, Nikolay - Symphonietta in C-dur
Aladov, Nikolay - Three Preludes for Piano
Alain, Jehan Ariste - Andante con variazioni et Scherzo pour quintette a cordes. 1936
Alain, Jehan Ariste - Andante for Organ. 1934
Alain, Jehan Ariste - Andante, JA 89 bis. 1935
Alain, Jehan Ariste - Aria for Organ, 1938 JA 136
Alain, Jehan Ariste - Aria pour flute et orgue. 1938
Alain, Jehan Ariste - Ave Maria, Vocalise dorienne pour soprano et orgue 1937
Alain, Jehan Ariste - Ballade en mode phrygien, JA 9 for Organ. 1930
Alain, Jehan Ariste - Berceuse sur deux notes qui cornent for organ, 1929 JA 7 bis
Alain, Jehan Ariste - Chanson a bouche fermee. 1933
Alain, Jehan Ariste - Chant donne
Alain, Jehan Ariste - Children`s Corner. 1938
Alain, Jehan Ariste - Choral cistercien pour une Elevation
Alain, Jehan Ariste - Choral for Piano. 1930
Alain, Jehan Ariste - Choral phrygien for Organ. 1935
Alain, Jehan Ariste - Climat, JA 79 for organ. 1932
Alain, Jehan Ariste - Complainte a la mode ancienne. 1932 JA38
Alain, Jehan Ariste - Complainte de Jean Renaud for Chorus. 1937
Alain, Jehan Ariste - Dans le reve laisse for Piano. 1931
Alain, Jehan Ariste - Dans le reve laisse par la Ballade des pendus de Franqois Villon for Piano. 1931
Alain, Jehan Ariste - De Jules Lemaitre, JA 62. 1935
Alain, Jehan Ariste - Deux danses a Agni Yavishta. 1932
Alain, Jehan Ariste - Deuxieme Fantaisie for Organ. 1936
Alain, Jehan Ariste - D`ou vient qu`en cette nuitee. 1938
Alain, Jehan Ariste - Ecce ancilla Domini for piano, 1929
Alain, Jehan Ariste - Etude de sonorite for Piano. 1929
Alain, Jehan Ariste - Etude sur un theme de 4 notes for Piano. 1929
Alain, Jehan Ariste - Etudes sur les doubles notes for Piano. 1930
Alain, Jehan Ariste - Fantasmagorie. 1935
Alain, Jehan Ariste - Fugue en mode de fa
Alain, Jehan Ariste - Fugue for Strings. 1933
Alain, Jehan Ariste - Heureusement la bonne fee for Piano. 1931
Alain, Jehan Ariste - Histoire d`un homme . 1934
Alain, Jehan Ariste - Il pleuvra toute la journee. 1932
Alain, Jehan Ariste - Intermezzo for Piano and Bassoon . 1934
Alain, Jehan Ariste - Intermezzo. 1935
Alain, Jehan Ariste - Invention for Flute and Organ. 1937
Alain, Jehan Ariste - Lamento (with Bassoon) 1930
Alain, Jehan Ariste - Lamento for Organ
Alain, Jehan Ariste - Le jardin suspendu . 1934
Alain, Jehan Ariste - Lumiere qui tombe d`un vasistas for Piano. 1931
Alain, Jehan Ariste - Messe gregorienne de mariage. 1938
Alain, Jehan Ariste - Messe modale en septuor . 1938
Alain, Jehan Ariste - Monodie for Organ, 1938 JA 133
Alain, Jehan Ariste - Mythologies japonaises. 1932
Alain, Jehan Ariste - Nocturne for Piano. 1935
Alain, Jehan Ariste - O Quam Suavis Est pour mezzo soprano et orgue. 1932
Alain, Jehan Ariste - O Salutaris, for the choir. 1937
Alain, Jehan Ariste - Petite rhapsodie for Piano. 1931
Alain, Jehan Ariste - Post Scriptum 19**
Alain, Jehan Ariste - Postlude pour l`Office de Complies for organ. 1930
Alain, Jehan Ariste - Prelude for Piano. 1936
Alain, Jehan Ariste - Romance. 1932
Alain, Jehan Ariste - Suite facile, 1938
Alain, Jehan Ariste - Suite for Organ. 1936
Alain, Jehan Ariste - Suite Monodique. 1934
Alain, Jehan Ariste - Tantum Ergo a 2 voix egales et orgue 1938
Alain, Jehan Ariste - Tarass Boulba for piano. 1936
Alain, Jehan Ariste - Theme varie for piano. 1930
Alain, Jehan Ariste - Togo for piano. 1929
Alain, Jehan Ariste - Trois danses, 1940
Alain, Jehan Ariste - Trois mouvements pour Flute et Piano (1935)
Alain, Jehan Ariste - Tu es Petrus. 1939
Alain, Jehan Ariste - Un cercle d`argent . 1932
Alain, Jehan Ariste - Verset-Choral, JA 6 for Organ. 1931
Albrecht, Georg - Ein Wintermarchen for violin and piano
Albrecht, Georg - Improvisation for cello solo
Albrecht, Georg - Sonata fur v-ne und piano sonata for violin and piano op. 53
Albrecht, Georg - Trio fur clavir_v-ne und cello - Trio for Piano and Cello op. 32
Albrecht, Georg - Trio fur v-ne, cello und clavir. (Trio for Violin Cello and Piano) op. 79
Albrici, Vincenzo - Sinfonia a 6 (1654)
Albrici, Vincenzo - Sonata à 5 for 2 violins, trumpets, sackbut, bass-viol, violone, theorbo, harpsichord, timpani (about 1660)
Aleotti, Raffaella - `Sancta et immaculata`, motet 7 vv (from: `Sacrae cantiones`, Venice 1593)
Alexandrov, Alexandr - Cantata on Stalin
Alkan, Charles-Valentin - Rondo Brilliant op. 4
Alkan, Charles-Valentin - Thirty Songs op. 70
Allegri, Gregorio - Adoramus te Christe
Allende-Saron, Pedro Humberto - String Quartet
Allende-Saron, Pedro Humberto - Twelve Tonads
Allende-Saron, Pedro Humberto - Voices of the Streets, Symphonic Poem
Almashi, Zoltan - Fantasy for orchestra and three voices
Altankhuyag, Gaadangiin - Concert Piece for Viola and Symphony Orchestra
Alushina, Olga - Steps for chamber ensemble
Amirov, Fikret - Piano concerto of Arabian themes
Amirov, Fikret - `Shur` Symphony, Symphonic Mugam
Andersen, Joachim - 24 Etudes for Flute op.15
Andersen, Joachim - 24 Etudes for Flute op.33
Andersen, Joachim - 26 Little Caprices op.37
Andre, Mark - ..Zu.. (2004)
Andre, Mark - Contrapunctus (19981999)
Andre, Mark - Un fini I (1995-96)
Andreev, Vasiliy - Polonaise No. 2
Andriessen, Louis - Il Duce, for recording (1973)
Andriessen, Louis - Nine Beethoven Symphonies for orchestra, pop group and an ice cream bell (1970)
Anisimoff, Vladimir - `Electric Symphony`, op. unknown, 2003
Anonymous, - Along the Vologda, the Russian folk song
Anonymous, - American traditional: Native American Music
Anonymous, - American traditional: The Carter Family `In The Shadow Of Clinch Mountain` CD1 of 12 CD
Anonymous, - Andean harp - Farewell to the city of Ayacucho
Anonymous, - Andean harp - Sacsayhuaman
Anonymous, - Arabian traditional
Anonymous, - Arias and Songs
Anonymous, - Belorussian Folk Songs
Anonymous, - Blue Doves, the Russian folk song
Anonymous, - Byelorussian anonymous music: `Polatski sshytak`, XVII c.
Anonymous, - Chinese Traditional: Music for Health - Wood
Anonymous, - Cuckoo, the Russian Folk Song
Anonymous, - Dunya loved to walk, the Russian folk song
Anonymous, - Early Music: Anonymous XIII c. (France). E, dame jolie
Anonymous, - Ethiopian Christian music: Angargari
Anonymous, - Ethiopian Christian music: Asma la Alam 2
Anonymous, - Ethiopian Christian music: Asma la Alam 4
Anonymous, - Ethiopian Christian music: Wazwma Gene
Anonymous, - Fantasy for Percussion Ensemble
Anonymous, - Georgian music: Lord, have mercy - chant of the Zarzm monastery choir
Anonymous, - Green Grove, the Russian folk song
Anonymous, - Gregorian chant
Anonymous, ancient Greek composers - Homer singing: Demodocus song about Ares and Aphrodite from the poem `The Odyssey (VIII century. BC. E.)
Anonymous, - I loved my boyfriend, the Russian folk song
Anonymous, - Indian Traditional: Mantras of Lord Shiva
Anonymous, - Indian traditional: Raga Malkauns
Anonymous, - Indian traditional: Suite for Two Sitars and Indian Folk Ensemble
Anonymous, - Irish Traditional: Giga
Anonymous, - Japanese traditional: Etenraku
Anonymous, - Japanese traditional: gagaku
Anonymous, - Japanese traditional: GAGAKU
Anonymous, - Japanese traditional: Godan-Kinuta
Anonymous, - Japanese traditional: Haru-No-Kyoku
Anonymous, - Japanese traditional: Irite
Anonymous, - Japanese traditional: Karebin-No-Kyu
Anonymous, - Japanese traditional: Khassen
Anonymous, - Japanese traditional: Midare
Anonymous, - Japanese traditional: Ranre-O-No Kha
Anonymous, - Japanese traditional: Re-O-Randze
Anonymous, - Japanese traditional: Rokudan
Anonymous, - Liturgical music Orthodox: Service Of St. Maria Magdalene
Anonymous, - Liturgical Music: Gregorian Chant. Hoc corpus
Anonymous, - Liturgical Music: Gregorian Chant. Laudamus
Anonymous, - Liturgical Music: Gregorian Chant. Salutare
Anonymous, - Liturgical music: Gregorian Chant: `Dominus Jesus`
Anonymous, - Liturgical Music: Gregorian Choral
Anonymous, - Mongolian throat singing
Anonymous, - Music of Rwanda: Agasambi (makondera for the Royal Orchestra)
Anonymous, - Music of Rwanda: Bshoz uruyange (song of praise for a military to the accompaniment of dance)
Anonymous, - Music of Rwanda: Chanda (Men song with a harp accompaniment)
Anonymous, - Music of Rwanda: Guhindura (Pastoral Song)
Anonymous, - Music of Rwanda: Ibar (a song of praise to the leader for 3 female voices)
Anonymous, - Music of Rwanda: Ikamura (sacred song for 6 royal drums and vocals)
Anonymous, - Music of Rwanda: Ikondera (Song of bridesmaids)
Anonymous, - Music of Rwanda: Indore no ndende (Song of the war for singing and musical bow)
Anonymous, - Music of Rwanda: Ingar (for 2 vertical flutes)
Anonymous, - Music of Rwanda: Kana (Song of Girls)
Anonymous, - Music of Rwanda: Kubangurira (Pastoral Song)
Anonymous, - Music of Rwanda: Muberule (for harp)
Anonymous, - Music of Rwanda: Mugore Vingare (for vertical flute)
Anonymous, - Music of Rwanda: Ntavundi Mwana nkibyara ndakuze (Song of the old man for the vocals with instrumental accompaniment)
Anonymous, - Music of Rwanda: Rukina (for 7 Mwana drums and vocals)
Anonymous, - Music of Rwanda: Song with handclaps
Anonymous, - Music of Rwanda: Umukhara (Song of the Spirits)
Anonymous, - North Wind, the Russian folk song
Anonymous, - Oh my grief! Russian folk song
Anonymous, - Oh My Grief, the Russian folk song
Anonymous, - Orthodox liturgical music: Great Penitential Canon of St. Andrew of Crete
Anonymous, - Orthodox Sacred Music: Blessed is the Man
Anonymous, - Orthodox Sacred Music: Christ is Risen
Anonymous, - Orthodox sacred music: Dogmatic of 7th voice
Anonymous, - Orthodox Sacred Music: Flesh Asleep (Eksapostilary of Easter)
Anonymous, - Orthodox Sacred Music: Gospel Stanza to Venerable Job of Pochaev (tune of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra)
Anonymous, - Orthodox Sacred Music: Heirmos of the 6th voice
Anonymous, - Orthodox Sacred Music: Kontakion Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Anonymous, - Orthodox Sacred Music: Kontakion of Akathist Pochayevskaya Icon of the Mother of God (Greek Chant)
Anonymous, - Orthodox Sacred Music: Kontakion of the Nativity of the Virgin
Anonymous, - Orthodox Sacred Music: Lord, I call, the 1st voice; stanza Good Father
Anonymous, - Orthodox sacred music: Order of the Burial
Anonymous, - Orthodox Sacred Music: Rejoice, Life-Giving Cross, 5th stanza voice
Anonymous, - Orthodox Sacred Music: Sermon on the Sunday the 2nd of Lent
Anonymous, - Orthodox Sacred Music: Stanza to Pochayevskaya Icon of the Mother of God (Song of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra)
Anonymous, - Orthodox Sacred Music: Troparion for Iov Pochayevsky (Greek Chant)
Anonymous, - Orthodox Sacred Music: Troparion of the Icon of Pochayevskaya of the Mother of God (Greek Chant)
Anonymous, - Orthodox Sacred Music: Vigil feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Anonymous, - Riqq, Tombak and Daf
Anonymous, - Russian cossack song `On the high mountain`
Anonymous, - Russian Folk Music
Anonymous, - Russian folk song `At Sunrise` (wedding).
Anonymous, - Russian Liturgy
Anonymous, - Russian military music: Anniversary march `Moscow`
Anonymous, - Russian military music: March of the Cavalry
Anonymous, - Russian military music: March of the Kexholmsky Infantry Regiment
Anonymous, - Russian military music: March of the Life Guards Horse Artillery
Anonymous, - Russian military music: March of the Life Guards Izmailovo Regiment
Anonymous, - Russian military music: March St. Petersburg Grenadier Regiment
Anonymous, - Russian military music: March `Check the batteries in position`
Anonymous, - Russian military music: Marching March
Anonymous, - Russian soldiers` songs of the 19th century
Anonymous, - Russian songs of the Patriotic War of 1812: `Well, boys, march home `
Anonymous, - Serbian Orthodox music: Hilandar chimes
Anonymous, - Sinfonia Concertante in B-flat major
Anonymous, - Steps
Anonymous, - Svaneti: Funeral Ceremony
Anonymous, - The Edda - Völuspá
Anonymous, - Tibetan traditional: Dzis Pai Bkham Chzhun
Anonymous, - Tibetan traditional: Guhyasamaaja-tantra (fragm.)
Anonymous, - Tibetan traditional: Lama Gurme
Anonymous, - Tibetan Traditional: The Ceremony of Vajrayana
Anonymous, - Tibetian Buddhism (The Ritual Orchestra and Chant)
Anonymous, - Tibetian Traditional: Black Hat Dance
Anonymous, - Tibetian Traditional: Buddhist Mystery Yuru Kabgyat
Anonymous, - Tibetian Traditional: Call to the Spirits of Tibet
Anonymous, - Tibetian traditional: Calonga
Anonymous, - Tibetian traditional: Temple Ceremony with Prayer and Music (fragm.)
Anonymous, - Tibetian traditional: The Sound of Delight
Anonymous, - Vitamin String Quartet - Strung Out on OK Computer: The String Tribute To Radiohead
Anonymous, - Vologda Laces, the Russian folk song
Anonymous, - We have Annushka, the Russian folk song
Anonymous, - iscellaneous: Nokia fugue
Antheil, George - Ballet Mécanique for four pianos and percussion orchestra
Antheil, George - Capital of the World
Antheil, George - Sonata for violin and piano, 1
Antheil, George - Sonata for violin and piano, 4
Antheil, George - Symphony No. 5 Joyous
Antheil, George - The Brothers, opera
Aperghis, Georges - 280 mesures Pour Clarinette (1979, Rev 1991)
Aperghis, Georges - A bout de bras pour deux clarinettes (1991)
Aperghis, Georges - Il Gigante Golia (1975) Pour Voix Et Instruments
Aperghis, Georges - Kryptogramma for six percussionists (1970)
Aperghis, Georges - Le Reste du temps pour violoncelle, cymbalum et ensemble (2003)
Aperghis, Georges - Sept crimes de l`amour (1979) pour voix, clarinet et percussions
Aperghis, Georges - Simulacre I (1991) pour soprano, clarinette et percussion
Aperghis, Georges - Simulacre II (1993) pour soprano, clarinette basse et marimba
Aperghis, Georges - Simulacre III (1994) pour soprano, deux clarinettes et marimba
Aperghis, Georges - Simulacre IV (1995) pour clarinette basse
Aperghis, Georges - Triangle carre pour quatuor a cordes et trio de percussions (1989)
Arapov, Boris - Piano Sonata 4 (1990)
Arcadelt, Jacobus - Ave Maria
Aretinus, Guido - Ut queant laxis, Hymn in honor of St. John the Baptist
Arhangelsky, Alexander - I cried unto the Lord with my voice
Arhangelsky, Alexander - K Bogoroditse prilezhno, Russian sacred music
Arhangelsky, Alexander - Nyne otpushchaeshi, Russian sacred music
Arhangelsky, Alexander - Pomyshlyayu den strashny (I think about a terrible day)
Arhangelsky, Alexander - Praise the name of the Lord
Arhangelsky, Alexander - Vskuyu mya otrinul esi, Russian sacred music
Arkushiba, Anna - tramusik (2014) for several performers/instruments/objects
Arne, Thomas Augustine - Symphony 1 C-dur
Arne, Thomas Augustine - Symphony 2 F-dur
Arne, Thomas Augustine - Symphony 3 Es-dur
Arne, Thomas Augustine - Symphony 4 -moll
Arnecke, Jörn - Fortschreitende Veranderung (2009/10), for bass clarinet, viola, cello and double bass
Arnold, Malcolm - Ballade for Piano and Orchestra from `Stolen Face` (1952)
Arnold, Malcolm - Symphonic study `Machines` for brass, percussion and strings op. 30
Arnold, Malcolm - The Sound Barrier, A Rhapsody for Orchestra op. 38
Arsamikova, Karina - Passion
Arsamikova, Karina - Piano Trio
Arsamikova, Karina - Suite after the pictures by Remedios Varo for Flute, Two Clarinets and Violin
Artemiev, Eduard - "Mosaic"
Artemiev, Eduard - Ma beaute a fleuri trop tot
Artemiev, Eduard - Music from the film A Girl and a Dolphin
Artemiev, Eduard - Twelve views on the world of sound
Artyomov, Viacheslav - Sonata for Clarinet (1966)
Asmudsen, Ainar - 20 views on spirituality
Asmudsen, Ainar - Albert Einschtein
Asmudsen, Ainar - Another Work, which reveals the true causes and nature of envy of A. Shmurak (2012)
Asmudsen, Ainar - Anticipation of sonata-poem. 2011
Asmudsen, Ainar - At First Glance, this product is no pedophile, for orchestra, choir boys, a group of young dancers
Asmudsen, Ainar - Evil Dance of Aliens (2012) memory proto-Slavs
Asmudsen, Ainar - Feelings of Good People
Asmudsen, Ainar - Happy New Year! (version for 2012)
Asmudsen, Ainar - Healing of Members of the Forum on the dislike for Tchaikovsky (2012)
Asmudsen, Ainar - I was full of Tenderness, violin concerto. 2012
Asmudsen, Ainar - Khriplye dedovy bobiny
Asmudsen, Ainar - Lament- Protest against the Dominance of Anti-Art (2012) for the fourteen singers and thirteen gallows
Asmudsen, Ainar - Look at Nastasia`s Birth (2012)
Asmudsen, Ainar - Maustofel and Fargarita
Asmudsen, Ainar - Music by which to judge the degree of musicianship of the author (2011)
Asmudsen, Ainar - Music for a really wide audience
Asmudsen, Ainar - Music in the Tibetan spirit to increase the number of brain convolutions (2012)
Asmudsen, Ainar - Music with a climax at the golden section
Asmudsen, Ainar - Music, stunning hearts
Asmudsen, Ainar - Noisy Music for Lowering the Status of the Person of any Gender (2012)
Asmudsen, Ainar - Norwegian Birches (2011)
Asmudsen, Ainar - One of the Expressions of the National Idea (any country) 2012
Asmudsen, Ainar - Plan of Allen Dulles
Asmudsen, Ainar - Poem of Emotions (2011)
Asmudsen, Ainar - Restless Couch, for a psychoanalyst, writing tools and an imaginary patient (2012)
Asmudsen, Ainar - Sadness
Asmudsen, Ainar - Seven calls to be honest and kind. 2012
Asmudsen, Ainar - Shmurak`s Circle. 2012
Asmudsen, Ainar - Subatomic Particles
Asmudsen, Ainar - The Only Truly Authentic Music of Johann Sebastian Bach (2012)
Asmudsen, Ainar - The Whole Truth about God
Asmudsen, Ainar - Whether Authentic Howling Reeds.
Asmudsen, Ainar - Wonderful children`s laughter
Asmudsen, Ainar - Yotun Dance in a mortar of Baba Yaga, or how to properly repeated in the music
Asmudsen, Ainar - `Sorry, Aruki!`
Asola, Giovani Matteo - Kyrie, from Missa pro defunctis 4 vv (1576)
Asola, Giovani Matteo - Veni Creator Spiritus, hymn 4 vv (ca 1580)
Assad, Sergio - Farewell
Assandra, Caterina - `O salutaris hostia`, motet 3 vv. and continuo (1609)
Auric, Georges - Piano Sonata
Auric, Georges - Trio for Oboe, Clarinet and Bassoon
Azzaiolo, Filippo - Al dì, dolce mio ben, villanella a 4 vv
Baaren, Kees van - Concertino for Piano and Orchestra (1934)
Babadjanyan, Arno - Impromptu
Bacewicz, Grazyna - Concert-Krakovyak for Piano
Bacewicz, Grazyna - Concerto for 2 pianos and orchestra
Bacewicz, Grazyna - Concerto for Orchestra
Bacewicz, Grazyna - Concerto for Viola and Orchestra
Bacewicz, Grazyna - Divertimento for Strings
Bacewicz, Grazyna - Oberek number 2
Bacewicz, Grazyna - Piano Quartet 2
Bacewicz, Grazyna - String Quintet number 1
Bacewicz, Grazyna - String Quintet number 2
Bacewicz, Grazyna - String Quintet number 3
Bacewicz, Grazyna - String Quintet number 4
Bacewicz, Grazyna - String Quintet number 5
Bacewicz, Grazyna - String Quintet number 6
Bacewicz, Grazyna - String Quintet number 7
Bachorek, Milan - Lidice. Melodramatic picture for two reciters, soloists, mixed choir and orchestra
Badelt, Klaus - Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, Soundtrack
Badings, Henk - Symphony No. 9 for string orchestra (1960)
Baginski, Zbigniew - A Few Pictures, 2001
Baiterekov, Sanzhar - In(pulse) for flute, clarinet, violin, viola and cello (2011)
Bajoras, Feliksas - Varpo kelimas, oratorio (1986)
Balakirev, Mily - Octet for piano, flute, oboe, French horn, violin, viola, cello and double bass c-moll op.3
Balakirev, Mily - Thirty Russian folk songs
Balkashin, Yuri - Trenches Overgrown with Grass(1959)
Balsys, Eduardas - Egle, A Queen of snakes, ballet
Banevich, Sergei - `Bless animals and children`, Choir concert, lyrics by Sasha Cherny
Banshchikov, Gennady - Syllogisms for Piano, op.5 (1962)
Baranovi, Kre - Licitarsko srce, suite from the ballet. 1924
Barbella, Emanuele - Sonata for two mandolins and bass (ca 1760)
Barber, Samuel - A Stopwatch and an Ordnance Map , for male chorus & 3 timpaniop.12 op.12
Barber, Samuel - Cave of the Heart, ballet op.23
Bardanashvili, Josef - Fantasy for piano
Bardanashvili, Josef - Symphony No. 2 The Way to...
Bardanashvili, Josef - Symphony 3 `Bameh Madlikin`
Barkauskas, Vytautas - Allegro brilliante for Two Pianos. 1996 op.107
Barkauskas, Vytautas - Trio for Violin, Clarinet and Piano (1990-91) op. 92
Barry, John - Doctor No, soundtrack
Barry, John - From Russia With Love, soundtrack
Barry, John - Goldfinger, soundtrack
Bart, Lionel - Oliver! Musical
Barvinsky, Vasyl - Quintet for Piano, Two Violins, Viola and Cello (19531963)
Barykin, Valentin - Three Ural Songs for Folk Voices and electronics
Basner, Veniamin - "Elegy"
Batagov, Anton - Symphony.ru
Batashov, Konstantin - Chamber Concerto for 9 instruments memory of Igor Stravinsky
Batashov, Konstantin - Symphony 1 in c-moll
Batashov, Konstantin - Violin Concerto
Bauckholt, Carola - Atempause (2001) for orchestra
Bauckholt, Carola - Clarinet Trio
Bauckholt, Carola - Luftwurzeln
Bauckholt, Carola - More or Less
Bauckholt, Carola - Schraubdichtung
Bauckholt, Carola - Sottovoce
Bauckholt, Carola - Streich-trio
Bauckholt, Carola - Zopf
Bauersachs, Hubert - Deuces Wild Rag for piano
Bauersachs, Hubert - The Melrose Rag for piano
Bax, Arnold - Elegiac Trio
Bax, Arnold - Into the Twilight
Bax, Arnold - Nonet
Bazhenov, Dmitriy - `Zhaleyka` (electronic composition for 7-tone uniform division of the octave)
Bechara, El-Huri - Concerto for Piano and Orchestra op.36
Bechara, El-Huri - Poem for piano and orchestra 1, op11
Bechara, El-Huri - Poem for piano and orchestra 2, op22
Beck, Conrad - Symphony No.7, `Aeneas Sylvius` (1957)
Bedrossian, Frank - Charleston (2005/07)
Bedrossian, Frank - Transmission (2002)
Begaliev, Muratbek Aksimovich - Elegy for Cello and Piano
Bellinati, Paulo - Baiao de Gude
Beluntsov, Valeriy - DYING LIGHT for theremin and piano (1986)
Beluntsov, Valeriy - Windy Flying - Electronic romantic sketch
Bembo, Antonia - Ah, que l`absence, aria for soprano and continuo (from `Produzioni armoniche`, ca 1697-1701
Bendinelli, Cesare - Rotta or Sonata for trumpet (from: Tutta l`Arte della trombetta, c. 1614)
Bendinelli, Cesare - Sonata Nr. 336 for five trumpets and timpani (from `Tutta l`Arte della trombetta`, c. 1614)
Bennett, Richard Rodney - Murder On The Orient Express - Suite
Benoit, Peter - Concerto for Piano and Orchestra (1865)
Berditchev, Levi Yitzchok of - Kaddish for Yom Kippur
Berinskiy, Sergej - Concerto for clarinet, 12 strings, prepared piano, and harpsichord, 1989
Berinskiy, Sergej - Concerto for the Voice & Orchestra (1988)
Berinskiy, Sergej - Psalms of David - King of the Jews, for four cellos (1994)
Berinskiy, Sergej - String Quartet No. 3
Berinskiy, Sergej - Two Hymns, for Russian folk instruments
Berinskiy, Sergej - Waltz-Boston
Berio, Luciano - Chemins III (sur `Chemins II`), for Viola, nine instruments and orchestra (1973)
Berio, Luciano - Cries of London for eight voices
Berio, Luciano - Korot
Berio, Luciano - Opera (1969-70, rev. 1977)
Berio, Luciano - Quintet Opus Number Zoo
Berio, Luciano - Sonata for Piano
Berio, Luciano - Voci, Folk Songs II, for Viola and two groups of instruments (1984)
Berio, Luciano - `Chemins 2` for viola and nine instruments (1967)
Berio, Luciano - `Linea` (1973), for two pianos, vibraphone and marimba
Berio, Luciano - `O King` (1968), for soprano and five instruments
Berio, Luciano - `Serenata I` (1957), for flute and 14 instruments
Berio, Luciano - `Sincronie` String Quartet (1964)
Berkovich, Isaak Yakovlevich - Variations on the theme of Paganini (1st version)
Berlioz, Hector - Song `Le maure jaloux` H 9
Berlioz, Hector - Song `Le montagnard exilé` H 15
Berlioz, Hector - Song `Pleure, pauvre Colette` H 11
Bernardi, Stefano - Exultavit cor meum in Domino, sinfonia à 8
Bernardi, Stefano - Sinfonia III concertata a 8 (ca 1620)
Bernstein, Leonard - I Hate Music! - five kids songs for soprano and piano
Bernstein, Leonard - Peter Pan
Bespalova, Anastasia - Xenia - diptych for violin and piano.
Bibergan, Vadim - Aria
Bibergan, Vadim - Russian Poteshki
Biel, Michael von - String Quartet No. 3 (1965) for string quartet and cello
Biezan, Andrzej - Isn`t it? 1983
Billone, Pierluigi - ME.A.AN (1994) for Voice and Ensemble
Birtwistle, Harrison - An Imaginary Landscape for winds, percussion and bass (1971)
Birtwistle, Harrison - An Interrupted Endless Melody (1991) for oboe and orchestra
Birtwistle, Harrison - Bach Measures, for ensemble (or chamber orchestra, 1996)
Birtwistle, Harrison - Chronometer, electronic music (1971-72)
Birtwistle, Harrison - Fields of Sorrow, for two sopranos, chorus and ensemble (1972)
Birtwistle, Harrison - Hoquetus David, processing of motet by Guillaume de Machaut for sextet (1969)
Birtwistle, Harrison - Panic (1995) for alto saxophone, brass and percussion
Birtwistle, Harrison - Ritual Fragment for chamber orchestra (1990)
Birtwistle, Harrison - Slow frieze (1996) for paino and ensemble
Birtwistle, Harrison - The Last Supper, opera
Birtwistle, Harrison - The Perpetual Song of the Mechanical Arcadia (1977) for 14 instruments
Birtwistle, Harrison - Theseus Game for large ensemble with two conductors (2002)
Birtwistle, Harrison - Three Bach Arias, Rrocessing of the three arias by Johann Sebastian Bach for soloists and ensemble (2003-04)
Birtwistle, Harrison - Three Bach Fugues, Processing of the three fugues by Johann Sebastian Bach (`Art of Fugue`) for string quartet (2008)
Bizet, Georges - Nocturne in F Major for Piano (1854) WD 49
Bizet, Georges - Waltze for Piano in C major WD 43
Blaha, Ivo - Cyklorama, for Orchestra, 2005
Bloch, Augustyn - Anenaiki, 1979
Bochikhina, Olga - Equilibre (2008)
Bochikhina, Olga - Prologue to the theatrical presentation of Nevsky Prospect (2005)
Bodrov, Kuzma Aleksandrovich - Chorale
Bodrov, Kuzma Aleksandrovich - Fascinated
Bodrov, Kuzma Aleksandrovich - Istanbul, for Violin and Flute
Bodrov, Kuzma Aleksandrovich - Shepherd`s Song
Bodrov, Kuzma - Sonata for Cello and Piano
Bodrov, Kuzma Aleksandrovich - Sonata for Cello and Piano
Bodrov, Kuzma Aleksandrovich - String Quartet
Bogatyrev, Anatoli Vasilievich - Belarusian Partisans, Cantata (words of Yanka Kupala) 1942
Bogatyrev, Anatoli Vasilievich - Belorussian Songs, cantata
Bogatyrev, Anatoli Vasilievich - I Love Our Land
Bogatyrev, Anatoli Vasilievich - In the forests of Polesie, opera
Bogatyrev, Anatoli Vasilievich - Music to the drama of M. Lermontov `Masquerade`
Bogatyrev, Anatoli Vasilievich - Tale of Medvediha, Cantata (words of Pushkin) 1937
Bogatyrev, Anatoli Vasilievich - Under the Blue Sky of My Native Country, poem by A. Pushkin
Boika, Pavel - String Quartet No. 1
Bondarenko, Andrej - All Belarusian saints, canon tropar
Bondarenko, Andrej - Angel, for choir and soloist
Bondarenko, Andrej - Now Lettest Thou (1999), Concerto for soprano solo, bass solo and mixed choir
Bondarenko, Andrej - Of Kind King, for chorus
Bondarenko, Andrej - Quiet Light
Bondarenko, Andrej - Spell (the inscription on the Cross of St. Euphrosynia of Polotsk) for soloist and chorus
Bondarenko, Andrej - The Cherubic Hymn for chorus
Bondarenko, Andrej - Troparion and Kontakion in remembrance of the phenomenon in the sky of the Holy Cross in Jerusalem in the year 351. (1998)
Bondarenko, Andrej - `Evening Prayer` for choir and soloists
Bonnet, Jozeph - Concert Variations for Organ
Borodin, Alexander - Serenade of Four Knights for One Lady (1868-72)
Borodin, Alexander - Spanish Serenade for quartet
Bortniansky, Dmitriy - Anthem Singer in the Camp of Russian Soldiers, the poem by V. Zhukovsky (1812)
Bortniansky, Dmitriy - Sunset, Russian military march
Bortniansky, Dmitriy - The concert No. 23 `Blazheny ljudie, vedushchii voskliknovenie`, Russian sacred music
Bortniansky, Dmitriy - The concert No. 27 `Glasom moim ko Gospodu vozzvakh`, Russian sacred music
Bortniansky, Dmitriy - The concert No. 8 `Milosti tvoya, Gospodi, vo vek vospoyu`, Russian sacred music
Bortniansky, Dmitriy - Under your mercy
Bosareva, Maria - Chess for Piano of four hands
Bosareva, Maria - String Trio
Bose, Hans-Jürgen von - Befragung
Boulanger, Lili - Pie Jesu for Mezzo-soprano, String Quartet, Harp & Organ (1918)
Boulanger, Lili - Sirens
Boulez, Pierre - Book for quartet (1949)
Bourbon, Louis XIII - Ballet de la Merlaison
Bourbon, Louis XIII - Chanson ``Tu Crois O Beau Soleil``
Bourbon, Louis XIII - Diminutions on ``Tu Crois O Beau Soleil``
Bourbon, Louis XIII - Psalm CXXX
Bourbon, Louis XIII - Psalm V
Bowie, David - Life On Mars?
Bowie, David - Space Oddity
Bozza, Eugene - Children`s Overture (1964)
Bozza, Eugene - Duettino, for Two Bassoons (1954)
Bozza, Eugene - Improvisation and capris for saxophone solo
Bozza, Eugene - Sonata for Oboe and Piano
Bozza, Eugene - Three Pieces for Trombone Quartet
Braham, David - `Sam Johnson`s Colored`, Cake Walk for Piano (1884)
Britten, Benjamin - Children Cruisade op. 82
Britten, Benjamin - Operetta `Paul Bunyan` (1941) op. 17
Britten, Benjamin - This Way to the Tomb (1945) - Deus in Ajutorium Meum (Psalm 70)
Britten, Benjamin - Two Portraits (1930)
Britten, Benjamin - Welcome Ode op. 95
Britten, Benjamin - `Scottish Ballad`, for two pianos and orchestra (1941) op. 26
Britten, Benjamin - `The Ballad of Little Musgrave and Lady Barnard`, for male voices and piano (1943)
Bryars, Gavin - Vita Nova
Budashkin, Nikolay - Music for the animated film `The Scarlet Flower` (`Alenkiy Tsvetochek`) (1952)
Bujewski, Taras - Step into the Silence
Bujewski, Taras - Via Dolorosa
Bujewski, Taras - 321
Bunch, Kenji - Luminaria
Bunch, Kenji - String Circle, Five Movements
Buonamente, Giovanni Battista - Sonata a 4
Buonamente, Giovanni Battista - Sonata a 6
Burgmuller, Friedrich - 12 Études, Op.105
Burgmuller, Friedrich - 18 Études op.109
Burgmuller, Friedrich - 25 leichte Etüden Op.100
Bush, Alan - Lascaux symphony
Busoni, Ferruccio - Six Etudes for Piano BV203
Bussotti, Silvano - Lachrimae
Bussotti, Silvano - Phaidra/Heliogabalus, ballet
Bussotti, Silvano - Sette fogli
Butsko, Yuri - Cantata No. 1 Evening. 1962
Butsko, Yuri - Cantata No. 3 `Wedding Songs` (1964)
Butsko, Yuri - Cantata No. 6 `Liturgical chant `(1982)
Butsko, Yuri - Interview of Y. M. Butsko on Radio Orpheus (2012)
Butsko, Yuri - Lacrimosa, for string orchestra. 1982
Butsko, Yuri - Piano Trio 2 `Path Towards` (1991)
Butsko, Yuri - Song cycle `Solitude` a on poems by V. Khodasevich (1966)
Butsko, Yuri - String Quartet No. 7
Butsko, Yuri - Symphony-Suite No. 1 `Old Russian Painting` (1970)
Butsko, Yuri - Symphony-Suite 2 `From the Russian antiquity` (1982)
Butsko, Yuri - The six scenes from the poem `The Twelve` A. A . Blok (1953)
Butsko, Yuri - Violin Concerto 4 (2005)
Butsko, Yuri - `Trio-Quintet (Es muss sein) `, for piano, two violins, viola and cello (1970)
Buxtehude, Dietrich - Cantata `All solch dein Gut wir preisen` BuxWV 3
Buxtehude, Dietrich - Cantata `Dies ist der Tag den selbst der Herr gemacht` BuxWV 16
Buxtehude, Dietrich - Cantata `Herr, auf dich traue ich` BuxWV 35
Buxtehude, Dietrich - Cantata `Herzlich tut mich verlangen` BuxWV 42
Byrd, William - Flute and Drum
Byzov, Andrey - Poems by the Sysert Children, for Choir and Piano
Cage, John - 0`00`` (4`33`` No. 2) (1962)
Cage, John - 108, Symphony for large orchestra (1991)
Cage, John - 4`33`` (1952)
Cage, John - Chess pieces, for Piano (1944)
Cage, John - Credo in US
Cage, John - Double Music (John Cage, Lou Harrison)
Cage, John - Dream (1948)
Cage, John - Imaginary Landscape No. 1 (1939)
Cage, John - Imaginary Landscape No. 2 (March) (1942)
Cage, John - Imaginary Landscape No. 3 (1942)
Cage, John - Imaginary Landscape No. 4 (March No. 2) (1951)
Cage, John - Imaginary Landscape No. 5 (1952)
Cage, John - The Suite for a Toy-Piano, 1948
Cage, John - Third Construction for Percussion Quartet (1941)
Cage, John - Williams Mix, for record (1951-53)
Cage, John - `Fourteen` for instrumental ensemble of 14 performers 1990.
Cage, John - `Four` for 2 violins, viola and cello. 10 - minute version (1989)
Cage, John - `Ryoanji` - for hichiriki, 2 ryuteki & percussion (1985)
Calace, Raffaele - Serenata malinconica, for mandolin and piano, op.120
Caplet, Andre - Legende fur Altsaxophon, Streichquartett, Oboe, Klarinette und Fagott (1903)
Cardew, Cornelius - The Great Learning
Carillo, Julian - Cometa for microtonal harp
Carillo, Julian - Preludio a Colon
Carillo, Julian - Preludio `Impromptu`
Carillo, Julian - String Sextet in G Major (1900)
Carillo, Julian - Symphony 1 in D-dur (1901)
Casella, Alfredo - Cocktail`s Dance, for piano (1918)
Casella, Alfredo - Concerto for Piano, Strings, Timpani, and Percussion Op. 69
Casella, Alfredo - Concerto for Strings (1923) op.40
Casella, Alfredo - Deux contrastes for piano (1916-18) op.31
Casella, Alfredo - Due Canzoni Popolari Italiane, for piano (1928) op.47
Casella, Alfredo - Introduzione, corale e marcia Op. 57
Casella, Alfredo - La rosa del sogno (balletto romantico in un atto) Op. 66
Casella, Alfredo - La sera fiesolana Op. 37
Casella, Alfredo - L`orso azzurro for chamber orchestra
Casella, Alfredo - Notturno e tarantella Op. 54
Casella, Alfredo - Pagine di guerra, per pianoforte a quattro mani. 1915 op.25
Casella, Alfredo - Quattro favole romanesche Op. 38
Casella, Alfredo - Ricercare sul nome Guido M. Gatti for piano (1942)
Casella, Alfredo - Sacred Songs for Baritone and Small Orchestra Op. 67
Casella, Alfredo - Sarabande for piano (1908) op.10
Casella, Alfredo - Serenata for clar, bsn, tpt, vln & cello (1927) Op. 46
Casella, Alfredo - Sicilienne et Burlesque for flute and piano (1914) op.23
Casella, Alfredo - Sonata a tre for piano trio Op. 62
Casella, Alfredo - Sonata for Cello and Piano No. 2 in C major Op. 45
Casella, Alfredo - Symphony op.53
Casella, Alfredo - Toccata for piano (1904) op. 6
Casella, Alfredo - Tre canzoni trecentesche Op.36
Castiglioni, Niccolo - Divertimento, electroacoustic music. 1961
Castiglioni, Niccolo - Romanzetta, for Flute (1990)
Castiglioni, Niccolo - Synchromie, for Orchestra (1963)
Castiglioni, Niccolo - Undici danze per la bella Verena, for Violin and Piano (1996)
Casulana, Maddalena - `Morir non può il mio core`, madrigale 4 vv
Catoire, Georgiy - Piano Concerto op.21
Cendo, Raphael - Action painting, for fifteen instruments (2004-05)
Cendo, Raphael - Masse-Metal, for twenty five instruments (2005)
Cendo, Raphael - Scratch data, for percussion and electronics (2002)
Chalaev, Shirvani - Song about Tatarkhan, 8 pieces for violin and cello based on Karachai songs
Charpentier, Marc-Antoine - Incipit Lamentatio Jeremiae Prophetae H. 95
Charpentier, Marc-Antoine - Miserere (Psaume 50) (1673) H.157
Charpentier, Jacques - Pour Syrinx, for Flute and Piano (1978)
Charpentier, Marc-Antoine - Repons Eram quasi agnus innocens H.115
Charpentier, Marc-Antoine - Repons O Juda H.119
Charpentier, Marc-Antoine - Repons O vos omnes H.134
Charpentier, Marc-Antoine - Troisieme Leqon de Tenebres du Jeudi Saint (1670) H. 93
Charpentier, Marc-Antoine - Troisieme Leqon de Tenebres du Mercredi Saint (1670) H. 92
Charpentier, Marc-Antoine - Troisieme Leqon de Tenebres du Vendredi Saint (1671) H. 94
Chausson, Ernest - Hymne vedique(1886) op. 9
Chavez, Carlos - Invention 2 for Violin, Viola and Cello in 3 parts (1965)
Chavez, Carlos - Madrigal for Cello and Piano
Chernenko, Vladimir - One Part Piano Sonata
Chernenko, Vladimir - Sobor/Cathedral, opera. Prologue: Adagio
Chernenko, Vladimir - String Quartet
Chernenko, Vladimir - Suite on Ukrainian themes for String Quartet
Chernenko, Vladimir - Ukraina - terra incognito, String Quartet in G moll
Chernyshov, Alexander - Rather Blue
Chesnokov, Pavel - AppleTree
Chesnokov, Pavel - Blessed art Thou, O Lord
Chesnokov, Pavel - Green Noise
Choloniewski, Marek - Like Breathing. 1991
Chopin, Frederic - Allegretto in Fis-dur op. posth
Chopin, Frederic - Andantino B.117
Chopin, Frederic - Czary B. 51
Christou, Jani - Anaparastasis I
Christou, Jani - Anaparastasis III
Christou, Jani - Enantiodromia (1965-1968)
Christou, Jani - Epicycle (1969) for magnetic tape
Christou, Jani - Patterns and Permutations (1960) for orchestra
Christou, Jani - Phoenix Music (1949)
Christou, Jani - Praxis
Christou, Jani - Tongues of Fire (a Pentecost oratorio) (1964) for soloists, mixed chorus and orchestra
Chudova, Tatiana - A Cycle Four Pieces for Piano
Chudova, Tatiana - A Cycle Six Pieces for Piano
Chudova, Tatiana - `From the Russian fairy tales`, Suite for large symphony orchestra
Chugayev, Aleksandr Georgiyevich - Quintet for Piano and Strings (1970)
Chugayev, Aleksandr Georgiyevich - String Quartet 2 (1953)
Churkin, Nikolay - Lullaby
Ciconia, Johannes - Ballata `O rosa bella`
Ciconia, Johannes - Ligiadra donna
Clarke, Jeremiah - March of the Prince of Denmark
Clementi, Aldo - Collage II for tape (1960)
Clementi, Aldo - L`Orologio di Arcevia for ensemble (1979)
Clementi, Aldo - Madrigale for ensemble (1979)
Cohen, Shmuel - Hymn of Israel
Colla, Alberto - Music for strings (2012)
Comes, Liviu - Choreographic Suite, `Sarmis`, 1980
Cook, Eric - Bolivar
Copland, Aaron - Dream March and Circus Music
Copland, Aaron - Nocturne for Violin and Piano
Copland, Aaron - Suite from Ballet `Appalachian Spring`
Copytsko, Victor - Gloria for instrumental trio (1989, version of 2010)
Corigliano, John - Gazebo Dances
Cosma, Vladimir - Toy, Soundtrack
Cosma, Vladimir - Unlucky, Soundtrack
Courtois, Jean - Si par souffrir
Cowell, Henri - Dynamic Motion
Cowell, Henri - Fairy Answer (1923)
Cowell, Henri - Ongaku (1957)
Cowell, Henri - Sinfonietta (1928)
Cowell, Henri - Symphony No.11 `Seven Rituals of Music` (1954)
Cowell, Henri - Symphony No.9
Cowell, Henri - The Banshee (1925)
Cowell, Henri - Tiger (1930)
Cozzolani, Chiara Margarita - Laudate pueri (Psalm 112), 4 vv and 2 violins (about 1645)
Crispi, Pierre - Saint est le Seigneur
Crispi, Pierre - Schxrzo
Crumb, George - Black Angels
Crumb, George - Madrigals, Book II (1965)
Crumb, George - Madrigals, Book IV (1969)
Crumb, George - Makrokosmos III
Crumb, George - Vox Balaenae for performers in masks: flute, cello and piano (1971)
Cui, Cézar - 5 Morceaux (1914) op. 95
Cui, Cézar - Impromptu-caprice (1896)
Cui, Cézar - String Quartet 2 (1907) op. 68
Cui, Cézar - Tarantella for Orchestra op. 12
Cui, Cézar - Three Waltzes for Piano, dedicated to S. Methner op. 31
Curran, Alvin - Animal Behavior
Cvetkov, Igor - In the city of Pushkin
Czernowin, Chaya - Die Kreuzung, Trio for accordion, alto saxophone and double bass (1995)
Czernowin, Chaya - Ina (1988) for bass-flute and recording
Czernowin, Chaya - Six Miniatures And A Simultaneous Song (2001)
Czernowin, Chaya - Strange Water, Stolen Water (2002-2006) for five soloists, electronics and percussion
Czernowin, Chaya - String Quartet. 1995
Czerny, Carl - Brilliant Polonaise for Piano 6 hands op.296
Czerny, Carl - Brilliant Rondo for piano six hands
Czerny, Carl - Divertissement Militaire for piano six hands
Czerny, Carl - Duo Concertante in G- dur for Flute and Piano op.129
Czerny, Carl - Fantasia Concertante for Flute, Cello and Piano op.256
Czerny, Carl - Introduction Variazioni e Finale in C -dur for Flute and Piano op. 80
Czerny, Carl - Rondoletto Concertante for Flute, Cello and Paino in F-dur op.149
Czerny, Carl - Variations on a theme of Bellini for piano in six hands
Czurlanis, Mikalojus Konstantinas - Canon in As-dur for organ
Czurlanis, Mikalojus Konstantinas - Canon in D moll for organ
Czurlanis, Mikalojus Konstantinas - De profundis, for chorus and orchestra (1899)
Czurlanis, Mikalojus Konstantinas - Fugue cis-moll for organ
Czurlanis, Mikalojus Konstantinas - Fugue in C moll for organ
Czurlanis, Mikalojus Konstantinas - Fugue in G-moll for organ
Czurlanis, Mikalojus Konstantinas - Prelude As-dur for organ
Czurlanis, Mikalojus Konstantinas - Prelude in F-dur for organ
Czurlanis, Mikalojus Konstantinas - Prelude in G-moll for organ
Daija, Tish - Dance No. 2 for Symphony Orchestra
Daija, Tish - Dance No. 3 for Symphony Orchestra
Daija, Tish - Fantasia for violin and orchestra
Daija, Tish - Festive Overture
Daija, Tish - Once at a Picnic, Suite for Orchestra
Daija, Tish - Piano Concerto
Daija, Tish - Poem for Flute and Orchestra
Daija, Tish - Rhapsody for flute and orchestra
Dankla, Charles - La Reunion op.203
Dankla, Charles - Sinfonia Concertante for Two Violins No. 4 op.98/4
Dankla, Charles - The Nice Evening
Dankla, Charles - Variations on a Theme by Bellini op.89/3
Dankla, Charles - Variations on a theme by Donizetti op.89/4
Dankla, Charles - Variations on a Theme by Weigel op.89/5
Dargomyzhsky, Alexander - Tabakerochny Waltz (1845)
Darzins, Emile - Furtively, for voice and piano
Darzins, Emile - Minion
Darzins, Emile - Old Times
Darzins, Emile - `Children of Zion ` for chorus
Darzins, Emile - `If I went to Bethlehem `, for chorus
Darzins, Emile - `Saying goodbye` for voice and piano
Darzins, Emile - `Song of the mermaids` for chorus
Darzins, Emile - `You have gathered the roses? `For voice and piano
Dashkevich, Vladimir - Heart of a Dog, Music for the film
Davies, Peter Maxwell Davies - A Calendar of Kings
Davies, Peter Maxwell Davies - Brass Quintet (1981)
Davies, Peter Maxwell Davies - Dark Angels for soprano and guitar (1974)
Davies, Peter Maxwell Davies - Miss Donnithrones Maggot, for soprano and 6 instruments (1984)
Davis, Don - Matrix. Revolution, soundtrack
Davis, Don - The Matrix, soundtrack
Davis, Don - The Matrix. Reboot, soundtrack
De Greef, Arthur - Concert 1 for Piano and Orchestra
De Greef, Arthur - Concerto 2 for piano and orchestra in B flat minor
de-Quiros, Manuel Jose - Jesus y lo que sube
de-Quiros, Manuel Jose - Light, Fragrant Rose
Delden, Lex van - Sonata for Violin and Piano op. 82
Dello-Joio, Norman - Trio for Flute, Piano and Cello
Dench, Chris - Beyond Status Geometry for percussion quartet (1995)
Dench, Chris - Piano Sonata (201516)
Denisov, Edison - "Nuages Noires (Black Clouds)" for vibraphone solo (1984)
Denisov, Edison - Appearance and disappearance (a piece for percussion, 1986)
Denisov, Edison - Bells in the Fog for large orchestra (1988)
Denisov, Edison - Chamber Music for Viola, Harpsichord and Strings (1982)
Denisov, Edison - Concerto for Flute and Orchestra (1975)
Denisov, Edison - Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra
Denisov, Edison - Ode for clarinet, piano and percussion, op. 27 (1968)
Denisov, Edison - On the Surface of a Frozen Pond, for 9 instruments (flute, oboe, clarinet, trumpet, French horn, trombone, piano, harp, vibraphone) and tape (1991)
Denisov, Edison - Opera `Foam of Days`
Denisov, Edison - Points and lines for 2 pianos, 8 hands (1988)
Denisov, Edison - Rays of distant stars in a curved space (a piece for percussion)
Denisov, Edison - Sonata for Clarinet solo (1972)
Denisov, Edison - Variations on a Theme by Schubert (1986)
Derbenko, Eugene - "Nepman" suite for accordion
Derbenko, Eugene - But I like him
Derbenko, Eugene - Concerto for accordion and orchestra 3
Derbenko, Eugene - Concerto for bayan and symphony orchestra
Derbenko, Eugene - Elegy
Derbenko, Eugene - Fallen Leaves
Derbenko, Eugene - Fantasy on Spanish themes
Derbenko, Eugene - Golgotha
Derbenko, Eugene - Moscow cabby
Derbenko, Eugene - Russian fingering
Derbenko, Eugene - Sonatina
Derbenko, Eugene - Spanish Fantasy
Derbenko, Eugene - Tango, played by Orel souvenir
Derbenko, Eugene - The accordion plays a twist
Derbenko, Eugene - Venice Carnival
Derbenko, Eugene - When everybody is dancing
Derbenko, Eugene - whether I go, whether I come out...
Deshevov, Vladimir - Etude for Piano op. 1 No. 1 (1st ed. - 1913, 2nd ed. - 1929, 3rd ed. - 1955)
Deshevov, Vladimir - Exotic Suite for oboe, violin, cello and piano (1926)
Deshevov, Vladimir - March for Piano op. 1 No. 2 (1914/1919)
Deshevov, Vladimir - Meditations for piano op. 3 (1920-1922)
Deshevov, Vladimir - Prelude for Piano (1910)
Deshevov, Vladimir - Scherzo for piano op. 6 (1st ed. 1922, 2nd ed. 1954)
Deshevov, Vladimir - Sonata 2 for Piano (1921) op. 5
Deshevov, Vladimir - Stigmata of St. Francis of Assisi (1911)
Deshevov, Vladimir - `Ballerina` for piano (1938)
Deshevov, Vladimir - `Japanese music` for flute, violin, cello and piano
Desprez, Josquin - Motet `Ave Maria`
Desyatnikov, Leonid - Lost Illusions, ballet
Desyatnikov, Leonid - Music from the movie `Giselle`s Mania`, 1995
Diamond, David - Concerto for piano and orchestra
Dillon, James - `Sgothan flauto`
Dillon, James - ` roaring flame` , for soprano and contrabass
Dillon, James - `ome live with me` , for soprano and synthesis instrument
Dillon, James - `rossing` for clarinet
Dittrich, Paul-Heinz - Vocalblatter 1972
Djawadi, Ramin - Pacific Abroad
Dlugosz, Magdalena - Zacopane Liryki. 2004
Dmitriev, Georgi - Reverend Savva Iegumen
Dobrowolski, Andrzej - Music for three accordions, harmonica and percussion
Doga, Eugeniy - "Gypsies are found near heaven" (motion picture soundtrack)
Doga, Eugeniy - "In the Murom Road" (motion picture soundtrack)
Doga, Eugeniy - "A rope for a vampire" (motion picture soundtrack)
Doga, Eugeniy - "Frenzy bus" (motion picture soundtrack)
Doga, Eugeniy - "Unbelievable" (motion picture soundtrack)
Doga, Eugeniy - Waltz, Music from the Film
Doga, Eugeniy - `My Sweet and Tender Beast` (motion picture soundtrack)
Donatoni, Franco - Diario 76 for 4 trumpets and 4 trombones (1977)
Donatoni, Franco - Eco for chamber orchestra (1985-86)
Donatoni, Franco - Fili for Flute and Piano (1981)
Donatoni, Franco - Ombra for contrabass clarinet (1984)
Donatoni, Franco - Refrain for 8 instruments (1986)
Donatoni, Franco - Spiri for 10 instruments (1977)
Dorokhin, Vladimir - Piano Concerto (1983)
Dorokhov, Georgy - Exposition-VI (Piano)
Dorokhov, Georgy - Exposition-VII
Dorokhov, Georgy - Exposition-VIII/La Primavera
Dorokhov, Georgy - Exposure 4
Dorokhov, Georgy - Exposure-2
Dorokhov, Georgy - Graffiti
Dorokhov, Georgy - Inventions
Dorokhov, Georgy - Rondo
Dorokhov, Georgy - Study-II/L`Inverno
Dranitsyn, Nicolay - Passacaglia-Intermezzo in Memory of N. A. Rimsky-Korsakov for string quartet and string orchestra
Dubansky, Fyodor - With You Every Hour
Dubois, Pierre Max - Suite for Violin, Clarinet and Piano
Dudley, Anne - Jeeves and Wooster, soundtrack
Dufay, Guillaume - Adieu m`amour
Dufay, Guillaume - Belle que vous
Dufay, Guillaume - Belle vueillies moy retenir
Dufay, Guillaume - Belle vueillies vostre mercy donner
Dufay, Guillaume - Belle vuellies moy vengier
Dufay, Guillaume - Bien doy servir
Dufay, Guillaume - Bon jour, bon mois
Dufay, Guillaume - Ce jour de l`an
Dufay, Guillaume - Ce jour le doibt
Dufay, Guillaume - Craindre vous vueil
Dufay, Guillaume - C`est bien raison
Dufay, Guillaume - De ma haulte et bonne aventure
Dufay, Guillaume - Despartes vous, male bouche et envie (flute, gittern, fiddle)
Dufay, Guillaume - Dieu gard la bone
Dufay, Guillaume - Donna gentile
Dufay, Guillaume - Donnez l`assault
Dufay, Guillaume - Du tout m`estoit
Dufay, Guillaume - Ecclesie militantis
Dufay, Guillaume - En triumphant de Cruel Dueil
Dufay, Guillaume - Entre les plus plaines danoy (harp, gittern, fiddle)
Dufay, Guillaume - Entre vous gentils amoureux
Dufay, Guillaume - Estrines moy
Dufay, Guillaume - Franc cuer gentil
Dufay, Guillaume - He compaignons
Dufay, Guillaume - Helas mon duel
Dufay, Guillaume - Helas, ma dame
Dufay, Guillaume - Invidia nimica
Dufay, Guillaume - Je donne a tous
Dufay, Guillaume - Je languis en piteux martire
Dufay, Guillaume - Je me complains
Dufay, Guillaume - Je ne puis plus
Dufay, Guillaume - Je ne suy plus
Dufay, Guillaume - Je ne vis onques la pareille (2 voices, gittern)
Dufay, Guillaume - Je n`ai doubte fors que des envieux (harp, gittern)
Dufay, Guillaume - Je prens congie de vous, amours (voice, gittern, fiddle)
Dufay, Guillaume - Je requier a tous amoureux (voice, dulcian, gittern)
Dufay, Guillaume - Je veuil chanter de cuer joyeux (2 voices, lute)
Dufay, Guillaume - Je vous pri, mon tres doulx ami (4 voices)
Dufay, Guillaume - J`atendray tant qu`il vous playra (3 voices)
Dufay, Guillaume - La dolce vista (recorder, gittern, fiddle)
Dufay, Guillaume - La plus mignonne de mon cueur (2 voices, fiddle)
Dufay, Guillaume - Lamentatio sanctae matris ecclesiae constantinopolitanae (2 voices, dulcian, gittern)
Dufay, Guillaume - Las, que feray- Ne que je devenray (voice, harp, gittern)
Dufay, Guillaume - Le serviteur hault guerdonne (voice, 2 fiddles)
Dufay, Guillaume - Les douleurs, dont me sens tel somme (2 voices, 2 fiddles)
Dufay, Guillaume - Malheureulx cueur, que vieulx tu faire (voice, 2 fiddles)
Dufay, Guillaume - Mon bien, m`amour et ma maistresse (2 voices, lute)
Dufay, Guillaume - Mon seul plaisir, ma doulce joye (3 voices)
Dufay, Guillaume - Ne je ne dors
Dufay, Guillaume - Or pleust a dieu
Dufay, Guillaume - Par droit je puis bien complaindre et gemir (2 voices, 2 fiddles)
Dufay, Guillaume - Par le regart de vos beaux yeux (voice, 2 fiddles)
Dufay, Guillaume - Passato e il tempo omaj di quei pensieri (voice, 2 fiddles)
Dufay, Guillaume - Pour ce que veoir je ne puis (2 voices, dulcian, gittern, rebec)
Dufay, Guillaume - Pour l`amour de ma doulce amye
Dufay, Guillaume - Pouray je avoir vostre mercy (voice, lute, fiddle)
Dufay, Guillaume - Puisque celle qui me tient en prison (2 shawms, trumpet)
Dufay, Guillaume - Puisque vous estez campieur (2 voices, fiddle)
Dufay, Guillaume - Resistera... (recorder, lute, rebec, fiddle)
Dufay, Guillaume - Resvellies vous
Dufay, Guillaume - Resvelons nous
Dufay, Guillaume - Se la face ay pale
Dufay, Guillaume - Se la face ay pale (2 voices, shawm)
Dufay, Guillaume - Se madame je puis veir (voice, dulcian, lute)
Dufay, Guillaume - Seigneur Leon, vous soyes bienvenus (recorder, gittern, 2 fiddles)
Dufay, Guillaume - S`il est plaisir que je vous puisse faire (2 voices, fiddle)
Dufay, Guillaume - Trop lonc temps ai esté
Dufay, Guillaume - Va t`en, mon cuer
Dufay, Guillaume - Vo regart et doulche maniere
Dunayevsky, Isaac - By the wide road
Dunayevsky, Isaac - Outcoming march
Dusapin, Pascal - Attacca for 2 trumpets and timpani (1991)
Dusapin, Pascal - Celo, cello concerto (1996)
Dusapin, Pascal - Inside for viola (1980)
Dussek, Jan Ladislav - Piano Sonata in F minor L`Invocation (1812) op.77
Dutilleux, Henri - Sonata for Oboe and Piano
Dzorapor, Sahak of - Be Glad, Holy Church
Dzorapor, Sahak of - Only Begotten of the Father
d`Indy, Vincent - Fantasie sur des themes populaires franqaise op. 31
d`Indy, Vincent - Trio for Clarinet, Cello and Piano op. 29
Eben, Petr - Cantica Comeniana I (1970)
Eben, Petr - Cantica Comeniana II (1970)
Eben, Petr - Cantico delle Creature (1987)
Eben, Petr - Salve Regina (1973)
Efendi, Hammamizade - Bir gonca-femin yaresi var ciqerimde
Efendi, Hammamizade - Bir verd-i rana ettim temasa
Efendi, Hammamizade - Ferahfeza Ayini
Efendi, Hammamizade - Yuzundur Cihani
Eimert, Herbert - Glockenspiel - 1953
Ekimovsky, Viktor - In the constellation of Canes Venatici, for three flutes
Ekimovsky, Viktor - Polety vozdushnykh zmeev, for four records
Ekimovsky, Viktor - Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi
Enescu, George - String Quartet No.1 Es-dur op.22 1
Erdenko, Michail - "Do Not Wake Her At Dawn" (Violin)
Erdenko, Michail - And there is no eyes in the world... (violin)
Erdenko, Michail - Coachman, do not drive horses (violin)
Erdenko, Michail - Do not go, stay with me (violin)
Erdenko, Michail - Do not stir up memories (violin)
Erdenko, Michail - I loved you (violin)
Erdenko, Michail - I met you (violin)
Erdenko, Michail - I remember a lovely waltz sound (violin)
Erdenko, Michail - Joy (violin)
Erdenko, Michail - Listen, if you want (violin)
Erdenko, Michail - Night light (violin)
Erdenko, Michail - No, he did not love (violin)
Erdenko, Michail - Only once (violin)
Erdenko, Michail - Red sundress (violin)
Erdenko, Michail - Shine, My Star (violin)
Erdenko, Michail - Stars in the sky (violin)
Erdenko, Michail - Two Guitars (violin)
Erdenko, Michail - Two Roses (violin)
Erdenko, Michail - Wicket (violin)
Erdenko, Michail - Withered chrysanthemum (violin)
Esenvalds, Eriks - Come out, Rain, for mixed choir and flute
Esenvalds, Eriks - Grace, for mixed choir
Esenvalds, Eriks - `Te Deum` for mixed choir, organ and brass band
Eshpai, Andrey - Brass quintet for two trumpets, French horn, trombone and tube (1984)
Eshpai, Andrey - Three choruses on poems by Arthur Rimbaud (2003)
Eskobar, Pedro - Motets
Evald, Aav - `Sodalaste koor` from the opera` Vikings`
Evans, Evan - String quartet
Evgenyev, Nickolay - Canon
Evgenyev, Nickolay - Eight Pieces for Kids
Evgenyev, Nickolay - MosesTablets, for three double basses
Evgenyev, Nickolay - Seaphony 8, for electronic orchestra
Evgenyev, Nickolay - `Fantasy Middle Eastern theme` for string quartet
Evgenyev, Nickolay - `Mermaid` for soprano and two pianos, words by Velimir Khlebnikov
Fainer, Vladimir - Ave Maria (violin and organ)
Fainer, Vladimir - Fuga a-moll
Fainer, Vladimir - Fuga Accedite ad eum et inluminamini (organ version of choral fugue )
Fainer, Vladimir - Largo a-moll L-I-D-I-A (violin and organ)
Fainer, Vladimir - Largo d-moll (violin and organ)
Fainer, Vladimir - Passacaglia integrata (combination of chromatic lines, one of which is a graph of the integral function of the other)
Fainer, Vladimir - Praeludium super cantus firmus H-E-L-E-N-A (organ)
Fainer, Vladimir - Praeludium super cantus floridus H-E-L-E-N-A (organ)
Fainer, Vladimir - Ricercare
Fainer, Vladimir - Ricercare on theme of B-A-C-H (organ)
Fainer, Vladimir - To Your Cross (Organ Chorale Prelude)
Falabella, Roberto - String quartet (1957)
Falconieri, Andrea - Al dolce mormorar
Falconieri, Andrea - Armilla ingrata
Falconieri, Andrea - Battaglia de Barabaso yemo de Satanas
Falconieri, Andrea - Bayle de los dichos diabolos
Falconieri, Andrea - Bella clori
Falconieri, Andrea - Come fugace
Falconieri, Andrea - Corrente detta l`Avellina
Falconieri, Andrea - Corriente dicha la Cuella
Falconieri, Andrea - Corriente dicha la mota
Falconieri, Andrea - Fantasia detta la portia
Falconieri, Andrea - Fantasia echa para el muy reverendo
Falconieri, Andrea - Filli cara
Falconieri, Andrea - Folias echa para mi seora doa....
Falconieri, Andrea - Gioiosa fantasia
Falconieri, Andrea - Hoggi la dea del cielo
Falconieri, Andrea - Il rosso brando
Falconieri, Andrea - La suave melodia y su corrente
Falconieri, Andrea - L`eronca
Falconieri, Andrea - O mia vita
Falconieri, Andrea - Sinfonia la buon`hora
Falconieri, Andrea - Sinfonia quarta
Falconieri, Andrea - Virtu de lumi
Falconieri, Andrea - Vita del l`alma
Falik, Yuriy - Composition for Cello
Falvo, Rodolfo - Songs
Fandeev, Kirill - Black and White Dreams
Fandeev, Kirill - Cofession/Ispoved
Fandeev, Kirill - Devil`s Waltz
Fandeev, Kirill - Etude for Piano
Fandeev, Kirill - Five Miniatures for Piano
Fandeev, Kirill - Impromptu for Piano
Fandeev, Kirill - In memory of J. S. Bach, Fugue
Fantini, Girolamo - Prima Entrata Imperiale per suonare in concerto (1638)
Fantini, Girolamo - Seconda Entrata imperiale per suonare in concerto (1638) for trumpets and timpani
Farina, Carlo - Balletto a 3
Farina, Carlo - Canzon detta `La Marina` a 2
Farina, Carlo - Capriccio stravagante a 4
Farina, Carlo - Passamezzo a 3
Farina, Carlo - Pavana III a 4
Farina, Carlo - Sonata detta la Capirola a 3 voce
Farina, Carlo - Sonata detta la Cingara a 3 voce
Farina, Carlo - Sonata detta la Desperata a 2 voce
Farina, Carlo - Sonata detta la Farina a 2 voce
Farina, Carlo - Sonata detta la Fiama a 2 voce
Farina, Carlo - Sonata detta la Franzosina a 2 voce
Farina, Carlo - Sonata detta la Greca a 3 voce
Farina, Carlo - Sonata detta la Moretta a 3 voce
Farina, Carlo - Sonata detta la Polaca a 3 voce
Farina, Carlo - Sonata detta la Semplisa a 3 voce
Farina, Carlo - Sonata detta `La Desperata` a 2
Farina, Carlo - Sonata detta `La Farina` a 2
Farina, Carlo - Sonata detta `La Moretta` a 3
Faure, Gabriel - Motet `Maria Mater Gratiae` for two sporano and organ (piano) op. 47/2
Fedele, Ivan - Apostrofe, for flute (2000)
Fedele, Ivan - Donax, for flute solo (1992)
Feldman, Morton - Ixion - Summerspace, ballet pour ensemble de chambre ou deux pianos (1958)
Feldman, Morton - Madame Press died last week at ninety, for ensemble (1970)
Feldman, Morton - Neither, opera (1977)
Feldman, Morton - Trio for Violin, Cello and Piano (1980)
Ferlendis, Giuseppe - Oboe Concerto n.2 op.14 ib C major
Ferneyhough, Brian - An Inscription for Flute (1981)
Ferneyhough, Brian - Cassandra`s Dream Song (1970) for flute solo
Ferneyhough, Brian - Chronos-aion
Ferneyhough, Brian - Four miniatures for solo flute (1965)
Ferneyhough, Brian - Intermezzo-chaconne for violin solo
Ferneyhough, Brian - La Chute for bass-clarinet and little ensemble
Ferneyhough, Brian - Mnemosyne for bass-flute and recorder
Ferneyhough, Brian - Time and Motion Study I (1977) for bass clarinet
Ferneyhough, Brian - Time and Motion Study II (1976) for amplified cello and electronics
Ferneyhough, Brian - Transcendental studies for fluie, oboe, soprano, harpsichord, and cello
Ferneyhough, Brian - Unity capsule (1976) for flute solo (three parts)
Ferrari, Giorgio - Concerto for orchestra (1981)
Ferrari, Giacomo Gotifredo - Sonata for piano, violin and cello op. 25/1
Feshenko, Anton - Piano Sonata in F Minor
Filanovsky, Boris - Seemphony (2010)
Filippenko, Vitaliy - To You
Filippow, Illia - Reflections, for solo violin
Filippow, Illia - `identification dans l` espace `for flute, clarinet, violin and button accordion (2012)
Finnissy, Michael - Concert 4 for Piano and Orchestra
Finnissy, Michael - Concert 6 for Piano and Orchestra
Finnissy, Michael - `Ulpirra` for Bass Flute (1982-83)
Finzi, Gerald - Cello Concerto op.40
Foerster, Josef Bohuslav - Violin Concerto 1 in c-moll, .88 (1911)
Fogliano, Jacopo da - `Io vorrei, dio d`amore`, madrigal 3 vv (before 1547)
Fontaine, Pierre - J`ayme bien celui qui s`en va (voice, dulcian, gittern)
Foss, Lukas - Behold! I build an house, for chorus & organ-gregg smith singers 1950
Foss, Lukas - Capriccio 1948
Foss, Lukas - Exuent for orchestra - 1982
Foss, Lukas - Ode for Orchestra (1944, rev. 1958)
Foss, Lukas - The Gift of the Magi Suite (a.k.a. Pantomime) 1945
Fotek, Jan - Partita. 1968
Fradkin, Mark - Pesnya o Dnepre/Song about the Dnieper
Francaix, Jean - Divertimento for Oboe, Clarinet and Bassoon. 1946
Francaix, Jean - Quintet No. 2 for Winds
Francaix, Jean - Rhapsody for viola and small orchestra, 1946
Francaix, Jean - Suite for volin and orchestra, 1934
Francaix, Jean - Violin Concerto No. 1. 1968
Frescobaldi, Girolamo - Piece in Quarts for Church Bells
Frey, Jurg - Ohne Titel
Friedrich-II, - Sonata for Flute & Basso Continuo in c-moll `Pour Potsdam` SpiF 190
Fripp, Robert - Midnight blue (1995)
Fripp, Robert - Miserere mei (2002)
Fripp, Robert - Requiescat with new music choir (2002)
Frolov, Igor - Concert Fantasy on themes from the opera, J. Gershwin"s "Porgy and Bess"
Frolov, Markian - Piano Sonata Op. 20
Frolyak, Bohdana - Clarinet Concerto
Frolyak, Bohdana - Jak Modlitwa
Frolyak, Bohdana - Kyrie Eleison
Frolyak, Bohdana - Lamento
Frolyak, Bohdana - Ptakh
Frolyak, Bohdana - Symphony II
Frolyak, Bohdana - U Vozduchach
Frolyak, Bohdana - Vestigia
Frontiere, Dominic - The Stunt Man, soundtrack. 1980
Fucik, Julius - Attila, march, (1907) op.211
Fucik, Julius - Der alte Brummbar, polka (1907 ) op.210
Fucik, Julius - Einzug der Gladiatoren, 1899 op. 68
Fucik, Julius - Fanfarenklange, (1914) op.278
Fucik, Julius - Florentiner Marsch, 1907 op.214
Fucik, Julius - Herzegowina Hercegovac (1908) op.235
Fucik, Julius - Leitmeritzer Schutzenmarsch, 1913 op.261
Fucik, Julius - Marinarella, overture (1907) op.215
Fucik, Julius - Zimne boure, waltz (1907) op.184
Fujikura, Dai - Glacier, for Bass Flute (2010)
Fujikura, Dai - Okeanos Breeze, for chamber ensemble (2001)
Fujikura, Dai - Perla, for bass recorder (2003/2008)
Fujikura, Dai - Poison Mushroom, for Flute and Electronics (2003)
Fujikura, Dai - SAKANA, for tenor saxophone/clarinet in B (2007)
Fujikura, Dai - Wave Embraced, for French Horn and chamber ensemble (2006)
Fujikura, Dai - `es` (2008) for double bass
Fumet, Dynam-Victor - Doux printemps pour choeur mixte a cappella
Fumet, Dynam-Victor - Messe des oiseaux pour choeur de femmes
Fumet, Dynam-Victor - Messe mariale pour choeur mixte et orgue
Furrer, Beat - Aria for soprano and six instruments (1999)
Furrer, Beat - Drei Klavierstucke for piano (2003)
Furrer, Beat - Lied for violin and orchestra (1993)
Furrer, Beat - Melodia tellurica for winds (2011)
Furrer, Beat - Phasma for solo piano (2002)
Furrer, Beat - Stimmen - Quartett for choir and percussion quartet (1995-99)
Furrer, Beat - Studie 2 - a un moment de terre perdue for ensemble (1990)
Furrer, Beat - Time Out for flute, harp and strings (1995)
Furrer, Beat - Und irgendwo fern, sehr fern for two pianos (1984)
Gabrieli, Giovanni - Canon secundi toni
Gabrieli, Giovanni - Toccata secundi toni
Gabunia, Nodar - Music from the film `Supplication ` (directed by Tengiz Abuladze)
Gadenstaetter, Clemens - Semantical Investigations I, for Violin and Ensemble (2008)
Gadenstaetter, Clemens - Semantical Investigations II, for Ensemble (2008)
Gaffurio, Franchino - Stabat Mater, sequentia 4 vv (ca 1485/1490)
Gagnidze, erab - Symphony 29 `In Memory of my Sister`
Gallo, Domenico - Trio Sonata No. 1 in G-dur
Gallo, Domenico - Trio Sonata No. 2 in B-dur
Galynin, German - Oratorio `Girl and Death`
Gambarini, Elisabetta de - Harpsichord Sonata No. 1
Gambarini, Elisabetta de - Sonata for Harpsichord 2
Gambarini, Elisabetta de - Sonata for Harpsichord 3
Gambarini, Elisabetta de - Sonata for Harpsichord 4
Gambarini, Elisabetta de - Sonata for Harpsichord 5
Gambarini, Elisabetta de - Sonata for Harpsichord 6
Gangi, Mario - Suite Italiano
Garelava, Galina - Concerto for Guitar, Chamber Orchestra and Bells
Garelava, Galina - Praise to the Poor, song cycle
Gaussin, Allain - Arcane, for piano (1988)
Gavrilin, Valeriy - `Chimes`, choral symphony-action for soloists, chorus, oboe, percussion and narrator
Genin, Vladimir - Confessions of St. Augustine, for mixed choir, baritone and dramatic actor
Genin, Vladimir - Mourning for Victims in Ukraine, for String Quartet
George-Henry, Martin - Soundtrack: The Beatles: Yellow Submarine,
Gershwin, George - Arrah Go On I`m Gonna Go Back To Oregon
Gershwin, George - Buzzin` The Bee
Gershwin, George - Chinese Blues
Gershwin, George - Darling
Gershwin, George - For Your Country And My Country
Gershwin, George - From Now On
Gershwin, George - Havanola
Gershwin, George - Jaz - O - Mine
Gershwin, George - Just Snap Your Fingers At Care
Gershwin, George - Kangaroo Hop
Gershwin, George - Pastime Rag No 3
Gershwin, George - Singin` The Blues
Gershwin, George - Songs
Gershwin, George - Waitin` For Me
Gershwin, George - Whip - Poor - Will
Getselev, Boris - Sonata for Flute and Piano (1973)
Ghedini, Giorgio Federico - Il pianto della Madonna presso la croce, cantata spirituale, text by Jacopone da Todi; original reduction for soprano, baritono and piano (1921)
Giacchino, Michael - Medal of Honor, play soundtrack
Giacchino, Michael - Star Trek, Soundtrack
Giacchino, Michael - The Incredibles, soundtrack
Giardini, Felice - String Trio in B-flat major Op.17 n.2
Gigout, Eugène - Grand Choeur Dialogue in G-Dur
Ginastera, Alberto - Milena, Cantata for female voice and symphony orchestra op.37
Ginastera, Alberto - Psalm No. 150 for chorus and orchestra (1938) op. 5
Ginastera, Alberto - String Quartet No. 2 op.26
Ginastera, Alberto - String Quartet No.3 for soprano & string quartet op.40
Ginastera, Alberto - String Quartet 1 (1948) op.20
Glebov, Eugeny - Gold Autumn
Glebov, Eugeny - Invitation to the country of childhood
Glebov, Eugeny - Musketeers, Choreographic Story
Gliere, Reinhold - Ballet Suite Taras Bulba op. 92
Gliere, Reinhold - Cello Concerto d-moll op. 87
Gliere, Reinhold - Fugue on a theme of Russian Christmas song for Organ or Harmonium
Gliere, Reinhold - Octet for strings D-dur op. 5
Gliere, Reinhold - Sextet for strings C-dur op. 11
Gliere, Reinhold - String Quartet No. 1 A-dur op. 2
Gliere, Reinhold - String Quartet No. 2 in g-moll op. 20
Gliere, Reinhold - The Bronze Horseman, Suite from the ballet op. 89a
Glinka, Mikhail - Ballads, songs
Glinka, Mikhail - Romance `Just found out I`m`
Glinkowski, Aleksander - Koncert wenecki, for Oboe and Orchestra
Goetz, Hermann - Piano Quintet in c-moll op.16
Goeyvaerts, Karel - Composition No. 5, 1953
Goeyvaerts, Karel - Composition No. 7, 1953
Goldsmith, Jerry - Forever Young (1992, Soundtrack)
Goldstein, David - Double Concerto
Goldstein, David - Piano Concerto #1
Golinelli, Stefano - Dance of the Vampires, Scherzo op.52 (ca 1870)
Golinelli, Stefano - Love and sadness, Nocturne op.51 for piano (ca 1865)
Golovanov, Nikolai - Cherubic Hymn
Golovanov, Nikolai - In the Prayers of the Virgin
Golovanov, Nikolai - Troparion of Christmas
Golovin, Andrei - "Twilight" - two poems by E.Baratynsky for mezzo-soprano and piano
Golovin, Andrei - "Two songs without words for ensemble of soloists
Golovin, Andrei - 'Bambi' musical picture of the tale
Golovin, Andrei - String Quartet
Golovin, Andrei - Two Pieces for Flute and Piano
Goltz, Boris - Mest baltiitsev (Revenge of the Balts), lyrics by B. Volzhenin (1942)
Goltz, Boris - Our youth (from movie Shakhtery - Miners - 1937)
Goltz, Boris - Song of the 55 th Army, lyrics by A. Gitovich, V. Lifshitz (1942)
Gorecki-Sr, Henryk Mikolaj - Genesis II, canti strumentali per 15 esecutori (1962) op. 19
Gorecki-Sr, Henryk Mikolaj - Kleines Requiem für eine Polka, for mixed ensemble (1993) op. 66
Gorecki-Sr, Henryk Mikolaj - Kyrie for Choir, Percussion, Piano and String Orchestra (2005) op. 83
Gorecki-Sr, Henryk Mikolaj - Lerchenmusik, Recitativa i ariosa for Clarinet, Cello and Piano (1985) op. 53
Gorecki-Sr, Henryk Mikolaj - `For Jasiunia`, Three Little Pieces for Violin and Piano (2003) op. 79
Gorecki-Sr, Henryk Mikolaj - `Niech nam zyja i spiewaja` for vocal group (2000) op. 77
Gorlinski, Vladimir - Gravitation-Space for chamber ensemble (2007)
Gorlinski, Vladimir - S`orzando for ensemble (2005)
Gorlinski, Vladimir - Widerhall for flute, clarinet, drums, violin, cello and marimba or ksilorimba (2006)
Gossec, François Joseph - Symphony in B Flat Major op.6, 6 (1762)
Grazioli, Giovanni Battista - Sonata IV in F-dur for harpsichord and violin op.3 (circa 1785)
Grazioli, Giovanni Battista - Sonata V in C-dur for organ and violin (circa 1785)
Grechaninov, Alexander - Liturgia Domestica op. 79
Gregson-Williams, Harry - Only The Begining Of Adventure
Gregson-Williams, Harry - The End
Grinblat, Romuald - Piano Sonata (1971)
Grisey, Gérard - Accords perdus (1989) five miniatures for two horns
Grisey, Gérard - Anubis, Nout (1983) for double-bass and clarinet in B
Grisey, Gérard - Charme (1969) for Clarinet
Grisey, Gérard - Solo pour deux (1981) for Clarinet and Trombone
Grisey, Gérard - Stele
Grisey, Gérard - Tempus ex machina for 6 percussionists (1979)
Griskey, Mark - Force Unleashed II Promo OST - Reunion of Juno and Starkiller
Grozniy, Ivan IY - Stanza in honor of the icon of the Presentation Our Lady of Vladimir
Grudzien, Jacek - Ad Naan, 1961
Gryka, Aleksandra - Interialcell, 2003
Guarnieri, Mozart Camargo - Concert 3 for Piano and Orchestra (1964), two-part
Guarnieri, Mozart Camargo - Concert 4 for Piano and Orchestra (1968)
Guarnieri, Mozart Camargo - Concert 5 for Piano and Orchestra (1970)
Guarnieri, Mozart Camargo - Concerto 1 for piano and orchestra (1931)
Guarnieri, Mozart Camargo - Concerto 2 for piano and orchestra (1946)
Gubaidulina, Sofia - Concerto for Two Orchestras: Symphony and Variety (1976)
Gubaidulina, Sofia - Detto-1
Gubaidulina, Sofia - Garden of Joy and Sadness. Trio for Flute, Viola and Harp
Gubaidulina, Sofia - Mirage. Dancing Sun, for cello octet
Gubaidulina, Sofia - Misterioso for seven percussionists
Gubaidulina, Sofia - Ravvedimento (Remorse) for Cello and Guitar Quartet (2007)
Gubaidulina, Sofia - Serenade for Guitar (1960)
Gubaidulina, Sofia - Sounds of the Forest for flute and piano
Gubaidulina, Sofia - St John Passion, for soprano, tenor, baritone, bass, two mixed choirs, organ and symphony orchestra
Gubaidulina, Sofia - String quartet 1 (1971)
Gubaidulina, Sofia - String quartet 2 (1987)
Gubaidulina, Sofia - String quartet 3 (1987)
Gubaidulina, Sofia - `In the shade of a tree` a composition for koto, bass koto, Schoen and symphony orchestra
Gubaidulina, Sofia - `On the Edge of Abyss`, Arrangement for seven cellos and two vaterfonov (2002)
Gubarenko, Vitaly - Zeleny svyatki, parts from the ballet, arr. for two pianos and percussion
Guglielmi, Pietro Alessandro - Deborah and Sisera, ouverture to the sacred drama (1788)
Gulak-Artemovsky, Semen - Kazachok
Gunning, Christopher - Soundtrack for the series Agatha Christie`s Poirot (1989)
Gyula, David - Viola Concerto
Haas, Georg Friedrich - ... Einklang freier Wesen ... for 10 instruments (1996)
Haas, Georg Friedrich - Anachronism for ensemble (2013)
Haas, Georg Friedrich - La profondeur for 13 performers (2009)
Haba, Alois - "Nonet 1" op.40 (1931)
Haba, Alois - "String Quartet 15" op.95 (1964)
Haba, Alois - "String Quartet 16" op.98 (1967)
Haba, Alois - 6 Pieces for 6th-tone harmonium or string quartet op.37 (1928)
Haba, Alois - Bassoon Quartet op.74 (1951)
Haba, Alois - Fantasia for Violin and 1/4-tone Piano, o.21 (1925)
Haba, Alois - Mother, opera, op.35 (1927-29)
Haba, Alois - Nonet No. 4
Haba, Alois - Nonet 2 .41 (1932)
Haba, Alois - Nonet 3 op.82 (1953)
Haba, Alois - Notes from a Diary, for narrator and string quartet op.101 (1970)
Haba, Alois - Overture for Orchestra, op.5 (1919)
Haba, Alois - Quator a Cordes No. 7
Haba, Alois - Quator a cordes No.13
Haba, Alois - Quator Cordes No. 15
Haba, Alois - Quator cordes No. 8
Haba, Alois - Sonata for quarter-tone piano 62
Haba, Alois - String Quartet op.87 11 in the 6-tone system (1957-58)
Haba, Alois - String Quartet 1 op.4 (1919)
Haba, Alois - String Quartet 10 op.80, in 6-tone system (1952)
Haba, Alois - String Quartet 12 op.90, 4-tone system (1959-60)
Haba, Alois - String Quartet 14 op.94, in 4-tone system (1963)
Haba, Alois - String Quartet 2 in 4-tone system, op.7 (1920)
Haba, Alois - String Quartet 3 op.in 4-tone system (1922)
Haba, Alois - String Quartet 4 op.14, in 4-tone system (1922)
Haba, Alois - String Quartet 5 op.15, in 6-tone system (1922)
Haba, Alois - String Quartet 6 op.70, in 4-tone system (1950)
Haba, Alois - String Quartet 9 op.79, (1952)
Haba, Alois - Suite for 1/4-tone piano 6 op.88 (1957-59)
Haba, Alois - Suite for 1/4-tone trombone, op.72 (1950)
Haba, Alois - Suite for Alto-Saxophone solo, op. 99
Haba, Alois - Suite for Bass-Clarinet and Piano, op.100 (1927-28)
Haba, Alois - Suite for Cello solo, op.81b
Haba, Alois - Suite for Cymbals op.91 (1960)
Haba, Alois - Suite for quarter-tone guitar No. 2 63
Haba, Alois - Symphonic Fantasia for piano and orchestra op.8 (1920-21)
Hajibekov, Uzeyir - Anthem of Azerbaijan SSR
Hajibekov, Uzeyir - Overture from the operetta `Arshin Mal Alan` (1913)
Hajibekov, Uzeyir - Overture to `Layla and Majnun` (1908)
Halle, Adam de la - A dieu commant amouretes (Rondeau)
Halmamedov, Nury - Elegy
Halmamedov, Nury - Variations on the theme of the song of the Turkmen `Nar Agadzhy `(Pomegranate)
Hampson, Neal - The Cat and the Mountain
Hannigan, James - Harry Potter and the Half - Blood Prince, The soundtrack for the game
Harbison, John - Concerto for Piano and Orchestra (1977-78)
Harris, Roy - American Creed
Harris, Roy - Farewell to the Pioneers
Harris, Roy - Ode to Consonance
Harris, Roy - Radio Piece
Harris, Roy - Salute to Youth
Harris, Roy - Symphonic Essay 2
Harris, Roy - Symphonic Essay 3
Harris, Roy - The Times, for piano and small orchestra
Harris, Roy - Variations on a Timpani Theme by Hanson
Harrison, Lou - Open Road (1947)
Hart, Fritz Bennicke - The Bush, Symphonic Suite, Op. 59
Hartmann, Thomas de - Violin Concerto, 1943
Harutyunyan, Alexander - Concerto-poem for Violin and Orchestra
Harvey, Jonathan - Death of Light, Light of Death (1998), for chamber ensemble after Grunewald`s Crucifixion in the Issenheim Altarpiece
Harvey, Jonathan - Mortuos plango, vivos voco
Haubenstock-Ramati, Roman - Equilibre (1993)
Hayasaka, Fumio - Seven Samurai, Music for the film (1954)
Heider, Werner - `Gong Game` for 12 Gongs and 4 Players (1990)
Henry, Pierre - Astrologie - 1953
Henry, Pierre - `Le microphone bien tempéré` (1952)
Henze, Hans Werner - Barcarola Per Grande Orchestra
Henze, Hans Werner - Carillon, Recitatif, Masque (1974)
Henze, Hans Werner - Drei Tentos
Henze, Hans Werner - Toccata mistica
Henze, Hans Werner - Trio for Mandolin, Guitar and Harp
Hildegard-fon-Bingen, - Cum vox sanguinis
Hildegard-fon-Bingen, - Favus Distillans
Hildegard-fon-Bingen, - In Matutinis Laudibus
Hildegard-fon-Bingen, - Laus Trinitati
Hildegard-fon-Bingen, - Nunc gaudeant materna
Hildegard-fon-Bingen, - O aeterne Deus
Hildegard-fon-Bingen, - O cruor sanguinis
Hildegard-fon-Bingen, - O Dulcissime amator
Hildegard-fon-Bingen, - O Ecclesia
Hildegard-fon-Bingen, - O orchis Ecclesia
Hildegard-fon-Bingen, - O rubor sanguinis
Hildegard-fon-Bingen, - O virgo Ecclesia
Hildegard-fon-Bingen, - Rex nostrum promtus est
Hillborg, Anders - Six Pieces for Wind Quintet
Hindemith, Paul - Suite for mechanical organ, based on `Das Triadische Ballet` (1927) op. 42/ 2
Hirbyu, Grigoryi - Homeland Beloved
Hirbyu, Grigoryi - I believe, for soprano and piano
Hirbyu, Grigoryi - Ukalcha umenche
Hirbyu, Grigoryi - Will, for barotone (or bass) and piano
Hirbyu, Grigoryi - `Cheboksary nights` lyric song for choir and orchestra
Hlavac, Miroslav - Elegikon, Sinfonietta for Piano, Wind Instruments, & Percussion
Hlavac, Miroslav - Symphonic Poem, `Héró a Leandros`
Hoddinott, Alun - Symphony No.4 (1970)
Hodziatsky, Vitaliy - Morning Cry of a Bird
Hofmann, Jozef - "Sanctuary"
Hofmann, Heinrich - Octet in F-dur, Op. 80
Hofmann, Heinrich - Serenade in D-dur, Op. 65
Hofmann, Heinrich - Sextet in e-moll, Op. 25
Holminov, Alexander - Dedication
Holminov, Alexander - Fugue for Bayan in g-moll
Honegger, Arthur - Allegretto for Orchestra H221
Honegger, Arthur - BLUES DE ROSES DE METAL for Orchestra H 66
Honegger, Arthur - Crime Et Chatiment, 1935. Music from the film
Honegger, Arthur - LARGO pour orchestre a cordes (H.105) H105
Honegger, Arthur - Le Demon De L`himalaya, 1935. Music from the film
Honegger, Arthur - Les Miserables, 1934, Music for the film H 88
Honegger, Arthur - L`Idee. 1937. Music from the film H 87
Honegger, Arthur - Napoleon, 1927. Music from the film H 64
Honegger, Arthur - Regain. 1937. Music from the film
Honegger, Arthur - Sonata for Violin Solo in d-moll (1940) H143
Honegger, Arthur - VIVACE (Dance) for Orchestra H220
Horner, James - Aliens, soundtrack
Horner, James - Amazing Spider-Man, soundtrack
Horner, James - Soundtrack to `A Beautiful Mind` (2001)
Horner, James - Star Trek 2 The Wrath of Khan. Beginning. Motion picture soundtreck
Horner, James - Star Trek. The Wrath of Khan, soundtrack
Horner, James - The Rocketeer, soundtrack
Hosokawa, Toshio - Ave Maria
Hosokawa, Toshio - Vertical Song I (1995)
Hosseini, Mehdi - Peshtpa
Hosseini, Mehdi - Taleshi-Hava
Hovhaness, Alan - And God Created Great Whales (1970) op. 229
Hovhaness, Alan - Celestial Fantasy (1935) op. 44
Hovhaness, Alan - Halleluiah & Fugue for Strings (1940) op. 40b
Hovhaness, Alan - String Quartet No. 3 (Reflections on my Childhood) op. 208 1
Hovhaness, Alan - Symphony No. 16 (Kayagym) for 6 Korean instruments, harp, percussion and strings (1962) op. 202
Hrabovsky, Leonid - Bukolichny strofy for organ (1976)
Hrabovsky, Leonid - Constanty for 11 instrumentalists (4 pianos, 6 groups of percussion and violin solo) (1966)
Hrabovsky, Leonid - Homeomorphia 1, for piano
Hrabovsky, Leonid - Symphony `Ivan Kupala Night` (1976) by Gogol
Hrabovsky, Leonid - `Pastels` on poems by Pavlo Tychyna for female voice and four Strings (1964, new version: 1975)
Hrabovsky, Leonid - `The Sea`, a melodrama based on poems by Saint-Jon Pearce `Bitterness` (`Amers`) for narrator, chorus, organ and large orchestra (1970)
Hrabovsky, Leonid - `Vorzel`, Symphonic Elegy (in memory of B. Liatoshynsky) for the three orchestral groups (1992)
Hummel, Johann Nepomuk - 6 Bagatelles op.107
Hurnik, Ilja - Symphony No.1 in C
Hurrian-composers, Anonymous Hurrian composers - Hurritan Song (anthem Hurritan Nikkal) (c.1400 BC)
Ibert, Jacques - Suite Elisabethaine
Ibraghimov, Alexander - Red Ribbon, Variations on a Finnish folk song
Imbrie, Andrew - Reminiscence - 1992
Imbrie, Andrew - Short Story for piano - 1986
Imbrie, Andrew - Spring Fever - 1996
Imbrie, Andrew - Symphony 3 (1970)
Imholz, Martin - 5 pieces for quarter piano (2001)
Ippolitov-Ivanov, Michail - Sonata for Violin and Piano in A Major (1887) op. 8
Iradier, Sebastin - El arreglito
Ischenko, Yuriy - 24 Preludes for piano
Ischenko, Yuriy - Four idylls for symphonic orchestra
Ischenko, Yuriy - Little Partita for Violin and Harp
Ischenko, Yuriy - Watercolours for violin and piano
Isham, Mark - Blade, Soundtrack
Isouard, Nicolas - Turkish Doctor, Opera (1803)
Ivanov, Georgy - Siberian Evenings
Ivanov-Radkevich, Pavel - Bless (Psalm 102) for large choir
Ivanov-Radkevich, Nikolay - Captain Gastello, March
Ivanova-Blinova, Ekaterina - song cycle `Love` on Pushkin`s poems
Ivanoviches, Ion - Waves of the Danube (1880)
Ives, Charles - Adagio sostenuto (Seaside)
Ives, Charles - Congenital
Ives, Charles - Halloween party evening (of the three scenes in the open air)
Ives, Charles - Scherzo `All the Way Around and Back` - for Chamber Ensemble (1906) S. 81
Ives, Charles - Scherzo `Over the Pavements` S. 82
Ives, Charles - Set 1 for Theater Orchestra S. 10
Ives, Charles - Tone Roads for Chamber Orchestra No. 1 S. 49, 1
Janacek, Leos - Schluk und Jau, Incidental Music JW 9/11
Janequin, Clement - Quand contremont verras
Janitsch, Johann Gottlieb - Symphony in B-dur
Janitsch, Johann Gottlieb - Symphony in E-dur
Janitsch, Johann Gottlieb - Symphony in Es-dur
Janitsch, Johann Gottlieb - Symphony in F-dur
Janitsch, Johann Gottlieb - Symphony in G-dur
Janitsch, Johann Gottlieb - Symphony in G-dur (2)
Jaroch, Jiri - Symphony No. 2, 1958-60
Jarre, Maurice - Ancient Suite for Percussion Instruments and Piano (1956)
Jarre, Maurice - Mobiles for Violin and Orchestra (1961)
Jarre, Maurice - Passacaglia to the Memory of Arthur Honegger (1957)
Jarre, Maurice - The Night Watch (1961)
Jarre, Maurice - Three Dances for Ondes Martenot and Percussion (1951)
Jeffes, Simon - Music for a Found Harmonium
Jenkins, Karl - Palladio - Concerto grosso for string orchestra
Jeremias, Otakar - "Summer Suite" for orchestra.
Johanson, Sven-Eric - Electronic Composition `Tenet III` from the album `Rotas Tenet` (1986)
Johanson, Sven-Eric - Electronic Composition `Tenet I` from the album `Rotas Tenet` (1986)
Johanson, Sven-Eric - String Quartet N. 7
Johanson, Sven-Eric - `Psaltare och lyra` for Choir (1953)
Johnson, Thomas - Study for Player Piano #1
Jolivet, André - Concerto pour Ondes Martenot
Jones, Trevor - The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, soundtrack
Joplin, Scott - Binks` Waltz
Joplin, Scott - Cleopha - March and Two Step
Joplin, Scott - Elite Syncopations
Joplin, Scott - Maple Leaf Rag
Joplin, Scott - Original Rags
Joplin, Scott - Paragon Rag
Joplin, Scott - Peacherine Rag
Joplin, Scott - Pine Apple Rag
Joplin, Scott - The Easy Winner
Joplin, Scott - The Entertainer
Joplin, Scott - `Fig Leaf Rag` (1908)
Joplin, Scott - `Palm Leaf Rag` (1903)
Joplin, Scott - `Swipesy Cakewalk` (1900)
Joplin, Scott - `The Cascades` (1904)
Joplin, Scott - `The Chrysanthemum` (1904)
Joplin, Scott - `The Favorite` (1904)
Joplin, Scott - `Weeping Willow Rag` (1903)
Jueneman, Frederic B - String Quartet (on synthesizer)
Kabalevsky, Dmitriy - 24 easy plays op. 39
Kabalevsky, Dmitriy - Taras Family, Opera op. 47
Kabalevsky, Dmitriy - The Comedians op. 26
Kaczmarek, Jan - Goodbye
Kaczmarek, Jan - Hachi - Last Trip To The Station
Kaczmarek, Jan - Hachiko - the most loyal friend, the film soundtrack
Kaczmarek, Jan - Japan
Kaczmarek, Jan - Marriage Bath
Kaczmarek, Jan - New Home
Kaczmarek, Jan - Parker"s Dance Played On Piano
Kaczmarek, Jan - The Second Dance
Kagel, Mauricio - Atem
Kagel, Mauricio - Ludvig van (1970)
Kagel, Mauricio - String Quartet 4 (1993)
Kalinnikov, Viktor - I go from thy spirit
Kancheli, Giya - Another Step for orchestra and tape (1992)
Kancheli, Giya - Concerto for Orchestra
Kancheli, Giya - Concerto for Orchestra. 1961
Kancheli, Giya - Lingering (2012)
Kancheli, Giya - Listesso tempo (quartet)
Kancheli, Giya - Midday Prayers
Kancheli, Giya - Ninna Nanna Per Anna, for flute and string quartet
Kancheli, Giya - Rag-gidon-time (1995-1999)
Kancheli, Giya - Sevda
Kancheli, Giya - Sio
Kancheli, Giya - Visiting childhood
Kancheli, Giya - `Light Sorrow`
Kanengiser, William - Air & Ground
Kangro, Raimo - Display 1. Portrait of Steve Reich
Kangro, Raimo - Display 10. Perpetuum Mobile
Kangro, Raimo - Display 11. Bent Lyre
Kangro, Raimo - Display 12. Balls
Kangro, Raimo - Display 2. Portrait of Mozart
Kangro, Raimo - Display 3. Portrait of Vivaldi
Kangro, Raimo - Display 4. Portrait of an Unknown Musician
Kangro, Raimo - Display 5. Portrait Of An Angel
Kangro, Raimo - Display 6. Portrait of an Alien
Kangro, Raimo - Display 7. Portrait of a Pilgirim
Kangro, Raimo - Display 8. Portrait of Schubert
Kangro, Raimo - Display 9. Trumpets of Jericho
Kanno, Yoshihiro - Music by anime `Tenshi no Tamago` (Angel`s Egg)
Kao, Wan - Hymn of Vietnam
Kapr, Jan - Symphony No. 5, `Olympic`, 1959, 63
Kapralova, Vitezslava - Partita for Piano and String Orchestra, op.20
Kapustin, Nikolai - 8 Concert Etudes op. 40
Kapustin, Nikolai - Duo for cello and alto-saxophone
Karaev, Kara - Sonata for Violin and fortepano d-moll (1960)
Karaindrou, Eleni - Adagio
Karaindrou, Eleni - Music by the film `Eternity and a Day` (1998)
Karaindrou, Eleni - Music by the film `L`Africana` (1990)
Karaindrou, Eleni - Music by the film `O Melissokomos` (1986)
Karaindrou, Eleni - Music by the film `Suspended Step Of The Stork` (1991)
Karaindrou, Eleni - Music by the film `The Weeping Meadow` (2004)
Karaindrou, Eleni - Music by the film `Ulysse`s Gaze` (1995)
Karamanov, Alemdar - Piano Concerto 1
Karamanov, Alemdar - Piano Concerto 2
Karamanov, Alemdar - Prologue, Idea and Epilogue for Piano
Karamanov, Alemdar - Symphony 7 "Lunar Sea"
Karatygin, Vyacheslav - Prelude and Fugue in Russian style for Organ
Karavaychuk, Oleg - Music from the film `The Life and Ascension of Yuras Bratchik`
Karavaychuk, Oleg - Music from the movie The Player
Karavaychuk, Oleg - Music from the movie `Ksenia, Fedors Beloved Wife`
Karavaychuk, Oleg - Song from the movie `City of Masters`
Karetnikov, Valery - Forgotten Melody for Two Violins and Piano
Karetnikov, Valery - Nine Easy Pieces for Piano
Karetnikov, Valery - Quintet for Flute and Strings
Karetnikov, Valery - Sonata for Cello and Piano
Karetnikov, Valery - The Four Seasons
Karetnikov, Valery - Trio for Violin, Viola and Cello
Karetnikov, Valery - Two Romances for voice and piano
Karetnikov, Valery - `Sunny Day`, Suite for Two Violins and Piano
Karmanov, Pavel - Music for Answering Machine for chamber orchestra and tape (1999)
Karmanov, Pavel - Music for Spaceflight
Karmanov, Pavel - `Music for the fireworks`
Kasparov, Yuri - 12 examples of the relationship between the bassoon, 8 double bass and 8 timpani
Kasparov, Yuri - Concerto for Oboe and Orchestra
Kasparov, Yuri - Five photographs of the invisible to 6 performers
Kasparov, Yuri - `Ave Maria` for 12 voices, violin, organ and vibraphone
Kastalsky, Alexandr Dmitriyevich - By the Rivers of Babylon
Kastorsky, Aleksey - Cherubic Hymn 17. Everyday melody (E Minor)
Kazenin, Vladyslav - Everything started in Vyatka (film about the composer)
Kazenin, Vladyslav - Two Etudes
Kellner, Johann Peter - Es bleibet wohl dabei, Cantata
Kellner, Johann Peter - Prelude and Fugue in D-dur
Kellner, Johann Peter - Prelude and Fugue in d-moll
Kellner, Johann Peter - Prelude in B-dur
Kellner, Johann Peter - Prelude in g-moll for organ
Kellogg, Daniel - Divinum Mysterium (2000) for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano and percussion
Kengy, Yatsuhashi - Rokudan no shirabe
Kengyo, Ikuta - Godan no shirabe
Kerkelov, Peter - Attempt at Screaming. 2011
Kerkelov, Peter - Khoro
Kerkelov, Peter - Two Symphonies and Postumus
Kerle, Jacobus de - Media vita
Kerle, Jacobus de - Preces speciales primum responsorium pro concilio
Khachaturian, Aram - Sonata-Song for Viola solo (1976)
Khalaimov, Sergey - School Waltz, four hand piano
Khandoshkin, Ivan - Me and my little brother. Variations on a Russian folk song.
Kharkovsky, Alexander - There was music here
Kharkovsky, Alexander - Time of Day, an electronic digital sonata, 4 parts.
Kharkovsky, Alexander - Zmeya Kamlana, elctronic piece
Khartofilakos, Khormouzios - By the rivers of Babylon
Khismatov, Sergey - Nach Basho
Khismatov, Sergey - Suprematic Composition no.1
Khrennikov, Tikhon - String Quartet (1988) op.33
Khrennikov, Tikhon - Student Song, from the film The train goes to East (1947)
Khrushcheva, Nastasya - I. Other. Such. Country. Musical Fragment for Performance of D. Egorov
Khubeyev, Alexander - Carmina Urbana (2010)
Kikta, Valeriy - Belgorod concert for oboe and orchestra of Russian folk intsrumentov
Killmayer, Wilhelm - Divertissement (1957) (?)
Kim, Won-gyun - Hymn of North Korea
Kim, Won-gyun - Sea of Blood, opera
King, Rob - Heroes of Might and Magic IV, the play soundtrack
Kinsella, John - Cúchulainn and Ferdia - Duel at the Ford
Kinsella, John - Concerto for Cello and Orchestra
Kinsella, John - Prelude and Toccata for String Orchestra
Kinsella, John - Sinfoietta - Pictures from The Odyssey
Kinsella, John - String Quartet No.3
Kisielewski, Stefan - Danse vive,1939
Kiyokami, Oto-no - Dzyussuiraku
Klebanov, Dmitriy - An Exploit of a Secret Agent, soundtrack (1947)
Klepacki, Frank - Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3, the play soundtrack
Klusak, Jan - Music of Singing Fountains for Wind Quintet (1956)
Knapik, Eugeniusz - Corale, interludio e aria, 1978
Knittel, Krzysztof - The Conqueror Worm. 1976
Knussen, Oliver - Symphony No.2
Koch, Erland von - Symphony No.3 (1947)
Kodaly, Zoltan - Dances of Galanta (1933)
Koechlin, Charles - Paysages et Marines, for piano, flute, clarinette, deux violons alto et violoncelle (1917) op. 63
Koechlin, Charles - Sept chansons pour Gladys, for Soprano and Piano op.151
Koechlin, Charles - Sonata for Violin and Piano
Kollontay, Mikhail - Ten Words of Musorgsky after the Death of Viktor Gartman for piano, violin and cello (1993) op. 32
Kollontay, Mikhail - `Winter` (`from` Diptych for children`s choir on the words of E. Baratynsky) (1974) op. 24 2
Kondo, Jo - Dithyramb
Kondo, Jo - Gardenia
Kondo, Jo - Pergola
Kondo, Jo - Standing
Kondo, Jo - Three songs of the Elderberry Tree
Kondo, Jo - Winsen Dance Step
Korkolis, Stefanos - Concerto for Piano and Orchestra
Korndorff, Nikolay - A Letter to Martynov and Pelecis
Korndorff, Nikolay - Are you ready, brother? (1996)
Korndorff, Nikolay - Hymn III `In honor of Gustav Mahler` for a large symphony orchestra and soprano (1990)
Korndorff, Nikolay - Hymn No. 1
Korndorff, Nikolay - In D (1991) for a large symphony orchestra
Korndorff, Nikolay - In honor of Alfred Schnittke for string trio
Korndorff, Nikolay - Lullaby
Korngold, Erich Wolfgang - Piano Quintet in E major (1921) op.15
Korngold, Erich Wolfgang - Suite for Two Violins, Cello and Piano (left hand) (1928) op.23
Korsun, Anna - Nachste Haltestelle
Kortes, Sergej - Heretic, opera
Kossenko, Viktor - Sonata for Cello and Piano
Kossenko, Viktor - Sonata for Violin and Piano. 1927
Kossenko, Viktor - Three Etudes 8
Kossenko, Viktor - Three Mazurkas 3
Kossenko, Viktor - Two Poems- legend 12
Kossenko, Viktor - Violin Concerto. 1919
Koszewski, Andrzej - Campana, 1980
Kotonski, Wlodzimierz - AELA . 1970
Kourliandski, Dmitri - Brocken Memory
Kourliandski, Dmitri - Dissecta - still life (2007)
Kourliandski, Dmitri - happy mill! (2007) for chicken, fries, cola and 4 women (2007)
Kourliandski, Dmitri - History of Music (2001)
Kourliandski, Dmitri - Impossible Objects-I (2010)
Kourliandski, Dmitri - Impossible Objects-II (2010)
Kourliandski, Dmitri - Life and Death of Ivan Ilyich
Kourliandski, Dmitri - Mechanisms of Artificial Life Support (2003)
Kourliandski, Dmitri - still_life for ensemble (2004)
Kourliandski, Dmitri - Tuba Space
Kourliandski, Dmitri - Inside the movement for percussion, harp, piano and double bass (2004)
Kourliandski, Dmitri - pas d`action for ensemble (2003)
Koyama, Kiyoshige - Symphonic Suite `Noh-men` (Masks for Play) (1959)
Kozarenko, Alexander - Episcopal Liturgy
Kozarenko, Alexander - Flute Quartet
Kozarenko, Alexander - Irmologion
Kozarenko, Alexander - Konzertschtuck
Kozarenko, Alexander - Pero mertvopetlue
Kozarenko, Alexander - Pyat vesilnykh ladkan z Pokuttya
Kozarenko, Alexander - Shanson Triste
Kozarenko, Alexander - Sinfonia estravaganza
Kozarenko, Alexander - Sonata quasi una Fantasia
Kozarenko, Alexander - oncerto Rutheno
Kozhevnikova, Ekaterina - Symphony No.3
Kozlov, Mikhail - `White Steamer`, piece for piano
Kozlova, Anna - Piano Concerto
Krasavin, Yuri - AMADEUS (1986)
Krasavin, Yuri - Chinese Circus (2004)
Krasavin, Yuri - SANGO (2003)
Krasheninnikov, Aleksey - String Quartet No. 2
Krasheninnikov, Aleksey - Tskhinval
Krauze, Zygmunt - Piano Concerto (1976)
Kravchenko, Maxim - String Quartet
Kreidler, Johannes - Charts music
Kreidler, Johannes - In hyper intervals, for violin, clarinet / bass clarinet, percussion, piano and recording (2008)
Krenek, Ernst - 12 short pieces for piano op. 83
Krenek, Ernst - Concerto for Organ and Orchestra 2 op.235
Krenek, Ernst - Concerto for two pianos and orchestra op.127
Krenek, Ernst - Horizon circled / Horizont umkreist for Orchestra op.196
Krenek, Ernst - Suite for Mandolin and Guitar op.242
Krenek, Ernst - Symphony 2 op. 12
Krenek, Ernst - Vertrauenssache - Kammeroper fur 4 Sänger und Klavier op. 11
Krenek, Ernst - Vier Bagatellen oder Sonate für Klavierduett op. 70
Krestianin, Fedor - Stanza first evangelical voice
Kreychi, Stanislav - Bad Apartment
Kreychi, Stanislav - Intermezzo
Kreychi, Stanislav - Ocean (triptych) for electronic sounds
Kreychi, Stanislav - Rorschach-Rhapsody
Kreychi, Stanislav - Rorschach-Rhapsody
Kreychi, Stanislav - Voices and Movement
Kreychi, Stanislav - Voices of the West
Kreychi, Stanislav - Yeshua-Pilate
Krieger, Johann Philipp - Sonata for Violin, Viola da Gamba and b. c. 2 in d-moll Op. 2
Krivitskiy, David - Dedication to Samantha for violin and cello
Kruglik, Viacheslav - Three Pieces for Piano, Op. 8
Kruglov, Valery - Cossack Lullaby
Krutik, Mikhail - Collisions for Clarinet, Violin, Cello and Accordion. 2008
Krutik, Mikhail - hommage a I. X. (2008)
Krutik, Mikhail - Mirage (2010)
Krymsky, Salim - Sonata for Four Flutes
Kulenty, Hanna - Concert 1 for Piano and Orchestra
Kulenty, Hanna - Concert 3 for Piano and Orchestra
Kulenty, Hanna - Harmonium, 1999
Kusyakov, Anatoliy - Concert for balalaika and orchestra
Kusyakov, Anatoliy - Concerto for bayan and orchestra
Kusyakov, Anatoliy - Sonata 3 for balalaika and piano
Kuzhamyarov, Kuddus - Mashrap, Symphonic Picture. 1972
Kyianytsia, Vitaliy - Q5 for ensemble
Lachenmann, Helmut - Accanto for Clarinet, Symphony Orchestra and Recording (1975-76)
Lachenmann, Helmut - Allegro sostenuto for clarinet, cello and piano (1986-88)
Lachenmann, Helmut - Concertini for large ensemble (2005)
Lachenmann, Helmut - Consolation II for 16 voices (1968)
Lachenmann, Helmut - Fassade for large orchestra (1973)
Lachenmann, Helmut - Gran Torso for string quartet (1972)
Lachenmann, Helmut - Klangschatten - mein Saitsenspiel for three concert pianos and string ensemble (1972)
Lachenmann, Helmut - Notturno for small orchestra and solo cello (1966/67)
Lachenmann, Helmut - Pression for cello (1969-70)
Lachenmann, Helmut - Scenario for tape (1965)
Lachenmann, Helmut - Schreiben for orchestra (2003)
Lachenmann, Helmut - Serynade for piano (1998)
Lachenmann, Helmut - Tableau for orchestra (1988)
Lai, Francis - "Love Story" motion picture soundtreck
Lang, Klaus - die hässliche blume. for viola and piano (2012)
Lang, Bernhard - Differenz/Wiederholung 1, for Flute, Cello and Piano (1998)
Lang, Bernhard - Differenz/Wiederholung 5, for fourteen instruments and recording (2000)
Lang, Klaus - geschrieben in wasser. for piano quartet (2007)
Lang, David - How to pray
Lang, David - My Very Empty Mouth
Lang, Klaus - offizium paperum, for ensemble (1999)
Lang, Klaus - shirohige no roujin. roppiki no kaeru. for accordion (2008)
Lang, Klaus - siebzehn stufen. for large orchestra (2011)
Lang, Klaus - The Sea Of Despair, funeral music for string quartet (1995)
Laniuk, Yuriy - Waiting- Sonata for cello, piano, and the soundtrack (or vocal ensemble)
Lapaev, Gennady - Grace of World
Lapaev, Gennady - Open the doors of repentance to me
Larin, Aleksey - Drifts, for the people`s voice, the words of M. Tsvetaeva
Larin, Aleksey - Oak Leaves, Romance to the words of N. Tryapkin
Larin, Aleksey - Poem of Memory of Nikolai Rubtsov, for the orchestra of folk instruments
Larin, Aleksey - Soldier Songs, Cantata for the Reader, People`s Voices, Academic Choir and Instrumental Ensemble
Larin, Aleksey - The White Ark, a poem for bass, mixed choir and orchestra, the words of D. Andreev
Larin, Aleksey - Transcription of `Songs and Dances of Death` by Mussorgsky for soloists, choir, two pianos and percussion
Laskovsky, Ivan - Waltz
Laskovsky, Ivan - Waltz in f-moll
Lason, Aleksander - Chamber Music No. 6 Saxophonium (2000)
Lassus, Orlando de - Prophetiae Sibyllarum
Lassus, Orlando de - Salve Regina
Lassus, Orlando de - Tutto il di piango
Latenas, Faustas - Pasodoble for Viola and Piano. 1988
Lauridsen, Morten - Dirait-On
Leanenka, Sergey - Count Nulin
Leanenka, Sergey - Der Geist des Waldes
Leanenka, Sergey - Imaginative variations on the theme by Schubert
Leanenka, Sergey - Instrumental Cycle for Clarinet, Bassoon and Cello
Leanenka, Sergey - The Reflection To The J. S. Bach
Lecuona, Ernesto - Malaguena
Ledenyov, Roman - Quartet for two violins, viola and cello in C major (1958)
Ledenyov, Roman - Wreath to Sviridov, for chorus a cappella
Legrand, Michel Jean - Le Messager
Leifs, Jon - Boy`s Song (1960) op.49
Leifs, Jon - Dettifoss for baritone, choir and orchestra (1964) op.57
Leifs, Jon - Elegy (Hinsta kveja) (1960) op.53
Leifs, Jon - Grya`s spell op.62
Leifs, Jon - Hafis (Drift Ice), for choir and orchestra op.63
Leifs, Jon - Hekla (1961) op.52
Leifs, Jon - Iceland Overture (Minni slands) (1926) op. 9
Leifs, Jon - Intermezzo for strings `Consolation` (1968) op.66
Leifs, Jon - Jonas Hallgrmsson in memoriam op.48
Leifs, Jon - Landfall overture op.41
Leifs, Jon - Lay of Gudrun (1940) op.22
Leifs, Jon - Ntt Night (1964) op.59
Leifs, Jon - Overture to `Loftr` (1927) op.10
Leifs, Jon - Quartet no 1 op. 21 Mors et Vita (1939)
Leifs, Jon - Requiem (1949) op.33b
Leifs, Jon - Reverie (1913)
Leifs, Jon - Rminiscence du Nord (1952) op.40
Leifs, Jon - Spring Song op.46
Leifs, Jon - Torrek - Intermezzo op.(1919) op. 1
Leifs, Jon - Viking`s answer op.54
Lemmens, Jacques-Nicolas - Fanfare
Leontovych, Mykola - "Shchedrik" for chorus a cappella (treatment of folk song)
Leontovych, Mykola - Carol of the Bells & Shchedrik
Leontovych, Mykola - Dudarik, folk song (arr.) for chorus a capella
Leontovych, Mykola - `Spun`, for chorus a cappella (arrangement of the folk song)
Leroux, Philippe - AAA for seven instruments (1996)
Leroux, Philippe - PPP for flute and piano (1993)
Levina, Zara - Beautiful Eyes
Levinas, Michael - Arsis et Thesis (1971)
Levinas, Michael - Clow et Hamm (1973)
Levitin, Yuri - Little Suite for Mute Piano, Marimba and Vibraphone, Op. 65 (1967) 65
Levitin, Yuri - Moidodir. Musical cartoon soundtreck. (1954)
Levitin, Yuri - Sonata for Bassoon and Piano, op. 70, 1969
Levitin, Yuri - Sonata for Clarinet and Harp
Levitin, Yuri - Sonatina for Violin and Piano, Op. 61 (1966) 61
Levitin, Yuri - String Quartet No. 9 (1967) op. 66
Levitin, Yuri - String Quartet No.10 (1971) op. 73
Levkovskaya, Sofia - Africa
Levkovskaya, Sofia - Carmen: reload
Levkovskaya, Sofia - Formula of Spring
Levkovskaya, Sofia - Music for the 50th anniversary of the House of Composers of Saint-Petersburg
Levkovskaya, Sofia - Swine
Levkovskaya, Sofia - Thriller for Orchestra
Levkovskaya, Sofia - Vector
Ligeti, Gyorgy - 2 Studies for Organ
Ligeti, Gyorgy - Apparitions for Orchestra
Ligeti, Gyorgy - Articulation Electronic Music
Ligeti, Gyorgy - Glissandi
Ligeti, Gyorgy - Passacaglia ungherese for harpsichord (1978)
Ligeti, Gyorgy - Symphonic Poem for a hundred metronomes
Lindberg, Magnus - Clarinet Quintet in B-dur
Lindberg, Magnus - Corrente.
Lindberg, Magnus - Duo concertante
Lindberg, Magnus - Joy
Lindberg, Magnus - Linea dombra
Lindberg, Magnus - Marea
Lindberg, Magnus - Ritratto
Lindberg, Magnus - UR for 5 players & electronics
Lindberg, Magnus - Zona
Lindberg, Magnus - `Related Rocks` for two pianos, two percussion and electronics
Lion-Heart, Richard - Ja nuns hons pris, canzona (ca. 1193)
Lipkin, Malcolm - Clifford`s Tower
Lipkin, Malcolm - Pastorale
Liudkevych, Stanislav - Treatment of Ukrainian folk song Gagilka
Lloyd-Webber, Andrew - Joseph and His amazing colored Dreamcoat
Lloyd-Webber, Andrew - Musical `Sunset Boulevard`
Lloyd-Webber, Andrew - The musical `Evita`
Lloyd-Webber, Andrew - `Fantasy` Suite for the musical `The Phantom of the Opera`
Loevendie, Theo - Flexio
Loevendie, Theo - Incarnations for bass-clarinet and orchestra
Loevendie, Theo - Orbits for French horn solo, four French horns and orchestra
Loevendie, Theo - Suite from opera "Naima"
Logunov, Sergey - Gift
Logunov, Sergey - Good Ivan, the Russian folk song
Logunov, Sergey - Mary Stewart
Lombardi, Luca - First Quartet for strings (1991/92)
Lombardi, Luca - Mare (Sea) for orchestra (2012)
Lombardi, Luca - Third Symphony for soprano, baritone, choir and orchestra (1992/93)
Lourie, Arthur Vincent - Our march
Lubchenko, Anton - Die Festlische Chorale-Toccata for four pianos and copper (2014) op. 90
Lubchenko, Anton - Little Revocation for chamber orchestra (1997-2004) op. 40
Lubchenko, Anton - Piano Trio in A minor (2002) op. 27
Lubchenko, Anton - Troparion for the Glory of the Found Port Arthur Icon of the Blessed Virgin, for the Female Choir (2016) op. 96a
Luchesi, Andrea - Sonata for organ in C-dur op.1 No.1
Luchesi, Andrea - Sonata in F
Luchesi, Andrea - Sonata No. 6 in D dur
Lucier, Alvin - Chambers (1968)
Lucier, Alvin - Clocker (1978)
Lucier, Alvin - Empty vessels (1997)
Lucier, Alvin - Music for pure waves, bass drums and acoustic pendulums (1980)
Lucier, Alvin - Music on a long thin wire (1977)
Lucier, Alvin - Sferics (1981)
Lucier, Alvin - Vespers (1968)
Luciuk, Juliusz - The Battle, fragment of music for the pantomime Marathon, 1963
Lunyov, Svyatoslav - Black Trio for Sopr, Cello & Piano (on verses by J. Brodsky)
Lunyov, Svyatoslav - Letargia for large symphonic orchestra. 1997
Lunyov, Svyatoslav - `The rehearsal for the orchestra` for the 13 performers (1998)
Luther, Martin - Chorale `Wo soll ich fliehen hin`
Lutoslawski, Witold - Chain 1 for 14 performers
Lutoslawski, Witold - Chantefleurs et Chantefables
Lutoslawski, Witold - Mala suita
Lutoslawski, Witold - Prelude for G. S. M. D
Lutoslawski, Witold - Preludes and Fugue for 13 solo strings
Lutoslawski, Witold - Silesian Triptych
Lutoslawski, Witold - Six Children`s Songs f. voice and instruments
Lutoslawski, Witold - Three Poems by Henri Michaux
Lutoslawski, Witold - Three Postludes
Lutoslawski, Witold - Two Children`s Songs f. voice and chamber orchestra
Lvov, Aleksei - Wounded My Soul
Lyadov, Anatoliy - Preludes op. 53
Lyadov, Anatoliy - Scherzo for the quartet
Lyadov, Anatoliy - Six Children`s Songs op. 22
Lyashenko, Gennady - Cello Concerto No. 2
Lyashenko, Gennady - Con amore for Viola and Orchestra
Lyashenko, Gennady - Concerto for Harp and Chamber Orchestra
Lyashenko, Gennady - Lamento for Strings
Lyatoshynsky, Borys - After the Battle (for bass and piano, poem by I. Bunin) op. 5
Lyatoshynsky, Borys - Gold Hoop, opera of three acts op.23
Lyatoshynsky, Borys - Gold Hoop, The Orchestral Suite op.23
Lyatoshynsky, Borys - Music to the tragedy Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare
Lyatoshynsky, Borys - On the banks of the Vistula, Symphonic Poem op.59
Lyatoshynsky, Borys - Ozymandias (for bass and piano, poem by P. B. Shelley) op.15
Lyatoshynsky, Borys - Reunion. Symphonic Poem op.49
Lyatoshynsky, Borys - Songs
Lyatoshynsky, Borys - String Quartet 3 op.21
Lyatoshynsky, Borys - Taras Shevchenko, Waltz from the Film, 1951
Lyatoshynsky, Borys - There was the King (for bass and piano on the poem by H. Heine) op. 5
Lyatoshynsky, Borys - Three Preludes op.38
Lyatoshynsky, Borys - Two Pieces for Viola and Piano op.65
Lyatoshynsky, Borys - Will, for Chorus and Orchestra, poems by T. Shevchenko
Lysenko, Mykola - Koza-Dereza, Children`s Opera (1888)
Lysenko, Mykola - Pan Kotsky, Children`s Opera (1891)
Lysenko, Mykola - Zapirozhski March
MacDowell, Edward - Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No.1 in A minor op. 15
Macha, Otmar - Sinfonietta
Machaut, Guillaume de - Virelai V 5 `Comment qu`a moy`
Machavariani, Alexey - Doluri
Maderna, Bruno - Continuo for tape (1958)
Maderna, Bruno - Syntaxis for tape (1957)
Magnard, Alberic - A Henriette (1892)
Magnard, Alberic - En Dieu mon esperance for piano (1889)
Magnard, Alberic - Four Poems for Voice and Piano op. 15
Magnard, Alberic - Opera `Berenice` (1911) op. 19
Magnard, Alberic - Six poems for voice and piano op. 3
Magnard, Alberic - String quartet in E moll op. 16
Magnard, Alberic - Three Pieces for Piano op. 1
Magne, Michel - Angelika, Soundtrack
Magne, Michel - Fantomas, Soundtrack
Makovsky, Stanislav - Philosophers` Stone
Malec, Ivo - Dahovi , 1961
Malec, Ivo - Vibrafonietta, 2001
Malfatti, Radu - Wechseljahre Einer Hyane
Malipiero, Gian Francesco - Grottesco per piccola orchestra (1917)
Mancini, Henry - Breakfast At Tiffany`s, Soundtrack
Mancini, Henry - The Pink Panther, soundtrack
Mannis, Jose Augusto - Cyclone, for tape
Marcinkevich, Kamilla - Polka
Marenco, Romualdo - Grand ballet `Excelsior` (1881)
Markelov, Pavel - Symphony No. 2 `Sisyphus prose`
Marquez, Arturo - Danzon No. 4
Martin, Frank - 2 pieces facilies for 2-piano
Martin, Frank - 8 Preludes
Martin, Frank - Etudes for 2 pianos
Martin, Frank - Overture and foxtrot for 2-piano
Martin, Frank - `Guitare`
Martinez, Cliff - Solaris, the film soundtrack, 2002
Martinu, Bohuslav - Half-time - Rondo for Large Orchestra H.142
Martinu, Bohuslav - Partita for strings H.212
Martinu, Bohuslav - Sinfonietta Giocosa for Piano and Small Orchestra H.282
Martinu, Bohuslav - Sonatine for Trumpet and Piano H. 357 H.357
Martinu, Bohuslav - String Trio 1 H.136 H.136
Martynov, Vladimir - Games of Angels and Men (2011)
Martynov, Vladimir - Opus Posth
Mascagni, Pietro - Rapsodia satanica (Satan`s Rhapsody), sound track for the silent film directed by Nino Oxilia (1915-17)
Mashayekhi, Alireza - Shur, for electronics, Op.15
Mashayekhi, Alireza - `Yaad` for electronics, . 66 (1970)
Maslik, Georgiy - Hollywood pictures, symphonic picture (abridged)
Maslov, Vitaly - Alien, speak out!
Maslov, Vitaly - Chorale
Maslov, Vitaly - Fugue
Maslov, Vitaly - Improvisation
Maslov, Vitaly - Insect Life
Maslov, Vitaly - Liner
Maslov, Vitaly - Look to the glass
Maslov, Vitaly - Prelude and Polka
Maslov, Vitaly - Prelude 2
Maslov, Vitaly - Prelude 1
Maslov, Vitaly - Quintet
Maslov, Vitaly - Reflections in the Pills
Maslov, Vitaly - Vzglyad v okno/Looking out the window
Maslovskaya, Aleksandra - Three Pieces for String Quartet
Mason, Benedict - n.n., for ensemble (2009)
Matteis, Nicola - La Folia for violin and b.c.
Matthews, David - Piano Quintet op. 92
Mayuzumi, Toshiro - Mandala, for voice and electronics (1969)
Mayuzumi, Toshiro - `X` (1955) for electronics
Mayuzumi, Toshiro - `Y` (1955) for electronics
Mayuzumi, Toshiro - `Z` (1955) for electronics
McCann, Michael - Deus Ex Human Revolution, the play soundtrack
Medvedeva, Alina - A Red, Red Rose, Romance for Baritone and Piano. Poem of Robert Burns
Medvedeva, Alina - Chaconne for String Quartet
Medvedeva, Alina - Satireska for Flute, Tuba and Piano
Medvedeva, Alina - Sonata Romantic
Medvedeva, Alina - White Rose, Romance for Baritone and Piano. Poem of V. Briusov
Meerovich, Mikhail - The Heron and the Crane, Waltz
Melartin, Erkki - Marionettes
Melartin, Erkki - Pastorale
Melikjan, Grachik - String Quartet, one part
Melodist, Romanos the - Kontakion on the Christmas (c. 520?)
Mence, Selga - Neba maize pate naca, for choir and percussion
Mendelson, Arnold - Trio for two violins and piano op. 76
Mendelssohn, Felix - Overture in C Major for Wind Instruments op. 24
Mendelssohn, Felix - Six songs for choir op. 41
Mendelssohn, Felix - `Antigone` (Sophocles, 1841) - Incidental Music op. 55
Messager, André - Solo de concours (Competition solo) for clarinet
Meytus, Yiliy - Dneprostroi (1930)
Mignone, Francisco - Brazilian Fantasy 1 for Piano and Orchestra
Mignone, Francisco - Brazilian Fantasy 2 for Piano and Orchestra
Mignone, Francisco - Brazilian Fantasy 3 for Piano and Orchestra
Mihaylov, Alexandr Nikolaevich - Waltz
Milhaud, Darius - Cantata `La mort du tyran` for mixed chorus, flute, clarinet, tuba and percussion (1932); op.116
Milhaud, Darius - Concerto for percussion and small orchestra op.109
Milhaud, Darius - Deux Poemes extraits de l`anthologie negre de Blaise Cendrars for vocal quartet (1932) op.113
Milhaud, Darius - La P`tite Lilie op.107
Milhaud, Darius - LOrestie dEschyle: 1) Incidental Music `Agamemnon` (1913) op. 14
Milhaud, Darius - Maximillien (Suite from the Opera) op.110b
Milhaud, Darius - Newsreel op.104
Milhaud, Darius - Sonata for organ op.112
Mironchik, Wladimir - Dark Time
Mironchik, Wladimir - FUGATO
Mironenko, Vladislav - Searching of water
Mirzazade, Khayyam Hadi oglu - Theme and Variations for Piano
Mirzazade, Khayyam Hadi oglu - White and Black, 12 Preludes for Organ (1984)
Mirzoyan, Edward - Introduction and Perpetual Motion
Mitterer, Wolfgang - Konzert fur Klavier Orchester und Electronics (2001)
Mix, Silvio - 2 Preludi for piano (1923)
Moeran, Ernest John - Rhapsody for Piano and Orchestra (1943)
Mokranjac, Stevam - Cherubic
Mokranjac, Stevam - Wreath of Songs No. 3
Molchanov, Kirill - Dawns Here Are Quiet, romance from the opera
Molibozhenko, Alexey - Epic March
Mompou, Federico - Trois variations
Monasypov, Almaz - Sonata for Violin and Piano (1954)
Moniuszko, Stanislaw - Bagatelle for piano g-moll
Moniuszko, Stanislaw - `Svityzianka` ballad for voice and piano
Montemezzi, Italo - L`amore dei tre re, opera
Morandi, Giovanni - Sinfonia pastorale for organ (ca 1810)
Moroi, Sabur - Symphony No.4
Mortensen, Finn - `Fantasy and fugue`, Op, 13
Mosolov, Alexander - 4 pieces for bassoon and piano
Mosolov, Alexander - 4 Pieces for Oboe and Piano
Mosolov, Alexander - Dance Suite for Harp, 1947
Mosolov, Alexander - The Villain with the Label/Zlodeika s nakleikoi, The music for the animated film (1954)
Mosolov, Alexander - Three children"s scenes for soprano and chamber ensemble
Mosso, Carlo - 5 Short Sketches from Apollinaire`s Bestiaire and a Tombeau, for voice and piano
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - 4 Mirrow canons (duos) for 2 Violins (1777-78?) KV284dd (Anh.10.16)
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - 9 country dances (quadrilles) for orchestra (1787?) KV510 (Anh. 293c/C 23.02)
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Allegro for Klavier and Violin in A-dur (fragment) (1782) KV385E (480a/Anh. 48)
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Allegro for Piano Trio in B Flat Major (fragment) (1786) KV501a (Anh. 51)
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Allegro for String Quintet in E Flat Major (fragment) (1791) KV613a (Anh. 81)
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Allegro for String Quintet in Es-dur (1791) KV613b (Anh. 82)
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Andante for String Quintet in D Major (fragment) (1790) KV592b (Anh. 83)
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra in C Major (lost, reconstruction) (1768) KV 47c
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Fragment for String Quartet in E Major KVdeest
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Fragment for the trio sonata KVdeest
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Fugue for String Quartet in C Major (fragment) (1782) KV405a (385m/Anh. 77)
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Fugue for String Quartet in C Minor (fragment) KVdeest
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Hymn `Adoramus te` for choir and organ KV327
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Hymn `Justum dixit Dominus` for choir and organ (1771?) KV326 (93d)
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Les petits riens - Music to the Ballet-Pantomime (1778) KV299b (Anh. 10)
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Quartet for Flute and Strings No.4 in A-dur (1778) KV298
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Rondo for Clarinet and String Trio in Es-dur (fragment) (1787) KV516d
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Rondo for String Quartet in B Flat Major (fragment) (1784) KV458b (Anh. 71)
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Serenade No.10 in B-dur for winds `Gran Partita` (1781) KV361 (370a)
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Song `Ja! grüß dich Gott` for solo voice (sketch aria?) (1783) KV441a
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - String Quintet after KV 407 in E flat major KVAnh. 176
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - String Quintet after KV 581 in A major KVAnh. 175
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Vesperae de Dominica in C-dur (1779) KV321 (Anh. 113)
Mozumanska-Nazar, Krystyna - Rhapsody II, 1980
Mravinsky, Evgeniy - Little Adagio, for piano
Mravinsky, Evgeniy - Prelude 1. Moderato
Mravinsky, Evgeniy - Prelude 4. `Dedicate to the endless Russian nature`
Mravinsky, Evgeniy - Prelude 7. Adagio
Mravinsky, Evgeniy - Prelude 8. `To the Powerless`
Mravinsky, Evgeniy - Transcription of the romance `I am sad` of Alexandre Dargomyzhsky, for piano
Mulet, Henri - Carillon Sortie
Mundry, Isabel - Dufay-Bearbeitungen (2003-2004) for chamber ensemble
Mundry, Isabel - Sandschleifen (2003-2006) for string trio, percussion and piano
Murail, Tristan - Allegories for six instruments and electronic sounds (1989)
Murail, Tristan - Attracteurs etranges for cello (1992)
Murail, Tristan - Couleur de Mer for fifteen instruments (1969)
Murail, Tristan - C`est un jardin secret, ma soeur, ma fiancee, une fontaine close, une source scellee for viola solo (1976)
Murail, Tristan - Desintegrations for seventeen instruments and electronic sounds (1982)
Murail, Tristan - Ethers for flute and ensembe (1978)
Murail, Tristan - Gondwana for orchestra (1980)
Murail, Tristan - La Barque mystique for five instruments (1993)
Murail, Tristan - Lachrymae, for alto flute and string quintet (2011)
Murail, Tristan - Legendes Urbaines, for twenty two instruments (2006)
Murail, Tristan - L`attente for seven instrumentalists (1972, rev. 1992)
Murail, Tristan - L`Esprit des dunes for ensemble (1993-94)
Murail, Tristan - Memoire / Erosion for horn and nine instruments (1976)
Murail, Tristan - Seven Lakes Drive, for six instruments (2006)
Murail, Tristan - Tellur for quitar (1977)
Murail, Tristan - Territoires de l`oubli for piano (1977)
Murail, Tristan - Tigres de verre for ondes Martenot and piano (1974)
Murail, Tristan - Time and again for orchestra (1985)
Murail, Tristan - Vues aeriennes for horn, violin, cello and piano (1988)
Murdorj, Luvsanjamts - Symphony No.3, `Festival of the People`
Murov, Askold - Sonata for Viola and Piano (1961?)
Musical-instruments, - (Marxophone, Celestaphone)
Musical-instruments, - Aeolian Harp
Musical-instruments, - Aeolian Harp/Windharp
Musical-instruments, - Aeoliphone (wind machine)
Musical-instruments, - Afghan rubab
Musical-instruments, - Algaita
Musical-instruments, - Algoza
Musical-instruments, - Alpine Horn
Musical-instruments, - Ancient harp and aulos
Musical-instruments, - Angklung
Musical-instruments, - ANS synthesizer
Musical-instruments, - Bar chimes
Musical-instruments, - Bells
Musical-instruments, - Bian zhong
Musical-instruments, - Bonang
Musical-instruments, - Bullroarer
Musical-instruments, - Byantsin - stone gongs
Musical-instruments, - Celesta
Musical-instruments, - Chonguri
Musical-instruments, - Darbuka
Musical-instruments, - Dhol
Musical-instruments, - Didgeridoo
Musical-instruments, - Dolceola
Musical-instruments, - Double aulos
Musical-instruments, - Double ocarina
Musical-instruments, - Drum instruments
Musical-instruments, - Fiedel
Musical-instruments, - Films about the history of music and musical instruments
Musical-instruments, - Gaida
Musical-instruments, - Ghatam
Musical-instruments, - Gu Zheng
Musical-instruments, - Guqin
Musical-instruments, - Hang
Musical-instruments, - Hichiriki
Musical-instruments, - Hulusi
Musical-instruments, - Hunting Oboe
Musical-instruments, - Hurdy-Gurdy/Sharmanka
Musical-instruments, - Hydraulophone
Musical-instruments, - Hydraulos, hydraulis
Musical-instruments, - Ice musical instruments
Musical-instruments, - Janggu
Musical-instruments, - Jew`s-harp/Mouth Harp/Vargan
Musical-instruments, - Kaisatsuko
Musical-instruments, - Kalimba
Musical-instruments, - Komi folk percussion instruments
Musical-instruments, - Log Drum
Musical-instruments, - lur
Musical-instruments, - Mandolino
Musical-instruments, - Maracas
Musical-instruments, - Metronome
Musical-instruments, - Monochordum
Musical-instruments, - Morin Huur
Musical-instruments, - Nivoton
Musical-instruments, - Nose Flute
Musical-instruments, - Nyckelharpa
Musical-instruments, - Octobass
Musical-instruments, - Orchestrion (Orchestrino)
Musical-instruments, - Pochette
Musical-instruments, - Pontian Lira
Musical-instruments, - Pyrophone
Musical-instruments, - Rainstick
Musical-instruments, - Rebab
Musical-instruments, - Saung-Gauk
Musical-instruments, - Sheng
Musical-instruments, - Shichepshin
Musical-instruments, - Shofar
Musical-instruments, - Shruti box (Surpety)
Musical-instruments, - Stroh violin
Musical-instruments, - Stylophone
Musical-instruments, - Subkontrabas flute
Musical-instruments, - Suikinkutsu (Water harp)
Musical-instruments, - Taus
Musical-instruments, - Trembita
Musical-instruments, - Trumscheit
Musical-instruments, - Unusual and rare musical instruments
Musical-instruments, - Waterphone
Musical-instruments, - Wineglasses
Musical-instruments, - Xiao
Musical-instruments, - Xun
Musical-instruments, - Zhetygen
Musical-instruments, - Zither
Musical-instruments, - edal piano
Musical-instruments, - hipsan
Myaskov, Constantine - Fantasy on Transcarpathian themes
Myaskovsky, Nikolay - Notebook of lyrics, 6 songs for high voice and piano op. 72
Myaskovsky, Nikolay - `Festive March` for wind orchestra (1930)
Myasnikov, Fedor - Magnificat
Myasnikov, Fedor - Small Doxology
Mycielski, Zygmunt - Psalm XII. 1982
Mykhamedzhanov, Sydyk - Kene Turkestanda, Suite
Mykhamedzhanov, Sydyk - Shattyk Otany, Suite
Mykhamedzhanov, Sydyk - Voice of Ages, Oratorio
Na-Yun-Kin, Alexandr - A Bluish Dove
Na-Yun-Kin, Alexandr - Barynia
Na-Yun-Kin, Alexandr - Fantasy on Two Russian folk themes
Na-Yun-Kin, Alexandr - From Under the Pebble
Naborshchikov, Ivan - Miniature for Piano (2013)
Naborshchikov, Ivan - Piano Sonata 1 (2014)
Naborshchikov, Ivan - Six post-apocalyptic preludes (2015)
Naborshchikov, Ivan - Suite for a Prepared Piano (2018)
Nagaev, Alexander - Pictures of Ancient Russia, Suite for orchestra of Russian folk instruments
Nagovitsyn, Vyacheslav - Quartet 1 for 2 Violins, Viola and Cello. Op. 8 (1961)
Nancarrow, Conlon - Etudes for mechanical Piano 14
Nancarrow, Conlon - Etudes for mechanical Piano 20
Nancarrow, Conlon - Etudes for mechanical Piano 22
Nancarrow, Conlon - Etudes for mechanical Piano 3
Nancarrow, Conlon - Etudes for mechanical Piano 4
Nancarrow, Conlon - Etudes for mechanical Piano 41
Nancarrow, Conlon - Etudes for mechanical Piano 44
Nancarrow, Conlon - Etudes for mechanical Piano 6
Nancarrow, Conlon - Etudes for mechanical Piano: 5
Nancarrow, Conlon - Studies for Player Piano Vol. 1
Nancarrow, Conlon - Studies for Player Piano Vol. 2
Nancarrow, Conlon - Studies for Player Piano Vol. 3
Nancarrow, Conlon - Studies for Player Piano Vol. 4
Nancarrow, Conlon - Studies for Player Piano Vol. 5
Napoleau, Artur - Romance for Violin and Piano in E-dur
Narekatsi, Grigor - Havoon
Nasidze, Sulkhan - Symphony No. 1
Nasidze, Sulkhan - Symphony No. 2
Nenna, Pomponio - `Ancide sol la morte`, madrigal 4 vv (1613)
Nenna, Pomponio - `Eccomi pronta ai baci`, madrigal 4 vv (1613)
Nenna, Pomponio - `Occhi miei che vedeste`, madrigal 4 vv (1613)
Nepelsky, Karol - COURSE 2012 finale (electronic recording)
Neri, Massimiliano - Sonata a 12
Neri, Massimiliano - Sonata a 6
Netti, Giorgio - Avvicinamento, for saxophone quartet
Newski, Sergej - Fotografie und Berührung for strings quartet (2000)
Newski, Sergej - Was fliehen Hase und Igel, for six voices. 2004
Niblock, Phill - The Structure of a Work
Nielsen, Carl - Polka in A major FS 1
Nielsen, Carl - Romance and Humoresque for Oboe and Piano op. 2
Nikitenko, Artyom - Spring Evening, romance (2005)
Nikolaev, Vladimir - From the Life of the Plankton (1993-94)
Nikolaev, Vladimir - My soul is flying
Nikolaev, Aleksey - String Quartet 2 (1977)
Nikolaev, Aleksey - String Quartet 3 (1981)
Nikolaev, Aleksey - String Quartet 4
Nilsson, Bo - Letter of Hastie Oswald
Nono, Luigi - A Carlo Scarpa, architetto, ai suoi infiniti possibili
Nono, Luigi - Das Atmende Klarsein
Nono, Luigi - Djamila Boupacha for soprano solo (1962)
Nono, Luigi - Due Esspressioni (1953)
Nono, Luigi - Fragmente - Stille, An Diotima (1979-1980) For String Quartet
Nono, Luigi - liebesliied 1954
Nono, Luigi - Omaggio a György Kurtág
Nono, Luigi - Polifonica-Monodia-Ritmica for ensemble (1951)
Nono, Luigi - Post-Prae-Ludium For Tuba And Electronics
Nono, Luigi - `Omaggio a Vedova` for the magnetic tape. 1960.
Nordgren, Pehr Henrik - In Patches, for accordian
Nordgren, Pehr Henrik - String Quartet No. 10 (2007) op.142
Nordgren, Pehr Henrik - String Quartet 11 (2008) op.114
Novak, Vitezslav - Sonata for Cello and Piano
Nyman, Michael - The man with a Movie Camera, soundtrack for the film by Dziga Vertov (1995)
Nystedt, Knut - Missa Brevis for Mixed Choir a cappella, op. 102
Oehring, Helmut - Locked - In - , for guitar, violin, viola and cello (1992)
Ogi, Micha - For Kasya, cycle of songs
Olenchik, Ivan F. - 20 caprises for clarinet solo
Oliveros, Pauline - Bye Bye Butterfly
Orda, Napoleon - North Star, Polonaise
Ornstein, Leo - Piano Concerto. 1923
Ornstein, Leo - Piano Sonata No. 4
Ortiz, Gabriela - Five Micro Exercises for the tape recorder (1992)
Oswald, Henrique - Sonata for Violin
Ovchinnikov, Viacheslav - "Andrei Rublev" motion picture soundtreck
Ovchinnikov, Viacheslav - "Ivan"s Childhood" motion picture soundtreck
Ovchinnikov, Viacheslav - Suite 1
Ovchinnikov, Viacheslav - Symphony 4
Pahmutova, Alexandra - Girls, overture from the film
Pahulsky, Genrich - Prelude 1, . 8
Paiberdin, Oleg - A"la saraband for orchestra
Paiberdin, Oleg - Anthem in memory H.Purcell for 12 violas
Paiberdin, Oleg - Bagatelle for flute and piano
Paiberdin, Oleg - Because I do not expect to return for orchestra
Paiberdin, Oleg - Call for trumpet solo and ensemble
Paiberdin, Oleg - Choral for stirng quartet
Paiberdin, Oleg - GuoHua for chamber ensemble
Paiberdin, Oleg - Halleluja for string quartet
Paiberdin, Oleg - Locus nascendi for flute quartet
Paiberdin, Oleg - Organum -nn-
Paiberdin, Oleg - Oskrivik for chamber ensemble
Paiberdin, Oleg - Point of the Sky for string orchestra
Paiberdin, Oleg - Push-Keen for chamber ensemble
Paiberdin, Oleg - Sob Out for clarinet quartet
Paiberdin, Oleg - Symphonic Movement for symphony orchestra
Paiberdin, Oleg - Tango, the light electronic muzik (2006)
Palester, Roman - Adagio 1954
Palestrina, Giovanni Pierluigi da - Motet `O bone Jesu, exaudi me`
Palestrina, Giovanni Pierluigi da - Motet `Stabat mater dolorosa`, for 12 voices (1876)
Palestrina, Giovanni Pierluigi da - O Crux Ave
Palestrina, Giovanni Pierluigi da - Rorate caeli
Panufnik, Andrzej - Ach, pardon. Foxtrot (1931)
Panufnik, Andrzej - Autumn Music for orchestra (1962, rev. 65)
Panufnik, Andrzej - Concerto Festivo for orchestra without conductor (1979)
Panufnik, Andrzej - Dreamscapes for mezzo-soprano and piano (1976)
Panufnik, Andrzej - Invocation for Peace for choir a capella (1972)
Parmerud, Ake - Grains of Voices, for readers and voices (1994-95)
Parra, Hector - Impromptu for piano
Part, Arvo - Alleluia tropus for chorus and 8 violoncellos (ad lib.)
Part, Arvo - Bayan, you organ from hell
Part, Arvo - Collage on B-A-C-H fuer Streicher, Oboe, Cembalo und Klavier (1964)
Part, Arvo - Missa syllabica
Part, Arvo - My heart in the highlands
Part, Arvo - Passio Domini Nostri
Part, Arvo - Spiegel im Spiegel for violin & piano
Part, Arvo - Statuit ei Dominus
Part, Arvo - The dash and dot
Part, Arvo - `Psalm` for string quartet
Partskhaladze, Merab - Lake
Pauset, Brice - Concerto II `Exils`, for percussion and two ensembles (2005)
Pauset, Brice - Perspectivae Sintagma II, canons for piano, two voices, ensemble and electronics (2001)
Pauset, Brice - String Quartet No. 3 (...écrit-récit) (2001)
Pauset, Brice - Symphonie VI `Erstarrte Schatten`, for large orchestra, six voices and electronics (2009)
Pauset, Brice - Vanités, for two voices and ensemble (2002)
Penherski, Zbigniew - Music of the End of the Century, 1999
Pennario, Leonard - Midnight on the Cliffs (1942)
Pennisi, Francesco - Acanthis for flute and piano (1981)
Pennisi, Francesco - La Muse endormie, for cello and prepared piano (1985)
Peragallo, Mario - Perclopus, chamber concerto for clarinet, woodwind quintet, string quintet and tape (1982)
Pergolesi, Giovanni Battista - Concerto for Flute and Orchestra 1 in G major
Peshnyak, Vladimir - `Adagio (Elegy) in memory of Vera Gorodovskaya` for folk orchestra (1999)
Pesson, Gerard - Gigue pour 4 percussionnistes (2001)
Pesson, Gerard - Mes beautitudes (1995)
Pesson, Gerard - Non sapremo mai di questo mi pour flute, violon et piano (1991)
Pesson, Gerard - String Quartet No. 1 `Respirez ne respirez plus` (1993)
Petrov, Evgeny - MUSIC FOR FOUR FRENCH HORNS, 1998
Petrov, Andrey - The orchestra has a new violinist
Pettersson, Allan - Symphony No. 1
Pettersson, Allan - Symphony No. 8
Philidor, Francois-Andre Danican - Tom Jones, opera
Piazzolla, Astor - Allegretto Molto Marcato
Piazzolla, Astor - Allegro Marcato
Piazzolla, Astor - Allegro Tranquillo
Piazzolla, Astor - Anni di solitudine
Piazzolla, Astor - Ballet tango dedie a Richard Galliano
Piazzolla, Astor - Che tango che
Piazzolla, Astor - Chiguilin de Bachin
Piazzolla, Astor - Concierto de Nacar para nueve Tanguistas y Orquestra Filar
Piazzolla, Astor - Concierto para badoneon, piano cuerdas y percusion
Piazzolla, Astor - Decarisimo
Piazzolla, Astor - Divina
Piazzolla, Astor - Flora"s game
Piazzolla, Astor - La Casta De Mis Viejos
Piazzolla, Astor - Los pajaros perdidos
Piazzolla, Astor - Los Suenos
Piazzolla, Astor - Moderato
Piazzolla, Astor - Moderato Mistico
Piazzolla, Astor - Para Bandoneon, Piano, Arpa Y Percusion (2)
Piazzolla, Astor - Presto
Piazzolla, Astor - Regreso Al Amor
Piazzolla, Astor - Rinascero
Piazzolla, Astor - Soledad
Piazzolla, Astor - Sunny"s game
Piazzolla, Astor - Suoneranno Le Sei
Piazzolla, Astor - Vamos Nina
Pierne, Gabriel - Concert Piece for Harp and Orchestra
Pierne, Gabriel - Introduction and variations sur une Ronde Populaire Andante-Allegro
Pijper, Willem - Sonata for violin 2
Pijper, Willem - String Quartet 1 (1914)
Pijper, Willem - String Quartet 2 (1920)
Pijper, Willem - String Quartet 3 (1923)
Pijper, Willem - String Quartet 4 (1928)
Pijper, Willem - String Quartet 5 (1946, unfinished)
Pilutikov, Sergey - Sonata for Cello and Piano. 2001
Pintos, Roberto - Mananas Indias, Concerto for Flute and Orchestra
Pintos, Roberto - Organ Prelude and Fugue in C Sharp Major
Pintscher, Matthias - L`Espace dernier, opera (2002-03)
Pintscher, Matthias - Thomas Chatterton, opera (1994-98)
Pizzetti, Ildebrando - String Quartet Nr. 2 in D (1932-33)
Platon, Georgios - Greek Rhapsody for Piano and Orchestra (1979-80)
Pletnev, Mikhail - The cycle of children"s songs on verses of Sefa
Podgaits, Efrem - Concerto for bayan and orchestra 1
Podgaits, Efrem - Ex animo (for accordion and string quartet)
Poledouris, Basil - Conan the Barbarian, soundtrack
Poledouris, Basil - Conan The Destroyer, Soundtrack
Poledouris, Basil - Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man, Soundtrack
Poledouris, Basil - Robocop 3, soundtrack
Poledouris, Basil - Robocop, Soundtrack
Poleva, Victoria - I believe, for two mixed choirs (2009)
Poleva, Victoria - Sugrevushka
Pollini, Cesare - Scherzo in F major for orchestra (1880)
Polovinkin, Leonid - Telescope 2 (Suite for Orchestra)
Polovinkin, Leonid - `Let`s go to Paraguay`, satirical couplets from the movie `The puppets`, 1933
Polovinkin, Leonid - `Native country - big country `, song from the movie` Intriguing` (1935)
Polovinkin, Leonid - `Seeing the pilot`, song from the movie `Intriguing `(1935)
Popov, Alexander - Allegro for Flute, Clarinet, Cello and Piano
Popov, Andrey - Quartet 2 in memory of Valeri Beluntsov
Popov, Gavriil - Two Pieces for Piano (1925) op. 1
Popov, Alexander - `Angel` - thirds for flute, clarinet, cello and piano
Popov, Andrey - `Perpetuum mobile` for computer and elektrofortepiano
Poppe, Enno - Herz (2002) for Cello
Poppe, Enno - Speicher IV, for grand ensemble (2010)
Poppe, Enno - Wald (2010) for four string quartets
Poulenc, Francis - Song `Les Chemins de lamour` - version for voice and instruments FP106-Ib
Pragensis, Adalbertus - Lord Have Mercy
Praszczalek, Tomasz - Mother Nature. 2003
Preisner, Zbigniew - Les Marionnettes
Prins, Stephan - Fremdkerper #3 (mit Michael Jackson) (2010)
Prokofiev, Gabriel - Concerto for Bass Drum & Orchestra
Prokofiev, Sergey - Movie about the Prokofev
Prokofiev, Sergey - Trapeze, the ballet (1924)
Prokofiev, Sergey - Two poems for the female chorus on the words Balmont K. (1910) op. 7
Prokofiev, Sergey - `Peter and the Wolf`, a symphonic tale for children (1936) op. 67
Prokofiev, Sergey - `Summer Day`, a children`s suite for small orchestra (1941) op. 65 bis
Prokofiev, Sergey - `The Queen of Spades`, for an unrealized film music for symphony orchestra (1936) op. 70
Protopopov, Sergei - Sonata 1 . 1
Pstrokonska-Nawratil, Grazyna - Bis Joke.1985
Puccini, Antonio Domenico Jakomo - Messa di Requiem
Puchinin, Sergey - Little Prelude for piano
Raaff, Robin de - Scheherazade, March
Raats, Jaan - Sonata for two pianos op. 82
Rack-Mikhailovsky, Simon - Venus Star, romance
Radesca, Enrico - Canzonette et arie per cantare & sonare, 2 vv and chitarrone
Radulescu, Horatiu - Agnus Dei for two violas (1991) op. 84
Radulescu, Horatiu - Clepsydra for 16 players (1983)
Radulescu, Horatiu - Das Andere for viola solo or cello solo or violin solo or double bass solo tuned in perfect fifths (1983) op. 49
Radulescu, Horatiu - Intimate Rituals XI (1985) op. 63
Radulescu, Horatiu - Lux Animae for viola (2000) op. 97
Radulescu, Horatiu - Subconscious Wave for solo guitar & digital sound (1985) op. 58
Radulescu, Horatiu - Where Beyond for 11 strings and alto flute (1992)
Radziwill, Antoni Henryk - Four Romances on Poems by Unknown German Poets
Raimondi, Pietro - Parts of compositions
Rakhmadyev, Erkegali - Elegy
Rakov, Nikolay - 5 Concert Etudes for Piano (1965)
Rakov, Nikolay - Sonata for Clarinet and Piano 2
Rakov, Nikolay - Sonata for Clarinet and Piano No. 1
Rakov, Nikolay - Sonata for Flute and Piano
Rakov, Nikolay - Sonata for Oboe and Piano 1 (1951)
Ramirez, Ariel - Los Reyes Magos
Ramirez, Ariel - Misa Criolla (1968)
Ramirez, Ariel - Misa Flamenca (1966)
Ramirez, Ariel - Sanctus
Rampazzi, Teresa - Atmen noch (1980), for tape
Rampazzi, Teresa - Papille di F. e altro (Papillae of F. and other) for tape (from Musica endoscopica, 1972)
Ran, Shulamit - Vessels of Courage and Hope
Raskatov, Alexander - Pro-Kofiev et Contra-Kofiev
Raskatov, Alexander - Ritual II
Rautio, Matti - Concerto for Piano and Orchestra
Rebikov, Vladimir - Waltz in B-flat minor `The melancholic`
Reger, Max - String Sextet in F op.118
Regnart, Jacob - Ich hab vermeint
Regnart, Jacob - Litania Deiparae Virginis Mariae
Reich, Steve - Come Out
Reich, Steve - Drumming
Reich, Steve - Eight Lines
Reich, Steve - It`s Gonna Rain
Reich, Steve - Music for Mallet Instruments, Voices and Organ
Reich, Steve - Nagoya marimba
Reich, Steve - Phases for 4 violins
Reich, Steve - Piano Phase/Marimba Phase
Reich, Steve - Runner, for Ensemble (2016)
Reich, Steve - Six Marimbas
Reich, Steve - Six Pianos
Reimann, Aribert - Concerto for Piano and 19 Instruments
Rejcha, Antonin - Commemoration Symphony, for winds (1815)
Rejcha, Antonin - L`art de varier ou 57 variations for piano
Rejcha, Antonin - Quartett fur Flote, Violine, Viola und Bass in A-dur op.98, 2 op. 98, 2
Rejcha, Antonin - Quartett fur Flote, Violine, Viola und Bass in D-dur op.98, 3 op. 98, 3
Rekhin, Igor - Four Poems by F. G. Lorca
Rekhin, Igor - Ode to Peace - Concerto for Organ
Rekhin, Igor - Suite for Organ
Rekhin, Igor - Three Pieces for Flute and Piano
Rekhin, Igor - Two Dramatic Recitatives
Repnikov, Albin - Basso ostinato
Repnikov, Albin - Concerto for Two kantele and Orchestra
Repnikov, Albin - Dialogue and chastushka
Repnikov, Albin - Protyazhnaya and Fire Dance
Repnikov, Albin - Scherzo
Repnikov, Albin - `Souvenirs` - Children`s Suite for bayan
Respighi, Ottorino - Ancient Airs And Dances, Suite III
Respighi, Ottorino - Metamorphoseon modi XII (1930)
Retinsky, Alexey - Point of No Return
Revutsky, Levko - Khustina, Cantata for Choir and Symphony Orchestra
Revutsky, Levko - Preludes
Rezetdinov, Leonid - Butterfly, fire, and wind for flute, saxophone and percussion (2009) op. 78
Rezetdinov, Leonid - Chamber Symphony No. 1 (1989) op. 23
Rezetdinov, Leonid - Chamber Symphony 3 Modern for Chamber orchesra (1999) op. 55
Rezetdinov, Leonid - Dancing salamanders - spirits of fire for solo flute (2006) op. 65
Rezetdinov, Leonid - Dancing Shaman, Concert Suite for saxophone, percussion and folk orchestra (1990) op. 29
Rezetdinov, Leonid - Family Idyll, a quintet 2 on the drawings by H. Bidstrup, for wood-wind instruments (1992) op. 44
Rezetdinov, Leonid - Initiation into Love, music for film
Rezetdinov, Leonid - Little Worlds-II, brass quintet 2 on drawings of Kandinsky (2004) op. 59
Rezetdinov, Leonid - Music for the film `Journey to Happy Arabia`
Rezetdinov, Leonid - Rock Toccata for String Orchestra (2011) op. 91
Rezetdinov, Leonid - Small Moths, five pieces for flute, clarinet, violin and piano (1996) op. 49
Rezetdinov, Leonid - Taganskoye tango, the music for the documentary film
Rezetdinov, Leonid - The music for the documentary film `Favorite Movie of Stalin`
Rezetdinov, Leonid - Three Tragic Sonnets by William Shakespeare (1994) op. 46
Rezetdinov, Leonid - Weierstrass, seven mathematical sets for instrumental nonet (2008) op. 73
Rezetdinov, Leonid - `Need Old Clown`, Music for the play
Rezetdinov, Leonid - `The Streets of Broken Lamps`. The music for the TV series
Rezetdinov, Leonid - `Vasilievsky Island`. Music for the film
Rezetdinov, Leonid - `Women`s dreams of distant lands`. The music for the TV series
Rheinberger, Josef Gabriel - Five Hymns op.140
Riddle, Nelson - Batman, soundtrack
Rigel, Henri-Joseph - Symphony No. 4 in c-moll
Rigel, Henri-Joseph - Symphony No. 7 in D-dur
Rigel, Henri-Joseph - Symphony No. 8 in g-moll
Rigel, Henri-Joseph - Symphony No.10 in d-moll
Rigel, Henri-Joseph - Symphony No.14 in F-dur
Rihm, Wolfgang - depart 1988
Rihm, Wolfgang - Oedipus, misical theatre (1987)
Riley, Terry - In C (1964)
Rimsky-Korsakov, Nikolay - 4 Variations on the Chorale for String Quartet (without op., 1885)
Rimsky-Korsakov, Nikolay - Allegro B-dur (from the collective String Quartet Friday, without op., 1899)
Rimsky-Korsakov, Nikolay - Piano Pieces op. 11
Rimsky-Korsakov, Nikolay - Two Choirs op. 18
Risset, Jean-Claude Risset - Computer Suite From Little Boy, 1968
Risset, Jean-Claude Risset - Elementa
Risset, Jean-Claude Risset - Songes, 1979
Rivera, Carlos Rafael - Cumba-Quin
Rivier, Jean - Grave et Presto pour quatuor de saxophones (1938)
Rochberg, George - Symphony No.3, for double chorus, chamber chorus, soloists, and large orchestra (196669)
Rochberg, George - Symphony No.4 (1976)
Rognoni Taeggio, Francesco - Tota pulchra es, motet 4 vv and instruments
Rombi, Philippe - Waltz
Ropartz, Joseph-Guy - Andante et Allegro Trompette et Piano
Rosenman, Leonard - Robocop-2, soundtrack
Rosenman, Leonard - Star Trek. The Road Home, Soundtrack
Rosetti, Antonio - Symphony in B-dur Murray A49
Rosetti, Antonio - Symphony in Es-dur Murray A27
Rosetti, Antonio - Symphony in g-moll Murray A41
Rota, Nino - 8 1/2. Music from the film (1962)
Rota, Nino - Le Notti Di Cabiria. Music from the film (1957)
Rota, Nino - Rocco and His Brothers, Music from the film
Rota, Nino - Roma. Music from the film
Roussel, Albert - La Menace op. 9
Rovner, Anton - Precision, for Violin and Electronics
Rovner, Anton - Spirals, for piccolo-flute, viola, double bass and piano
Roytman, Evgeny - Albanian Tango (a small concert for 5 performers)
Rozsa, Miklos - Private Life of Sherlock Holmes
Rubbra, Edmund - Sonata for violin and piano No. 1 op. 11
Rubin, Vladimir - For Whom We Sing a Song, the chorus on folk words
Rubin, Vladimir - Ring-Suffering, for soloist and orchestra of folk instruments, Triptych
Rubin, Vladimir - Seven Romances, poems by M. Lermontov
Rubin, Vladimir - Soothe My Sorrows, a song cycle based on poems by Anna Akhmatova and canonical texts
Rubin, Vladimir - Ten Poems on the words of Russian poets
Rubinstein, Anton - String Quartet No. 1 in G-dur op. 17/1
Rubinstein, Anton - String Quartet No.2 in c-moll op. 17/2
Rubtsov, Andrey - Divertimento Es dur for Flute and Strings. 2002
Rubtsov, Andrey - `Flowers of the Sun `quartet for three flutes and alto flute (2001)
Rudzinski, Zbigniew - Three Songs,1968
Ruggles, Carl - Angels, for six trumpets (1921)
Russolo, Luigi - Arco enarmonico (1925)
Russolo, Luigi - Canzone rumorista
Russolo, Luigi - Chorale (1921)
Russolo, Luigi - Crepitatore (1913)
Russolo, Luigi - Gorgogliatore (1913)
Russolo, Luigi - Gracidatore (1913)
Russolo, Luigi - Macchina tipografica
Russolo, Luigi - Omaggio a Luigi Russolo fur stimme und digitale intonarumori
Russolo, Luigi - Risveglio di una citt (1913)
Russolo, Luigi - Serenade (1921)
Russolo, Luigi - Ululatore (1913)
Ruzicka, Peter - Fragment, String Quartet No. 2
Ruzicka, Peter - Tombeau, for flite and string orchestra (2006)
Saariaho, Kaija - ...sah den vogeln for ensemble
Saariaho, Kaija - Dry Mountain Stream
Saariaho, Kaija - Monkey Fingers, Velvet Hand
Saariaho, Kaija - Petals
Saariaho, Kaija - Quatre Instants
Sagvik, Stellan - Symphony No. 2 [Analgetika]
Saint-Saens, Camille - Adagio and Variations for Flute and Piano
Saint-Saens, Camille - Cavatina for Trombone and Piano op.144
Saint-Saens, Camille - Chants D`automne op.113
Saint-Saens, Camille - La Jota aragonesa op. 64
Saint-Saens, Camille - Le Matin op.129
Saint-Saens, Camille - Scène d`Horace op. 10
Saint-Saens, Camille - Tantum Ergo Op.5
Saint-Saens, Camille - Trois Morceaux op. 1
Saint-Saens, Camille - `Hymne Au Printemps` (1912) op.138
Salmanov, Vadim - 15 Children`s Pieces for Piano
Salmenhaara, Erkki - Prelude, Pop Tune and Fugue
Salomon, Zigfried - Concerto for Piano and Orchestra in A minor, op.54 (1947)
Salviucci, Giovanni - Chamber Symphony for 17 instruments (1933)
Salviucci, Giovanni - Serenata for 9 instruments (1937)
Samayoa, Jose Eulalio - Divertissement No. 10
Sammoutis, Evis - Echopraxia for string sextet
Sanchez-Verdu, Jose Maria - DE PROCESSIONE MUNDI, for oboe d`amore, English horn and ensemble (2010-11)
Sandstrom, Jan - `Behold a Rose is springing` for a capella choir
Saradjev, Konstantin - Until/Do - harmonization of the Earth
Sarasate, Pablo de - Mosaique de Zampa op. 15
Sarasate, Pablo de - Moscovienne op. 12
Sarasate, Pablo de - Souvenir de Domont op. 8
Sariev, Valery - Piano Trio the Memory of A. G. Schnittke
Sariev, Valery - Poem-Requiem after reading of M. Bulgakov, for symphony orchestra
Sariev, Valery - Sonata 1 for Clarinet and Piano
Sato, Naoki - Eurika 7 - 02 Kouya ni Hitori
Sauguet, Henri - Aspect Sentimental
Sauguet, Henri - Les forains, ballet (1945)
Sauguet, Henri - Oedipus met the Sphinx, ballet (1945-51)
Sauguet, Henri - The Sentimental Aspect, 1957
Saunders, Rebecca - Traces, for chamber orchestra (2006, rev. 2008)
Savelyanov, Egor - Sonata for Piano No. 3 (2020)
Scarlatti, Domenico - Piano Sonata in G Minor
Scelsi, Giacinto - Aion
Scelsi, Giacinto - Alleluia for cello solo, 1970
Scelsi, Giacinto - Antifona [sul nome Gesu], for male choir and tenor solo (1970)
Scelsi, Giacinto - Arc-en-Ciel, for two Violins (1973)
Scelsi, Giacinto - Chukrum
Scelsi, Giacinto - Coelocanth for viola solo, three parts (1955)
Scelsi, Giacinto - Divertimento 3 for solo violin in 4 parts. (1955)
Scelsi, Giacinto - Folk song for an ensemble of voices.
Scelsi, Giacinto - Hurqualia
Scelsi, Giacinto - Hymnos
Scelsi, Giacinto - IXOR for reed instrument (1956)
Scelsi, Giacinto - Ko-Tha - three dance of Shiva, for Guitar (1967), or Bass (version 1972) or six-stringed cello (version 1978)
Scelsi, Giacinto - Kolx-ot pax
Scelsi, Giacinto - Kya
Scelsi, Giacinto - Pfhat
Scelsi, Giacinto - Piano Sonata No. 3 (1939)
Scelsi, Giacinto - Piano Sonata 4
Scelsi, Giacinto - Rites funeral of Achilles, for percussion (4 artist) 1962
Scelsi, Giacinto - Rites: Burial of Charlemagne (814), for cello and percussion (1967)
Scelsi, Giacinto - Trio for vibraphone, marimba and percussion in 2 parts. (1950)
Scelsi, Giacinto - Uaxuctum `The Legend of the Maya City which destroyed itself for religious reasons` for 4 vocal soloists, ondes martenot solo, mixed choir and orchestra (1966)
Scelsi, Giacinto - Yliam, for female choir (1964)
Scelsi, Giacinto - `Aitsi`. Option for the synthesizer
Scelsi, Giacinto - `Alleluia` (1970)
Scelsi, Giacinto - `Elegia per Ty` for Viola and Cello (1958)
Scelsi, Giacinto - `Quattro pezzi` for orchestra
Scelsi, Giacinto - `Rotative` for 2 pianos
Scelsi, Giacinto - `TKRDG` for votes, sitar and percussion, three parts (1968)
Schaeffer, Boguslaw - Klavier Konzert.
Schaeffer, Boguslaw - Little Symphony Scultura I
Scherbakov, Evgeniy - Elegy for string orchestra, timpani and triangle
Schmitt, Florent - Hasards-Petit Concert En Quatre Parties, For Piano, Violin, Viola & Cello op. 96
Schnebel, Dieter - Choralvorspiele 1, pour orgue, instruments accessoires et bande magnetique (1970)
Schnebel, Dieter - Choralvorspiele 2, pour orgue, instruments accessoires et bande magnetique (1970)
Schnebel, Dieter - Concerto for Nine Harley Davidson
Schnebel, Dieter - FUR STIMMEN (...missa est)
Schnebel, Dieter - Sinfonische Stucke fur grosses Orchester
Schnittke, Alfred - Agnus dei (1992) op.226
Schnittke, Alfred - Eroffnungsvers zum Ersten Festspielsonntag (Entry to the first Sunday holiday) for a four-voiced mixed chorus and organ (1989) op.207
Schnittke, Alfred - Lebenslauf for four metronomes, three percussion and piano (1982) op.161
Schnittke, Alfred - Little Tragedies.The music for the film (1980) op.153
Schnittke, Alfred - Music for the movie You and Me (1971)
Schnittke, Alfred - Quartet for Percussion (1994) op.247
Schnittke, Alfred - Serenade for violin, clarinet, double bass, piano and percussion (1968)
Schnittke, Alfred - Three Poems by Marina Tsvetaeva op. 36
Schnittke, Alfred - `Flow`, electronic composition (1969) op. 59
Schoenberg, Arnold - Serenade for Ensemble and Baritone op. 24
Schoenberg, Arnold - String Quartet 3 (1927) op. 30
Schoenberg, Arnold - String Quartet 4 (1936) op. 37
Schubert, Franz - Canon `Der Schnee zerrinnt` (3-Part Chorus) D 130
Schubert, Franz - Chorus `Das Dörfchen` D 641
Schubert, Franz - Chorus `Erinnerungen` (3-Part Men´s Chorus) D 424
Schubert, Franz - Chorus `Nachtmusik`, op. 156 D 848
Schubert, Franz - Chorus `Ruhe, schönstes Glück der Erde` (4-Part Men`s Chorus) D 657
Schubert, Franz - Chorus `Schlachtgesang` (8-Part Double Male Chorus) D 912
Schubert, Franz - Chorus `Wein und Liebe` D 901
Schubert, Franz - Piano Sonata No.12 cis-moll, fragment D 655
Schubert, Franz - Song `Willkommen, lieber schöner Mai` (Canon for 3 Sopranos, 3 Tenors) D 244
Schulhoff, Erwin - Bass Nightingale (1922)
Schulhoff, Erwin - Die Wolkenpumpe (1922)
Schulhoff, Erwin - Sonata for Flute and Piano (1927)
Schuman, William - New England Triptych
Schuncke, Christian Ludwig - Most Sonata for Piano in G minor Op. 3
Schwartz, Jay - Music for 12 cellos, 2002
Schwartz, Jay - Music for five string instruments, 1997
Schwartz, Jay - Music for six voices
Schwartz, Jay - Music for voice and orchestra, 2008
Sciarrino, Salvatore - Quattro intermezzi, opera suite `Luci mie traditrici` for ensemble (1997)
Searle, Humphrey - Diary of a Madman
Sedrinberg, Rodwig - A Treatise on the Sound (1995) to eighty synthesizers
Sedrinberg, Rodwig - Ray of Evil, for harpsichord. 1959
Sedrinberg, Rodwig - `Easy!` (1982) for voice
Segerstam, Leif - Symphony No. 21, September, Visions at Korpijärvi (1995)
Segerstam, Leif - Symphony No. 23, Afterthoughts Questioning Questionings (1998)
Seleznev, Evgeny - Salut, Francesco! for seven performers
Semyonov, Viacheslav - Bulgarian Suite, three parts
Semyonov, Viacheslav - Sonata No.2 for Bayan, `Basqueriad`
Sermisy, Claudin de - Dont vient cela
Sermisy, Claudin de - Joyssance
Shahidi, Tolib Shahidi - Concert No. 3 for Piano and Orchestra
Shahidi, Tolib Shahidi - Dilkharash
Shahidi, Tolib Shahidi - Two Tajik Sentiments
Shalygin, Maxim - Concerto for 9
Shalygin, Maxim - `Insane dances`
Shamo, Ihor - "Pictures of Russian artists"
Shande, Ding - Variations on the theme of Chinese folk songs
Shatrov, Ilya - On the Hills of Manchuria
Shchedrin, Rodion - Piano Concerto 5 (1999)
Shchedrin, Rodion - Solemn Overture (1982)
Shchedrin, Rodion - Vivat! 2008
Shcherbachev, Vladimir - Baltitsy (1937)
Shcherbachev, Vladimir - Distant Village (1939)
Shcherbachev, Vladimir - Invention for Piano, Op. 15
Shcherbachev, Vladimir - Nonet for voice, flute, harp, piano, string quartet and a plastic artist dance (1919)
Shcherbachev, Vladimir - Peter The Great (1937-39)
Shcherbachev, Vladimir - Romances on poems of A.Blok for soprano and piano (1924) op. 11
Shcherbachev, Vladimir - Storm (1933)
Shebalin, Vissarion - Trio for Violin, Viola and Cello (1924) op. 4
Shenderev, Georgiy - "Patterns of meadow" Suite for Orchestra
Shenderev, Georgiy - Fantasy on a Theme A. Zhoys` Waltz `Autumn Dream`
Shenderev, Georgiy - O chem ty zadumalas, iva (What are you thinking, willow)
Shipulina, Valentina - Association
Shipulina, Valentina - Conversations
Shipulina, Valentina - In My Head (electronic music)
Shipulina, Valentina - Radioactive Seagulls
Shishakov, Yuriy - Four Pieces for the Balalaika Quartet
Shore, Howard Leslie - Lord of the Rings, a symphony for chorus and orchestra
Shore, Howard Leslie - The Lord of the Rings. Return of the King, Soundtrack
Shore, Howard Leslie - The Lord of the Rings. The Fellowship of the Ring, Soundtrack
Shore, Howard Leslie - The Lord of the Rings. The Two Towers, Soundtrack
Shostakovich, Dmitriy - 10 Russian Folk Songs op.104
Shostakovich, Dmitriy - Merry march for 2 pianos, 1949
Shostakovich, Dmitriy - Nezabyvaemyi 1919/Memorable of 1919 (1951) op. 89a
Shostakovich, Dmitriy - Novorossiiskie kuranty, for choir and orchestra (1960) op.111
Shostakovich, Dmitriy - Suite `The Tale of the Priest and His Servant Balda` op. 36
Shostakovich, Dmitriy - Suite for the ballet `Bright Stream` op. 39a
Shostakovich, Dmitriy - Venuli vetry, Russian folk song
Shostakovich, Dmitriy - `Dancing Dolls`, seven pieces for piano (1952)
Shtoharenko, Andriy - String Quartet `Armenian Sketches` (1960)
Sibelius, Jean - 5 Christmas songs for voice and piano op. 1
Sidelnikov, Nikolay - Romansero o lyubvi i smerti/Ballads of Love and Death
Sigle, Andrey - Faust, Music for the film
Sikora, El - Voyage II, 1976
Sikorski, Tomasz - Diario 87 for the record and reader, 1987
Sikorski, Tomasz - For Strings, 1970
Sikorski, Tomasz - Hymns for piano, 1979
Sikorski, Tomasz - Other Voices, for 24 Winds, 4 Gongs, Bells (1975)
Sikorski, Tomasz - Sickness unto Death (1976)
Sikorski, Tomasz - Strings in the Earth (1979-80)
Sikorski, Tomasz - The Solitude of Sounds for recording tape, 1975
Sikorski, Tomasz - Zerstreutes Hinausschauen for piano, 1971-72
Sikorski, Tomasz - olzwege (the way to nowhere), 1972
Silvestri, Alan - Back to the Future, soundtrack
Silvestri, Alan - Back to the Future-2, soundtrack
Silvestri, Alan - Back to the Future-3, soundtrack
Silvestri, Alan - Judge Dredd, soundtrack
Silvestri, Alan - Predator, soundtrack
Silvestri, Alan - Predator-2, soundtrack
Silvestri, Alan - The First Avenger, soundtrack
Silvestrov, Valentin - 12 liturgical chants
Silvestrov, Valentin - Diptych for chorus a capella (1995)
Silvestrov, Valentin - Distant Music (1956 ... 1993)
Silvestrov, Valentin - Hallelujah
Silvestrov, Valentin - Monody for piano and orchestra (1965)
Silvestrov, Valentin - Mysteria, for alto flute and six percussions (1964)
Silvestrov, Valentin - Ode To The Nightingale, for soprano and chamber orchestra on words by John Keats (1983)
Silvestrov, Valentin - Piano Quintet (1961)
Silvestrov, Valentin - Projections on the harpsichord, vibraphone and bells (1965)
Silvestrov, Valentin - Quartet-Piccolo (1961)
Silvestrov, Valentin - The last song of a Wayfarer (2002)
Silvestrov, Valentin - Trio for flute, trumpet and celesta (1961)
Silvestrov, Valentin - Two Psalms of David
Simonyan, Nadezhda - The Adventures of Prince Florizel, Music from the Film
Simonyan, Nadezhda - Twelve Months, Music from the film
Simpson, Robert - Symphony No.3
Sinigaglia, Leone - Sonata for violin and piano in G Major op.44 (1936)
Sinisalo, Gelmer - Three Miniatures for Flute and Piano, Op. of 1950
Sinopoli, Giuseppe - Chamber Concerto for Piano and 22 instruments (1978)
Sinopoli, Giuseppe - Tombeau d`Armor, III, for Cello and Orchestra (1978)
Sisask, Urmas - Andromeda
Sisask, Urmas - Big Dog
Sisask, Urmas - Dolphin
Sisask, Urmas - Whale
Siumak, Alexei - Cadenza (2003)
Siumak, Alexei - CL.AIR (1999)
Siumak, Alexei - Diploma (2002)
Siumak, Alexei - Illusion of Concert (2006)
Siumak, Alexei - Parovoz structures
Siumak, Alexei - Polka
Skalkottas, Nicos - Bolero for Cello and Piano (1948-49)
Skorulskyi, Myhailo - Song of the Forest, ballet
Skoryk, Myroslav - Sonata No.2 for violin and piano (1993)
Skulte, Adolfs - Symphony No.1, `About Peace` (1954)
Skulte, Adolfs - The Thunderstorm in the Spring, Music to the Ballet (1967)
Skulte, Adolfs - Waves, the Symphonic Poem (1934)
Skvortsov, Evgeny - Piano Quintet
Slonimsky, Sergey - Concerto for Orchestra, three electric guitars and solo instruments, 1973
Slonimsky, Sergey - Symphony 33 (2013-14)
Slonimsky, Sergey - `Lyric Stanza` for voice and piano
Smetak, Walter - Smetak (1974)
Smirnov, Dmitriy Nikolaevich - Symphony No.1, `The Seasons`, op. 30 (1980)
Smirnova, Tatyana - "Dedication to Stevan Mokryants" for mixed choir
Smirnova, Tatyana - "Hymn to the Motherland" for brass band
Smirnova, Tatyana - "Serenade to Spring", a trio for oboe, cello and piano
Smirnova, Tatyana - "Snow White" - a song to a popular text
Smirnova, Tatyana - "Spring dance"- cycle choruses for women"s choir, folk words
Smirnova, Tatyana - Children`s Suite No. 1 for a symphony orchestra in 8 parts (1973) op. 152
Smirnova, Tatyana - Spanish Sketches
Smirnova, Tatyana - Terzetto for Oboe, Clarinet and Bassoon, 1984. op. 59 4
Smith, Sydney - Brillant Fantasia On Maritana
Smith, Sydney - La Jet D`eau
Smith, Sydney - Lily of the Valley
Smith, Sydney - Tarantelle Brillante
Smolka, Martin - Adelheid for flute (2004)
Smolka, Martin - AMarcORdOSO for 8 instruments (2010)
Smolka, Martin - Eight Pieces for four guitars (1998)
Smolka, Martin - Euphorium for 10 instruments (1996)
Smolka, Martin - For a Buck for string quartet (2004)
Smolka, Martin - Haiku, for haprsichord and electronic recording (2007)
Smolka, Martin - Hats in the Sky (2004)
Smolka, Martin - Mushrooms and Heaven (2000)
Smolka, Martin - Music for Retuned Instruments (1988)
Smolka, Martin - Music Sweet Music (1988)
Smolka, Martin - O formosa (1988)
Smolka, Martin - Oh, my Admired in c-moll (2002)
Smolka, Martin - Rain, a window, roofs, chimneys, pigeons and so... and railway-bridges, too (1992)
Smolka, Martin - Remix, Redream, Reflight (2000)
Smolka, Martin - Rent a Ricercar (1995)
Smolka, Martin - Ringing (1989)
Smolka, Martin - Rinzai and water skaters for guitar, bass-clarinet and string quartet (2009)
Smolka, Martin - Rush (2007)
Smolka, Martin - Salt and Sad (2006)
Smolka, Martin - Solitudo (2003)
Smolka, Martin - Tears (1983)
Smolka, Martin - Walden, the Distiller of Celestial Dews (2000)
Smolka, Martin - `L` Orch pour l `orch` for 2 flutes-piccolo, 5 clarinets, 12 trombones, 4 percussionists, 25 violins, and 5 basses (1990)
Smolsky, Dmitry - Concerto 2 for cymbals and orchestra (1977)
Smolsky, Dmitry - Songs of Hiroshima, Oratorio Chamber on words by Japanese poets for narrator, 2 soloists and 2 pianos (1967)
Smolsky, Dmitry - Symphony No. 3 for solo piano and symphony orchestra (1985)
Smolsky, Dmitry - Symphony No. 4 for solo violin and symphony orchestra (1986)
Smolsky, Dmitry - Symphony No. 8, poems of I. Brodsky (1992)
Smolsky, Dmitry - Symphony 10 for viola solo and orchestra
Smolsky, Dmitry - Symphony 6 (1988)
Smolsky, Dmitry - Symphony 7 (1990)
Smolsky, Dmitry - Symphony 9
Soissons, Jocelin of - Alleluia Vocavit Jhesus
Sokolov, Boris - Night Dreams. Suite for Chamber Orchestra
Solares, Ernique - Children`s Song
Solovyov-Sedoy, Vasiliy - "We were not home for a long time", a song (lyrics by A. Fatianov)
Solovyov-Sedoy, Vasiliy - Song "Into the Way" (Dudin)
Solovyov-Sedoy, Vasiliy - Song "On the sunny glade"
Soproni, Jozsef - Symphony No.2, Season (1977)
Sorabji, Kaikhosru - 100 Transcendental Etudes for Piano (1940-1944) KSS 66
Sorabji, Kaikhosru - Cinque Sonetti di Michelagniolo Buonarroti KSS36 (1923) KSS 36
Sorabji, Kaikhosru - Symphony for Piano 4 (1962-64) KSS 85
Sorabji, Kaikhosru - `4 Frammenti Aforistici` (4 aphoristic fragments) for piano (1977) KSS 96
Soule, Jeremy - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, the play soundtrack
Sousa, John Philip - March `Manhattan Beach`
Sousa, John Philip - March `Semper Fidelis`
Sousa, John Philip - March `The Gallant Seventh`
Sousa, John Philip - March `The Liberty Bell`
Sousa, John Philip - March `The Stars and Stripes Forever`
Sousa, John Philip - March `Washington Post`
Sousa, John Philip - With Pleasure (Dance Hilarious)
Spahlinger, Mathias - Aussageverweigerung-Gegendarstellung (1981) for eight instruments
Spahlinger, Mathias - El sonido silencioso (1979-80) for seven voices
Spahlinger, Mathias - Extension
Spahlinger, Mathias - Farben der Fruhe (2005)
Spahlinger, Mathias - Furioso (1991) for ensemble
Spahlinger, Mathias - Pablo Picasso: Wie man Wünsche beim Schwanz packt (1980)
Spahlinger, Mathias - Presentemientos (1992-1993) for string trio
Spahlinger, Mathias - RoaiuGHFF (strange?), for jazz soloists and orchestra (1981)
Spahlinger, Mathias - Verfluchung (1983-1985) for the three singers and three percussionists
Spendiarov, Alexander - Khaitarma
Spohr, Ludwig - Quintet for piano, flute, clarinet, bassoon and horn c-moll op. 52
Sredanovich, Andrey - Angel
Sredanovich, Andrey - Concerto For Flute and Orchestra in G-dur
Stanchinsky, Alexei - Piano Sonata 2 (1912), the final
Stankovych, Yevhen - Chamber Symphony No. 3
Stankovych, Yevhen - Symphony 5 `Pastoral`
Stankovych, Yevhen - Symphony 3 I Affirm Myself
Stankovych, Yevhen - `Requiem for the dead from hunger.` For soloists, two mixed choirs, narrator and orchestra. Poem by D. Pavlychko
Steen-Andersen, Simon - Besides, for amplified piano, violin, flute and string trio (2003)
Steen-Andersen, Simon - De Profundis, for soprano saxophone and percussion (2000)
Steen-Andersen, Simon - Double up (2010) for the sampler and small orchestra
Steen-Andersen, Simon - Electro Miniature, for recording (2001)
Steen-Andersen, Simon - History of My instrument (2011) for Harp, Video and Electronics
Steen-Andersen, Simon - In-side-out-side-in, for Guitar solo (2001)
Steen-Andersen, Simon - On and Off and To and Fro (2008) for vibraphone, soprano saxophone, bass and 3 musicians with megaphones
Steen-Andersen, Simon - Praesens (2001) for 14 performers
Steen-Andersen, Simon - Rerendered for Piano and Three Performers
Steen-Andersen, Simon - Spin-Off, for soprano saxophone, trumpet, accordion and double bass (2002)
Steen-Andersen, Simon - Split Point, for the snare drum, sandpaper and a single performer (2002)
Steen-Andersen, Simon - String Quartet, 1999
Steffey, Daniel - String Quartet 1
Stetsyuk, Dmitry - Ave Maria, for Choir and Ensemble (2013)
Stetsyuk, Alexandr - Elegy (in memory of Victor Kossenko)
Stetsyuk, Alexandr - Fads, a piano cycle
Stetsyuk, Alexandr - Magic Dreams, a piano cycle (dedicated to Eugene Stetsjuk-grandson)
Stetsyuk, Alexandr - Solemn Song
Stetsyuk, Dmitry - Whisper of the Devil, for Clarinet and Piano
Stikhin, Eugeniy - Elegy for Strings and Percussion
Stikhin, Eugeniy - Piano Concerto
Stikhin, Eugeniy - Quartet for Two Violins, Viola and Cello, 3 parts
Stikhin, Eugeniy - Soundtrack from the film `Difficult Starts of Mexico`
Stikhin, Eugeniy - Symphony No.1 (1959, 2001)
Stikhin, Eugeniy - Symphony No.2 (1961)
Stochl, Ondrej - Blue
Stochl, Ondrej - Checkered Light and Shade
Stochl, Ondrej - Sheptet
Stochl, Ondrej - Three Echoes before the Full Moon
Stockhausen, Karlheinz - Aus Den Sieben Tagen, 15 texts intuitive music (1968)
Stockhausen, Karlheinz - Chore fur Doris for choir a cappella (1950)
Stockhausen, Karlheinz - Contacts for electronic sounds (1958-60)
Stockhausen, Karlheinz - Drei Lieder for alto voice and chamber orchestra (1950)
Stockhausen, Karlheinz - Etude, musique concrete (1952)
Stockhausen, Karlheinz - Formel for small orchestra (1951)
Stockhausen, Karlheinz - Hymns for 4-channel electronic and concrete music (1966-67)
Stockhausen, Karlheinz - Inori (1973-1974)
Stockhausen, Karlheinz - Kontra-Punkte for 10 instruments (1952-53) . 1
Stockhausen, Karlheinz - Kreuzspiel for oboe, bass clarinet, piano and 3 percussionists (1951)
Stockhausen, Karlheinz - Mantra for 2 pianists (with wood blocks and antique cymbals) and electronics (1970)
Stockhausen, Karlheinz - Microphone I for tam-tam, 2 microphones, 2 filters with potentiometers and 4 pair of loudspeakers (1964)
Stockhausen, Karlheinz - Microphone II for 12 voices, Hammond organ (or synthesizer), 4 ring modulators and tape (1965)
Stockhausen, Karlheinz - Plus-minus (1963)
Stockhausen, Karlheinz - Refrain, for three performers (1959) op.11
Stockhausen, Karlheinz - Spiral for a soloist with short-wave receiver and live electronics with sound director (1968)
Stockhausen, Karlheinz - Stimmung for six voices (1968)
Stockhausen, Karlheinz - Studie I, electronic music (1953)
Stockhausen, Karlheinz - Studie II, electronic music (1954)
Stockhausen, Karlheinz - Telemusik, electronic and concrete music (1966)
Stockhausen, Karlheinz - Tierkreis, 12 melodies of the star signs (1974-75)
Stockhausen, Karlheinz - Tierkreis, for piano. 1975-77
Stockhausen, Karlheinz - Tutti-Chor from `Engel-Prozessionen` (Sonntag aus Licht) (2000)
Stockhausen, Karlheinz - Zeitmasze for oboe, flute, cor anglais, clarinet and bassoon (1955-56) . 5
Stockhausen, Karlheinz - Zyklus for one percussionist (1959) op. 9
Strauss, Johann Jr. - Annen-Polka op.117
Strauss, Johann Jr. - Egyptian march op.335
Strauss, Johann Jr. - Elisen-Polka op.151
Strauss, Johann Jr. - Explosions-Polka op. 43
Strauss, Johann Jr. - Galop Klipp-Klapp op.466
Strauss, Johann Jr. - Indigo-Marsch op.349
Strauss, Johann Jr. - Kaiser Franz Josef I Rettungs-Jubel-Marsch op.126
Strauss, Johann Jr. - Leichtes Blut, Schnell-Polka op.319
Strauss, Richard - Macbeth, Symphonic Poem for Orchestra op. 23
Strauss, Johann Jr. - Musen-Polka op.147
Strauss, Johann Jr. - Musical Joke Perpetuum mobile op.257
Strauss, Johann Jr. - Napoleon-Marsch op.156
Strauss, Johann Jr. - Patronessen-Polka française op.286
Strauss, Johann Jr. - Pawlowsk-Polka quasi Galopp op.184b
Strauss, Johann Jr. - Polka Brautschau op.417
Strauss, Johann Jr. - Polka Electromagnetic op.110
Strauss, Johann Jr. - Polka Entweder oder! op.403
Strauss, Johann Jr. - Polka Française `Postillion d`amour` op.317
Strauss, Johann Jr. - Polka française Kreuzfidel op.301
Strauss, Johann Jr. - Polka française L`Enfantillage op.202
Strauss, Johann Jr. - Polka française `Demi-Fortune` op.186
Strauss, Johann Jr. - Polka Freikugeln op.326
Strauss, Johann Jr. - Polka Unter Donner und Blitz op.324
Strauss, Johann Jr. - Polka-Mazurka Ein Herz und ein Sinn op.323
Strauss, Johann Jr. - Polka-Mazurka La Viennoise op.144
Strauss, Johann Jr. - Sanssouci-Polka op.178
Strauss, Johann Jr. - Satanella-Polka op.124
Strauss, Johann Jr. - Scherz-Polka op. 72
Strauss, Johann Jr. - Schnellpost-Polka op.159
Strauss, Johann Jr. - Souvenir-Polka op.162
Strauss, Johann Jr. - Vöslauer Polka op.100
Strauss, Johann Jr. - Waltz Gedankenflug op.215
Strauss, Johann Jr. - Waltz Sängerfahrten op. 41
Strauss, Johann Jr. - Waltz `An der schönen blauen Donau`(1867) op.314
Strauss, Johann Jr. - Waltz `Lagunen` op.411
Strauss, Johann Jr. - Waltz `Trau, schau, wem!` op.463
Strauss, Johann Jr. - Waltz `Wellen und Wogen` op.141
Strauss, Johann Jr. - Waltz `Wiener Blut` op.354
Strauss, Johann Jr. - Waltz `Wiener Chronik` op.268
Strauss, Johann Jr. - Waltz `Wiener Frauen` op.423
Strauss, Johann Jr. - Waltz `Zeitgeister` op. 25
Strauss, Johann Jr. - Zigeunerbaron-Quadrille op.422
Strauss, Johann Jr. - `Stadt und Land`, Polka Mazur op.322
Stravinsky, Igor - 3 Pieces for String Quartet (1914)
Stravinsky, Igor - Concertino for 12 instruments (1952)
Stravinsky, Igor - Duet for bassoons
Stravinsky, Igor - Octet for Wind Instruments (1924)
Stravinsky, Igor - Praeludium for Jazz Ensemble (1936―37, rev. 1953)
Stravinsky, Igor - Ragtime for Eleven Instruments (1917-18)
Stravinsky, Igor - Scherzo a la russe to symphonic jazz orchestra (1945)
Stravinsky, Igor - Suite No. 1 (1925)
Stravinsky, Igor - Suite No. 2 (1921)
Stravinsky, Igor - Tango
Stravinsky, Igor - Tango for piano (1940)
Stravinsky, Igor - `Basle Concerto` for String Orchestra in D major (1946)
Stravinsky, Igor - `Fanfares for a New Theater` for 2 Trumpets (1964)
Stravinsky, Igor - `Histoire du Soldat` (1918)
Strugalsky, Vasiliy - Et expecto for flute, trombone and piano
Sugimoto, Taku - Shiisanputou
Sullivan, Arthur - Lost Accord (1877)
Sumera, Lepo - From 29 to 49
Sumera, Lepo - Quasi improvisata
Susato, Tielman - Salve quae roseo, Motet
Suslin, Viktor - Leb` wohl... 1982
Suslin, Viktor - Madrigal for two cellos (1998)
Suzuki, Kotoka - `Slipstream` for flute and computer.
Svetlanov, Eugeniy - String Quartet
Sviridov, Georgiy - Cossack Songs for Male Chorus and Piano (1936)
Sviridov, Georgiy - Ester, for soprano, mezzo-soprano, baritone, bass, piano and chorus
Sviridov, Georgiy - Four Songs on words of A. Prokofev for mixed choir accompanied by instrumental ensemble, dedicated V. F. Veselov
Sviridov, Georgiy - Live on Earth Only Once, poem by S. Yesenin
Sviridov, Georgiy - Lyrics of Sloboda, a vocal cycle in words of A. Prokofiev and M. Isakovsky
Sviridov, Georgiy - Music for Chamber Orchestra
Sviridov, Georgiy - Poem `Lapotny Muzhik` for mixed choir accompanied by an instrumental ensemble, lyrics by P. Oreshin
Sviridov, Georgiy - Poem Country of My Fathers for tenor, bass and piano on verses Avetik Isahakyan (1950)
Sviridov, Georgiy - Sacred Easter, for mixed choir and orchestra
Sviridov, Georgiy - Song of Mary, poem by A. Pushkin
Sviridov, Georgiy - Three old songs of Kursk province for mixed choir, Two Violas solo, Two Pianos, Ocarina and Percussion
Sviridov, Georgiy - Two Choirs, for mixed choir a cappella, words of Sergei Yesenin
Sviridov, Georgiy - Two songs to words by A. Barto for children or women`s choir with piano and percussion
Sviridov, Georgiy - Whip of Juvenal, cantata for solo bass, mixed choir and orchestra
Sviridov, Georgiy - Zapevka (To Sing of Russia...) for Chorus, poems by I. Severianin
Sydorenko, Lubawa - Rain, for Electronics and Video
Szereta, Ryszard - Miraculeo. 1988
Szymanowski, Karol - Agawe op. 38
Szymanowski, Karol - Songs for the Voice and Piano op. 24
Szymanowski, Karol - Veni Creator op. 57
Szymanski, Pawel - ...under the plane tree..., for recording (1980)
Szymanski, Pawel - Na szczytach panuje cisza (Silence at the top) 2006
Szymanski, Pawel - Persona, music for theatre (2009)
Szymanski, Pawel - Three Pieces for three recorders with accompaniment of the metronome (1993)
Szymanski, Pawel - Through the looking glass... II, for recording (1988)
Tadi, Miroslav - Walk Dance
Taffanel, Paul - Quintet for Winds in G minor
Tailleferre, Germaine - Arabesque for Clarinet and Piano
Tailleferre, Germaine - Ballade for Piano and Orchestra (1923)
Tailleferre, Germaine - Concerto grosso for two harps, soloists, saxophone, and orchestra
Tailleferre, Germaine - Fleurs de France
Tailleferre, Germaine - Sonata for Flute and Piano
Tailleferre, Germaine - String Quartet (1917-19)
Takemitsu, Toru - Suite from motion picture soundtreck A. Kurosawa"s "Ran"
Tal, Josef - A Garden, Opera
Tal, Josef - Composition No. 2 for Piano
Tal, Josef - Composition No. 3 for Piano
Tal, Josef - Composition No. 4 for Piano
Tal, Josef - Flute Duo
Tal, Josef - Quartet for tenor saxophone, violin, viola and cello
Tal, Josef - Saul in ein Dor, Opera Concerto for a Voice, Three Soloists and Orchestra
Tal, Josef - Touch a place, three parts, for soloist and choir
Tal, Josef - `Movement` for tuba and pianoforte
Talma-Sutt, Michal - Soundscape One, 1969
Tamberg, Eino - Desiderium concordiae, In memory of Shostakovich for chamber orchestra (1997)
Tamberg, Eino - Joanna Tentata, Ballet Suite for orchestra. 1970
Taneyev, Sergey - 12 choirs a cappella on the poems of Polonsky (1909) op. 27
Taneyev, Sergey - Two choruses a cappella (1900): 1 `The Stars` op. 15/1
Taneyev, Sergey - Two choruses a cappella (1900): 2 `The Alps` op. 15/2
Taneyev, Sergey - `From Border to Border` - double choir for mixed voices (1898-99) op. 10
Tann, Hillary - Contemplation 8.9
Tariverdiev, Mikhael - Viola Concerto, 1993
Tarnopolsky, Vladimir - Amoretto for soprano and ensemble (1997)
Tarnopolsky, Vladimir - Impression-Expression
Tarnopolsky, Vladimir - Mir polon bezumiya (Mad world)
Tarnopolsky, Vladimir - O, part op art (1992)
Tausig, Karl - Ghost Ship
Tavener, John - Lord, Now Lettest Thou
Tavener, John - The Last Sleep of the Virgin
Tavener, John - `Coplas` - Celtic Requiem. In memory of Jenny Jones
Tchaikovsky, Pyotr - Adagio in C Major for French Horns Ensemble (1863-1864) TH 156
Tchaikovsky, Boris - Sextet for wind instruments and harp (1990)
Telemann, Georg Philipp - Recorder Concerto in G minor TWV 51:g1
Telemann, Georg Philipp - Violin Concerto E-dur TWV 51:E2
Tennant, Scott - Daya`s Spin
Tennant, Scott - The Cat-Cow Reel
Tenney, James - Critical Band for ensemble (1988)
Terskaya, Lyubov - 2 in 1, for flute, vibraphone and cello
Terskaya, Lyubov - Adel, for flute, guitar and cello
Terzakis, Dimitri - Echochronos I (1967)
Thibaut, IV - Dame Sire Phelipe
Thibaut, IV - L`autrier per la matinee
Tiersen, Yann - A quai
Tiersen, Yann - Comptine D"un Autre ete - L"apres-midi
Tikhoplav, Anna - Mosaic, for piano
Tikotsky, Evgeny - Symphony No. 4 (1956)
Timoshenko, Alexander - Two Russian Folk Songs: Pala molodaya porosha, Otdavali molodu
Tishchenko, Boris - Andante espressivo for Cello and Harp
Tishchenko, Boris - Four chorus of the ancient Chinese Yuefu (1959) op. 14
Tishchenko, Boris - Quintette for two violins, viola, cello, and piano (1985) op. 93
Tishchenko, Boris - Quirks for piano op. 11
Tishchenko, Boris - Stolen Sun op. 40
Tishchenko, Boris - Three songs for mezzo-soprano, lyrics by Marina Tsvetaeva (1970) op. 48
Tishchenko, Boris - Variations for Piano op. 1
Titov, Vasiliy - Three Psalms
Tomasi, Henri - Invocations et danses rituelles, for Flute, Clarinet & Harp (1966)
Tomasi, Henri - Petite Suite, for 4 Horns
TONG, Keh-Cheng - Avatamsaka
Tormis, Veljo - How Can I Recognize My Home, for two sopranos and piano (1973-74)
Tormis, Veljo - Ocean, 1961
Tormis, Veljo - The Lost Geese (1973-74) for two sopranos and piano
Tormis, Veljo - The Swan`s Flight, 1965
Tosatti, Vieri - Divertimento for chamber orchestra (1950)
Tosatti, Vieri - Il sistema della dolcezza (The system of sweetness), a paradoxical opera in two scenes aftyer E.A.Poe (1948/49)
Tosatti, Vieri - Piccola sonata for violin and piano (1945)
Tournier, Marcel - Promenade a l`Automne
Tsalko, Andrey - Academic Squeak, for three performers (2011)
Tsintsadze, Sulkhan - Cello Concerto #3
Tso, Chenguan - Triptych for Three Flutes (1986)
Tsontakis, George - Bagatelle
Tsytovich, Vladimir - Triptych for Viola and Piano
Tubin, Eduard - Elegy (1946)
Tubin, Eduard - Music for strings (1962-63)
Tulebaev, Mukan - Birjan- Sara, opera
Tulve, Helena - "Via secrute" (2002)
Turrini, Ferdinando Gasparo - Sonata IV in G minor for harpsichord
Tuur, Erkki-Sven - Architectonics
Tyzengauz, Konstantin - Greeting Song forTomasz Zan
Uematsu, Nobuo - Dance with the Balamb-Fish
Uliyanich, Victor - Heavenly Sounds of Childhood
Uliyanich, Victor - The Bells of the Soul
Ullmann, Viktor - Concerto for Piano and Orchestra, Op. 25 (1939)
Umansky, Kirill - Frustration (2007) for Oboe solo
Umansky, Kirill - Long and Short Lines, for two cellos (2004)
Uspenskiy, Vladimir - Trio for Viola, Violin and Piano
Ussachevsky, Vladimir - Incantation (1953)
Ussachevsky, Vladimir - Sonic Contours (1952)
Ustvolskaya, Galina - Great duet for piano and cello (1959)
Ustvolskaya, Galina - Movie about the composer
Ustvolskaya, Galina - Sonata for Violin and Piano (1952)
Ustvolskaya, Galina - Symphony 2 `True and Eternal Bliss`
Ustvolskaya, Galina - Symphony 4 `The Prayer`
Ustvolskaya, Galina - Symphony 5 `Amen`
Ustvolskaya, Galina - Trio for Violin, Clarinet and Piano (1949)
Vacchi, Fabio - luoghi immaginari .1
Vaet, Jacobus - O quam gloriosum
Vahi, Peeter - A Chant of Bamboo
Valen, Fartein - Symphony No. 1 30
Valen, Fartein - Symphony No. 2 40
Valen, Fartein - Symphony No. 3 41
Valen, Fartein - Symphony No. 4 43
Vaqueiras, Raimbaut de - Kalenda Maia
Varese, Edgard - Ameriques for large orchestra (1918-21, rev. 1927)
Varese, Edgard - Hyperprism (1922-23)
Varese, Edgard - Nocturnal for soprano, male chorus and orchestra (1961)
Varese, Edgard - `Arcana` for large orchestra (1925-27)
Varese, Edgard - `Density 21,5` for solo flute (1936)
Varese, Edgard - `Deserts` for brass (14 winds), percussion (5), piano, and tape (19501954)
Varese, Edgard - `Ecuatorial` for bass or unison chorus, 8 brass, piano, organ, percussion and two theremins (revised for ondes-martenot) (1932-34)
Varese, Edgard - `Integrals` (Integrales) for 11 winds and 4 percussion (1924-25)
Varese, Edgard - `Octandre` for Flute, Clarinet, Oboe, Bassoon, Trombone, Trumpet, Double-bass (1923)
Varese, Edgard - `Offrandes` on poems by Jose Juan Tablada and Vicente Uidobro for soprano and chamber orchestra (1921)
Varese, Edgard - `Poème électronique` for electronic tape (195758)
Varese, Edgard - `Tuning Up` for orchestra (1946)
Varese, Edgard - `Un Grand Sommeil Noir`, orchestral version
Varese, Edgard - `Un Grand Sommeil Noir`, song to a text by Paul Verlaine for voice and piano (1906)
Various-composers, - Evening in the Trenches
Various-composers, - The Sacred War
Vasilenko, Sergey - Chinese Suite (1928) op. 60
Vasilenko, Sergey - Indian Suite (1927) p. 42-bis
Vasks, Pēteris - 6 Episodio
Vasks, Pēteris - Ainava ar Putniem
Vasks, Pēteris - Credo
Vasks, Pēteris - Fantasia - Landscapes of a burt out earth II
Vasks, Pēteris - Fantasia for Piano
Vasks, Pēteris - Flying Birds Music for Wind Quintet (1977)
Vasks, Pēteris - Lauda
Vasks, Pēteris - Musica Dolorosa for String Orchestra
Vasks, Pēteris - Muzika aizgajusajam Draugam
Vasks, Pēteris - Satz for Violin and Piano
Vasks, Pēteris - Symphony No. 2
Vaughan-Williams, Ralf - Suite for Viola and Orchestra (1931)
Vaughan-Williams, Ralf - Suite `Flos Campi` for viola, chorus and orchestra (1925)
Ventadorn, Bernart de - Can l`herba fresch`e
Verhola, Vitalii - Beginning of Youth, 1977
Verhola, Vitalii - Overture for Symphojazz Friendship, 1974
Verhola, Vitalii - Symphony for String Orchestra
Veselov, Vadim - April Songs. Vocal Cycle, poems by A. Blok
Veselov, Vadim - On the Field of Kulikovo, vocal cycle to poems of A. Blok
Veselov, Vadim - The Heart of a Poet, a Song Cycle the words of E. Mezhelaytis
Veselov, Vadim - Towards the Vernal Bloom, a vocal cycle, poems of A. Blok
Victory, Gerard - Symphony No.1
Victory, Gerard - Symphony No.3, `Refrains`
Vinogradov, Anton Davidovich - Egosuite for Piano Op. 7 (2015)
Vinogradov, Anton Davidovich - Piano Sonata 1 Op. 10 (2015)
Vinokurov, Volodymyr - Andante
Vinokurov, Volodymyr - Lullaby to the tune of the symphony by Tchaikovsky `Manfred`
Vinokurov, Volodymyr - Marching Song
Vinokurov, Volodymyr - Melancholic Waltz in a-moll
Vinokurov, Volodymyr - Presto, h-moll
Vinokurov, Volodymyr - Whisper, for string quartet and percussion
Vishnevsky, Ivan - And the Virgin Mary was going. Processing of the Russian folk song
Viskov, Anton - Pre-Eternal God, for chorus and orchestra, the words of Simeon of Polotsk
Vivaldi, Antonio - Concerto for flute, violin, bassoon and basso continuo in F major RV100
Vivaldi, Antonio - Concerto for violin, strings and basso continuo in A-dur RV338
Vivaldi, Antonio - Symphony for Strings and Harpsichord in C-dur RV116
Vladigerov, Pancho - A Bulgarian Rapsody `Vardar` op.16
Vladigerov, Pancho - Concerto for piano and orchestra 1 op. 6
Vladigerov, Pancho - Concerto 2 for piano and orchestra op.22
Vladigerov, Pancho - Concerto 5 for piano and orchestra
Vladigerov, Pancho - Concerto 4 for piano and orchestra
Vladigerov, Pancho - Shumen Miniatures for Piano op.29
Voitik, Victor - Old Style Suite
Volkonsky, Andrey - Piano Quintet
Volkov, Kirill - Sinfonietta for two bayans and symphony orchestra
Volkov, Kirill - The four sonnets of William Shakespeare for mixed choir (2006-2009)
Voronina, Tatiana - Sonata for Piano
Voronina, Tatiana - Where are you?
Voronov, Valery - Lenin in October
Vorontsov, Yuriy - Microcosmos
Vorontsov, Yuriy - Pastorale
Voulfov, Aleksey - Three Junior Plays
Wagner, Heinrich - Concertino for piano and ensemble of Russian folk instruments
Wagner, Richard - Overture `Rule Britannia` D-dur WWV 42
Wagner, Heinrich - Symphonic Poem for orchestra and female chorus without words `Live Forever` (1959)
Wagner, Heinrich - Variations on the Belarusian theme (1967)
Wakhevitch, Igor - Etre Dieu, 1974
Wanhal, Johann Baptist - Symphony in a-moll (Bryan a1)
Wanhal, Johann Baptist - Symphony in e-moll (Bryan e1)
Weichert, Hannjuern - brass quintet and piano
Weichert, Hannjuern - Ein Walzer
Weichert, Hannjuern - fatum II for orchestra
Weichert, Hannjuern - in aller kürze
Weichert, Hannjuern - klavierstueck eins
Weichert, Hannjuern - maditation for piano
Weichert, Hannjuern - meditation two
Weichert, Hannjuern - modulation for piano
Weichert, Hannjuern - orgelstueck
Weichert, Hannjuern - piano quartet in Bflat minor
Weichert, Hannjuern - redshift
Weichert, Hannjuern - rhapsody
Weichert, Hannjuern - sonate in C
Weichert, Hannjuern - sonatine for piano
Weichert, Hannjuern - string quartet no. 2
Weichert, Hannjuern - Studie 15
Weichert, Hannjuern - symphony in d (Apeiron)
Weinberg, Jacob - Concert for Piano and orchestra 2 in C major
Wen-Ye-, Jiang - The Formosan Dance for two Pianos, Op. 1
Whitehead, Gillian - Quartet for clarinet, two violins and cello `Serenade of Tom`
Willaert, Adrian - Credidi, Propter Quod Locutus Sum, Psalm 115, Quarti Toni
Willaert, Adrian - Ricercar X
Wiszniewski, Zbigniew - Db-Hz-Sek . 1962
Wojciech, Kilar - Agnus Dei
Wojciech, Kilar - Bram Stoker`s Dracula (1992), Soundtrack
Wolff, Christian - Stones, for ensemble (1968-71)
Wolpe, Stefan - Two Dances for Piano. 1926
Wolpe, Stefan - Two Pieces for Piano. 1941
Wranitzky, Anton - Symphony in c-moll
Wyschnegradsky, Ivan - Arc-en-Ciel, for six pianos in 1/12 tones Op. 37 (1956) op.37
Wyschnegradsky, Ivan - Etude sur les mouvements rotatoires Op.45a op.45a
Wyschnegradsky, Ivan - Meditation on the two themes of the `Day of Being` (1958) op. 7
Wyschnegradsky, Ivan - Prelude and Fugue for the quarter-tone piano
Wyschnegradsky, Ivan - Sonata for viola and two pianos Op.34
Wyschnegradsky, Ivan - String Quartet in Quarter-tones (1931) op.18
Wyschnegradsky, Ivan - Twenty-four Preludes for Two Quarter-tone Pianos (1934) op.22
Wyschnegradsky, Ivan - `Dialogue`
Wyschnegradsky, Ivan - `Dithyrambe`
Wyschnegradsky, Ivan - `Transparence I` for Martenot waves and for two quarter-tone pianos (1953) op.35
Xenakis, Iannis - A Helene for choir (1977)
Xenakis, Iannis - A r. (Hommage a Ravel) for piano (1987)
Xenakis, Iannis - Anaktoria for clarinet, bassoon, horn, string quartet and double bass (1969)
Xenakis, Iannis - Analogique (A+B), for string ensemble and recording (1958-59)
Xenakis, Iannis - Bohor, electronic music (1962)
Xenakis, Iannis - Concret PH, electronic music (1958)
Xenakis, Iannis - Diamorphoses, electronic music (1957-58)
Xenakis, Iannis - Dikhthas for violin and piano (1979)
Xenakis, Iannis - Embellie for viola solo (1981)
Xenakis, Iannis - Empreintes for orchestra (1975)
Xenakis, Iannis - Eonta for 2 trumpets, 3 trombones and piano (1963-64)
Xenakis, Iannis - GENDY3 (1991)
Xenakis, Iannis - Gmeeoorh, for organ (1974)
Xenakis, Iannis - Hibiki-Hana-Ma, electronic music (1969-70)
Xenakis, Iannis - Ittidra for string sextet (1996)
Xenakis, Iannis - Kassandra for baritone/psalterion and percussion (1987, an additional movement for Oresteia)
Xenakis, Iannis - Keqrops for piano and orchestra (1986)
Xenakis, Iannis - Kottos for cello (1977)
Xenakis, Iannis - Kraanerg, ballet for orchestra and tape (1968)
Xenakis, Iannis - La deesse Athena, for baritone, percussion and chamber ensemble (1992, Oresteia III)
Xenakis, Iannis - La legende d`Eer (Diatope), electronic music (1977)
Xenakis, Iannis - Metastaseis, for 61 solo instruments (1953/54) (The `Anastenaria` triptych cycle, III)
Xenakis, Iannis - Mnamas Xapin Witoldowi Lutoslavskiemu for two French horns and two trumpets (1994)
Xenakis, Iannis - Mycenae Alpha (1978)
Xenakis, Iannis - Nomos alpha for cello solo (1965-66)
Xenakis, Iannis - Oophaa, for Harpsichord and Percussion (1989)
Xenakis, Iannis - Orient-Occident, electronic music (1960)
Xenakis, Iannis - Paille in the Wind for cello and piano (1992)
Xenakis, Iannis - Persepolis, electronic music (1971)
Xenakis, Iannis - Pleiades for six percussionists (1979)
Xenakis, Iannis - Polla ta dhina, for children`s choir and forty-eight instruments (1962)
Xenakis, Iannis - Polytope de Cluny, (1972)
Xenakis, Iannis - Pour la Paix for SATB chorus, two male speakers, two female speakers and tape (1981)
Xenakis, Iannis - Psappha for percussion (1975)
Xenakis, Iannis - Rebonds (a+b) for percussion (1987-88)
Xenakis, Iannis - S.709, electronic music (1994)
Xenakis, Iannis - Serment-Orkos for SATB chorus of 32 or more voices (1981)
Xenakis, Iannis - Syrmos, for strings (1959)
Xenakis, Iannis - Taurhiphanie, electronic music (1987)
Xenakis, Iannis - Terretektorh for orchestra (1966)
Xenakis, Iannis - Theraps, for strings (1975-76)
Xenakis, Iannis - Tracees for orchestra (1987)
Xenakis, Iannis - Voyage absolu des Unari vers Andromede (1989)
Xenakis, Iannis - Zyia, for Voice and Piano (1952)
Xianzu, Tang - The Peony Pavilion, opera (1598)
Yahin, Rustem - Dulkynnar
Yahin, Rustem - Kuelemde yaz
Yakovlev, Gleb - Allegro for Violin, Viola and Cello
Yakubchonak, Pavel - Zone of Silence, Symphony Poem
Yanevich, Feliks - Variations for piano
Yared, - Detail of the Ethiopian liturgy
Yared, - Hymns in honor of John the Baptist
Yared, - Hymns in honor of St. George
Yared, - Hymns in honor of St. Stephen
Yared, - Hymns in honor of the Holy Trinity
Yared, - Hymns in honor of the Mount of Olives
Yared, - Hymns in honor of the Savior
Yared, - Hymns in honor of the Virgin Mary
Yared, - Le` weldeki. Hetsan
Yared, - Mariam. Le`petros
Yared, - Nei. Regbeye
Yarunskiy, Sergey - "Emerald tablet of Hermes", Chamber Symphony 2
Yarunskiy, Sergey - Fog in the Valley, poem by T. Shevchenko, 1983
Yarunskiy, Sergey - Semargl
Yarunskiy, Sergey - `Greenhouse of Cactus`, chamber symphony 1 for violin, guitar and accordion (1992-94)
Yaskou, Kanstantsin - Ludus mobilis I: diatonic metaepitafiya memory conceptualism for piano, three mobile instruments (at least) and 6 remotes
Yaskou, Kanstantsin - Ludus mobilis II: Dance of Yin and Yang of the deepest void
Yoffe, Boris - Colored Stones for Viola and Guitar
Yoffe, Boris - Herbstabend
Yoffe, Boris - Kerze-Wasser-Rose-Flugel-Prelude.Tombeau
Yoffe, Boris - Madame Lenin
Yoshimatsu, Takashi - Piano Concerto, `Memo Flora`
Young, La Monte - Poem for tables, chairs, benches (etc.) (1960)
Young, La Monte - Sarabande
Young, La Monte - Trio for Strings (1958)
Yukechev, Yuriy - Three Pieces for Cello
Yukechev, Yuriy - Trio for Flute, Clarinet and Xilophone Op. 1
Zabegin, Igor - In Memory of O. E.
Zabegin, Igor - Sonata for Trumpet and Piano (1976)
Zaderatsky, Vsevolod - Preludes 4,7,10,16,18,19,24
Zaderatsky, Vsevolod - Symphonic poster `Horse army` (1935)
Zagaykevych, Alla - Motus (Electronic recording)
Zagny, Sergei - Electronic music 1 (light music)
Zagny, Sergei - Electronic music 2 (brass music)
Zagny, Sergei - Movie about the composer
Zagny, Sergei - New Year`s Music - 1 (2000)
Zaitsev, Grigoriy - In the cave of Lascaux
Zakh, Jahn - Fugue for Organ in A minor
Zanella, Amilcare - Fantasia orientale for six cellos
Zarlino, Gioseffo - Pater noster 7 vv (1549-1566)
Zawadzka-Golosz, Anna - Girare. 1986
Zazhit, Sergey - Nestor Batiuk (monologue with dance for the reader, drum, violin, mandolin, trombone, occasional baritone and other sounds)
Zazhit, Sergey - That`s it! For piano. 1996
Zeiger, Mikhail - Old Petersburg. Waltz for Guitar
Zeiger, Mikhail - Postscriptum, for Guitar
Zeiger, Mikhail - `Ring`, 4 songs on the text. Alexei Koltsov, for clarinet, tenor, and folk voice
Zelenka, Jan Dismas - Kyrie, Sanctus, Agnus Dei ZWV 26
Zelenka, Jan Dismas - ass `Sancta Caeciliae` ZWV 1
Zemlinsky, Alexander von - String Quartet No. 4 (1936) op.25
Zemlinsky, Alexander von - Two Pieces for String Quintet
Zhubanov, Ahmet - Tajik Dance No. 2
Zhubanov, Ahmet - Tajik Dance No. 4
Zhubanov, Ahmet - Tajik Dance No. 5
Zhubanov, Ahmet - Tajik Dances. 10 Pieces for Piano
Zielinska, Lidia - Expandata . 1977
Zielinska, Lidia - Just Too Many Words for Electronics (2001)
Zimmermann, Bernd Alois - Ich wandte mich und sah an alles Unrecht, das geschah unter der Sonne (Ekklesiastische Aktion), for two narrators, bass and orchestra (1970)
Zimmermann, Bernd Alois - Tratto, composition of electronic sounds in the form of choreographic study (1966)
Zipoli, Domenico - Pastorale for Organ
Ziv, Mikhail - `General Shubnikov`s corps`, music for the film (1980)
Zohrabyan, Ashot - Narcissus, String Quartet No. 1 (1996)
Zorn, John - Issachar
Zrunek, Georgius - Christmas Mass in F-dur
Zubytski, Wolodymyr - Sonata 2
Zubytski, Wolodymyr - Sonatina in 3 parts for bayan
Zubytski, Wolodymyr - The Bulgarian notebook
Zuccari, Carlo - Sonata op.1 n.5 for violin and continuo (ca 1747)
Zvezdina, Darya - Melancholy for string quartet (2012)
Zyatkov, Sergey - Invitation to a Beheading, quintet
Zyatkov, Sergey - String Quartet 1 - The Wall Around the World