Friedrich Lips

Friedrich Lips (bayan)
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Banshchikov, Gennady - Sonata No. 3 for Bayan (1977)
Berinskiy, Sergej - "Miserere" for voice, accordion and piano
Berinskiy, Sergej - "Seascape" Poem for violin and accordion
Berinskiy, Sergej - "Thus Spake Zarathustra" Partita for bayan
Berinskiy, Sergej - Cinema. In memoriam of Nino Rota. Fantasy for bayan solo. 1996
Berinskiy, Sergej - Il dolce dolore. Largo apassionato for cello and bayan, 1990
Berinskiy, Sergej - Symphony No.3 for bayan and symphony orchestra (1994)
Boellmann, Leon - Gothic Suite for Organ, op.25
Bronner, Mikhail - Garden of Dreams
Bronner, Mikhail - Katuv , for Piano, Accordion and Orchestra (2004)
Busoni, Ferruccio - Piano transcription of Bach`s Chaconne from Partita 2 in D minor (BWV1004)
Denisov, Edison - Des teneres a la lumiere for bayan (1995)
Gubaidulina, Sofia - De profundis (1978)
Gubaidulina, Sofia - Et Exspecto, Sonata for Accordion/Bayan
Gubaidulina, Sofia - `Under the sign of Scorpio` Symphonic Variations for bayan and large orchestra
Holminov, Alexander - Concert symphony for Bayan
Holminov, Alexander - Concerto for Bayan and orchestra
Kobekin, Vladimir - "Holiday for Two" for bayan and percussion
Lyadov, Anatoliy - `Musical snuffbox` for orchestra, op. 32
Messiaen, Olivier - Parts of Works
Mussorgsky, Modest - In the Village (Quasi Fantasia) (1880)
Mussorgsky, Modest - Pictures at an Exhibition, cycle of pieces for piano (1874)
Panitsky, Ivan - Oh, You Kalinushka
Podgaits, Efrem - Fantasia in Memory of Alfred Schnittke
Podgaits, Efrem - Lips-Concerto
Podgaits, Efrem - Viva voce. Concerto 2 for Bayan and Chamber Orchestra. (2008)
Rameau, Jean-Philippe - Nouvelle suite de pieces pour clavecin. 18.La Poule, RCT 6:5
Rameau, Jean-Philippe - `Pieces de clavecin`: 5. `Le rappel des oiseaux`, RCT 2:4
Schnittke, Alfred - Dedication to Stravinsky, Prokofiev and Shostakovich (1979), op.139
Sergeeva, Tatiana - Dark Rose, Salon Piece for bayan, pianoforte, violin, cello, percussion (2001)
Shenderev, Georgiy - Suite for Orchestra of Russian Folk Instruments
Volkov, Kirill - Opyat nad polem Kulikovym, sonata for bayan. 1980
Volkov, Kirill - Sonata for Bayan No. 1, 1976
Volkov, Kirill - Stanza of Ivan the Terrible for cello and accordion (1994)
Yaskou, Kanstantsin - Aphrodite Anthem, for bayan and strings
Zhurbin, Alexander - Sonata 3, Walking into the Neskuchny Sad, for Bayan
Zolotarev, Vladislav - Chamber Suite
Zolotarev, Vladislav - Ferapontov Monastery
Zolotarev, Vladislav - Five Compositions
Zolotarev, Vladislav - Ispaniada
Zolotarev, Vladislav - Partita for bayan
Zolotarev, Vladislav - Sinfonia Concertante 2 in four parts
Zolotarev, Vladislav - Sinfonia Concertante 1 in four parts
Zolotarev, Vladislav - Six children"s suite
Zolotarev, Vladislav - Sonata 2 for accordion
Zolotarev, Vladislav - Sonata 3 for accordion
Zolotarev, Vladislav - Suite No. 1