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Abdyssagin, Rakhat-Bi - Light at the End of the Tunnel, for cello and piano (2012)
Almashi, Zoltan - 19 nobly sentimental pieces for piano (2015)
Almashi, Zoltan - Nina L. Dorliac for any keyboard instrument
Almashi, Zoltan - Ode for harpsichord
Almashi, Zoltan - Penguin`s Journey with the gradual emergence aurora in the background
Almashi, Zoltan - Silver, for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano
Almashi, Zoltan - Sonata 2 for Cello and Piano `Facets`
Almashi, Zoltan - Unfinished Bard`s Song, for piano
Almashi, Zoltan - Van Gogh (for housewares and gift bag)
Almashi, Zoltan - `Drops` for Piano
Almashi, Zoltan - `Zebje` for musical instruments, the soundtrack to sound a frog and the video
Antonov, Andrey - Dialogue for clarinet and piano (2014)
Antonov, Andrey - Point. Square. Ball (2013) [under the solo piano project by Alexei Shmurak Insignificant Music]
Arefiev, Dmitriy - `La temps que reste` for piano trio
Arkushiba, Anna - Glanz (2013) for several voices
Arkushiba, Anna - Graininess, for quintet (2012)
Arkushiba, Anna - Serenades from the Open Windows
Arkushiba, Anna - Uesh-om, (2013) for 4 whistles
Arkushiba, Anna - When the Air is Transparent
Arkushiba, Anna - When the Now - It is Never (2012) for piano
Asmudsen, Ainar - ALTRI for flute, violin and piano
Asmudsen, Ainar - Cantata for electronic records
Asmudsen, Ainar - Ludomaniya (2012) an impromptu for midi drum kit samples
Asmudsen, Ainar - Wy-Wy for electronic records
Bezborodko, Oleg - Intermezzo for piano (2011)
Bezborodko, Oleg - Mignonettes and Poemettes of Our Time, for an ensemble of Nostri Temporis
Buloshnikov, Mark - Eight Lines (2013) [under the solo piano project by Alexei Shmurak Insignificant Music]
Cage, John - Water music for pianist (1952)
Concerts, - Concerts of Shmurak Alexey
Concerts, - Concerts of `Ensemble Nostri Temporis`
Dorokhov, Georgy - Manifesto
Dorokhov, Georgy - Repeat
Dorokhov, Georgy - Transcription of Chopin`s Prelude No. 1
Dorokhov, Georgy - Transformation. 2006-07
Dorokhov, Georgy - Under construction
Filimonov, Alexander - Pastorale
Irsai, Jevgenij - Loansounds (2010)
Ives, Charles - Song Without (Good) Words
Khismatov, Sergey - `Molecular Fantasy 1 - sparkling H2O `(2007) for piano
Khorov, Denis - Mother (2013) [under the solo piano project by Alexei Shmurak Insignificant Music]
Khorov, Denis - `Lc 2.25` for piano (2012)
Khrushcheva, Nastasya - As If in a Fairy Tale (from the music to the play `Nevsky Prospekt`)
Khrushcheva, Nastasya - `Song of Hoary Fox` (2013) [under the solo piano project by Alexei Shmurak `Insignificant Music`]
Khubeyev, Alexander - Phobos and Deimos
Kobzar, Alisa - Afflatus, for oboe, bass-clarinet, piano, tape and lights
Kobzar, Alisa - De(zember) for pianist and assistant
Kobzar, Alisa - Jamais-vu (2012) for five performers
Kobzar, Alisa - X/Y
Kolomiiets, Maxym - Ashes of scared rainbows. 2009-2010, for ten performers
Kolomiiets, Maxym - Mumu in the Cloudes of Stars
Kolomiiets, Maxym - Outcast`s Path for chamber ensemble
Kolomiiets, Maxym - Pustye pedestaly/Empty pedestals
Kolomiiets, Maxym - The Figures of Light, for Oboe, Violin, Viola and Piano (2008)
Kolomiiets, Maxym - Transcription of Chopin`s 17th Prelude
Korsun, Anna - Aqua sonare (2008) for piano
Korsun, Anna - Rock Paper Scissors
Korsun, Anna - UnderSurFace
Kourliandski, Dmitri - Brocken Memory
Kranebitter, Matthias - Trinklied vom Jammer der Erde II, for Oboe, French Horn and Piano (2011)
Lachenmann, Helmut - Five Variations on Schubert`s theme (Walzer cis-moll, D643) for Piano (1956)
Laniuk, Yuriy - Waiting- Sonata for cello, piano, and the soundtrack (or vocal ensemble)
Manulyak, Ostap - Ramifications ​​(2012) for five performers
Maydenberg, Kira - Passenger (2012) for five performers
Mayrhofer, Gregor - `Schattenskizzen` (2012) for five performers
Merkhel, Andrey - Ritual, for clarinet, cello and piano (2011/2013)
Moser, Daniel - Urlicht, for French Horn, Double bass and Piano (2011)
Nadzharov, Alex - Hologramm for Chamber Ensemble
Nadzharov, Alex - Transcription of Chopin`s 8th Prelude
Newski, Sergej - Rift, a version for bass-clarinet, violin and piano
Nizamov, Elmir - Mirages
Nizamov, Elmir - Sun Moon Truth
Obukhov, Vladimir - Inopia, for Piano (2013), the project of Alexey Shmurak Heznachitelnaya Muzyka
Pechat, Piter - A Garden of Earthly Delights
Pilutikov, Sergey - Calm, for Oboe and Piano
Poleukhina, Marina - : ==== For the Thing (2013) [under the solo piano project by Alexei Shmurak Insignificant Music]
Poleukhina, Marina - C, 2012, for five performers
Poleva, Victoria - Anthem (1991)
Popov, Andrey - Sarabande for piano
Popov, Andrey - Slow quiet music for cello and piano
Popov, Andrey - Space Strings, for cello and synthesizer
Popov, Andrey - `Day The Eighth` for a cello and keyboard or harp (2013)
Radzetckiy, Dmitriy - Bagatelle
Roytman, Evgeny - Second Hand Music (2013) for Piano
Satie, Erik - Trois Véritables préludes flasques (pour un chien) (1912), ES 126
Schoenberg, Arnold - 5 Klavierstuecke (1920/23), op. 23
Sehin, Bohdan - Icarus for Chamber Ensemble
Sehin, Bohdan - Irradiation
Sehin, Bohdan - Musikalisches Opfer, for Oboe, French Horn, Double bass and Piano (2011)
Sehin, Bohdan - Something alike on hocket
Sehin, Bohdan - Transcription of Chopin`s 4th Prelude
Serova, Elena - Autumn Beach, for clarinet, cello, rain sticks, triangle and piano (2007)
Serova, Elena - Lullaby
Serova, Elena - Symphony Khton
Serova, Elena - You can feel (2012) for five performers
Serova, Elena - `The last leaf `(2010, ed. 2011) for chamber ensemble
Shirokov, Kirill - Everyday melodies (2011-...)
Shirokov, Kirill - Subcovered colour is not an occasion (2013)
Shmurak, Alexey - But the Day is not the Day Gives Way To, for a voice, the words by Nick Skandiaki (2013)
Shmurak, Alexey - Chamber Opera, poems by Dmitry Averianov (2016)
Shmurak, Alexey - Do not prompt, for a synthesizer (2012)
Shmurak, Alexey - Elina, for wind and keyboard, 2014
Shmurak, Alexey - Existing Voices for Piano and Keys (2013)
Shmurak, Alexey - Farewell, for oboe, double bass and piano
Shmurak, Alexey - Four poems of Czeslaw Milosz (2011)
Shmurak, Alexey - Fox, for Piano and Wind Quintet, 2015
Shmurak, Alexey - Gloomy Lion, for piano (1993)
Shmurak, Alexey - histerucal dog: pedestrian regiment of ninety three
Shmurak, Alexey - Hysterical Dog: An Empty Being
Shmurak, Alexey - hysterical dog: army
Shmurak, Alexey - hysterical dog: barmaglot
Shmurak, Alexey - hysterical dog: cool station
Shmurak, Alexey - hysterical dog: donuts
Shmurak, Alexey - hysterical dog: evening
Shmurak, Alexey - hysterical dog: freeze
Shmurak, Alexey - hysterical dog: how horses are stepping slowly
Shmurak, Alexey - Hysterical Dog: I Hate the Light
Shmurak, Alexey - hysterical dog: insomnia
Shmurak, Alexey - hysterical dog: sky
Shmurak, Alexey - hysterical dog: somnambuas at ATV
Shmurak, Alexey - hysterical dog: that today something happened
Shmurak, Alexey - hysterical dog: the orange line
Shmurak, Alexey - Hysterical Dog: The Secret Garden
Shmurak, Alexey - hysterical dog: to be hurt
Shmurak, Alexey - Last peaceful hours, for piano (2014)
Shmurak, Alexey - Light Entrainments, for nine performers (2014)
Shmurak, Alexey - Mazurka for piano. 2001
Shmurak, Alexey - Onegin`s Letter to Tatiana
Shmurak, Alexey - Oscar, Album of Piano Improvisations (2017)
Shmurak, Alexey - Penultimate Song, for Five Instruments (2016)
Shmurak, Alexey - Piano Sonata. 2002
Shmurak, Alexey - Poem (2001) for Piano
Shmurak, Alexey - Polka for piano (1995)
Shmurak, Alexey - Pre-action, for Piano, Timer and Acoustic Environment (2016)
Shmurak, Alexey - Pure Glass (Electronic Track) (2019)
Shmurak, Alexey - Resentment, for piano (2013)
Shmurak, Alexey - Return, for piano, electronic records and an ensemble of nine performers (2012)
Shmurak, Alexey - Scherzo (2004) for piano
Shmurak, Alexey - Seven Sonets for voice and piano, poems by I. Mishutin, 2014
Shmurak, Alexey - Short Film for piano. 2001
Shmurak, Alexey - Six Irreversibilities, The project Bluk (2013)
Shmurak, Alexey - Songs of Migrants, for Two Voices (2013)
Shmurak, Alexey - Spring, for the Melodica, Piano, Gguitar and Keyboard Synthesizer (2016)
Shmurak, Alexey - Strawberry Sonata for Violin and Piano (2014)
Shmurak, Alexey - Tact, for one performer (2013)
Shmurak, Alexey - The project Bluk. Symphony of machines (2013)
Shmurak, Alexey - The project Bluk. The Glass Bead Game (2014)
Shmurak, Alexey - The Siege (2012)
Shmurak, Alexey - The Sun, for two voices (2013)
Shmurak, Alexey - Two Transcendental Etudes for clarinet and piano (2012)
Shmurak, Alexey - Variations on a Theme of Corelli (2017)
Shmurak, Alexey - Variations on the theme by Prokofiev for piano (2006)
Shmurak, Alexey - Wild Sonatina for piano. 2000
Shmurak, Alexey - `Album` for Piano, three parts (2009)
Shmurak, Alexey - `And the time is going` (2005) for piano
Shmurak, Alexey - `Bagatelle` (2012), as part of Alexei Shmurak`s Bagatelles of Our Time (2012)
Shmurak, Alexey - `Disease of Doll for voice, vio`Dolls desease` (2011) for voice, violin and synthesizerlin and synthesizer
Shmurak, Alexey - `Dragon` (2007) for piano
Shmurak, Alexey - `Erlkoenig` for six performers (2012)
Shmurak, Alexey - `Eve` (2010) for piano and orchestra
Shmurak, Alexey - `Golem` (2011) for 9 Instruments
Shmurak, Alexey - `Hunger` (2011) for amateur woodwinds, voices, piano and strings
Shmurak, Alexey - `I grew up like a father` treatment of Ukrainian folk songs
Shmurak, Alexey - `Itis kiti` (2011) for performer
Shmurak, Alexey - `Kyiv suite` (2002) for piano, in 6 parts
Shmurak, Alexey - `Night `(2011) for clarinet and three synthesizers
Shmurak, Alexey - `nobles et sentimentales` (2011) for piano
Shmurak, Alexey - `Quintuplet` (2003) for violin and piano, in 5 parts
Shmurak, Alexey - `Road wait` (2010) for flute, oboe, bass clarinet, french horn, trumpet, piano, violin, cello and double bass
Shmurak, Alexey - `Sehr angenehm` (2005, rev. 2007) for clarinet and piano
Shmurak, Alexey - `Urban Legends` (2011) for voice and cello, in 4 parts
Shmurak, Alexey - Book of stability (2007) for viola and piano, in 3 parts
Shmurak, Alexey - Control (2010) for any keyboard instrument, woodwinds and strings
Shmurak, Alexey - Dream of the day (2011) for tape
Shmurak, Alexey - Foam (2008) for piano
Shmurak, Alexey - Fragility (2011) for 11 performers and soundtrack
Shmurak, Alexey - Micro-passaglia (2010) for oboe and piano
Shmurak, Alexey - Sonata (2002) for violin and piano, in 3 parts
Shmurak, Alexey - Transcription (2009) for flute, oboe, violin, cello and piano, based on Chopin`s 2nd Prelude
Shmurak, Alexey - Tunnel (2008) for oboe, violin, viola and piano
Shmurak, Alexey - TV (2011) for synthesizer, winds, strings and soundtrack
Shved, Katazhina - Alaya-wignyana
Shvedun, Dmitry - Small Memory, for piano
Sibilev, Sergey - Quiet and Insignificant Waltzes (2013) [under the solo piano project by Alexei Shmurak Insignificant Music]
Smolka, Martin - Rubato, for Violin and Piano (1995)
Smth, Nil Tomas - What a definition for French horn, Violin, Cello, and Piano
Solti, Arpad - Ripples II for piano trio
Starovoytenko, Andrey - Bagatelle for piano
Starovoytenko, Andrey - Why f [under the solo piano project by Alexei Shmurak Insignificant Music]
Strugalsky, Vasiliy - Minore (2010) for six performers
Svetlichny, Anton - Generation Cntrl + C (for piano)
Sydorenko, Lubawa - Cryptogram for chamber ensemble
Tsalko, Andrey - A Book of Silence (2013) [under the solo piano project by Alexei Shmurak Insignificant Music]
Vilka, Sergey - FC
Voitenko, Alexey - Transcription of Chopin`s 7th Prelude
Vyshynsky, Vitaly - Kitch - music for piano
Vyshynsky, Vitaly - `Fassstuk` for keyboard (2012)
Wustin, Alexander - Piano sonata (1973)
Wustin, Alexander - Picture of Exhibition (2013) [under the solo piano project by Alexei Shmurak Insignificant Music]
Yaremchyshyna, Maryana - Falia [under the solo piano project by Alexei Shmurak Insignificant Music]
Yaskou, Kanstantsin - Quasi dance for Alexey Shmurak [under the solo piano project by Alexei Shmurak Insignificant Music]
Yessayan, Hrachya - Das Lied for Piano (2015)
Zagny, Sergei - Barcarolle (2011)
Zagny, Sergei - Do not rush Chepaev
Zagny, Sergei - Ornaments
Zagny, Sergei - Piano sonata (1990)
Zagny, Sergei - Studies for Piano (1990)
Zagny, Sergei - Yango