Elena Sorokina

Elena Sorokina (piano)
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Bach, Carl Philipp Emmanuel - Four Little Duets for two Claviers, Wq 115
Bach, Johann Christian - Sonata for harpsichord in C major, four hands, op.15/6
Bach, Johann Christian - Sonata for two charpsichords in G major, op.15/5
Bartok, Bela - Sonata for Two Pianos and Percussion, BB115
Brahms, Johannes - 16 Waltzes for piano, Op. 39
Bresgen, Cesar - Bilder des Todes
Czerny, Carl - Piano Concerto in C-dur, four hands (1831), op.153
Czerny, Carl - Variations on a theme of Bellini for piano in six hands
Field, John - Duet on a favorite Russian song, H. 10
Grainger, Percy Aldridge - Song of the Zanzibar boaters for piano six hands
Manukian, Irina - Bagatelle, suite for piano 4 hands in 3 movements, 1974, op.10
Manukian, Irina - Old-style chamber cantata for soprano, mezzo-soprano, piano, harpsichord and string orchestra, in 4 parts (to the 300th anniversary of I.S.Bach), op.23
Medtner, Nikolay - Two pieces for two pianos, op.58
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Adagio and Allegro for Mechanical Organ (1790), KV594
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Andante and five variations in G for piano duet (1786), KV501
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Fantasia f-moll (1791), KV608 (Anh. 145c)
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Fugue for Two Pianos c-moll (1783), KV426
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Keyboard Sonata in 4 hands in C-dur (1765), KV 19d
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Sonata for Piano 4 hands B-dur (1774), KV358 (186c)
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Sonata for Piano 4 hands C-dur (1787), KV521
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Sonata for Piano 4 hands D-dur (1772), KV381 (123a)
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Sonata for Piano 4 hands F-dur (1786), KV497
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Sonata for Piano 4 hands G-dur (unfinished) (1786), KV357 (497a+500a)
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Sonata for Two Pianos D-dur (1781), KV448 (375a)
Pleyel, Ignaz Josef - Piano Sonata four hands in e-moll
Rachmaninov, Sergei - Parts of Compositions
Rubinstein, Anton - Piano Sonata for Four Hands in D-dur (1871), op. 89
Rubinstein, Anton - Six characteristic patterns for piano four hands (no later than 1858), op. 50
Schubert, Franz - 12 Waltzes, 17 Landler and 9 Ecossaises for Piano.(181521), D 145
Schubert, Franz - Fantasia for Piano 4 hands in f-moll (op.103), D 940
Schubert, Franz - Sonata B-dur for 2 pianos, D 617
Smetana, Bedrich - Sonata for two pianos eight hands in e-moll (1849), JB 1: 47
Smetana, Bedrich - `Jungend-Rondo` for Two Pianos Eight Hands (1850), JB 1: 50
Veress, Sandor - Hommage a Paul Klee, Fantasies for two Pianos and Orchestra
Weber, Carl Maria von - 8 Pièces brillantes à quatre mains pour le piano (1818-1819), op. 60