Gavin Sutherland

Gavin Sutherland (conductor)
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Butterworth, Arthur - The Path Across The Moors
Lane, Philip - A Maritime Overture
Lane, Philip - Cotswold Dances
Lane, Philip - Diversions on a Theme of Paganini
Lane, Philip - Divertissement for Clarinet, Harp and Strings
Lane, Philip - London Salute
Lane, Philip - Prestbury Park
Lane, Philip - Three Christmas Pictures
Lane, Philip - Three Nautical Miniatures for Strings
Lloyd-Webber, William - Waltz in E minor for orchestra (1939)
Matthews, David - White Nights, op. 26a
Phillips, Montague - A Shakespearean Scherzo - \`Titania and her Elvish Court\` (1934)
Phillips, Montague - A Surrey Suite, Op. 59 (1936)
Phillips, Montague - Arabesque, Op. 43 No. 2 (1927)
Phillips, Montague - Four Dances from The Rebel Maid (1916-17)
Phillips, Montague - Moorland Idyll, Op. 61 (1936)
Phillips, Montague - Revelry Overture, Op. 62 (1937)
Phillips, Montague - Sinfonietta in C, Op. 70 (1943)
Phillips, Montague - Symphony in C minor (1911, rev. ca. 1924-25)
Rebikov, Vladimir - Elka, waltz from the opera
Reynolds, Alfred - 1066 and All That
Reynolds, Alfred - Alice in the Wonderland
Reynolds, Alfred - Fashionable marriage, Suite
Reynolds, Alfred - Festival March
Reynolds, Alfred - Overture for a Comedy
Reynolds, Alfred - Swiss Family Robinson
Reynolds, Alfred - The Duenna
Reynolds, Alfred - The Sirens of Southend
Reynolds, Alfred - The Taming of the Shrew, Overture
Reynolds, Alfred - The Toy Cart, Suite
Reynolds, Alfred - Three Pieces for Theatre
Whitlock, Percy - Ballet of the Wood Creatures
Whitlock, Percy - Balloon Ballet
Whitlock, Percy - Come along, Marnie
Whitlock, Percy - Dignity and Impudence
Whitlock, Percy - Hollywood Suite
Whitlock, Percy - Music for Orchestra
Whitlock, Percy - Susan, the Doggie and Me
Whitlock, Percy - The Feast of St. Benedict
Whitlock, Percy - Wessex Suite
Worland, Bill - Amaro Dolce
Worland, Bill - Bossa Romantica
Worland, Bill - Brighton Belle
Worland, Bill - Dreaming Spires
Worland, Bill - Happy Hacienda
Worland, Bill - In the Shadow of Vesuvius
Worland, Bill - It`s Spring Again
Worland, Bill - Latin Lover
Worland, Bill - Leeds Castle
Worland, Bill - Millennium - A Celebration March
Worland, Bill - Pepita
Worland, Bill - Rhapsodie Tristesse
Worland, Bill - Scottish Power
Worland, Bill - Shopping Spree
Worland, Bill - Sombrero
Worland, Bill - Three senorites, Suite
Worland, Bill - To Eleanor