Frank Bridge 1879-1941 English composer and conductor and also Britten`s first composition teacher.
Dedication `To F.B. A tribute with affection and admiration`
The theme is from the second of the Three idylls for string quartet H 67 by Bridge.

Introduction and theme
Variation 1 Adagio
Variation 2 March
Variation 3 Romance
Variation 4 Aria Italiana
Variation 5 Bourrée classique
Variation 6 Wiener walzer
Variation 7 Moto perpetuo
Variation 8 Funeral march
Variation 9 Chant
Variation 10 Fugue and finale

Variations on a Theme of Frank Bridge, for string orchestra (1937), op. 10 (Britten)
Recorded at Raoul-Jobin Hall, Palais Montcalm, Quebec City (Quebec), Canada, April 2009.
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