Thomas Brandis

Thomas Brandis (violin)
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Beethoven, Ludwig van - Serenade for Flute, Violin and Viola in D-dur, op. 25
Beethoven, Ludwig van - String Quartet No.13 in B-dur (1825-26), op.130
Beethoven, Ludwig van - Symphony No. 2 in D-dur (for piano trio, 1805), op. 36a
Brahms, Johannes - Piano Quartet No.1 in g-moll (185661), Op. 25
Brahms, Johannes - Piano Quartet No.2 in A-dur (1861), Op. 26
Brahms, Johannes - Piano Quartet No.3 in c-moll (1875), Op. 60
Brahms, Johannes - Piano Trio No.1 in H-dur (1854/1889), Op. 8
Brahms, Johannes - Piano Trio No.2 in C-dur (1880/1882), Op. 87
Brahms, Johannes - Piano Trio No.3 in c-moll (1886), Op.101
Brahms, Johannes - String Quintet No.1 in F-dur, Op. 88
Brahms, Johannes - String Quintet No.2 in G-dur, Op.111
Brahms, Johannes - Trio for Violin, Horn & Piano in Es-dur, Op. 40
Bruckner, Anton - String Quintet in F-dur, WAB.112
Handel, George Frideric - Concerto Grosso Op.6 No. 8 in c-moll, HWV 326
Handel, George Frideric - Concerto Grosso op.6 No.1 in G-dur, HWV 319
Handel, George Frideric - Concerto Grosso Op.6 No.11 in A-dur, HWV 329
Hindemith, Paul - Sonata for Violin and Piano 4 in C (1939)
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Quartet for Oboe and Strings in F-dur (1781), KV370 (368b)
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Quintet for Clarinet and Strings in A-dur (1789), KV581
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Quintet for Horn, Violin, 2 Violas and Cello in Es-dur (1782), KV407 (386c)
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Serenade 7 in D-dur Haffner-Serenade (1776), KV250 (248b)
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Sinfonia Concertante for Violin, Viola & Orchestra in Es-dur (1779), KV364 (320d)
Schubert, Franz - String Quintet in C-dur, op.163, D 956
Spohr, Ludwig - Piano Quintet 2 in d-moll, op.130
Vivaldi, Antonio - Concerto for 2 violins, strings and basso continuo in a-moll, RV523
Vivaldi, Antonio - Concerto for violin, strings and basso continuo L`inquietudine in D major, RV234

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