Pavel Gerasimov

Pavel Gerasimov (choir conductor)
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Allemanov, Dmitriy - From my youth
Alyoshin, Victorin - Have visited us over our Saviour
Anonymous, - Dnes visit na dreve. Antiphon 15th of the Holy Friday (Good Friday).
Anonymous, - Orthodox Sacred Music: Stanza to Russian Saints
Anonymous, - Orthodox spiritual music: The Sun Goes From East to West
Anonymous, - Orthodox spiritual music: Heaven and Earth
Anonymous, - Orthodox Spiritual Music: Intercessor Assiduous
Anonymous, - Orthodox Spiritual Music: O Glorious Miracles (Tune of the Optina Hermitage)
Anonymous, - Orthodox spiritual music: Solos for the 9th song of canon of holiday Presentation of the Lord
Anonymous, - Orthodox spiritual music: Stanza Holy Prince Alexander Nevsky
Anonymous, - Orthodox spiritual music: Who is God Great
Arhangelsky, Alexander - K Bogoroditse prilezhno, Russian sacred music
Bogoslovsky, S. - Blessed
Bogoslovsky, S. - The Mercy of Peace
Bogoslovsky, S. - The Only Begotten Son
Bortniansky, Dmitriy - Glory in the highest to the God
Bortniansky, Dmitriy - Sing, ye people
Degtyarev, Stepan - Idiomelon (samoglasen) of the Pentecost (The Descent of the Holy Spirit)
Degtyarev, Stepan - Today Christ is Born in Bethlehem
Dodonov, Boris - Glorification of the Holy Prince Alexander Nevsky
Eltsov, I. - Troparion to St. Alexander Nevsky
Grechaninov, Alexander - Shout to the Lord all the earth ...
Kosolapov, Alexander - Strengthen, O God
Lisitsin, Mikhail - Ton despotin
Maslov, Ioann - Troparia of Lenten Hours
Nikolsky, Alexander - Council Pre-Eternal
Turchaninow, Pyotr - Hymn to the Theotokos on the Meeting of our Lord in the Temple
Turchaninow, Pyotr - The Only Begotten Son
Turchaninow, Pyotr - Troparia (heirmos) of the canon on the Holy Friday
Uspenskiy, Nikolai - Robber Prudent
Vedel, Artemiy - Choral concert No. 1 On the Rivers of Babylon
Vedel, Artemiy - Coral Concert No. 2
Yaichkov, Dmitriy - It is Truly Meet
Zinoviev, Vasiliy - Troparion on the 4th Wednesday of the Great Lent

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