Lamara Chkoniya

Lamara Chkoniya (soprano)
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Alyabyev, Alexander - Beggar (P.J.Beranger), romance
Alyabyev, Alexander - Nightingale (Solovei)
Dargomyzhsky, Alexander -
Dargomyzhsky, Alexander -
Dargomyzhsky, Alexander - Ballads, songs
Dargomyzhsky, Alexander - I Love You, Nice Girl. Romance
Dargomyzhsky, Alexander - I Loved You, romance
Dargomyzhsky, Alexander - I`m sad, romance, poem by M. Lermontov
Dargomyzhsky, Alexander - Romance
Dargomyzhsky, Alexander - Romance `A girl and a boy`
Dargomyzhsky, Alexander - Romance `I still love him, crazy` (Y. Zhadovskaya)
Dargomyzhsky, Alexander - Sixteen Years, romance, poem by A. Delvig
Dargomyzhsky, Alexander - You Fascinated Me, Romance
Glinka, Mikhail - Romance `How Nice To Be with You` (1840), CG119
Glinka, Mikhail - Romance `I Remember a Wonderful Moment` (1840), CG120
Glinka, Mikhail - Romance `I`m here Inesilla` (1834), CG 83
Glinka, Mikhail - Romance `Tell Me Why` (1827/28), CG 27
Glinka, Mikhail - Romance `The Gulf of Finland, or Palermo` (words by P. Obodovsky) (1850), CG142
Glinka, Mikhail - Romance `Venetian Night` (1832), CG 71
Glinka, Mikhail - Song `If I had known this before`, CG149
Godard, Benjamin - Opera `Jocelyn` (arias)
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Aria `Un moto di gioia mi sento` / `Schon klopfet mein liebender Busen` for soprano and fortepiano (orchestra) (1789), KV579
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Song `Als Luise die Briefe ihres ungetreuen Liebhabers verbrannte` for voice and piano (1787), KV520
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Song `An Chloe` for Voice and Piano (1787), KV524
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Song `Komm, liebe Zither, komm` for voice and mandolin (1780-81), KV351 (367b)
Saint-Saens, Camille - Nightingale and the Rose, vocalize (1902), R.312a
Schubert, Franz - Ellens Song III (`Ave Maria`) from cycle `Das Fräulein vom See`, op. 52, 6, D 839
Stradella, Alessandro - Aria "Pieta, Signore"
Varlamov, Alexander - At dawn you do not wake her (A. Varlamov-A. Fet)

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