Yuriy Gandelsman

Yuriy Gandelsman (viola)

Dedication `For William Primrose`
Incorporates references to two songs by John Dowland the first forming the basis of the variations and the second quoted in the section marked `Appassionato`
`If my complaints could passions move` published as 4 in `The first booke of songes or ayres` 1597 and as `Captaine Digorie Piper his galliard` in `Lachrimae` 1604;
`Flow my tears` second strain published as 2 in `The second booke of songes or ayres` 1600 and as `Lachrimae antiquae` in Lachrimae` 1604.

Lachrymae (reflections on a song of John Dowland ) for viola and piano (1950), op. 48a (Britten)
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