Rogers Covey-Crump

Rogers Covey-Crump (tenor)
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Anonymous, - Le ior
Anonymous, - Puis quautrement ne puis avoir
Anonymous, - Sanctus
Anonymous, - Soit tart, tempre, main ou soir
Bach, Johann Sebastian - Cantata `Christ lag in Todesbanden` (1708-08, 1724-25), BWV 4
Bach, Johann Sebastian - Cantata `Schweigt stille, plaudert nicht` (`Kaffeekantate`), BWV 211
Bach, Johann Sebastian - Motet `Der Geist hilft unser Schwachheit auf`, BWV 226
Bach, Johann Sebastian - Motet `Fürchte dich nicht`, BWV 228
Bach, Johann Sebastian - Motet `Ich lasse dich nicht, du segnest mich denn`, BWV Anh. 159
Bach, Johann Sebastian - Motet `Jesu mein Freude`, BWV 227
Bach, Johann Sebastian - Motet `Komm, Jesu, komm`, BWV 229
Bach, Johann Sebastian - Motet `Lobet den Herrn, alle Heiden`, BWV 230
Bach, Johann Sebastian - Motet `Singet dem Herrn ein neues Lied`, BWV 225
Bach, Johann Sebastian - Mss in h-moll, BWV 232
Bach, Johann Sebastian - Oratorio `Johannes-Passion` (1724), BWV 245
Brescia, Provost of - O spirito genti, Ballad
Janacek, Leos - Otče náš (Our Father) - Cantata for Tenor, Chorus and Piano (Harmonium) or Harp and Organ, JW 4/29
Machaut, Guillaume de - Ballade B 4 `Biaute qui toutes autres pere`
Machaut, Guillaume de - Ballade B 5 `Riches d`amour et mendians`
Machaut, Guillaume de - Ballade B30 `Pas de tor`
Machaut, Guillaume de - Quant je ne voy, Rondo R21
Monteverdi, Claudio - Beatus vir, SV195
Monteverdi, Claudio - Dixit dominus (I), SV191+263
Monteverdi, Claudio - Dixit dominus (II), SV192+264
Monteverdi, Claudio - Exultent caeli et gaudeant angeli, SV304
Monteverdi, Claudio - Gloria in excelsis Deo
Monteverdi, Claudio - Laetanie della beata Vergine, SV204
Monteverdi, Claudio - Laudate dominum omnes gentes (III), SV274
Monteverdi, Claudio - Magnificat (I), SV206.13+281
Paullet, - J`aim. Qui? Vous. Moy!
Pisano, Bernardo - Madrigal `Che Debb`io Far?`
Pisano, Bernardo - Madrigal `Chiare, Fresche Et Dolci Acque`
Pisano, Bernardo - Madrigal `Ne La Stagion`
Pisano, Bernardo - Madrigal `Nova Angeletta`
Pisano, Bernardo - Madrigal `Or Vedi, Amor`
Pisano, Bernardo - Madrigal `Sí È Debile Il Filo`
Purcell, Henry - Full Anthem `In the midst of life, hymn` (before 1682), Z 17
Purcell, Henry - Incidental Music `A Fool`s Preferment or The Three Dukes of Dunstable` (1688), Z 571
Purcell, Henry - Incidental Music `Pausanias, the Betrayer of his Country` (1695), Z 585
Purcell, Henry - Song If Music Be the Food of Love, Z 379a
Purcell, Henry - Song n`A thousand sev`ral ways I tried` (1684), Z 359
Purcell, Henry - Song `Ah! Cruel nymph, you give despair`, Z 352
Purcell, Henry - Song `Amintas, to my grief I see` (1679), Z 356
Purcell, Henry - Song `Cupid, the slyest rogue alive` (1685), Z 367
Purcell, Henry - Song `I lov`d fair Celia` (1694), Z 381
Purcell, Henry - Song `If grief has any power to kill` (1685), Z 378
Purcell, Henry - Song `If Music Be the Food of Love`, Z 379b
Purcell, Henry - Song `In Cloris all soft charms` (1684), Z 384
Purcell, Henry - Song `Love`s power in my heart shall find no compliance` (1688), Z 395
Purcell, Henry - Song `My heart, wherever you appear` (1685), Z 399
Purcell, Henry - Song `Phillis, talk no more of passion` (1685), Z 409
Purcell, Henry - Song `Pious Celinda goes to prayers` (1695), Z 410
Purcell, Henry - Song `Sawney is a bonny lad` (1694), Z 412
Purcell, Henry - Song `Spite of the godhead, pow`rful love` (1687), Z 417
Purcell, Henry - Song `When my Aemelia smiles`, Z 434
Purcell, Henry - Song `Whilst Cynthia sung, all angry winds lay still` (1686), Z 438
Sancto Johanne, Matheus de - Are post libamina / Nunc surgunt in populo (motet)
Theile, Johann - St. Matthew Passion, oratorio (1673)

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