Daniel Reuss

Daniel Reuss (conductor)
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Bach, Johann Sebastian - Cantata `Gloria in Excelsis Deo`, BWV 191
Beethoven, Ludwig van - Missa Solemnis for 4 Soloists, Choir, Orchestra and Organ in D-dur (1819-23), op.123
Cyrillus, Kreek - David`s Psalm 141
Cyrillus, Kreek - David`s Psalm 22
Cyrillus, Kreek - Onnis on inimene/The Blessed Man (1943)
Cyrillus, Kreek - Psalm 104
Cyrillus, Kreek - Psalm 137
Cyrillus, Kreek - Traditional religious songs: Armas Jeesus, Sind ma palun (Dear Jesus, I pray to You)
Cyrillus, Kreek - Traditional religious songs: Jeesus kolge ulem haa (Jesus is the best of all good things)
Cyrillus, Kreek - Traditional religious songs: Kui suur on meie vaesus (In penury)
Cyrillus, Kreek - Traditional religious songs: Mu suda, arka ules (Wake up, my heart, and sing)
Gubaidulina, Sofia - The Canticle of the Sun by St. Francis of Assisi (1997)
Handel, George Frideric - Oratorio `Solomon` (1749), HWV 67
Heppener, Robert - Im Gestein
Heppener, Robert - Libera me, Domine
Ligeti, Gyorgy - Drei Phantasien nach Friedrich olderlin for mixed choir a cappella (1982)
Ligeti, Gyorgy - Lux Aeterna for mixed choir a cappella
Martin, Frank - Le vin herbé/Der Zaubertrank
Martin, Frank - Songs of Ariel, for mixed choir a cappella (1950)
Mendelssohn, Felix - 3 Motetten für Chor und Solostimmen, op. 69
Mendelssohn, Felix - 3 psalms for soloists and choir à capella (1844), op. 78
Mendelssohn, Felix - Parts of compositions
Mendelssohn, Felix - Zwei geistliche Männerchöre (1833), op.115
Part, Arvo - Kanon Pokajanen for chorus (1997)
Poulenc, Francis - 7 songs for mixed choir a cappella, FP 81
Poulenc, Francis - Chanson à boire, FP 31
Poulenc, Francis - Four little prayer of St. Francis of Assisi, for male choir a cappella, FP142
Poulenc, Francis - Human Countenance (Figure humaine), Cantata on poems by Paul Eluard for choir a cappella, FP120
Poulenc, Francis - Sept répons des ténèbres for choir and orchestra, FP181
Poulenc, Francis - Stabat Mater, FP148
Poulenc, Francis - Un soir de neige for mixed choir by Paul Eluard, FP126
Scarlatti, Domenico - Piano Sonata, K 96 in D-dur (`The Hunt`)
Stravinsky, Igor - `Les Noces` (1923), K040
Tuur, Erkki-Sven - Awakening, for mixed choir and chamber orchestra. 2011
Tuur, Erkki-Sven - Insula Deserta for string orchesta (1989)
Tuur, Erkki-Sven - The Wanderer`s Evening Song, for mixed choir a cappella (2001)


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