James Conlon

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Zemlinsky, Alexander von - Arias and fragments of operas
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Zemlinsky, Alexander von - Frühlingsbegräbnis (Text: Paul Heyse). Cantata for soprano, baritone, mixed chorus and orchestra (1896/97, rev. c.1903)
Zemlinsky, Alexander von - Frühlingsglaube for mixed chorus and string orchestra (T: Ludwig Uhland) (1896)
Zemlinsky, Alexander von - Geheimnis for mixed chorus and string orchestra (1896)
Zemlinsky, Alexander von - Hochzeitgesang for tenor, choir and organ (1896)
Zemlinsky, Alexander von - Incidental music for Shakespeare`s Cymbeline for tenor, reciters and orchestra (191315)
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Zemlinsky, Alexander von - Minnelied for Male Choir and Chamber Ensemble (1895)
Zemlinsky, Alexander von - Psalm 13 op.24
Zemlinsky, Alexander von - Psalm 23 for chorus and orchestra op.14
Zemlinsky, Alexander von - Psalm 83
Zemlinsky, Alexander von - Sinfonietta (1934) op.23
Zemlinsky, Alexander von - pera `Der Zwerg` (1919-21) op.17