Andreas Zappe

Andreas Zappe (cembalo)
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Bach, Johann Bernhard - Chaconne in G-dur
Bach, Johann Sebastian - Fugue a-moll, BWV 947
Bach, Johann Sebastian - Fugue C-dur, BWV 953
Boehm, Georg - Capriccio for organ in D-dur
Boehm, Georg - Suite No. 7 in F-dur for harpsichord
Boehm, Georg - Suite No.11 in a-moll for harpsichord
Bruna, Pablo - Tiento de falsas 2 tono
Buxtehude, Dietrich - Aria a-moll, BuxWV 249
Buxtehude, Dietrich - Suite for harpsichord in C-dur, BuxWV 230
Byrd, William - The Bells, BK 38
Byrd, William - The Mayden`s Songe, BK 82
Cabanilles, Joan Baptiste Josep - Pasacalles de 1 tono for organ, WSC 47
Cabezon, Antonio de - Pavana con su glosa (1557)
Chambonnieres, Jacques Champion de - Chaconne
Chambonnieres, Jacques Champion de - Suite for Harpsichord in A-dur
Cornet, Pieter - Toccata 3rd tone for organ
Daquin, Louis-Claude - Le Coucou
Demars, Charles - Suite I in A Major for Harpsichord
Demars, Charles - Suite II in G Minor for Harpsichord
Demars, Charles - Suite III in D Minor for Harpsichord
Farnaby, Giles - Fantasia (M. B. No. 5)
Farnaby, Giles - Tower Hill
Ferrini, Giovanni Battista - Ballo di Mantova
Flor, Christian - Suite e-moll
Frescobaldi, Girolamo - Passacaglia
Froberger, Johann Jacob - Canzon No. 3 in g-moll, FbWV 303
Froberger, Johann Jacob - Fantasia No. 2 in a-moll, FbWV 202
Froberger, Johann Jacob - Suite No. 2 in d-moll, FbWV 602
Froberger, Johann Jacob - Suite No.12 Lamentation for Ferdinand IV in C-dur, FbWV 612
Froberger, Johann Jacob - Suite No.18 in g-moll, FbWV 618
Froberger, Johann Jacob - Toccata in C-dur (1656), FbWV 109
Gibbons, Orlando - Preludium in G
Hurlebusch, Conrad Friedrich - Keyboard Works
Jacquet-de-la-Guerre, Elisabeth-Claude - Suite for Harpsichord No.3 in a-moll (1687)
Kellner, Johann Peter - Suite in A Major
Kellner, Johann Peter - Suite in D Major
Kellner, Johann Peter - Suite in D Minor
Kellner, Johann Peter - Suite in F Major
Kerll, Johann Kaspar - Canzona in d
Kerll, Johann Kaspar - Ciaccona in C
Kerll, Johann Kaspar - Passacaglia in d
Medici, Ferdinando Maria - Passacaglia for Harpsicord
Medici, Ferdinando Maria - Preludio Cantabile con Ligature for Harpsichord
Mortaro, Antonio - La Morona, canzon for 4 instruments
Murschhauser, Franz Xaver - Preamble and fugue of the 2nd tone for organ (harpsichord)
Murschhauser, Franz Xaver - Toccata in D minor for organ
Paradisi, Pietro Domenico - Harpsichord Sonata No.11 in F-dur
Richter, Ferdinand Tobias - Suite for Klavier No. 1 in D Minor
Richter, Ferdinand Tobias - Suite for Klavier No. 4 in D Minor
Richter, Ferdinand Tobias - Suite for Klavier No. 45 in D Major
Richter, Ferdinand Tobias - Suite for Klavier No. 6 in F Major
Scarlatti, Domenico - Piano Sonata, K 380 in E-dur (`Cortege`)
Scarlatti, Domenico - Piano Sonata, K 533 in A-dur
Schultheiss, Benedict - Suite A-dur
Schultheiss, Benedict - Suite a-moll
Schultheiss, Benedict - Suite b-moll
Schultheiss, Benedict - Suite C-dur
Schultheiss, Benedict - Suite c-moll
Schultheiss, Benedict - Suite D-dur
Schultheiss, Benedict - Suite e-moll
Schultheiss, Benedict - Suite F-dur
Schultheiss, Benedict - Suite G-dur
Schultheiss, Benedict - Suite g-moll
Weiss, Silvius Leopold - Lute Sonate 34 in D minor
Weiss, Silvius Leopold - Sonata for Lute 44 A-dur
Zappe, Andreas - 22 variations on the theme `Oh, I tell you, mom`
Zappe, Andreas - Fantasy for two harpsichords in C-dur
Zappe, Andreas - La Juliette
Zappe, Andreas - Partita 1 d-moll
Zappe, Andreas - Partita 2 D-dur
Zappe, Andreas - Partita 3 in G-dur
Zappe, Andreas - Partita 4 in F-dur
Zappe, Andreas - Partita 5 in C-dur
Zappe, Andreas - Partita 6 in A-dur
Zappe, Andreas - Prelude in d-moll
Zipoli, Domenico - Partite in C-dur for clavier (1716)
Zipoli, Domenico - Suite in g-moll for clavier (1716)