Mark Pekarsky
Mark Pekarsky (percussion, conductor)
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Artyomov, Viacheslav - Elegy No. 1 for two Violins, String Orchestra and Percussion
Artyomov, Viacheslav - Totem. Sonata for Six Performers (1976)
Bartok, Bela - Sonata for Two Pianos and Percussion, BB115
Cage, John - Double Music (John Cage, Lou Harrison)
Chavez, Carlos - Toccata for percussion
Copytsko, Victor - Capriccio for two voices and percussion ensemble (1986-1996)
Denisov, Edison - `And The Ship Sails On` (1986)
Dmitriev, Georgi - Icon. Meditative music for one performer on metal percussion, and 48-voice support.
Dmitriev, Georgi - `Stenka Razin`, cantata for mezzo-soprano, baritone, soundtracks and percussion ensemble (1989).
Dorokhov, Georgy - Russian Povera
Ekimovsky, Viktor - Assumption (1989)
Ekimovsky, Viktor - Balletto (1974)
Ekimovsky, Viktor - Twenty-seven destructions for percussion
Fink, Siegfried - Ritmo
Gubaidulina, Sofia - Even and Odd for the drums and keyboards (1991)
Gubaidulina, Sofia - Five Etudes for Harp, Double Bass and Percussion (1965)
Gubaidulina, Sofia - Jubilation (1977)
Gubaidulina, Sofia - Music from Davos (1991)
Hovhaness, Alan - The October Mountain, for percussion sextet, op. 135
Karmanov, Pavel - A song about love (1987)
Karmanov, Pavel - Sleep, my heart, for soloists, three choruses and orchestra (2000)
Khubeyev, Alexander - Glassary (2010)
Kotov, Valery - Memoria for Two Pianos and Percussion (2015)
Martynov, Vladimir - Hierarchy of Reasonable Values, for percussion ensemble (1977)
Pekarsky, Mark - Signals of Battle
Pekarsky, Mark - Sweet Words (arr. of Siamese classical melodies)
Peshnyak, Vladimir - `Ambient`, a composition for any instruments (1991)
Sidelnikov, Nikolay - Sinfonia Concertante `Duels` (1974)
Sokolov, Ivan - The mysterious Saga
Tarnopolsky, Vladimir - `Three Graces` , Chamber opera
Tso, Chenguan - Autumn Moon in the Han Palace (1989)
Tso, Chenguan - Wu Xing (`Five drivers started`). (1993)
Umansky, Kirill - Island Of Valaam
Varese, Edgard - `Ionisations` for percussion ensemble (19291931)
Wustin, Alexander - Anna Karamazoff (1991)
Wustin, Alexander - Anna Karamazoff, director Rustam Khamdamov (1991)
Wustin, Alexander - Litany (2011)
Wustin, Alexander - Memoria II (1978)
Wustin, Alexander - For Mark Pekarsky Birthday (1998)