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George Guest (conductor)
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Beethoven, Ludwig van - Mass in C major, op. 86
Caldara, Antonio - Crucifixus a 16
Durufle, Maurice - 4 motets on Gregorian themes for chorus (1960), op. 1
Durufle, Maurice - Requiem, op. 9
Faure, Gabriel - Cantique de Jean Racine For the choir and orchestra in D-flat major, op. 11
Faure, Gabriel - Messe basse for Women`s choir
Faure, Gabriel - Messe de Requiem, op. 48
Haydn, Joseph - Mass `Harmoniemesse` B-Dur (1802), Hob XXII: 14
Haydn, Joseph - Mass `Missa brevis Sancti Joannis de Deo` (`Kleine Orgelmesse`) B-dur, Hob XXII: 7
Haydn, Joseph - Mass `Paukenmesse` (1796), Hob XXII: 9
Liszt, Franz - Missa choralis, organo concinente, for mixed choir and organ (1859-65), S. 10
Messiaen, Olivier - `O Sacrum Convivium`, motet for Holy Communion (1937)
Monteverdi, Claudio - Messa da cappella (1641), SV257
Monteverdi, Claudio - a 4 voci da capella (1650), SV190
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Short Mass (Missa brevis) C-dur, `Spaur-Messe` (1776), KV258
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Vesperae de Dominica in C-dur (1779), KV321 (Anh. 113)
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - `Litaniae de venerabili altaris sacramento` for soloisten, choir and orchestra (1776), KV243
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - `Vesperae solennes de confessore` for soloisten, choir and orchestra (1780), KV339
Poulenc, Francis - Exultate Deo, FP109
Poulenc, Francis - Litanies à la Vierge noire for 3-part women`s choir and orchestra, FP 82a
Poulenc, Francis - Salve Regina, FP110
Poulenc, Francis - G-dur (1937), FP 89
Scarlatti, Alessandro - Missa `Santa Cecilia` (1720)
Tallis, Thomas - Audivi Vocem de Coelo
Tallis, Thomas - Te Deum for meanes
Vivaldi, Antonio - Gloria in D for Soli, Choir, Orchestra and b.c., RV588
Vivaldi, Antonio - Gloria in D-dur for Soli, Choir, Orchestra and basso continuo, RV589

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