David Bolton

David Bolton (harpsichord)
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Altnickol, Johann Christoph - Harpsichord Sonata in C major
Bach, Wilhelm Friedemann - Fantasia for Clavier in d-moll, F 19
Bach, Johann Sebastian - Toccata 3 D-dur, BWV 912
Baptista, Francisco Xavier - Toccata for Chembalo in F Major (1765)
Beltran, Jose Joaquin - Harpsichord Sonata in G major
Benaut, Aldegonde-Lucie-Perpetue - Annette et Luben, melody for harpsichord (transcribed from the opera by Monsieur Blaise) (1772)
Benaut, Aldegonde-Lucie-Perpetue - Aria `Cet aveu charmant` for harpsichord (transcribed after the opera by Andre Gretri) (1772)
Benaut, Aldegonde-Lucie-Perpetue - Aria `Vois tu ces coteaux` for harpsichord (transcribed after the opera by Monsieur La Bordet) (1772)
Benaut-, Marie-Therese-Louise - Melody and Variations `The Doomed Bird` (L`Oiseau perdu) for harpsichord (based on the opera by Monsieur Chardini) (1788)
Berlin, Johan Daniel - Sonatina for Clavier in D minor (1751)
Biber, Heinrich - Rosenkranz-Sonaten: No.16. Passacalia in g-moll `Guardian Angel` for Violin solo, C 105
Blondel, Mademoiselle - `New minuets` (Menuets nouveaux), a collection of minuets for harpsichord with ad lib. flute / oboe / violin / bassoon accompaniment (1768)
Bortniansky, Dmitriy - Sonata 2 C-Dur (1784)
Bruna, Pablo - Tiento lleno 6 tono No.2
Brunckhorst, Arnold Matthias - Sonata for Harpsichord in A Major
Buxtehude, Dietrich - Aria La Capricciosa for keyboard, BuxWV 250
Candeille-, Amelie-Julie - Sonata No. 1 in G major for harpsichord/piano and violin ad lib. (1786) op.1/1
Chaumont, Lambert - Allemande
Chaumont, Lambert - Chaconne
Chaumont, Lambert - Gigue
Damoreau, Mister - Short Melodies and Potpourri Variations for Harpsichord (1783)
Daquin, Louis-Claude - Suite No. 1 for Harpsichord (1735)
Eberl, Anton - Variations on a theme of Mozart from the opera `The Magic Flute` for piano / harpsichord (1791)
Edelmann-, Marguerite Salome - Harpsichord Sonata in G major (1775)
Ferrari, Giacomo Gotifredo - 12 Variations for Harpsichord/piano
Forkel, Johann Nikolaus - 24 Variations on the English Song `God save the King` (1791)
Fux, Johann Joseph - Suite for Harpsichord in g-moll
Hart, Philip - Lesson for Harpsichord in C Minor (1704)
Jones, John - Lesson 1 in g minor/major (1754)
Kellner, Johann Christoph - Six Fugues
Krause, Christian Gottfried - Sonata in C-Major
Krieger, Johann - Suite 1 in C Major (1697)
Lorenzini, Raimondo - Introduction and Fugue for Harpsichord
Marchand, Louis - Suite for Harpsichord in d minor
Marpurg, Friedrich Wilhelm - Partita Prima
Mattheson, Johann - Suite 3 in D-dur
Mei-, Orazio - Harpsichord Sonata No. 1 in C major (1774)
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Rondo for Piano in a-moll (1787), KV511
Park, Maria Hester - Sonata for piano in F major (1790) op. 4/1
Pelli, Lorenzo - Sinfonia (sonata) for harpsichord
Petzold, Christian - Suite in g minor for harpsichord
Rameau, Claude-Francois - Suite I in D-Major
Renotte, Hubert - Suite in C Major for harpsichord
Richter, Ferdinand Tobias - 1st Tone Toccata for Organ
Rigel, Henri-Joseph - Sonata in B-flat Major (ca.1767)
Schulthesius, Johann Paul - 12 variations on the song `Marlborough s`en va-t-en guerre` for piano / harpsichord (1790s)
Sellitto, Giacomo - 2 fugues for harpsichord (1740)
Sobotecki, - 3 harpsichord polonaises `Offering to Mary Anna of Saxony` (c. 1800-10s?)
Tag, Christian Gotthilf - 70 Variations on an Andantino for keyboard (1784)
Thurn-und-Taxis, Karl Anselm von - Harpsichord Sonata in G major (1762)
Tremais, Tremais - 6 sonatas for violin and continuo or harpsichord solo (c. 1740), op. 4: No. 1 Sonata in C minor
Virbes, Monsieur de - Harpsichord Sonata No. 1 in G major (1767)
Voltpb, Monsier - `Pieces for Harpsichord` (1742), op.2: No 1` Les Regrets` (`Regrets`)
Voltpb, Monsier - `Pieces for Harpsichord` (1742), op.2: No 2` La Persane`
Voltpb, Monsier - `Pieces for Harpsichord` (1742), op.2: No 3` Les Sylvains`
Voltpb, Monsier - `Pieces for Harpsichord` (1742), op.2: No 4` La Gracieuse` (`Graceful`)
Voltpb, Monsier - `Pieces for Harpsichord` (1742), op.2: No 5` La Hollandoise` (`Dutchwoman`)
Weber, Jacob Gottfried - Sonata for gravichembalo in C major (1810), op. 15
Weber-, Bernhard Christian - The Well-Tempered Clavier, a collection of 24 preludes and fugues (1745-50)
Zipoli, Domenico - Suite in b-moll for clavier (1716)

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