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Andrew Parrott (conductor)
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Allegri, Gregorio - Miserere
Anonymous, - Liturgical music: Canto Gregoriano. Stabat Mater
Bach, Johann Sebastian - Cantata `Christ lag in Todesbanden` (1708-08, 1724-25), BWV 4
Bach, Johann Sebastian - Cantata `Lobet Gott in seinen Reichen` (Oratorio for Ascension Day), BWV 11
Bach, Johann Sebastian - Cantata `Nun ist das Heil und die Kraft` (fragment), BWV 50
Bach, Johann Sebastian - Mss in h-moll, BWV 232
Bach, Johann Sebastian - Oratorio `Johannes-Passion` (1724), BWV 245
Bach, Johann Sebastian - Orchestral Suite No.4 in D-dur, BWV 1069
Bach, Johann Sebastian - Oster-Oratorium `Kommt eilet und laufet` (1725, 1732/35), BWV 249
Beethoven, Ludwig van - Fantasia for Piano, Chorus and Orchestra in c-moll, op. 80
Beethoven, Ludwig van - Piano Concerto in D-dur (1807), op. 61a
Beethoven, Ludwig van - Piano Concerto in Es-dur (1784), WoO 4
Beethoven, Ludwig van - Piano Concerto No.1 in C-dur (1795-98), op. 15
Beethoven, Ludwig van - Piano Concerto No.2 in B-dur (1795), op. 19
Beethoven, Ludwig van - Piano Concerto No.3 in c-moll (1800-02), op. 37
Beethoven, Ludwig van - Piano Concerto No.4 in G-dur (18051806), op. 58
Beethoven, Ludwig van - Piano Concerto No.5 in Es-dur (`Emperor`, 1809), op. 73
Beethoven, Ludwig van - Rondo for Piano and Orchestra in B-dur (c.1795), WoO 6
Browne, John - Stabat Mater dolorosa
Gabrieli, Giovanni - In ecclesiis benedicite Domino a 14
Godar, Vladimír - Concerto Grosso for 12 Strings and Harpsichord
Godar, Vladimír - Partita for 54 Strings, Harpsichord, Kettledrums and Tubular Bells
Handel, George Frideric - Antiphon `Haec est Regina virginum`, HWV 235
Handel, George Frideric - Antiphon `Nisi Dominus` for 3 soloists, choir and orchestra (1707), HWV 238
Handel, George Frideric - Antiphon `Te decus virgineum` for contralto and orchestra, HWV 243
Handel, George Frideric - Antophon `Salve Regina` for soprano, strings and b.c. in G minor, HWV 241
Handel, George Frideric - Motet `Saeviat tellus` for soprano and orchestra, HWV 240
Handel, George Frideric - Oratorio `Israel in Egypt`, HWV 54
Handel, George Frideric - Oratorio `Messiah` (1741), HWV 56
Handel, George Frideric - Psalm `Dixit Dominus` for soloists, choir and orchestra g-moll, HWV 232
Handel, George Frideric - Psalm `Laudate pueri dominum` for soprano, choir and orchestra in D major, HWV 237
Liszt, Franz - Oratorio `Via Crucis` for mixed chorus, soloists and organ/piano (1876-79), S. 53
Lotti, Antonio - Crucifixus a capella (a 6, 8, 10 voci)
Machaut, Guillaume de - Messe de Nostre Dame
Palestrina, Giovanni Pierluigi da - Jubilate Deo
Palestrina, Giovanni Pierluigi da - Motet `Dum complerentur dies Pentecostes`, for six voices(1569)
Palestrina, Giovanni Pierluigi da - Motet `Stabat mater dolorosa`, for 12 voices (1876)
Palestrina, Giovanni Pierluigi da - O beata et benedicta et gloriosa Trinitas
Palestrina, Giovanni Pierluigi da - Stabat Mater, a 8
Part, Arvo - Magnificat, for choir (1989)
Part, Arvo - Stabat Mater, for three soloists and string trio (1985)
Purcell, Henry - Birthday ode for Queen Mary `Come Ye Sons of Art` (1694), Z 323
Purcell, Henry - Full Anthem `In the midst of life, hymn` (before 1682), Z 17
Purcell, Henry - Full Anthem `Man that is born of a woman` (c. 168082), Z 27
Purcell, Henry - Music for the Funeral of Queen Mary (1695) Z 860 / Z 27 / Z 17 / Z 58c, Z 860 / Z 27 / Z 17 / Z 58c
Purcell, Henry - Ode for St. Cecilia`s Day `Welcome to all the pleasures` (1683), Z 339
Purcell, Henry - Ode `Hail, Bright Cecilia` for Soloists, Chorus, Orchestra and Basso Continuo (1692), Z 328
Purcell, Henry - Opera `Dido and Aeneas`, Z 626
Purcell, Henry - Verse Anthem `Thou knowest, Lord, the secrets of our hearts` (1687), Z 58
Tallis, Thomas - Spem in alium
Vivaldi, Antonio - Concerto for 2 violins, 2 flutes, 2 oboes, 2 trumpets, bassoon, strings and basso continuo `Per la Solennita di S. Lorenzo` in C major, RV556
Vivaldi, Antonio - Concerto for flute, strings and basso continuo `La notte` in G minor, RV439 (op.10/2)
Vivaldi, Antonio - Concerto for violin, 2 oboes, 2 flutes, bassoon, strings and basso continuo `Per l`Orchestra di Dresda` in G minor, RV577
Vivaldi, Antonio - Gloria in D-dur for Soli, Choir, Orchestra and basso continuo, RV589
Vivaldi, Antonio - Magnificat in g for soloists (SSATB), choir, strings and b.c. (1713-1717), RV610b

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